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  1. Da Chop Up

    Coles the G.O.A.T

  2. Da Chop Up

    Crazy how I was that lil kid but nobody ever threw my ball bruh 🤨

  3. Travon Greer

    The goal was 9.5 not regulation! I can tell just from sitting and watching this video on my couch🙃

  4. Mauiscootershak Sales

    If you’re a dreamer than this should hit home for ya

  5. 1-800-CALL GOD

    everybody watch at 0:47 how the dude on the escalator notices Drake & then totally disregards Cole, with no idea of who he is & how big he is about to be. The only irony here is J. Cole was on the escalator "Going up" 💯💯

  6. mtZi

    why is nobosy freaking out that jcole has his own shoe now?

  7. Sr Quackers

    lets make a petition to get jcole signed by the lakers

  8. Baller Benguesmia

    This video is everything 🤕 forever cole world coming with the real energy

  9. Nick Robinson

    NBA need to stop playing and sign my boy Cole.

  10. Alpay Namazi

    Both are coming

  11. Ayyngel

    This was in a Kanye song

  12. FizzyRacks GT

    Don’t ruin the song tik tok 😩

  13. The Savage gamer

    Pause at 4:36

  14. El1teSMAXS YT

    Bro i was low-key there when they filmed it 26

  15. darius johnson

    No all star clip 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. darius johnson

    I got a couple minutes left but I hope you put your all star clip in!!

  17. Danna Gutierrez

    i bet half ya didn’t know he played college basketball for st. john’s 🙈

  18. Chris


  19. Lil Virgin

    I didn’t even realize this is like a puma commercial😂🙏good stuff tho danm dream on

  20. Lucas CR FLA


  21. Yessie A

    Baby jcole 😍😍🥰🥰 so cute! Also I'm crying. Thanks J.

  22. David Roles


  23. Dylan Rios

    This might’ve been the longest ad I’ve intentionally watched

  24. Jordan Breitkopf

    fuck shit crazy is all i hear when pump talking.. cant see what coles means

  25. Bdub

    Great now can someone help me wake my man Kendrick up


    Definitely got some inspiration. Not surprised j. Cole is a huge on that!

  27. etain

    pump looked so nervous andawkward

  28. Mert S.


  29. Joshua Green

    All that for a puma ad. Jermaine you let me down man

  30. Pam Stephen Pamzat

    dude with dreads that snatch shorty ball and threw it away is a real life bully.

  31. TC4GB

    “Her name is hope but the p is silent on the weekends”

  32. Michael Jennings

    That was the longest ad ever 😂

  33. Kane Train

    J Cole on K.O.D: "My life is too crazy, no actor could play me!" How you explain this then?

  34. Joseph Lavender

    This to J Cole if he see this, sittin here with a drink goin through it and this just got my mind right bruhbruh, gratitude

  35. Tipxn

    Cole swear he a hooper lmao

  36. N E W T

    If somebody doubt that u can't do it, prove them wrong. Jermaine Lamarr u da real G.O.A.T 🐐

  37. jon mar

    Beautiful commercial but I cant buy into it cuz cole is a rapper not a basketball player lol.

  38. Rudy Duran

    that was dope

  39. MatZio Addo

    Is this a puma advert?

  40. David Hall

    If anyone knows, this is written in 432hz versus 440hz which is scientifically better

  41. L J

    That’s love. I see you Tony. Big ups fam

  42. Victoria Evelyn

    Music can change the world because it can change people Go for *AUTHENTIC V I E W S D O T C O M* Get #real yt views likes subs

  43. Lepercy Kamba

    Jaaayyyy Coooollllleeeeee!!!!! Fuck man I cried!! Faawwwkkk!!!

  44. Malik Hoff

    Me: new j.cole Me: oh j cole ain't even rapping on this *Malik Left Chat*

  45. Malik Hoff

    Dir: what's something you never seen expressed Cole: you know when you tryna run a full court game and the lil niggas wont get off the court.

  46. SSJ2B Vegeta

    Something poetic about this that I just can't explain... Maybe it was never meant to be explained. Maybe I was just meant to feel it

  47. Dominic Davidson

    J. Cole has been my favorite rapper since I first heard “Home for the holidays” back in 9th grade in 2009. Not all of his songs have been record breakers. However, I can honestly say that his worst has been better than other artists greatest hits at times. He’s not starting beefs, acting cocky, being involved in drama. He’s just making music, moves, and living his life. Great man and artist.

  48. Jeffarari

    Thank you J Cole.

  49. welliton baptista


  50. Courtney Mcally

    Well amma juss say "Journey to The Fall Off"'

  51. Kola Olatunji

    lil dude don't know about court etiquette, he gotta learn somehow.

  52. s.w.126strawberry

    Kanye feels, sry not sry😂😂😂

  53. KC Morello

    I think we are sorry

  54. Gawd GettinAllWeDeserve

    That sample took me bakk to Kanye

  55. Sty Beats Music

    Dope Video 💪💪💪

  56. Josh Desjard


  57. Naquita Murphy


  58. Lord_Francio

    shit that was nice

  59. kiconco kenneth

    Lil ol Jermaine with every ounce of strength

  60. RB J

    I wonder if they are using the Elam Rule

  61. Sneekysavage01 Zzzz

    Apple Music!!

  62. Lanre Akerele

    For a musician, J Cole dunks a basketball in the hoop, like he's a real king of Fayetteville, North Carolina. What a legend absolutely!!!🔥🔥🔥👏🏿

  63. uncharted7again black king

    I bet yall don't fucking know that this is kanye west song if I ever did listen and no offence to Cole either

  64. uncharted7again black king

    Another j Cole shot out to Kendrick Lamar too the realest

  65. Jacob Dadisman

    did anyone think "I miss the old kanye"? Lol

  66. taddertot

    cole just got me to watch a 5 minute ad 😂

  67. Teezy Subben

    What time does the beat drop with a Cole Verse ..... ?

  68. Flamur Isa

    I love kevin's jacket

  69. Prod. Ewan

    Kanye West Graduation vibes with my song in the background

  70. Руслан Данильчук


  71. Kotleson

    Sooooo... when we gonna get that album

  72. FADED '03

    Only been a fan since KOD. I honestly feel like I've been a fan ever since Cole's first song cause of this vid. Made me cry lol.

  73. Spiritual_ Ciilo

    My Nigga cole lit as always ✊

  74. 408 Bay Area

    This song makes me feel like you were once a kid and now your older life goes on dream on make good memories. We're here now but 1 day we won't.

  75. KYMATICA *

    Light skin people 🤦

  76. 刘振旭


  77. nonofo kokotetso

    after reading the comments i realised it wasn't my connection denying me em hot

  78. Djerry LES

    Nostalgia All D Way

  79. Inah Torre

    This could be more freaking lit and inspirational if my man j cole put some verse in it.

  80. Bless Gillette

    Tryna find value where there is none

  81. FX Clan

    Please more songs like this

  82. monsoon thapa

    I miss you J Cole!!!

  83. Chris Whitley

    I'm A Fan of any type of art that J. Cole Creates

  84. Ryan Jordan

    The nas of this era 😍 thank god we have uu

  85. ulises riback

    It legit made me tear up. Deep shit

  86. Ayrobk20

    Reminds me the good ol days. Bumping kayne west. That piano

  87. Murilo Yan


  88. Jason

    Moral of the story.. He finally learned to dunk. Your welcome, cause I just saved you 4 minutes and 45 seconds of your life.


    Ok Kanye

  90. Jake Peach

    Bots lol

  91. UnknownChronicle

    Man... I was waiting for Cole to start spittin...

  92. mob wuap

    it definitely was like that lmao

  93. rod kani

    the fact the pineapple went over everyone's head is sad like are you even a kevin hart fan?

  94. danniskis •

    it's not a song but i would still lowkey listen

  95. Kimberly Gabriele

    where are the brazilians people that have a good taste about the music??

  96. TheDon00900

    So we all just gonna ignore the fact he definitely dunked in the celebrity all star game 🤔 but I liked the message oh striving for goals

  97. Alterxd. rxw

    I swear he's got a song for any type of situation

  98. Just Graphix

    CSsel:30 secs ads J cole:4:56 secs ad

  99. Ken Sanners


  100. Richy Kwan

    this is before he made music so hes playing what he might of listened to, which inspired his dreams to come true.