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  1. Peter S

    0:50 cole was HEATED

  2. Gustavo Garcia

    Seeing this in 2020 hits different


    J Cole: is smoke purp a rapper or producer Lil pump : he makes beats to J Cole : that's 🔥 fire

  4. SpagettyLettuce

    2013 does not feel like 6 years ago what in the actual fuck

  5. Dundrey Edgardo

    "Contemporary R&B."

  6. Leif 3

    Pump might be rapping about money, drugs and women, he's kinda chill tbh

  7. Joshua Soto

    When j cole talks he sounds nothing like when he raps

  8. hoc1992

    They shoulda copped that yeezus while they were there

  9. Momo Cakes

    THEY stole my soul. They're so cute omg

  10. Stephen Bennett

    This could possibly be the start of something new from J. Cole. Maybe a new project? 👀

  11. Charles Furie

    Lil pump is s little cunt

  12. Sanele Mkize

    The realest

  13. Asl Wayne Uz


  14. Jason Estrella

    2 legends

  15. J.K Bookman

    This is the best Cole music video

  16. Alexander Quintero

    4:08 thank me later

  17. Jailan Rayvon

    What a GOAT!!!!

  18. gangsta music

    J. Cole wasted 58minutes 🙄

  19. sanity itself

    Drake buying GOOD KID MAD CITY 2:11, it's sad that he and Kendrick are beefing now days

  20. Mikey Duffy

    Educate yourself with Labi Siffre, Kayne didn't make that track damn

  21. CJ Phelp$ BDB

    Im dedicated 🏁💎🏁to my craft appreciate if yall check my music out lmk wat yu think?

  22. Ramya C

    I could feel god speaking through j cole.

  23. JosephTheGod

    I thought he didn’t fuck with that type but it seems that all the big ones fw pump

  24. ruy

    1:10 why lil pump playing wit his feet

  25. Garang M.

    If it wasn't for this interview I wouldn't have gotten into Pump's music the way I did.

  26. Synx

    Imagine J cole, Joyner lucas, and X in an interview. The most woke rappers I have ever seen

    1. Leif 3


  27. Xavier Dubb

    How I be when my parents question me

  28. Harshit Yadav

    A girl is cheating on her boyfriend(also my friend) with me so i was feeling a little guilty so i did the one of the most embarrassing thing everyone does but never accepts , i switched to incognito mode and searched whether i should tell her boyfriend and boom I got this in my recommendations today 😅😅. Anyways if you are inside and listening to this and other awesome songs by J.cole you are really saving the world right now. Stay home Stay safe guys and don't worry your gf's and bf's won't cheat on you not bcoz you are so awesome coz they are also busy saving the world 😂😂😂

  29. elijah williams

    When SoundCloud rap meets conscience rap

  30. Big Daddy B

    Whatever happened to Pump? Lol

  31. Matt Ayala

    Ah when times were corona free

  32. Shyaria Elmore


  33. Latoya

    I love how J is low key trying to mentor him. But, pump too young minded right now.

  34. Latoya

    "You a bum, u had the same job for like 15 years" 😐😐 Smh, what a young minded boy.

  35. lonster Mnisi

    J Cole bro why fuck with a Mumble rapper when you a lyrist man and now nigga don't fuck with Lil Pump 😒😒 Even Eminem fucks with you man but not with Lil Pump dawg 🏃🏃

  36. Devin Coleman

    This nigga diamonds on the color SPECTRUM 😂😂😂

  37. 6ixToo3

    *Who listening in 2021* ?

  38. King Éron

    7 years later, this is even more cool to see man. Love to both these guys

  39. BD King

    he is lil punk

  40. Ya Favorite Cuzn Sean


  41. al doe

    corona virus smh

  42. Nathan Selvaggio

    I’m gonna make sure the real gonna prevail.

  43. Random Guy

    2:56 shout to Kevin Hart lmao

  44. Submit to Jesus!

    Lil Pump...a hireling propped up for the progressive dumbing down of the youth.

  45. Luv Beats

    hey man// nobody is perfect

  46. YasieTV

    I LOVE JCOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cute was he!

  47. Ici Cest Rose Hill

    I feel j.cole was really intelligent. Trying to sensibilise this young boy(who maybe needed guidance). NOW how to do that? Making him feel secure, safe, at ease and open. Thats why he was abusing on the "youre smart" also avoiding the awkwardness by talking much and asked many questions for him to open up. Then at 28 mins he begins to pass his message slowly like making him realise the influence he got on younsters.

  48. Mjiggy Jig

    Cole look cleaner with out the dreads

  49. Alma Pangilinan


  50. Alma Pangilinan

    This guy goes so hard he made me describe my nature.

  51. Alma Pangilinan


  52. Ayhan Aghalarov

    Much love to J

  53. Hesam Javdian

    Am I the only one that doesn't understand wtf lil pump is saying?

  54. neeah eribez

    I've seen this interview about 7 times. Every time I'm dealing with a mental block, I get pulled to watch this and every single time, I feel better after watching this. It reminds me to stay present and conscious of my choices. I wish Cole had a podcast man. lol

  55. Youngdon Thesauceking

    J cole just earned my respect, talking to pump, like wtf😂 pump says some dumb shit and I cole knows it’s dumb but just says that its deep, this reminds me of a counselor talking to a disrespectful kid,

  56. A Day With Shay

    You should do a Q&A or let me come interview you! 😇

  57. FunkDoobie

    Artists been helping themselves go platinum for years, old trick.

  58. Him Jalpert

    Take a shot everytime he says "boom boom boom"

  59. Skye Cozier

    ‘he didnt wash his hands’ cole called corona virus

  60. Cesarleo_

    she knoows 😜

  61. freerealestate

    Lil pump was way out of the zone. He was probably high.

  62. Shawn Brown

    That lil nigga aint never gon stop cheatin 😂😂😂 Don't let this shit fool you

  63. Langie K

    "I think we're sorry!"

  64. Clint Eades

    Work me

  65. Rapper Woodz

    Miguel is funny ash😂

  66. Zei Kendou

    Thought this was a disstrack on Kevin

  67. RooꓘIΞ 新秀

    Sooo are we not gonna acknowledge the fact that Kevin didn't use soap to wash his hand?😂

  68. Dylan James Productions

    bruhhh the way drake says " nawww we can't get that" when Cole said they got that tec lmaoo

  69. Miguel Gutierrez

    J.Cole is one of the best in the Rap Industry.

  70. Andrea Charles

    Lil pump is trashass WHY J COLE

  71. Jashaun Murrell

    Dreamer till I die, been playing football since I was 7

  72. Jesus is KING

    What is more deadly Cornona: like Virus: comment

  73. silasvirus

    love him🤧🏀

  74. castle castle

    He deleted the video why.......?

  75. Favio Menn

    This song always will go hard. Straight bars!!!!

  76. Favio Menn

    This song is still my favorite song.

  77. lele dabratt

    Aye go j.cole🥳🥳🥳

  78. Sai Japz

    lil pump: eskeetit J. Cole: you're smart

  79. Tray Miller

    please give me back my basketball, Corona....

  80. wiseguy 26

    Eminem and MGK should do this, that would be interesting.😆

  81. Swish Mamba

    I watch this at least 2 times a day for motivation... Every day and night.💯 #ColeWorld🌎

  82. Tatyanna Banks

    Idk why but this has me in tears🥺 (not laughing ones💀)

  83. Korean Mafia

    wut does he mean "at the start, first two semesters"

  84. Stephanie Mendoza

    I like this song and brother dose'nt let me watch rappers that he watches but he watches it and he says bad word so I don't listen I watch them

  85. Isai Morales

    2020 this song never gets old 🥇

  86. Jailan Rayvon

    I remember watching this in 2014 😂😂😂

  87. Jailan Rayvon

    I’d be screaming like a girl

  88. Trey

    j cole the greatest rapper alive

  89. Yes.

    bro dis nigga pump is a dumb ass

  90. Deveondi

    Another great video. Good Job!

  91. EcKsMaRkStHeShOt

    It's not that hard at all to understand why men cheat. Every man will make this mistake at least once in their life. At our base level; we're no different than 99% of animals in the wild, i leave out that 1% cause I'm aware some mate for life with one partner only (Sandhill Cranes for example). You only need to look at the reason we exist; to reproduce. Men are hornier than women and can get multiple women pregnant a year. A woman can only give birth once a year. By design our body's practically want us to impregnate women all day. Male species in animals have always been the hunter/gatherer and females have always been the caretaker of the children. Most male animals in the wild don't stay with their babies and partner, they leave and go get another one pregnant..(cats, rabbits, dogs ect.) Society to keep population control along with some religious views changed our view on a man's role on earth. Now men are expected to stay with ONE woman. Lowkey that's torture bruh, no matter how much you love your chick, esp this day in many girls are bad af and the temptation is fucking real. If the world ever sees a real "apocalypse", best believe there will be some out there trying to have multiple wives/partners. (This song is officially a nigga anthem; struggles of the modern age man. When a man cheats it's out of lust, when a woman cheats it's out of love. Therefore its 1,000x worse when a woman cheats, she's done with you. The man will still love his girl; hence the sneaking around and confusion, not wanting to hurt her feelings and lose her ect. If you're a guy & agree than you're real af.) Disclaimer; I don't condone cheating on your girl, i just wanted to give people in the comments my perspective on the topic and leave something for debate.)

  92. Estephan Guerra

    watching this to cure my corona🦠 depression.

  93. Estephan Guerra


  94. The Best Tasting Bleach

    Poor Kevin. My name is Kevin so I really feel bad for him.

  95. AirJordan5 Yes

    This slowed version is one I prefer

  96. Zeus Rubchinskiy

    2:43 drake gotta buy that weeknd album OVO XO

  97. Armando Gamboa

    So how much did he spend?

  98. Taylor Thornton

  99. Sai SL

    the man is simply a genius