'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' Out April 2

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  1. Amanda Rondina

    Omg this is amazing and you re a queen

  2. Henry Zayas


  3. Milayne Lemes

    montero dancing witch the devil

  4. Nattquis

    Sin duda de todo el álbum esta es mi favorita 😍❤️

  5. Meghane Lex

    my favorite song on the album 🖤🖤🖤 so beautiful

  6. Will G. Forrest

    This is actually this first time I heard Noah’s singing voice. She sounds a little like her sister but still her own kind of good range.

  7. D C

    *Our Demi is backkkk* 🙌🏻

  8. Antoine Beaucarne


  9. Olivia G

    One of the most powerful songs ever ❤️

  10. Teresita Lopez

    Hola ..soy la persona que te tiene que advertir, sobre tu ansiedad, ser no es malo, tener las espectativas de cambiar es bueno, lo siento se que no fue tu fondo.... voltea a tu Nina está ahí asustada...sorry...no se mucho inglés...es un mensaje loco que si es tiempo para ti tomara tu atención...no te enfanes de nuevo....🤗

  11. Bárbara Santos

  12. Hanna

    She's such a wonderful strong women!!

  13. Abdullah Javed

    Thisbreminds me of that song meghan trainor had with nicki.

  14. Piet Mpepele

    There is no Artist alive that can match Demi's Vocals 💯🔥❤️ Go argue with a wall

  15. Joshua Wheatley

    to the 16k people who’s disliked this video, GET OVER YOURSELVES. this woman went through hell, came out the other side and made this to show the hard shit people deal with behind closed doors. the fact she recreated everything the same as it happened, the same clothes, make up, same events, shows how far shes come and i fucking love her.

  16. Lolita Morris

    God bless her ...

  17. Jenine van wyk

    I love demi Lovato so much

  18. Faye Lewis

    No words.. she is just incredible

  19. melisa sönmez

    That song feel me like a winner already

  20. Cheri Goldfinch

    Thank you. X Addiction is a devil no one will ever know that has you sucked in more than anything ever! Nothing compares. I hope she stays ok fellow addict 😔 🙏

  21. Violet Gomez

    i love you

  22. Keysha Stansbury

    This made my heart hurt, becuz I know.. and you expressed it and made it beautiful

  23. Anne Blueberry

    This reminds me to "someone gets hurt" from the mean girls musical

  24. depresif ornitorenk

    Welcome again , ı love you b.tch

  25. giovanna cabello

    Demi deserves all the good things that the world can provide! Love you, Demi

  26. giovanna cabello

    that "i promise" just hit different....

  27. NG HB

    It is really hard to say no when you are dancing with the Devil

  28. Reinier Rivas


  29. Elaine Ureña


  30. Spencer Tanhauser

    Why hasn't this gone viral...this is such an important song and a timeless one at that. This definitely deserves billions of views...Demi Lovato's sheer artistry is impeccable.One of the best of her generation.She deserves to be bigger than she is.

  31. Morgan Knowles

    Who is here during the TikTok trend and wanted to try it

  32. devil

    I never knew the meaning behind this song - no wonder I was so obsessed with it

  33. Fifa Rabbit

    I really hope this is her life graduation...there is no place for these kind of mistakes...Demi is too important to this world to disapear just like that...

  34. Jaiton Gomes da Silva

    Sinal de alerta

  35. Diana Ordaz

    So much respect for Demi Lovato 🤩

  36. Janay Regehr

    you only *think* she's trying to seek attention to show off with her singing voice but you don't get the fact that she's crying for help here because you don't understand what it's like it be in demi lovato's shoes. and _why_ is that? *because you think she's making it up,* so you're blind. open your eyes world 🙄

  37. Tyler Mikaelson

    Beautiful. Wow

  38. Kami Seyfi

    Demi, is there a new song coming out? , I watch your films and TV shows, I really like your songs, when you are filming, everyone wanted to be you. I'm your fan - hee hee. :) Ps: Camila Seyfi :)🤗💋💌🤍🙋‍♀️💃

  39. Rita Grimanis

    One of my many favorite songs by the beautiful woman ,Demi Lovato!

  40. m zaim

    She is so pretty

  41. ariana Figueiredo


  42. ariana Figueiredo


  43. Adriana Contreras


  44. Brandy Anglin

    I felt the pain, hurt, afraid, judgememt, etc. I'm not an addict, but my kids dad was of pills, he's been gone 4/24/12. But me myself, I have been in that bed b4 struggling with my heart & blood clotting issues. I've had that IV in my rt side of the neck with multiple other IVs up & down my body. I struggle daily with a pacemaker/defibrillator in me for almost 5yrs. It's the only reason my heart is still mainly going. But with the addiction side of this, my husband/kids amazing dad got lost in that dark place nobody could pull him out, my nephew, like my oldest son tbh, he was with me all the time growing up, he has been in that bed for an overdose. It damn near killed me like losing my Tony. Matt has been sober for almost 3yrs. He calls me cause I won't judge him, I listen. He still struggles with wanting his drug of choice & when he does, night or day, I'll still continue to be that 1 call away. I'm in tears telling our lil dirty secrets, but if she has the strength to be a Survivor, damn it I freaking pray that she can help save many lives with this. When she did her "Sober" song, but as a daughter to her parents & fans, it brought tears cause I was down that road with My Tony & Matt my nephew. Thank you Demi... even if u can save 1, just 1! I thank you beyond words. Im Proud Of You!💪🏽💗

  45. ariana Figueiredo

    she deserves a grammy

  46. ariana Figueiredo


  47. ariana Figueiredo


  48. ariana Figueiredo


  49. nycs97

    So emotional... love you Demi.

  50. ariana Figueiredo

    um hinooo

  51. ariana Figueiredo

    needs a music vídeo for this sonh

  52. ariana Figueiredo

    ily Demi

  53. ariana Figueiredo


  54. ariana Figueiredo


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  58. Desirée Massey

    thank you for being who you are. 🥺🙏🏽🖤

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  80. Nojus Saad

    I can’t with her shoulder movements lol