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  1. Itz_justmeh 48

    HE WAS 13!!!!!!!!!! ;<

  2. Patricia Rodriguez


  3. Kimberly Koch

    The Lion one was sad😢

  4. Randy Bowen

    Fundamental rule of creation "Never fuck with honey badgers"

  5. McCartney Best

    i got atacket by a goose i am in pain so bad stay away from them

  6. Moose Alpaca

    Anyone gonna point out the way he said Devon?

  7. Ira Serrano


  8. Sapphire Sealz XL

    I ment blood instead of blue

  9. Sapphire Sealz XL

    Great White shark's don't really like human blue but he does it to survrve

  10. Frank Learning Mandarin

    great, now we have to worry about sky diving spiders!

  11. Star Martinez

    I hate you

  12. Nyankana

    The wild animal uses cute. Aaaaaaand it's SUPER EFFECTIVE!! Human has fainted.

  13. Hunter Bolin

    Number 9 is low tier my dude

  14. Sylvester Clauzel

    Are you serious because dolphins are the cutest and most friendly to humans in the entire ocean

  15. annette krolicki

    I don't like animals anymore

  16. Yunus Abdullah

    All of them shock me, their so cuuuuute for my liking!

  17. Elizabeth Hartwick

    im ugly

  18. R3V3L4T0Rs YouTube

    I seriously cant believe people believe the Earth is billions of years old. There is absolutely zero proof of this. In fact more real evidence points to a young Earth less than 10,000 years old. The only reason people believe Earth is so old is because of circular reasoning and carbon dating which is ridiculous. You can carbon date something and come up with a different number every single time, crazy differences too. Then the "scientists" just pick the number they want that fits their agenda and go with that one. The circular reasoning is a joke too. They "date" a rock by what 'layer' it was found in then they "date" the 'layer' by what rocks are found in it. Circular reasoning lol! Its all part of an agenda to discredit God and the Intelligent Design that is so obvious, just to pull people away from God. Wake up people and do some real research! Don't just believe something cuz you heard it in a school or from a government organization with an agenda to control you! Tell people nothing matters and they are just animals and they will act like animals with no purpose. You are so much more than that. There is also absolutely zero proof for evolution. People did not evolved from monkeys lol! That is such an insult and people just accept it. Every species was created the way it was meant to be and will always be that creature. Period! There is very minor adaptations within species depending on their habitat but they will never "evolve" into something else. A cat will always be a cat, a dog will always be a dog, a snake will always be a snake and human will always be a human. Don't let yourself be deceived so easily. Don't believe something just cuz someone tells you. Do your own real research! This world and you were created by an Intelligent Creator. Its not an accident from random particles bumping into each other lol. Do you not see how stupid that sounds? And how lazy and dangerous it is to just believe it? --- Its way more likely that a tornado would rip through a junkyard and assemble a jet engine than it is for random particles to create life forms! Especially to do it multiple times creating male and female capable of reproducing and doing it with millions of species! Its ridiculous lol. Think about it. We are created and we have a Creator! You will die and you will be held accountable for your Free Will choices. So choose wisely ...or don't and take the risk :-) I'm wrong I lose nothing when I die, I'm just dead. I'm right I gain everything! You're wrong you lose everything when you die and gain nothing! Its foolishness lol. Like the Bible says ... "Declaring themselves wise they became fools"

  19. Melissa Weemaels

    Pandile 🐼🐊

  20. FroggyPlays

    Screen : 45000 Person: 55000

  21. Laura-jayne Lewis

    I got bit bye a swan when I was 2

  22. mason Burch

    That's a brave cat 😸💪

  23. Belgica Hernandez

    I’m getting the chaw chaw

  24. Lillith Irwin

    Yes, animals can be dangerous and even deadly. But guess what? I still fucking love them. I respect the beautiful creatures. The enviroment and animal rights are my pet causes.

  25. Deja Porter

    Selene is the roman goddess of the moon 🌙 Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon 🌚🌛

  26. Ailena Beganovic

    OK but I have one question for you sharks is it Bussin

  27. Baylee Lohrke

    wow that guys scar looks like a serpent

  28. rani richardson

    ayo what was that seal doing to that penguin...

  29. Pepen SDW


  30. Scott Hepner

    My aunt Katie she has a dog and it bit my Aunt Chris right in her right hand and there are two little dots which I'm guessing the dog's teeth went into her arm well it was actually her hand and it turned yellow and and the dog was a girl so please be careful cuz a dog could bite you next

  31. smokey04200420

    7:57 Let’s get one thing straight here, a dingo is not a dog. 8:17 [referring to dingos] these dogs are all about the fight.

  32. Ruthless_king123

    IDC,when I saw that cat attack that dog i screamed yasssss queen! XD

  33. The Wolf

    When you said platypus first thing I thought was Spike is small little spike that they have deadly killed many people wait to you found out the shock that I went through when I heard platypuses Are deadly

  34. Michael Pedersen

    Sad that they didnt end on the lions dinner table. Its easy to kill if you have a riffel. Bastards.

  35. RIM Galaxy Beats

    4:34 speak for your self LOL you sound so bumb when you said that think about all the buff ppl think about ppl that live around dangerous areas like me and have been through lots of fights and folded lots of ppl and dose way more then 700

  36. Keerthilal Thirunavukkarasu

    Human is best animal to revenge their own people 😂

  37. Fran Thresher

    I didn’t know that

  38. Celeste Ciudad Real

    D do DOGS

  39. Ishan Elahi

    i saw a swan today it peed it didnt hurt me

  40. Jessica Roberts


  41. Victor Hugo Silva

    O galera, preciso de uma ajuda de vc se vcs puderem me ajudar irei ser muito grato 00020126580014br.gov.bcb.pix01360c4c008b-731e-4495-85bb-a48a1a731dfc52040000530398654040.005802BR5925Victor Hugo Melo Da Silva6009Sao Paulo62070503***630477E2 meu pix

  42. Courtney Martinez

    If that beaver killed my dog I would shoot it in the head with a shotgun

  43. Mpho Sechai

    Hyena is one great animal

  44. Antonino Abramo

    Auguro che quelli che anno sparato al leone siamo morti dilaniati in mille sofferenze

  45. Rakhem Navarro

    flying fox is the root of urban legend aswang specialy mananaggal.

  46. Izuku Midoriya

    2:18. n o

  47. Leo calaycay

    Hey your lying other dog's do not bite other people if they only now you they won't bite OK am telling the true

  48. PAbdullah Hasni Mohammad

    its a miracale from allah

  49. Ethan Carrothers


  50. Fiona Giang

    Oh god... 1:51

  51. Lily Cooper

    it the lion king

  52. Viviana Vasconcelos

    but there are soo cute i can die but i dont want to die but there cuuute

  53. Play .Rewind. Repeat

    Imagine the matadors when they encounter these massive bulls!!

  54. Amelia H

    I did it I liked and subbed in 5 seconds!

  55. Maisie R

    Otters :( 🥺🥺 but I love otters :((

  56. Kyan Isaiah Gordon


  57. thebarkers13

    I like your videos can you please make my challenges Lori🐛🦩🦢🦮🦒🐘

  58. Handsome Squidward

    I thought the title was the most racist spiders

  59. Charlotte Ludwig_26

    How did only daniel survive?

  60. Nicolas Clinch

    Yea lepords onky save baby monkeys to us to lure other, more meaty monkeys

  61. not a redditor

    I've seen x shaped spiders several times

  62. TheChosenOne


  63. Avi Pickard

    i have a dog thats a pimple and shes a nice dog she ahs never bit me

  64. Haji Habib

    Awww it's so cute even tho some are dangerous animals its still soo CUTE!!!

  65. WF Strong

    I don't need to worry about those because I'm allergic

  66. Useless Hero

    The Western world is just obsessed with Aryan invasion/ migration theory! They probably haven't even read about the 'bull seals' of Indus Valley civilization that happened before the 'so called' Aryan invasion!

  67. Samantha Norrman

    Lol he said bills yet he said they had udders?!

  68. Lucas Van den Hurk

    Trophie hunters who hunt endagered species or iligally can die a slow and painfull death.

  69. justin blake

    Huntsmans have good vision they can see you across the room they will play chasies haha

  70. justin blake

    Nobody I repeat nobody calls huntsmans Woods spiders

  71. Angel Wolfy


  72. Harry Smith

    2:46: No, it Didn't I unsubscribbled to you liar

  73. Ngozi Ikeji


  74. justin blake

    He just said the Brazilian wandering spider is in Guinness book of records for being the most venomous animal pretty sure box jellyfish irukandji stonefish I'm blue ringed octopus would like that young this bloke

  75. Chris Alausa


  76. Susan Amundson


  77. Marie Burton

    Belgian blue is my favourite bull

    1. Evrim Kural

      Do bulls have fights????

    2. Evrim Kural