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  1. Elijah Pineda

    I become impostor 2 times in a row

  2. TrueBlueGirl1975

    Marvel and X-men are already in the same universe because the new season of fortnite has the and fortnite is clearly in the MCs because avengers infinity war

  3. Morbid The Butcher

    i have no vr

  4. Joseph Conklin

    Oh no

  5. lucas vega

    Hreo brine

  6. Devon Morning

    Wait if matpat is phoneguy then matpat is the man behind the slaughter

  7. Emeraude halaoui

    i dont care about the animal abusin but ......... OMG LUIGII FEEL SOO BAD FOR YOU. 😭

  8. December Sfy

    I love that he’s playing Habanera in the background at the beginning! It’s from a French Opera called Carmen. (:

  9. Pink Flames

    2:46 He likes 1700. He likes odd numbers. 22(5) and 224, 16(9) and 168, (9)00 and 800. There needs to be an odd number.

  10. Tobias Scott

    Yeah but orange is also sus sooo

  11. Boxer Blake

    I can focus on who's innocent. The guy that was murdered was definitely innocent :)

  12. bruh breh

    we must never speak of this again and let it be lost to the infinate cascade of videos

  13. thevideo gamehit

    i would be red from among us next halloween

  14. Eeveeo diamond

    You missed out on the FNAF Security Breach trailer

  15. Emily Ward

    Matpat 2018 was hard for me too

  16. DEVeloper

    MatPat: who are we to judge our children’s names? Elon Musk: thanks

  17. Flips4 Days4

    The real theory is what is Cup Head made out of?

  18. Devon Morning

    If the power goes out shouldn't the doors stay down and also why is there a power limit when this building should be connected to the power lines out side

  19. G3orgianSoldier

    Dude, please make something else now.

  20. LD ROMAN4646

    Me wait for golden freddy

  21. Flips4 Days4

    And thats just a theory A...

  22. SwARmDark

    Hitting the lights is single handedly the MOST crucial sabotage you as the impostor have. If you hit the lights, most players won't deal with it, meaning if someone catches you acting suspicious they can't hit the button and call you out due to the crisis at hand. Plus, having less people know where the body is at any given time is super advantageous. I usually hit the lights offline as soon as possible in a match and they stay off for a pretty significantly long time in most games.

  23. Xander K Occhipinti

    the intro tho

  24. Audrey Westbrook

    me watching in 2020 be like: boi you have at least like 5 more vids out and one just came out 2 days ago ;-;

  25. Pey's Playz

    I know this is ten days late but I have a reason that golden Freddy in the ending of UCN is twitching, I thought that they were stuck there but what if crying child ( the bite of 83 victim) is holding cassidy back I mean crying child died not to aftons signature mark (didn’t have a different way to put it) but to Afton experimenting with the animatronics it’s a minor detail but I have been thinking about it for a while after listening to this episode

  26. Sammie Conway

    if zipper is your dad, then maybe the reason he has on a costume is because he is trying to help you. you mentioned in your other animal crossing video that if zipper is your dad, the reason he acts so weird is because he doesn't really know how to be a good dad, and that would explain him going along with your mental disorder rather than trying to help in a way that would be better for you. (or maybe that is the way to help idk) it would also explain why the villagers think it's weird that he is wearing a costume, and why he says it's not.

  27. Linkah & Zucky

    October's right around the corner...and static glitched out video....Hmmm...DarkPat? Perhaps?

  28. Orepros_ Fan

    dat Minecraft Font

  29. Di-ego Ramus

    And keep in mind the word emancipation means to set free That word is what “the material emancipation grill” means

  30. Fatedreal Wiliams

    Why just why this makes it easy for the noise instead of learning

  31. cat Galaxy 123

    Do you know the new trailer of Five Nights at Freddy's came out

  32. Kaz Bramble

    Team Alice

  33. Anmo mapping

    Hey.....no.......... Did you watch any sun on orbit on EARTH theary ? befor it doesn't have to be the earth in orbit with the sun

  34. Raul Enrique

    Mat pat did you see the new trailer of security breach?

  35. walking aVocado

    i wrote everything down in my notebook, now imma go and play 😉😈 Thank you a lot tho! 👀🙌

  36. Micheal Afton

    I have something that may help Ok so in the story jack felt like there is another person with them and also because nether of jack or Andrew was zapping people on purpose so what if golden Freddy have three souls and the third soul was Kelsey I know it’s stupid but I tried to come up with something so I re read all the fazbear fright books

  37. BandelSquad

    so breath of the wild is kinda the "Turn A Gundam" of the legend of zelda franchise. neat

  38. Danny Mckenzie

    Is markiplier the shoddycast narrator

  39. Danny Mckenzie

    Who wrote the character "cotton candy randy", Mark has referenced details regarding good mythical morning a few times for no obvious reason.

  40. ReaperEOD

    So Among Us advice: Having a perfect run every time will make you undefeated. Amazing.

  41. Lazy Fox

    Guys green is acting sus

  42. River Song

    Matpat, you should play Town of Salem. I think you'd like it.

  43. {Ratty owo}

    With my luck i would be killed *TWICE*

  44. Yan Daniel Cruz Vega

    Holy shi*

  45. Boxer Blake

    The more of these I see, the more of a brilliant writing mind I'm convinced Scott has.

  46. Zero

    Matt patt fnaf security breach trailer has been realesed time to make another suffering video about fnaf

  47. Funtime Crystal FNAF

    i just made a live stream to this game but its a video now XD (i meant among us)

  48. Ora Ora!

    Is he old enough to be reported to FBI for being around children?

  49. Vann DellGrottaglia

    its possible that a haunter possessed a pokeball and became a vultorb I mean look the eyes are the same on both. just look.

  50. Taygen Franks

    among us was made first

  51. Green Lightning

    So, I was thinking hard on Fnaf 4... and something hit me. What if Fnaf 4 took place after fnaf 3.. in the timeline? Let me explain my point: 1. Plushtrap. How is it that Fazbear's Entertainment knew how to make the plushtrap doll look exactly like Springtrap as a little toy with the withering and all back in 1983? That in itself doesn't make sense unless its a coincidence. And we all know Scott is not much on coincidences. And as much as I can recall, we couldn't really connect the plushtrap story to anything related to the lore and games besides the existence of plushtrap. If this is the case, I may have found one. It talks about the existence of plushtrap in the *modern* world, not the past, as a new toy. So what if... the plushtrap toy was actually in the modern time? It makes sense on how it actually looks like springtrap a bit. 2. The Room itself. The room we play in has two doors on the sides and a closet in front of you and the bed behind. But... in the cutscenes, the room only has one door, bed to the front left corner of the room, and no closets. And its confirmed in the sister location that the room itself does exist, as well as the plushtrap hallway. And to add, the room in the cutscene is also on said map but on the other side in the same area. So how does the same kid wake up in one room, and spends his night in another room that isn't in his house? It doesn't make sense. And its confirmed the crying kid is in the one door room. So who is the kid we play as? Now this could be said that its all just a nightmare and that in his nightmare he is in his friends room, but this also leads to my next point. 3. The animatronics. Here is the reason why I mention this. In VR, its said that Fazbears entertainment gets a hold of the actual animatronics to get the chips from them to put into the game, which is how glitchtrap got in. But in the halloween dlc... the nightmare animatronics are there. How is that possible to put them into said game if they need the chips for accurate depictions, if those animatronics were just nightmares, and not real? It doesnt connect. So those have to be real, which means the kid survived the nightmare animatronics. Which could reach over to the security logbook a bit. The reason I bring this up, cause when thinking about it, it really does clear up the fog a bit. It could be what Scott meant when he said we didn't exactly get the secrets in the game. So i hope this gets looked into, cause ill look into it a bit more myself, but ponder on this. Not just good ol' mat, but all y'all (not trying to sound rude, but if it does my bad ;-;)

  52. Jokes

    Game Theory just took a minecraft update and turned it into a physics lecture

  53. spooky billy bob jubble

    when r u talking about the mpreg fic, matthew.

  54. Joshy animations

    "Something serious" *Sirius pops out* "did someone call me?"

  55. E Bola

    Im literally playing minecraft w/ a full set of diamond armor rn.. qmq

  56. Sam Lawrence

    It is 2020 and this is in my recommendations.

  57. Benjamin Hardy-Garcia

    RIP zombie pigman

  58. Wish Bone

    But Austin, if we bring our universe evolotion, youd have to suppose that atleast the reason they are bean shaped in their universe is to survive falls, and general body damage from other things in the game, theyd take the offset of movement for the ability to protect vitals

  59. CodeKirby

    I did win as killer once.. it was really close too someone saw me vent but chased them into a dead end

  60. Kaiman Nesbitt

    Is this the only star wars game were you run from vader

  61. alan claman

    hot wings :)

  62. OrgoKechup

    *New FNAF game is coming out* MatPat: Sad Theory noises

  63. Rslash agent From reddit

    "Villagers are just idiots" -matpat "Couldn't agreed more" -me

  64. mr man

    What's everyones favorite colour to play as?

  65. David Valdez

    It's ok I have not played it either lol

  66. C Boy

    Bruh, this guy chasing everyone away

  67. Theresa Jordan

    if you speed up the sound of glitchtrap it will say say hello can you me

  68. LordyFN

    Me: Staring intently at the robots at chucky cheese


    So matpat. Your telling me the ultimate life form should have killed joseph but space works differently than our universe?

  70. Vin Wolf

    Would love an update on this

  71. Preston Hatcher

    I have many aggression:P

  72. LilTosti

    Remember in despicable me even he shrinks the moon (nervous laughter)

  73. Get me to 1k subs with no videos

    Teo did it first😔

  74. AnimaAnimal

    game theory you forgeting somebody

  75. HomYuen


  76. XerneasK


  77. David Davidson

    Scott definitely got the idea for William’s torture in ultimate custom night from this theory.

  78. doodle person

    I was the impostor and i was acused for impoter without killing or venting reason:venting

  79. A human beaning

    Instead of saying i was investigating i often say my button broke or i was afk, when its true it keeps suspicion off me! And its a lie most people can relate too

  80. Curtis Ropp

    This or piglin = demons