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  1. jussi tähkäpää

    Salkkareiden Sanni, Ihana !!!!

  2. Achraf Loudiy

    If you like Behemoth, you gonna enjoy this new music video by Aeternam:

  3. Brian Dillon

    Saw these live in Dublin a couple of weeks ago. Fuckin next level talent.

  4. mario antagonist

    Its really not bad. But srsly it sounds all the same. Und the vocals sounded better in the past. I love you guys when it comes to live brawls but do I need a 'new' record?

  5. melomaniac


  6. PRANTO 666

    Nice cover..keep it up man

  7. ronathon clifford

    I love wen metal bands put full orchestras in the music opera metal is the best

  8. DeK Dekku

    So surprised CSsel didn't mark this as "content for kids"

  9. Колготки 40денн

    Бабёнки в видосе огонь

  10. BozKiller BozProd

    These guys are becoming better and better. What a song (great composition/ atmosphere / breaks...)!!! What a clip!!! Love it. Congrats guys! Forza Italia ! Stronger than Coronavirus \m/

  11. Vernon Purdue

    Stef owning it🏆🥁. Really really miss this band.

  12. noobker

    This song makes me want to arrest a cop

  13. Yakov Gashkov

    Где мой старый Флешгад апокалипс?( Что это за дэтстарс? =(

  14. Небојша Марковић

    Come to s Serbia

  15. Clarence Ohryyyon

    No matter what you do or what you write..King Diamond is still king..keep

  16. Небојша Марковић

    Dobri brajti kao I uvek kao dobra stara rakija

  17. zetsushoren

    i never really understood Dimmu Borgir they're pretty much one of the most famous and influential (if not the most) BM bands yet their album ratings on metallum are pretty low (everything beyond Enthrone Darkness is lower than 70%) personally i love Dimmu Borgir, whether new or old, and although my entrance point was Progenies of the Great Apocalypse off of Death Cult (which i feel received the most attention, and quite some negative ones since the album sits at a rating of 64%), i really thought holy goddamn shit, this is the most epic metal shit i've ever watched and heard

  18. Kaitlyn Talo

    gonna see them at harpos in Detroit, anyone else?

  19. Action Jackson


  20. Daniel Paiement


  21. Daniel Lawrence

    I feel more scared and full of anxiety watching this video. Thank you, I guess, for continuing my fear and anxiety. I guess I should praise you for this? Like a peasant. And just obey and do what you say. And think what you think? Lies from a sunless world! You will never get me! Hahahahahahaha

  22. Efi Wijayanti

  23. David Barri

    Alternate title: hot coeds fed up with housemate eating their jewellery

  24. Syvy Sarvida

    The song should be related to Asura's Wrath and the screaming part is like when Asura is unleashing his wrath over his betrayal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  25. The Melodic Metal Malady

    They just keep getting better. Epic creativity.

  26. Vlh Ralte

    Since anette departure,,i never listen Nightwish of Floor..

  27. Чувства верующих

    Обворожительная музыка

  28. Fairyslayer Gaming

    This song is amazing but it's missing one thing...a breakdown

  29. HawsDaBaws

    man those people looked liked they were having a blast!

  30. sasoon ohanjanean

    Floor is a gift to humanity Love her personality and wonderful voice and absolutely she is beautiful ❤

  31. Omertahun

    The whole album is an absolute BANGER

  32. Thor Odinson


  33. Jman coolJ

    *watches Black Mirror once* :

  34. One Oko


  35. Sadam Death


  36. Morana Culjak


  37. anthony Montgomery

    This album and song is not as bad as most portray. It's just not what we are use to with

  38. M_iche88

    Gr8 music, sucky themes and lyrics.

  39. Breogan Dagda

    ¡Stones! ImI

  40. Andreas Leonidou

    Where is the pasta?

  41. SaveMySoul

    1:24 дайте ссылку на девушку

  42. DeathScythe

    Normally I'm not a power metal fan, but daaaaamn dude!! This was SOOOO good!!

  43. Grimm Doker

    Few bands have such a good live performance!

  44. Daniel Lawrence

    The lead up to the release, the final release, then the feedback questions all sound like good marketing techniques to me. Then the eventual gratification and validation of such efforts with a proud proclamation of the amount of views it has received (equal to likes in social media), in such a short amount of time, and a 'thank you' to loyal followers. Giving you the pleasure and endorphin release you so desperately crave. Sounds exactly like social media to me. The never ending cycle of gratification and validation keeping you engaged and wanting. Creating anxiety and fear, a loop of constant gratification and validity. The only way to break out... is to stop caring what people think, stop needing the validation and gratification to make you feel worthy and "liked". The only way is to break the cycle of fears and lies. Believe in yourself and know that you are worthy without need to be constantly validated and gratified. Sounds like you have fallen for the same trap NW? Thats alright, we all have. But there is a way out. And the sad truth is. Not everyone is going to like you. You must accept that. Or you will never be free and happy. Now let me see those genuine smiles! It is good to be free! Science has proven a triple weapon in achieving happiness. Go out into nature with your family and do some exercise. These three acts of spending time in nature, with your loved ones and exercising will give you much greater and longer lasting joy than social media can ever give. And its just right outside your door. Enjoy! 😘😎🤗 And its ok, this is just... HVMAN NATVRE

  45. Matty The Blasphemer

    I never thought I’d say I liked a Suicide Silence song! Mitch Lucker dying was the best thing that ever happened to this band. They’re not playing whiny-voiced pussy deathcore anymore! I can’t stand that mallcore bullshit

  46. Jason A Collis

    Looks Joe Rogan is singing! lol

  47. Vladimir trumbetaš

    is that a new drumer or David

  48. William Hermanson

    Great video, and great album. Thank you FA for the music. I bet it hasn't been easy but I really enjoy the work that you do!

  49. Waffles Wafflson

    Lots of TDS in this comment section

  50. Green-Lyon

    It may be just me but the red/pink "heart" that emerges every so often from that " 'noisy' black mirror" in the back of the video, reminds me of the pink heart that shows up each time we zoom into the baby/child/man's helmet.

  51. Такспёр Барабанный

    Francesco Paoli plays drums in studio on this album. Not Folcitto.

  52. somarriba333

    Awesome. I LOVE the female vocals in the middle.

  53. Daniel Lawrence

    Just remember folks, this video has been designed to increase views and engage the audience by utilizing the exact same methods of social media that it rails against. Fear, lies, outrage, ambiguity, distraction, sex, curiosity and vagueness. All designed to keep you engaged and your eyes glued to the screen. In effect? Creating a trap and increasing views. Alluding to a solution without actually giving one, keeping you curious and wanting more. This is business. Not Art. I wonder how many fans have watched this more than once? 🤔

  54. Fernando Oliveira

    Remember, Melodic power metal starts with the kings Helloween...!

  55. anyways anyways

    Como la monika ninguna! Iml 🔥

  56. Woofman Black

    This was a great Ghost cover.


    Angela needs to make a new full album as a lead vocalist, Even if she doesn’t want to tour anymore. It will sell!

  58. CuatroLocos

    Threshold !!!! the band number one of the prog metal!!

  59. igor ibanez

    missed the classic line up.. with cavalera brother..

  60. Fernando Oliveira

    This band is from the J. R. R. TOLKIEN world.. Fantastic...!


    Brutal song 💪🤘💀🤘‼️ chingona rola

  62. Armpit Hair hunter

    Dafuq is the dude doing at 4:38

  63. Mutilasi Jelangkung

    miss old FLeshgod with Blast beat , still love their direction though

    1. Animated Luminescence

      They...still have those?

  64. Congo Pense

    I love what these women stand for

  65. DiaDelJuicio ddj

    tuomas is repeating himself hardly

  66. powskier

    More proof Marco is Nightwish ‘s best singer ever.

  67. MyBoringVids

    Teollisuushalli ja ketjut uupuu, hidastettuna kuvattu tarina typyllä löytyykin jo.

  68. SpiralDream

    Estrogen metal

  69. Avgrund

    Orgullo nacional papa, vamos Skiltron

  70. C B

    I really like this... but outside of a few parts, I hear a lot of In Flames - Only for the Weak. This is way fancier however. My brain keeps linking to that though.

  71. xbox squeaker

    this song is the musical equivalent of cocaine.

  72. Valeria Méndez

    Finally found the genre for me, this is magnificent

  73. JDL-1011

    My jaw drops to the floor at 1:25

  74. Doug Arnold

    Well, I'm not going to say I hated it, I'm not gonna say I loved it, ...when I first heard it I was thinking, say 1987...oh, say maybe, Ratt which I 1987...🤔 This is very well done. Great vid. This has a lot of potential for a lot of fans in a lot of places. Good luck. For me personally, I'm more into a lot of the newer sounding stuff. I was twenty in '85 so I heard a lot of this. Def Leppard Scorpions...

  75. Diego S SOUZA


  76. chazyjazz

    exceptional harmony works, Veleno is a masterpiece for implying formal classical harmony and orchestration to metal

  77. Caroline Marie

    Um. Fuck yeah \m/

  78. Israel zarza

    Fleshgod Is death

  79. suspicious element

    Derrick is like : what the fuck is this guy talking about?

  80. Gary White

    Weaker than well water. I really hope they put some real drumming on the next album. And Eugene should have been in the video!

  81. Ezio Auditore


  82. Stanley Tapun

    The singer is going to make many unfaithfuls to convert into metal through his preaching in the Voice..

  83. edgeVerse

    What the hell

  84. deejaytrizay this isnt heavy

  85. Helaina Lima


  86. Luiz Augusto Ventura

    Impressive combination of aggressiveness and melody. This band gets better at every song they release!!

  87. mia dempsey

    folow me sed me someting

  88. Federico Jimbo Smithson

    This video reminds me of Stone World kind of

  89. Harley Quinn

    I get that people are excited Angela is back but if you go to 3 minutes and 30 seconds and you listen to that amazingly hard note that at elize hits she deserves credit and applause

    1. Na Pole On

      Unfortunately this video shows how insignificant and unpopular Amaranthe is (((

  90. Ana Machado


  91. PyroFarms

    can we get this as a vinyl? an mp3, cd, 8track.. anything please!

  92. J.J. Decay

    "I came from the gutter, JUST TO SEE YOU SUFFER!!!"

  93. I am Alpharius

    I've liked literally 1 song these over blown metal fopps have done. And its probably one if the best videos I've ever seen. That's it. *edit* Make that 2 songs.

    1. First Surname

      OK? When would you like your trophy from the committee of people who give a flying fuck?

  94. Plagueor


  95. Chris Maggiulli

    Great song

  96. Chris Maggiulli


  97. Gerardo Ovalle

    vuelve max sino sepultura morira..

  98. Novenay Herrera

    The fact that the intro of this song is "the prayin 'mantis' strategy" is because female praying mantis usually find couples who at any time eat the head of the male mantis. and this song is about a man's obsession with a woman, which makes him "lose his head". simply a masterpiece👌

    1. M_iche88

      Lyrical themes are basic sadly

  99. Gerardo Ovalle

    perdio la escencia sepultura. su sonido es mas de los mismo.