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  1. goodbadbill

    Bieber is the only white guy who can make a black guy's dance look bad.

  2. Eshaan Khan

    If u are liking me then u are legend!!

  3. afraaz barmare

    i always like to say "eedoweedo" when justin says "in the middle"

  4. west side sallonika

    Δείτε τι respect δίνουν και εμείς δεν εκμετάλλευομαστε τίποτα

  5. west side sallonika


  6. help me reach 10k subs with no vids

    WhoS WatChInG iN 2021 oh, wait nobody is...

  7. Roy Estrada

    city girls act up

  8. Jovana Rakcevic

    Selena Gomez are you sleeping?

  9. AFC Kyle

  10. superdeluxesmell

    Good to see the guys from the memes trying to make music. They’ll get the hang of it eventually.

  11. Selvin Enriquez

    Is he lipsyncing? Idk just a hinch

  12. QueenCoCoaMocha

    Khaled gave me mad anxiety should of used a 🤔 🚨 TRIGGER WARNING 🚨

  13. Tha Sir

    Τα σπαει🇬🇷

  14. QueenCoCoaMocha

    I'm just here fOr the 1B VIEWS

  15. Harshit Khanna

    Selena: hey Justin : i want a quick death, and an easy one.

  16. Nylah Burns

    The girl can’t act😂

  17. Alex watcher10

    As a greek i found this song not intresting or even good because just clearly dosent stuck with the culture so simple. But still if this the way they trying to show us thry respect i appreciated it for the action.

  18. Philip Vanguard

    Are they trying to get views on the vid? Because Dj Khaled is a huuuuge turn off. I can't bare it.

  19. ThePrettyindiamonds

    Drakes necklace though😍😍

  20. Exotic 7Q7

    محتوى محتوى ي كفار

  21. Andrian Cudlea

    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ

  22. Andrian Cudlea

    23For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ

  23. Kaio Martins

    Brasil ❤❤❤❤

  24. AS Channel

    wait im confused cuz Y does justin bieber here?!!!!!!!

  25. Alyssa

    This is the Justin I loved❤️❤️anyway great job Drake and DJ Khalid

  26. lovelytina on caps

    Ayeeee look at my flag🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  27. Juelz Hughes

    remeber when they thought justin was gay

  28. Ruben Monteiro

    Cooking Salmon Bhoi😳 4:36 . . . . . P.s: Indian Fans will get it 😂🇮🇳

  29. Mohamed Bangoura

    King Bach was drinking the s**** out of that drink lol 😂

  30. Eliza Fernandes


  31. moe lester

    SZA:actually sings DJ Khaled: *ANOTHER ONE* *DJ KHALED* *WE THE BEST MUSIC*

  32. Akylieus Evans

    Justin is not the "gangster" type ngl

  33. James Wick

    Child suppo 😂😂

  34. Krish Morrison Prasad

    JB looks the best in this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who all thought it was JB singing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Chase Hensarling

    Nothing like this in the world. God bless Nip! Much gratitude!!

  36. Michael Kennedy

    My shit

  37. KB media rp

  38. devil lives

    This is made in drake's room LOL hahahaha

  39. Vishal Narnaware


  40. samson giri

    Super Over rated

  41. Franklin Sninsky

    Director: How much do you want to sound like the Weekend ? Drake: YES

  42. Ivan Lopez

    No recordaba que por tus anuncios deje de ver you tube.... pero bueno a ver unos videitos con comerciales

  43. Chris Gomez

    I wanna see drake remake this!!!

  44. Suraj Khattri

    People before 100 million can like!💫

  45. yea dued

    listen to kda from leage pf legends

  46. Namek

    02:30 start

  47. Eesha Chidanand

    King Bah !!!!!

  48. James Odhiambo


  49. Mercedes Collado

    La india my sis

  50. Andres Salazar

    Who's the black guy?

  51. Ashlynn Harmon ගොදුරු සත්වයින්ගේ විශේෂ කිහිපයක්ම කුඩා සතුන්ගෙන්

  52. Demize

    4:53 when your sister got stuck on the baby swings

  53. NetherRealm Dog


  54. DEDE TMT

    😭😭😭miss tpain mane!!#memories

  55. Sebastián vazquez

    Sheck Wes Vibe lol u copy all the flows, Drake trash

  56. Byw Ryt

    Chris Brown murdered the chorus

  57. I Bueno

    Love this Song... 1

  58. Maryland Maryland

    😤😤😤All over the world they😤😤 say another good hit 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 tunes🥶

  59. i Seven

    Who listens this song on 2020 and 2021

  60. Charbel Tanios

    King Dj khaled 👍👍👍

  61. Lucrezia De Flaviis



    First thing u remember by seeing him is "Another one"

  63. ACM 13

    I prefer 'maria maria' to this.But this song also give me different taste.

  64. Tiffany Gray

    Sauce God type shit

  65. Tiffany Gray


  66. Asata

    Demonica and ZORA. LOVE. DJ. Khaled

  67. KhAbiB FaN

    Zayn is better then justin No offend btw

  68. Azminlol

    No one talking bout the liberty walk huracan?


    just breath DRAKE




    We ALL only disliked when we heard Justin Bieber

  72. Pranjal Das


  73. Jepi Hero

    DJ Khaled on Lafadz... Assalaamu Alaikum brother.... 🙏

  74. iDonnie Bio

    Who else back? lol

  75. Exequiel Gomez


  76. bella L54

    Plot twist: Hailey had dated Drake before.

  77. Alyssa Landers

    I absolutely love DJ Khaled. Makes me freaking smile. Love it!

  78. Mano Bral

    Drake cantar muito clipe maneiro

  79. Kylah Cox

    Bro the thing is that I remember those other people in the Video,most of them were you tubers and two of them play in movies and was on wild ‘n out

  80. Malin Kodithuwakku

    9 years still the favorite!