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  1. Minna M

    😍Pitää lisätä vielä omia ajatuksia. 🎲🏇

  2. Vaibhav Jain

    Wow... is she me? Everything she talks about, I feel like she is talking to me!

  3. Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly

    What in the frick is she ACTUALLY talking about.... I’m 10:17 in and I feel like she’s saying a lot but at the same time ,saying nothing.

  4. Speedskull

    His mouth needs to be less moist 🤢

  5. Alexis Marien

    Everybody in the comments commenting on her appearance, I promise you this confident, articulate, and intelligent woman will lose from less from your distraction than she will.

  6. Jitendra Garhwal

    Fake victims always has this advantage of covered face. It hides many things.

  7. Rami Emad

    7:34 Nice trick! I had to watch it 4 times to solve it ... very simple and smart ;)

  8. PronunciationLesson

    Totally relate. You're brave for this!

  9. Bá

    Ilumilindooo!!!!! Mais um Avatar das crianças. Gratidão por nos auxiliar na expansão da nossa Consciência. Namastê!

  10. Vali Ntina

    Γιατί να μην τα ήξερα αυτά 6 χρόνια πριν ;;;

  11. Robert Miller

    Fantastic topic and Great Feedback! I will share this with my team! Great job Shira Miller!

  12. Jo EL

    Puaggg. Zapatero, a tus zapatos. ¡Y matemáticos, a sus matemáticas...!

  13. Space Jump Salute

    Absolutely loved this reallllly wish it was longer!

  14. Rap

    As a man you will never understand: you may think you do and change yourself into what you think is a women but you never will and good for you...live long.

  15. Laeti Christy

    Tu es un modèle pour moii , qui regarde ça en 2020....Cette année sera spéciale pour toi

  16. ian philip

    so someone who opens with her desire for attention (i.e. narcissism) who is now relatively happily married and has friends that she has a ritualistic hang out session and travels with is talking about loneliness...hmmmm yah riiight 🤨🧐🤔 hey everybody I grew up in America where we have restaurants and grocery stores on every corner grew up in a house hold where my parents met my every need ...let me tell about how to handle starvation and survival in the wild 👌🏽

  17. Science Anni Style

    I’m 32 yo American in student debt, medical debt, close to homelessness and I’m a trained chemist. When my dad was my age, he owned his own house from working a job that didn’t even require a degree.

  18. Joshua Ramos

    Eres la chingonada hecha persona, Mexico necesita mas personas como tu...

  19. Johnny Pappas

    Well done young man.

  20. Anvesh sangadi

    he should've been given the mic instead

  21. Mitch Swanson

    Ted is showing his politcal colours. Yes and I cried finding out santa clause was not real, like a death ya know? This is very scientifically factual, and you ted help prove that to me. How come you lie ted?

  22. Ana Caona

    Population reduction in White Western nations such as the United States is easily accomplished by shutting down mass immigration, both legal and illegal. Globally, halting our financial and developmental aid to Africa and the Middle East will halt the growth of the additional billions of the human crop.

  23. Danny

    she is more woman then anyother woman out at home or at mom and dad playing the princes that they are definitely not. I wish this pretty girl all the best in live and wish her so much happiness, hugsss for her

  24. Marcos Gensollen

    this is so full of fallacies.

  25. TheFreerideGuy

    is it normal to feel alone despite having a gf/wife?

  26. Sarah Trachtenberg

    Just like in Idiocracy, the people who are more likely to reproduce, shouldn't. Anyone who really needs to listen to this message won't care and just pump out kids like a sausage machine. I have one kid, and I'm going to invest everything in just her.

  27. Pulling the Strings

    When your as broke as me and don't have enough money to set up an appointment with a Dr and leaves me no choice but to set up an appointment with my 45.


    Seni çok seviyorum balcammm

  29. Matthew Ford

    Did....did they just play "Get Busy" by Sean Paul??

  30. Angel Galvez

    Interesante todo lo que se habla, pero son temas que ahora ya son comunes. Podria hablar alguien de tipos de estrategias para estar siempre en constante cambio.

  31. Raj S

    he sounds so perfect at 1.25 playback speed

  32. Respectable Adult

    Amazing story, but this guy’s goatee sucks xD it’s like two long groups of strands with nothing in the middle

  33. Mike Diesel

    Unpaid internships = legalized slavery

  34. sarah tessarech

    Merci pour cette leçon accélérée !!! Toujours bon de se rappeler que nous ne sommes que des hommes et des femmes préhistoriques avec des smartphones :)

  35. Brionna chantel

    i had no idea ocala did ted talks?????? what??

  36. jo linssen

    He is telling jokes . Green house etc.

  37. anonymous dh


  38. Paula Bingham

    The BEST video I've ever seen.

  39. Sanskriti Nair

    Really informative!! It was a great talk!! Proud of you Shivam 😀😁

  40. searphhoney

    I did an unpaid internship many years ago. It was required to get my certificate. I had to quite my job, because all the internships were only during the day. I saved up money before my internship to pay my bill's. The company that I did the internship for actually needed another employee. They decided they would just keep getting interns. Just recently a company that I worked for started a paid internship program. The con for us employees is it meant less job advancement, because they were giving the jobs to the interns.

  41. Virgen Barton

    What are some ways to understanding the correct secrets laws of attraction? I read loads of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Mofedest Miracle can assist you understanding making a difference in your quality life. Has anybody tried using this popular law of attraction program that created by well known motivator?

  42. darkness2156

    3:27 him basically describing how Rick feels from Rick and Morty

  43. First Bite Burgers

    From the bite of the apple, the forbidden struggle still continues.

  44. JE Hoyes

    Then add in the cost of free pitching. And free care workers. Volunteers. Capitalists are making money hand over fist.

  45. Yuhe D

    Me da la impresión de que esta señora esta peleada con la vida, se queja por todo y por nada. Sola a la1:30 de la mañana? Hay que tener tantito sentido común y saber que uno aumenta el riesgo de que pasé algo ( yo me hubiera quedado en mi casa y obviamente reduzco el riesgo casi al mínimo que no me pase nada y por último te recomendaría que desactivaras los comentarios para evitar comentarios machistas y que no te gusten ( un problema menos en tu caótica vida) saludos!!

  46. Craig Morrin

    Thanks for reminding me to remember that any "disorder" can also have its strengths. You talk about balance as a core integral to a healthy life. I completely agree. And in your particular case, I have to ask: Is it possible that you can be unbalanced in your need to be perfectly balanced all of the time?

  47. Lintzy

    //Que gran ejemplo para aquellas pobres mujeres que cultivan el "físico y no el cerebro" y para aquellos "pobres hombres, cortos de entendimiento" que compran ESO //…..Además y como decía mi abuela... "la mona aunque se vista de seda, mona se queda"….son otros los valores a cultivar...y que conste, no lo digo por MÍ y no lo digo YO...ellos voltean cuando paso.....Debemos saber que muchas veces "un título no da ese poder, la mediocridad se lleva en el alma" son otros los elementos para pararse frente a la vida y vencer...se necesitan agallas….Julieta Lanteri gracias por ganar esta lucha a nombre de todas nosotras….. BRAVO!!

  48. Join Koin

    Да, старение это болезнь. Но лечить ее таблетками подход малоэффективный. Тема глубже значительно.

  49. mrt lsk

    youre so brave Karen - thank you so much <3

  50. Pintkonan

    this guy is one of them who conclude too early that he fully understands AI. as a german, im not wondering, that a german will participate in the end of the world.

  51. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    Loot and remit. Mobile phones were invented by white men in Silicon Valley. You dis it by stealing a job created by an American. Bank robbers are “successful” too.

  52. Penny B

    The story about having to explain yourself. So frustrating. You're right. It wears one down to be made to feel less. Thank you for your story and thank you for your courage.

  53. Celtic Corner

    we would be lost with out you....soon people are going to need your people as they will need the Hopi peoples too...Baal is showing its self.....Anastasia The Ringing Cedars By Vladimere Megre ...these books are amazing help to wake me up

  54. Salma Kady

    I never expected a video with a title like that would make this emotional😭 ❤️ absolutely my fav Ted talk

  55. Darrell

    Cancel TED !

  56. susan Theberge

    I've long compared other life in the universe to a hand full of dirt. A couple or a few hundred years ago, if you asked someone if there was life in that hand full of dirt, they probably would have shifted it around a bit with a finger and if they didn't see an obvious worm or bug they would have said no, there was no life in there. Today we know that hand full dirt is teeming with life of all kinds. We, now, without ever having gone beyond our moon want to claim there this is no other intelligent life out there. I believe the universe (essentially like this planet) is teeming with life of all kinds. We just need to grow up some more to be ready to learn more about our home universe.

  57. Peter Tholen

    Autists are just like people. You have 'good' autists and you have 'bad' autists.

  58. watchman

    That things about as pleasing to listen to as a nagging Wife

  59. Khneefer

    8:00 - To nie racial bias, tylko IQ niższe o jedno odchylenie standardowe.

  60. TiGER

    Many people's lives and situations, specially after graduation can mean internship is NOT an option. Even when the offers might be worth it but require you to move closer to the job that's not paying you even though you'll need rent money to move.

  61. Mayhem madness


  62. Bien Nho

    enough means different to other people. ..

  63. seasong

    If you're good at something never do it for free


      😂 they dont want us to make much money this society is rigged!

  64. Amel hireche


  65. Emma Cat

    It's so entitled to want someone's labor for free. If I were to go into a design store and ask to pay $0.00 for a bag that costs $1,000, I would be laughed out of the store. So, why do employers think they should get someone's labor for free? I worked and studied really hard to get the skills needed to perform the job. I also took out student loans to get that training.

  66. Dan Argese

    If a man gets physically abused he doesn’t need a shelter. Be a man and leave. Be a man!

  67. Austin Groce

    Notably, 2/3 of the reasons are the top reasons for men to kill them selves. They can’t provide, they lose a relationship, and they’re abused as a child.

  68. KinnyEllis

    I guess I fall into that rare category of having tinnitus WITHOUT any hearing loss. My hearing is perfect. Noise triggers my ringing along with electronic devices - TV, mobile phones, computers, lights, etc. I can pinpoint the birth of my (left ear) tinnitus: after taking prescription NSAID for (right) wrist tendonitis. Noticed a faint ringing, which led me to read the list the NSAID's side-effects. And sure enough ear ringing was listed. Maybe just a coincidence. Maybe a correlation. Maybe a causation. How many others here have ringing without any hearing loss? Another thing... the ear in which I hear the ringing is always the ear that doctors find earwax build-up. Might be another clue.

  69. Alphonsus Ho

    I can see how it's not good for people who's struggles with paying for college or you're out of college. Personally I dont and in working on a unpaid internship as a sophomore, it has provided me with a lot of experience especially since I'll be able to cowrote a paper. Luckily the person I work for has gotten a pretty good grant for another project and they want to be able to give me a siphon when I start working on that new project

  70. Celtic Corner

    Giants ...Nepelim

  71. The Simple Channel

    see 15.39 he says he changed rules of chemistry WTF , Mr Gopal Laude jee if u don't give ur stinking goponium to NASA why not give to ISRO they will use it He is a fraud Nikal Laude pehli pursat me Nikal koi zarurat nahi tumara Desh mai

  72. 遠山キンジ

    何故かよく聞いてしまう。 不幸自慢がしたいわけじゃないから何も書かないけど、勉強にもなるし、個人的な精神にも落とし込める。

  73. dumbcreaknuller

    the problem is that apes does not have language anymore than dogs and cats. all ancient languages are based on iconography of gods and objects. language comes from religion. even if there was some primitive humans, they still would have to develop religion to produce language. there is no language making primitve half apeman atheists word origin here at all. without religion, language would never exist. only atheists think that language deveoped itself from primitve apemens. their in denial of evidence to the contrary.

  74. Krisztián Fekete

    Brilliant, I love this guy

  75. Timothy Kalahar

    Unpaid internships only serve to increase the wealth gap. People of color are less likely to have had family members with the historical wealth to support a family member through an internship. It is just one more social norm that is a roadblock to upward mobility.

  76. Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly

    Wasn’t following for the first few minutes. But did she say she was 19 in 1993????? She looks 19 now, dang!!

  77. Prakash KP

    How many WAS ? SOOOOOOO

  78. Marcio Araujo

    O verdadeiro orador não é retórico. Antes, expõe com clareza a sua linha de pensamento por palavras, ensinando definições, e as exemplificando com situações da vida. Perceba que havia uma tela de projetor (DataShow) que sequer foi ligado !!! De fato, falou explicando a pessoas reais, que vivenciam conflitos concretos. Poderia Marc, sim, ter se valido de: gráficos, imagens e números. Porém, nada melhor que a explicação humana para solucionar problemas de relacionamento humano.

  79. G.P.Braaten

    I am now meeting the people that live around me.

  80. Candy Cane

    She swallowed the whale that swallowed Jonah. You can say that she is at the top of the food chain.

  81. erol gezgen

    Ben hazırım gide biliriz artık😃



  83. ipasuhd

    Hello, she is hot. Your generic youtuber.

  84. marcuscv827

    Man I've been following Johnny the past 6 months through his band and recently joined Cope Notes and it's helping me so much through depression and the darkest times of my life. All I see is positive and light through what Johnny is doing. Thank you ❤️

  85. Natacha Pham

    L'immortalité est pour ce siècle car le messie est de retour et il nous a promit la vie éternelle, son retour ne peut se faire sans cette promesse, il vivra lui même et régnera pendant 1000ans. Oui vous verrez des personnes vivrent au delà de 100 ans et ces personnes comme vous lavez dit sont des personnes a large capacité de se perfectionner et d'éradiquer leurs erreurs et nul autres personnes ne vivra aussi longtemps car jesus a demandé detre parfait et de devenir des petits enfants. Avez vous vu les enfants prendrent des rides ou avoir des problèmes de vieillissement non. Ces personnes seront donc immortels, resteront donc jeunes et avec moralités parfaite avec amour de leurs prochain. Parce quil est facile de vivre avec rancune et desamour. Mais le contraire est ce evident ?

  86. Melek Özcan

    8.33 nihe güldü bu kadar anlamadom

  87. The Oracle

    When I was 10 , I built my first program named Chattime and I got addicted to it , and ended up deleting it

  88. ariesi Xuz

    Tay got her a good one she know what she doing

  89. Sean Finn

    I agree that lobbyist put their own interest ahead of the country's, but didn't we elect our congressmen to make the decisions of legislation? Who really are the villains?

  90. JB

    he aplaudido y todo jajaajaj genial esa conferencia de 10.

  91. Hicham Bounite

    Can anyone here help me to improve my english? Thanks in advance

  92. Bilal k

    Tanımadıgım biri daha sülalemden kimseyi tanımıyorum ne kadar garip :D

  93. Cushshon

    Yeah.... I’m not going to be an intern...

  94. Ancient Poet

    You lived a little I feel the wisdom 🤔👍🏾🧐👍🏾 and hear 👂🏽 it bro

  95. G B

    1 min in and I'm crying

  96. Itchy1958

    This is one of the first TED's I did not enjoy. 1. I now know what Mr. Priscu nose hairs look like. Then there was the content. the plane getting stuck and John P. I am sure was not shoveling. He let his students do the work. They set up the city and he keeps saying We did this and We did that. At least give them credit?

  97. TheJohnnystockman

    Hair pulling. That’s aggressive. I bet she’s never been slapped or had her hair pulled. C’mon on.

  98. Jeffry Copps

    PSG da..!!! 🤸😀

  99. gianluca raimondi

    many people ,instead of spending money on games, makeup, etc. they spend money on funds such as treating diabetes, etc. everyone must help anyone excluded, then a person who does not have a lot of money, and cannot give, it acts as an intermediary ,and the benefit is immediate.

  100. Keanu-sama

    I'm going to die alone 😆😆😆😆