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  1. Devyn_chulo

    This movie changed my whole life it wanted me to go to the 90s

  2. Pax Vostrum

    I'm never opening car windows since this came out

  3. Pinky Palma


  4. Mackenzie P

    Cant believe this is an A24 movie

  5. T

    0:48 i love it

  6. Golden Eagle

    I saw the movie and I was disappointed. It wasn't as disturbing as it was advertised to be. I thought the Exorcist and the Exorcism Of Emily Rose was much better

  7. littlelord

    One of the worst movies i watched.

  8. Hego Damask

    Robert went from twilight to twilight zone

  9. Tony

    That's two and half hours of my life I will never get back!

  10. A.D. Elz

    Imagine a horror movie directed by Robert Eggers, Ari Aster and Jordan Peele. Just. Imagine.

  11. Ali Rose

    I rlly wanna watch this movie and just by the trailer I know I’m going to cry. The kids just want to have fun and are doing the best they can and don’t even realize that the mother Isint ok and neither are their living conditions 😭 they just see their mom as someone who lets them do whatever they want and have fun which is why they love her but don’t even know what she’s doing Isint ok. They have such a big imagination and are so innocent 😭 I got all that from this trailer :(

  12. Mihaela Oana

    In romania, summer at 9pm is getting dark. And autumn at 7-8 pm, and in winter at 4-5 pm. For me will be so fucking creepy to be sun all day and all night:)))) i will never sleep. Wtf. And i prefer the night. I like to stay in darkness, so would be a nightmareeee to stay with the sun up so longgggggg. Ps: is 3am and is so fucking dark and cold:)). I hope they will make another movie entitled Mabon:))) cause tommorow will be 21 September

  13. Hego Damask

    Idk why this had such poor reviews it was epic

  14. Fraser Smith

    It’s not scary just really really weird

  15. Nina Yousif

    This happened to me rip grandma i love you 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Jerusha Dowdy

    This is a movie? I thought it was a TV series 😞

  17. asenat79

    Where or how can I watch this film? Thanks

  18. Travelers Paradise

    If there is a movie on joe biden then he can do that role perfectly 0:33

  19. • dimpyyy •

    It’s free on bbc iPlayer :)

  20. AP PA

    Congrats, Sophia Coppola, on doing the bare minimum finally to have diversity in your films these days. Didn't catch any of that in the Virgin Suicides, Bling Ring, Marie Antoinette, or the Beguiled.

  21. Bowser Barbar

    A movie about consequence-free trespassing.

  22. ليان الشهري

    وش ايمه با العربي

  23. Matt P.

    Keira Knightly is the reason that makes this film good with her performance. Apparently she replaced Anne Hathaway at the last minute who was unavailable for the part. It is hard to imagine Miss Hathaway in the role because Keira Knightly owns it so completely. I usually find the performances of British actors/actresses who play Americans (as well as their faux U.S.A. accents) strangely flat, but Miss Knightly is one good exception. She falls into her role and seems to use her outsider status as an asset which works within the premise of the movie.

  24. maureen morgan

    Release this already you stupid jerks. Also, give me a job.

  25. Cody MacDermid

    You'd have top pay me to watch a whole Sofia Coppola movie, and it's more than the price of admission, like a lot more.

  26. Alexandro Gallardo

    I will never go to Sweden and will not advise anyone. They say that the Swedes really have such a cult and they lure tourists to their masses. Horror, people, bypass Sweden!

  27. Hazel eye

    I barely looked at my phone. First sign at how good a movie is! Visual and acting perfection 👌🏾

  28. pAcA[A]

    Most desturbing movie that i have ever wathced

  29. Sophia Klecks

    Favourite movie ever, masterpiece

  30. Tobi Wan

    Can we have a release date please


    really i watch this movie in 2020 it was really a motivation and inspiration movie i really love this movie.... and i was a great...

  32. heidi osborne

    should i watch this movie some1 tell me

  33. Liam Nguyen

    Um. No.

  34. Clara Hampson

    7th grade was the worst time of my life which I am now😏

  35. MrShark141

    Lol usless film 1% rotten tomatoes rating

  36. Catherine Christobel

    this movie was ahead of its time about quarantine

  37. Requis


  38. Steve Ruiz

    soulja boy

  39. Sunday Review **తెలుగులో**

    SWEDEN is place. Don't judge places.

  40. FelaR

    You're tearing me apart Brieeee !!!

  41. Liyana Reano

    This movie reminds me of the new age movement

  42. Bodenlose Dosenhose


  43. LJ42

    I don't really understand why people liked this movie. I wanted to like it. I really did. I really like Kiernan Shipka. But it was so slow, very boring, and confusing as hell. At least when some movies do the incredibly irritating time-line jump, they end up _eventually_ explaining everything that happened, just in a super irritating way. Not this movie. There was a lot of jumping around, and I still didn't get the whole story. The story was just really poorly told. Looking at other comments here, I can see I wasn't alone in needing an explanation after watching the movie. That's not a _good_ thing! "Oh, this was such a great movie, but I didn't understand it and needed it explained to me" _Really?_ That's not a good movie! Movies are meant to tell a story. If you need it explained to you, then the story wasn't told well. That's a bad movie. Worse than being bad though, this movie was super slow and super boring. So just a bad movie through and through. This comment is long because I'm mad. I really wanted this movie to be good. Instead, I just want that hour and a half back. I could have spent it watching a _good_ movie.


    dumb movie

  45. duke 123

    Coppola at it again

  46. Tony

    Can anyone explain the blue material covering the ground all over the sides?

  47. Lawrence Dewan

    Bill Murray...As trustable as Weinstein, Gates, Cosby, Epstein, Hanks or Spacey. Might as well ask Hillary to mind your kids...

  48. Max Dog

    rare sh*it - probably the embodiment of the cherished dream of a crazy filmdirector

  49. sampson7858


  50. Matias Gonzalez


  51. Suzie Peaches

    They are telling you they are shape shifters they have no souls wake up

  52. Mark Gormley

    Did Abe Lincoln from Clone High direct this dumb movie?

  53. IdV

    Mercedes-Benz W140 in trailer this is russian mafia boss car to 90s , i love this car

  54. Matthew Gibson

    I love this movie.its beautiful..

  55. Lizzie Ball

    Cool movie.

  56. Bruno Bucciarati

    2020 cucked us all.. this was one of my most hyped films this year.

  57. yonhatan ramirez

    ana gabriel

  58. bolobolo bolo

    I don't know... I laughing all the time watching this horror movie... Am I psychopath or not

  59. M.A.K

    Terrible movie, if you like horror then you will be disappointed with this movie. Wish I knew it was going to be a bad movie before watching it.

  60. Carly Hazzina Cajayon

    THE BEST ❤️

  61. Jessica Usher

    the music in this film and the head trauma you see is so scary. The ending music made me wanna vomit omg

  62. Matt M

    you know its a good movie when trailer leaves you asking yourself 'wtf'?

  63. MajorAALAN

    so this movie taught me not to trust swedish people

  64. tgezing27

    I don’t remember anyone levitating in the movie though

  65. Hillary Clinton ONLY FANS

    So who's the father? Cos i still dont know

    1. Hillary Clinton ONLY FANS

      @Cecil Ampalecio Yes. I still don't know who is the father of that child.

    2. Cecil Ampalecio

      i dont understand whos fathers of jack?

    3. Cecil Ampalecio

      i cant understand whos fathers of jack?

  66. Kimberly Borsack

    Stanley sees something but what is it?

  67. vloneozy

    It sucks that tik tok ruined this movie well didn’t ruin it but it’s cringe that people know this movie and illegal civ cuz of TikTok

  68. Sanaah

    I felt bad for her the whole time but mannnn the end made me feel hopeless for her

  69. Azteck

    Amazing Movie!!!

  70. Martin Moore

    This movie was likely average when I saw it last year.

  71. Martin Moore

    This movie is almost similar to Edgar Allen Poe's incomplete short.

  72. REALITYobservationalist

    That girls annoying singing makes me not want to see this movie. It was ridiculously distracting and ruined the trailer.

  73. Chad Gokey

    This movie makes you feel like you're in one of those dreams where you cant accomplish anything an your phone doesnt work when you're in a emergency

  74. F OS

    Prob the best horror film of the late decade. Not just because it scares you, but because its just a good movie. Forget the horror. Great character development, acting, a lot of stuff to discover, to rewatch, to interpretate. Its really a cool overall movie.

  75. Jerry Dy

    Why it's not available on netflix

  76. Tiyah Reynolds

    I don’t like them freely using the n word

  77. Eddie Avinashi

    A movie about a white girl whose eyes are WAY too far apart.

  78. R 47

    Perfect acting by Adam Sandler, hands down. However, the story has a lot of holes in it. Especially the ending that is stupid enough. Overally, it is worth to watch but could be much more than that with a better story writer/director.

  79. Butterpeakx44

    For moment I thought it was a normal movie but it’s a scary movie 😂😂

  80. 2k Master

    funny memes