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  1. Gregory Groves

    Uncle Dana is going after the illegal streamers!

  2. Stendaal Cartography

    dat legs twitching at 1:27. jebus lol

  3. Mr. Grass

    Conor “Hoey-Loeytz” Mah-Grey-Goor

  4. dalisllama

    "I have so many weapons in my arsehole" - Conor McGregor

  5. Mitch Mac

    Conor Jr destroying somebody's signature! 🙄

  6. Khanyani Khumalo

    Khabib is just a bully 😭

  7. Muhamad Alvin

    Dustin power wins tko r3

  8. awreckingball

    There two were playing touch butt with each other at this press conference.

  9. D7Seven

    there's Kabib then there's everyone else

  10. Furkan K.

    Damn khabib gets knocked cssel.info/video/video/mHl8oHnKwqeYkGM.html

  11. killabeeshow


  12. Mohamed Ali

    You gotta love Connor when he showing respect and not being cocky.Connor extra hungry after that khabib defeat.Hope Dustin wins.

  13. Quang Yung

    Wonder who's Connors favorite? lol

  14. Troubled

    Hooker: “I don’t understand the question but I’m in” 😂

  15. Bryzo4_20

    Dustin if McGregor is fighting some chomp I'll be with McGregor all day long but Dustin I'm am massive fan of you mate I can't wait for this fight

  16. Mountain Bike Clips

    Break out the red sauce were rich

  17. Sedaw

    McGregor in 2015: Fuck everybody else up here McGregor in 2021: I love you all *Proper transformation*

  18. Muhammad Furqon

    I like how McGregor has changed his attitude. 👍🏼

  19. Shubhash Kumar


  20. Bryan P.R

    Con Justin Gaethje iba a perder pero la experiencia de Dustin peso más, si ahora Justin peleara con dustin sería diferente la historia, Justin ganaría lejos.

  21. Damiano Grilli

    Every time nice to see Conor to exulte with Italian Flag 😻😍

  22. Speedking_A1

    This new Conor feels unsettling 😅 like I feel like he's more dangerous than before 😭😭😭

  23. D0wnpour

    02:24 adjusted her pants for a reason.

  24. Moaad M

    Justin is a badass, he got staggered and can barely stand and he tells Dustin to bring it

  25. Roger J. Perez Abreu

    Poor Chandler...

  26. Sivasankar Sivadas

    Why is everyone so polite.its legit getting weird

  27. Tyler Stanier

    3:58 annnnnnd..... YEP, not a fan.

  28. A A

    2:25 Ribas giving us a little wink 😉

  29. Mohammad Porky Haram

    Dana " we got 1" lmao 1... really .. ooone lmao

  30. Anthony Zuaso

    Bruh conors been going to therapy or something

  31. Dr. Emmanuel V. Parenteau

    Please! What’s that song they played at beginning of face offs?

  32. Horacio Castillo

    Why is he lw neglecting his daughter

  33. Alchemistic Academician

    Conor has always generally been a nice positive guy, he was just a bit of a hot-headed prick sometimes. People who followed his career closely enough already knew Conor was like this, and now that he doesn't feel the need to play up the shit-talk, you all see it. He has grown up also, so now he's even more relaxed and happy, but otherwise this is the same Conor that I know, just turned down.

  34. Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr

    Justin gaethje looks like he trained with Ronda Rousey for that fight 😂 😂

  35. A A

    Why no Chandler highlights? Lol

  36. J Q

    lol poirier doesnt even stand a chance on their first fight. what makes him think he can beat conor now? dudes out of his mind. conor must have bust his brains during their frst fight. lol

  37. NurfWaterGun

    Funny how the 1st time they fought Dustin didn’t have hair and Conor did, now it’s the other way around lol

  38. tice sine

    Oh conor has changed now. Ok.

  39. Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!

    Poirer is a good guy and I like him but he cries after every fight. I have to agree with the best welterweight in the world Colby Covington McGregor is gonna smoke 💨 him and Dustin will cry and get everyone to feel bad for him.

  40. thetruth

    This fight is gonna go the same way the 1st one did ,,guaranteed!!!! That's Dana's boy!!!!

  41. Vincent Munoz

    Not going to be the same outcome come Saturday

  42. Bits&Bites

    Good luck Conor from Canada. Always nice to see Megan's pretty face :-)

  43. Elrugaro

    Dan Hooker is on fire

  44. Marco Di Stefano

    Well he actually smashed Dustin's face, eventually losing but still

  45. Swedish Latino

    Who is this dude? He looks like a 50 year old whiskey crane cocaine junkie

  46. Michael Mueller

    bisschen tattu.solch verknorkelte ohren..kannste einen auf kloppi machen

  47. Adam

    How can you not like The Diamond? The guys someone every fight fan should be looking up to.

  48. A Warwick

    Conor: Megan! Break out the red lippy....you’ve made it

  49. Mike Jackson

    Fuggin chandler is such a lame

  50. Mitchell Johnson

    3:05 The legend says that mouthpiece is still flying.

  51. Ammar Bin Talat

    Khabib humbled conor

  52. The Cuban Machine Official


  53. Muddy A

    UFC Embedded: Daddy duties

  54. NooDLES411911

    The talking is over. We go to war on Saturday night. The top 2 fights are gonna be bangers


    Gus won this fight.

  56. Gabor H

    Konor looks like the youngest grandfather in ufc history

  57. izhar badshah

    cornor is little humble after fight with khabib

  58. Jonah Marquis

    Has Conor not seen Dustin's last three fights? This is going the distance. Both fighters are good AF!

  59. S T

    “And a bit of red sauce “ 😂 you can take the man out of Dublin but you can’t take Dublin out of the man -little or not 🤣

  60. Jeff Wairi

    Charlie Olives one of the funniest shit I ever heard hahaha

  61. Andy Mcg

    Conor sounds like he has a cold.. or worse?


    Michael "one week" Chandler

  63. The Night King

    This feels like a Khabib press conference wtf

  64. Clos Montana

    There’s definitely something wrong with Dana and Conor I can see it

  65. Brian Clark

    Conors a fucking genius! ALWAYS a Master Class in Mindfuckery!! He use to kill his opponents before fights with the aggressive shit talk and mind games Now he killin them with Kindness and they have NO Clue how to react!!!

  66. Montreux Xerrei 92

    Khabib did humbled Conor hahaha

  67. Ayoub Melkia

    khabib said he would humble him and he did x)) !

  68. Smashkey

    Gaethje just tanking those shots like a fucking champ and still trying to stand after being out. Man is an actual warrior and I'm glad he is where he is today.


    Muradov 👍👍👍

  70. Handofseeds

    @2:32 your answer to Dustin when he throws this fight! Only one would ask how much was “donated”?

  71. Girl and Guy Code Soaps

    The press today in fight island were class act and brought some of the best questions I’ve ever heard. Except for the “Fatboy Inc.- MoeMoe” who asked about the lawsuit. Cheers to the UFC press🍻. Except you “Fatboy Inc. MoeMoe.” 🤬

  72. Sober Cam

    McGregors story thus far should be a movie 100%

  73. Ryan Lee

    Come to legally streamed PPTV, it's only 17rmb a month.

  74. Chris

    Dustin seems like such a decent fella, neutrals would gravitate towards him. Mcgregor is a dirt bird

  75. Robby Podobinski

    Hooker is a class act

  76. rty08

    Who is he calling a bitch? Jeremy Stephens? Cause eyepoking is such an honorable striking tactic right

  77. Josh King

    To create highlights. Belts and money goes but highlights stay forever. Connor is going to get a crazy ko no doubt and I'm cheering for Poirier.

  78. T.C. Archery

    “ Let em have it”!