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  1. Ozymandias

    That "I don't know" at the end was full of despair.

  2. davy gravy

    terrorists in action. Their comrade Putin will be proud

  3. thelowlytrinity

    dat you patti harrison?

  4. Cellyurr

    M O R E !

  5. Jew Drew

    Willfully ignorant.

  6. shubhankar sen

    What about the pardons???

  7. John Richard

    Sooo frickin STOOOpid

  8. ahmed sachwani

    6:30 I lost it I couldn’t stop laughing

  9. RXG0078

    Isn't it alarming that he has to point out to his audience that something being said is correct? He has to tell people to essentially "shut up" when they groan. It's scary how uneducated people are. And.. sorry Trevor. You're not helping.

  10. Alex Coman

    One fool can't do much but many fools have power. Misguided power, but power nonetheless. Fools, but many!

  11. Mike Kearney

    More, more more!

  12. Nia Granger

    The clean cast relevantly slap because anethesiologist appropriately glue above a exultant bean. tearful, cheap sagittarius

  13. Hsu

    Man this guy has balls...

  14. Tomek Toemk

    In first part they seemed to be nicer. Well not all of them :D

  15. vinylsniffer

    quanon didnt wake you up, you still snoozing

  16. Lola Bella


  17. Zereqiel Lumayag

    have you ever cringed and laughed at the same time?

  18. Donna Smith

    Trump clearly said “we will march to the Capital.”

  19. Emman A

    Lmao, this is the exact definition of white privilege, just because their white they think they can do what ever they want , like they don't even have to know the constitution, or the guy at the end doesn't know elections are every 4 years 😅🤣, their like ' OH " look at me, I'm white, so the laws dont apply to me, Trump said we can do what ever we want , like really

  20. Sweet Confessions

    Was very happy when I saw you back Trevor welcome, welcome back.

  21. Salah Eddine

    Black lives matter still in every human in this life but trumpers make the whole world laughing at them .

  22. David Mayer de Rothschild

    The elections are over

  23. Local Guy ‘d’

    Gotta say, past Klepper videos have been better

  24. Galo Molina Font

    And this was before the capitol... and voter fraud allegations...

  25. Ascension Lady

    I feel like "Finally, it's getting back to normal!" after Trump left.

  26. G W

    A bunch of meatheads Trump supporters, dead from the neck up!

  27. Loxul

    Damn Trevor...glad I missed my BS on ya or I'd be taking some heat too!

  28. axnyslie

    No more posting this garbage. T***P name can never be mentioned again. His failed cult must be permanently silenced now.

  29. D Mack

    The trump name will be forever used to describe acts of treason and deceit...future trump descendants will change their name to hide their link to the orange walking head injury.

  30. Cynthia Copland

    🤓IQAnon it is not! Jordan’s a pro at the understated queries that make them stop & “think”

  31. lastofmykin GeminiKing

    And no wall was ever built

  32. Randy Cleveland

    Glad to see a President that has talented high quality children to work along side the President.

  33. Lazlo Vīmes

    I think it’s important for everyone to remember, 47% of the country wants four more years of the turd and GOP in control.

  34. PJ Reactions

    Now Q is getting trashed because it was ALL LIES!!

  35. Kelvin L Love Jr

    The good thing is the constitution has set up a way to do a redo. we just come back in 4 years and do it all again...I don't know. hahaha

  36. Erik

    Hard to understand these people. I think a large part of the problem is social media that brings idiots together and normalized their behavior. Before social media, the only way to organize people was in person and none of these idiots would be taken seriously in a real life group. But on social media a critical mass of non-critical thinkers can develop - particularly when Zuckerberg pushes them together.

  37. ElroyMcDuff

    I made it to #83... Thanks Trevor and team but I'm DONE with the whiny voice, the tiny accordion, the lies, the horrible cabinet appointees, etc etc etc. GFY Drumpf!!!

  38. Algie Evan DeWitt V

    Well, maybe a lesson was learned that day. People kept telling them that only a relarive few rioted and destroyed stuff when things got out of hand on the left... So when it happened on the right, maybe a few will realize that is how mobs can become regardless of the reasons they believe they are fighting for. Most likely though most will remain hypocrites.

  39. 101Queenisis

    "Miss me with that Bullshit" is summing up the whole idea that the capitol rioters were Victims. And calling a Black capitol police officer N*****!?? But say Blue Lives Matter!!?? Once again, "Miss me with All that Bullshit"..

  40. Christian Zeiser

    I salute you, Trevor

  41. Esparzeh m


  42. Adrian Piñon

    Lmfao stupid people put them all in a shuttle including tronald dump and send them into space, better yet just have it blow up instead..wouldn't want them effn up the solar system too

  43. jamison allen

    I'm still dumbfounded how people think their lives will end within 4 yrs if that's true no fucking way it's because of a president. If so, as Trump agrees it's because of pre existing conditions like hair dye or spray tanning...

  44. Moise Official

    Please please please, let me not hear someone calling those idiots protesters, it’s a disgrace to the name “protest “

  45. bsngrl1

    Can I just say I love this?! How many times have I used the phrase "miss me with the bullshit?"

  46. Ryan Peralta

    Homo Sapiens are so easily brainwashed. SAD

  47. Christopher Ellis

    Ivan Red and Jarvanka

  48. Shawn

    Gore literally won and was too spineless to see it through and gave up ....and we got dumbass bush war criminal

  49. Pirimid9

    People are crazy...they listen and fall for the continual lies of a real estate agent. A guy who has been lying and cheating people his whole life. Then they want to chat USA...please

  50. Mary Speer

    I breathed a sigh of relief when President Biden was sworn in. I’m so glad that Trump is gone although he’ll probably still seek the spot light that he thrives on. Bad man

  51. Ray

    I guess this is the last video. Lol kinda sad, I wont have nothing to laugh at lol

  52. Matthew Spruill

    I wonder what flag guys point was

  53. Mark Goulding

    I wish someone would box the smug host lol... very hard


    I think the far left and far right are both stupid as fuck and aren’t willing to hear other opinions

  55. Javier Guerrero

    Pre-Trevor Noah The Daily Show was left leaning, but at least trying to remain objective. But now!... it seems like a puppet show with an obvious agenda 🤔🤔🤔 (just unsubscribed after 7 years)

  56. BipolarBipolarBipolarBear

    explain rationally why one would scream a countrys name when not at a sport event or whilst invading another country. arguing that rationallity is not thier strongpoint does not count arguing that they currently are invading a country doesnt count either

  57. m

    F people who are against fascism?