Good clean shooting fun!

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  1. Robert Breaux

    Kept waiting for the sound effects after "My name is Scott"

  2. Benji7200

    Seriously the gun community on CSsel is simply the best. Never change gents👌 hope your feeling better and healing well!

  3. Christian Toler

    holy crap scott your looking so much better

  4. John Doe

    Damn big bro! That was bad, glad you're doing well

  5. Allan Folmersen

    Not really a safe. It's a fireproof lockbox.

  6. Toshio Thunder

    As a father, it rocked me to watch the video that brought me to Kentucky Ballistics. Minutes later, this ramen video is starting the emotional healing.

  7. Anthony King


  8. Dakota Olivier

    April 9th is my birthday

  9. Clark Philip Quitazol

    Whatever people say, Scott, Matt and Brandon are the best!

  10. Simon Powell

    That's some big hand gun

    1. Simon Powell

      I want it

  11. bhaskar debbarma

    You are very lucky because your protector your Dad is with you. Glad to see you alive. Be careful and be safe.

  12. Pragmatic Tornado

    Being an RC car enthusiast myself, I'm very pleased to see that these are just toy grade RC cars. Would have hurt my soul if he destroyed $500+ cars.

  13. skitnado25

    This is the best gun safety video for anyone exploring different ammunition and what to do when injured be shrapnel

  14. Bálint Nyulászi

    That safety glass saved his eye. It must be a high quality product because the thing that broke a skull to pieces only shredded it and the pieces of the broken glass dindn't even go in his eye.

  15. Persona Non Grata

    Good Show...

  16. soundermoth

    I can imagine someone who doesn't like 45 ACP watching this video and being like: muh two world wars?, Your two world wars couldn't beat two buckets of ramen.

  17. Street Butter

    Bruh lol

  18. Backyard mower racing

    I talked to my stepdad about this and he said is 2006 when he was deployed they actually had to git rid of all these rounds Because there was to much power behind them and they were deemed not safe and they sold them.

  19. A

    Take care brother, get well soon

  20. laws2ewun1t

    Did anyone else tear up during this? This is my first exposure to KB I came here from Demo Ranch. So thankful things played out the way that they did.

  21. TrumpetWizard

    Try a pure AP round next! Black tip all the way!

  22. Donald Starkweather

    God works in mysterious ways bro. Sometimes he takes you without notice, other times he gives you a reminder that life isn't guaranteed and it can end at any time. Almost dying changes you, makes you see what's truly important in life. Some think it's money and power, when it's really happiness and loved ones that truly matter.

  23. James Hickey

    I think the biceps were period correct. Great vid and loving the support.

  24. Geir Erik

    at 3:17/3:18 something is flying forward when you "cap" the gun....could that be an issue for what happened? I am glad God protects you.

  25. mowhi tuno

    Like wtf 😰😰

  26. Mike 4.1

    Glad you are alive. Powerful words when you mentioned focusing on your kids.

  27. Anthony Freeman

    While watching a video by Matt @ Demolition Ranch, I heard about your injuries. I’m so sorry this happened to you & I’m glad you are acknowledging God’s healing power. Stay strong & be safe.

  28. Show Bread

    Stop while your behind or next time you can put a fork in it 🤨

  29. Riccardo Abbà

    Hope you will be as new in short time. Greetings from Italy.

  30. Snuffleufugus

    I wanted him to open up the ball to see what the fragments looked like

  31. Aécio Telles

    lmao dude this intro

  32. KnifeGuy375

    🤣🤣 100% Scott frustration! 🤣🤣 "NAOUUUU!! 😣😫 It's still good!!..." Sounded a bit like Homer 😏

  33. Castigador

    Man I'm more than happy to know that you are doing fine, after watching your neck I got chills, I can't believe that this actually happened. I hope you are recovering well man, stay safe please. 💪🏻

  34. Zaman Gaming

    I wish I could tell him stop using the 50 cal. It's going to blow up.

  35. Clint Kennedy

    Glad your ok, never fun seeing someone get hurt.

  36. Alex Peters

    Jesus Christ god bless 🙏🏼

  37. Dracy

    Your a miracle walking! Thank God..

  38. Seagal's Best Movie

    Almost like this could of been avoided completely.

  39. sayan basak

    Get well soon man

  40. Striker One

    Glad you are fine now :)

  41. Mathias Karlsson

    So hello! My name I Mathias and I’m from Sweden! I’m a hunter and I’m using a Carl Gustaf 30-06 for game and a Great Browning for skeet and trap! That’s about it! We have strict gunlaws in Sweden any your Chanel is the works of my dreams! All the guns you shoot is just epic! Love your work! Get well! Because people like me need you! You test all the guns I need to test but can’t! Love you and your Chanel Scott! From Sweden with love! 🤗

  42. MrSindicatedSyn

    Omg man! So glad you are making a full recovery. I still can’t believe what I just watched..... Wow. Prayers for you and your family brother.

  43. Jaspal Singh Sindharh


  44. Alaa Ali

    holy crap !!! glad you are ok and i hope you speedy recovery

  45. neogator26

    All the fun things you never think about regarding serious injuries until you have one... Glad you doing well.

  46. Just A Weeb -

    im not into guns but i just love how funny u are and it genuinely made me feel intrested in guns


    Woow god is good 🙏🏾

  48. Alexandre Molina

    Scott, I'm wondering that maybe you could wear some additional protection when doing more dangerous stuff. Maybe a bullet proof vest as a basic and when shooting powerful calibers in stunts, perhaps activate the trigger from a distance, preferably behind a polycarbonate barrier. Maybe this is too much, but really try to do a risk analysis before shooting, considering what can go wrong in each scenario.

  49. J C

    Great Channel 👍 love seeing stuff like this safe fun shooting I wish I could do these things but I'm in no gun Canada 😢 but really enjoy the content and it's nice to dream or live vicariously through Kentucky Balistics thanks 🙌🙌

  50. Eliezer Freund

    Get well quick Scott!!

  51. InternationalSexPope

    Id put some foam or something along the arm to help with that kick

  52. Jman LPGuy

    holy moly ravioli. That was A LOT of kinetic force to punch through several gel, bedsheet, hit and penetrate the plate and smashed the cinderblock behind it. That's insane. If you got hit by the in a limb, its gone.

  53. Randy Monger

    So the weird part is in the thumb nail 2 of those slap rounds are counterfeit and 2 are real. You can tell by the neck crimp. 2 and 4 don't have those. And the pre cut in the sabot. 2 and 4 also don't have those. 1 and 3 are legit

  54. Gianny Crazy

    it got revenge for the torture test edit: that must hurt

  55. Derek Williams

    This is EPIC!!!!

  56. Julia Quance

    Well done Dad And the Thumb.

  57. Adam Chapman

    Love how gun community stick together keep up the awesome work thanks Matt thanks Scott whoever you get next I'm waiting for. Hope you a speedy recovery get well soon from Canada.

  58. James Vonderau

    Way to go Demo, that was one hell of a video.

  59. merqury5

    I wonder if those doctors had some war experience, because that is straight out of bad scene in a bad place. Well done all involved, especially dad who stayed cool.

  60. O Karlsson

    You have a star in Heven and we love you from Sweden. Be safe and live long. :)

  61. Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren

    This is just awesome ❤️ Much love from Germany bud! Support of your gun/youtube buddys and your community is just heartwarming. Get well soon man 💪

  62. Lurking Fever

    Those 100 round drums seem to jam alot

  63. Pat Watson

    If you take request for videos,I'd like to see one with a 454 vs 500 my brother and I have these two guns mine is the 454 we have the same barrel length mine is just a single action freedom arms his is the Smith and Wesson, recoil of the 454 is devastating the 500 is like shooting a 45 compared to the 454 even when we go hog hunting the 454 seems to hit harder on game, On head shots the 454 will completely remove the face on the exit side the 500 just goes in and out

  64. AuthenticAutistic

    I've never wanted a 50. Caliber firearm, and now should my mind change I know what gun not to buy and what ammunition not to buy.

  65. Brandon B

    It has always amazed me how helpful the gun community is to eachother. Not on the guntube but I can't tell you the amount of hospitality and experience the older generation has showed me as a young man. Gun folk are good and God is great. Love you all

  66. Kevin Xin

    I don’t even know you and have never watched any of your videos. I am so happy that you fought through everything and made it. Thank you for sharing with us your experience and it must have not been easy for you to go through all this again. Best wishes to your children, your wife, your parents and yourself and be please be careful!

  67. Ben Laskowski

    That bat looks like a World War One melee weapon.

  68. Ken Hunt

    Why didn't you put a thumb in Vac-man?

  69. Steven Arneson

    There is no god you where lucky , who paid for your surgery?

  70. Michael Dudley

    Thats awsome he did this.

  71. Christopher Carrillo

    This is the first video I've seen of this channel, however I support you nonetheless. God bless you bro, and we're glad you're here ❤️

  72. O Karlsson

    Be safe and have fun :)


    🗣This Was Wholesome Af🙌🏻

  74. The Fanciest Killer

    Who’s watching after3 years

  75. Flufi54

    Dude your a machine💪🏻💪🏻

  76. Dark Crow 8

    Nice shirt we love you bro

  77. Gacha Bear

    Oh next you should see if it could stop a Rocket!

  78. TIME

    why did this happen? why did the weapon malfunction?

  79. that native just native

    when i got shot in the chest ...... all i did was think 💭 of my KIDS . it does work to pray 💬🙏🏽.45cal in the right lung 🫁. came in sideways. it missed my eating tube feeding tube stop before my aorta. The x-rays on my wall CSsel. if u want to see my bullet it’s stuck in there . nice story u tell it well .... people who don’t believe in god wait till ur in this Situation .

  80. Mint Mag

    Can't really add anything. I enjoyed it.