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  1. looksi

    Its funny because it says "THIS IS PARIS HILTON" yet the photo looks nothing like Paris Hilton. Not hating, just saying that thats pretty hilarious.

  2. Madison Rowland

    Loved seeing Paris and Nicky being true siblings💜💜

  3. april allen

    People my not see it...but she has grown

  4. Robert K

    And so, dear Paris, you decided to make a new "The Truman show" movie from your life to get first billion. Was it worth?

  5. RainySundayAttics

    I kind of so sorry for Paris even though I know she does need that. Paris is so strong pushing past this. She must feel so alone the people closest to her, her parents, she can't even trust them. I feel like her mom is just in denial. Parents are just trying to sweep everything under the rug so that they did have to deal with the guilt. Where the love for your child!? They treated Paris like a problem rather than as their child. I would never forgive my parents if they did that to me. I can't believe that she is still talking to her parents/family

  6. Ember M

    I love Paris

  7. Linda Chavez

    Nice to meet YOU Paris!! My name is Linda 💛. Be so very proud of yourself for opening up. U have one of the most genuine normal & likeable personalities 💛. All families have probs & things not discussed !!! You need a friend to laugh & be silly with 🙂 i'll be your friend.

  8. Claire

    I feel so sad for her. Like shes completely alone. I touching story.

  9. Janine Kennedy

    All those poor girls. So sad.

  10. G Rylee

    Paris, your courage helps me to have that same courage. This saved me. Wish I could tell you

  11. Roberto Chiarani

    When you want i can lern you cooking italian dishes... with this video you have doing a lot of errors,and important hygiene hand wash, you enter with your dog have gloves and don't cleaning your hands and have all time the gloves.....

  12. love_forever _

    Just weird how her mom had little to say about the damn school.

  13. tommyb7973


  14. Nicole Knipes

    Came here after her interview with Anna Faris on her podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified. I have such an admiration that she is able to be this open and vulnerable. I am glad that she is happier according to the podcast episode. She deserves peace and healing. <3

  15. Matt D

    paris and i dated briefly before she became famous. she's an absolute sweetheart.

  16. Olivers_ Rage

    Her voice is much deeper than I imagined


    Her boyfriend sucks.

  18. Nina Malaya Juell

    Dear sweet Paris,there is help for ptsd, so go get healed and sleep sound and safe again,big hug

  19. Indigenous Fox

    Paris Hilton is the real "baby doll" from sucker punch!

  20. Lisa Martinez

    Everyone has a story hidden deep down inside, it takes alot of courage to go back to your past & face your demons. I give Paris and those other ladies credit to speak out & help others. My heart and prayers go out to you. ❤️

  21. James Murray

    Her brand is part of her recovery. As she gets older her brand evolve.

  22. Edyta Czechowska

    I did not expect anything that was about to come. Paris, you're stronger and smarter than I ever imagined. You deserve so much more love than what you experienced <3 <3 this untold story is very touching. I wish you all the best in life xx

  23. Jewell Dominguez

    Paris so glad you feel happiest when playing music. I agree that dancing to music is the time when I feel the most authentic and free. Sending you all the love <3

  24. Scigacz Pattaya


  25. Alina Valentino Fonseca

    Please Revamp your Makeup Line please!!! Make it Luxurious as you can pretty please and earth friendly Ofcourse.

  26. whitney toms

    Same thing happens at orchard place in Des Moines ia - I went through similar things

  27. Olga Kan

    Wow that felt really raw, deep and honest. It takes a lot of courage to open up like this. I hope acknowledging her past will bring her healing, comfort, confidence, peace and happiness. Thank you Paris

  28. Elizabeth B

    Her voice sounds like a purring cat lol

  29. Natallia Alex

    her mom is sooooo strict((

  30. yasniely

    Her mom is a piece of work. No apology at all for putting her daughter through that abuse. I feel bad for Paris. I hope she can find peace. As for her sister. The interaction between then was disturbing. Niki is cold. But then again she married a Rothschild so I don’t expect much more from her.

  31. Naba lila

    So authentic...dont juge anyone when u dont know her or her story...much love Paris.❤️


    I wasn't a Paris fan...I now. I'm 28 and now realizing that all if the "influencers" and celebrities that I grew up with aren't as shallow, dumb, and untalented as I thought they were...I hope she finds true happiness soon.

  33. Olivia Horne

    Wow. I had no idea those troubled teens boarding schools existed. This breaks my heart.

  34. Sable Ann

    Wow, unbelievably powerful, raw documentary. I very Paris in a whole new light.

  35. Terrel Thompson

    All of that abuse basically gave her D.I.D. Her altered voice, and image are is from her alter, she created that image to forget and survive. Sadly it's so common... True strength telling her true story

  36. Sophie B

    Paris how special you are,, you are so loved xx

  37. ThisStaceFunny

    It’s not your shame, it’s their shame, we’ve just been carrying it

  38. Peter Zebot

    This is so sad.

  39. Parallel Univ

    She wants a billion to not worry while I have 6k in my account. 😶

  40. SiarraK

    I’m gonna try this! Never made lasagne with ricotta. Thanks for teaching me a new method! Love the real ness of this vid! Always be urself girl! ❣️ can you make a vid about what you eat in a day? Would love to know how you stay so slim. Xx

  41. grandesera

    wow. this is mindblowing, eyeopening, astonoshing, im sorry that you have to live like this. have this persona and put on a mask. we love you.

  42. Yasheika Williams

    I know her pain when you’ve been abused mentally and physically as a kid u grow looking for ❤️ in all the wrong places u feel it’s normal to be abused u confuse it as ❤️its not😢

  43. nauone

    I totally get why she indulges in work and trying to reach the goal of a billion dollars in order to "not having to worry about anything". I never really cared about her as the party girl and influencer world isn't a thing that caught my interest whatsoever but I remember now an interview I've seen years a go when I was thinking, her eyes are ao sad, there must be a story. Wow...halfway through this documentary and I feel so sorry for her.

  44. Arielapetraglia

    That boyfriend was SO FREAKING TOXIC omg!! Paris I'm happy you're a strong woman and don't need this crap!

  45. Monica R


  46. d kim

    Nicky hilton ROTHSCHILD . wow~~

  47. Lolita Ehrhardt

    I Love you Paris Hilton! Truly amazing and I cried for all who went at these places! So glad you are telling us what happened and the movement. All true Warriors 💖 Loves you all!^.~💖💞🌹🌿

  48. Liz Baby

    She is gorgeous and I love her hair!

  49. Imran solomon

    is someone gonna tell her, that she didn't put that app on her phone? 54:55

  50. Redsky Mountaintop

    I'm not generally a follower of Paris, but I love autobiographies and the trailer promised to be genuine. My level of appreciation and respect has just gone up a thousand points. I am so sorry for what you endured and I hope this movie gives you peace for finally breaking the silence. A billion dollars will never meet your desire for fulfillment. I suspect you know that deep down. I think people will prefer the real you. Real you can still be fun!

  51. Apetta Orsetto

    I think you don't even know what it means to cook lasagna ... and an Italian tells you so.

  52. Danny Geouge

    I always felt there was more there than meets the eye, really sorry this happened to you and you will be in my prayers.

  53. Munsel

    Thank you for having the courage to share your story. These kinds of 'rehab' places need some serious investigation. Exposing your story, as painful as it might be, can help so many young people out there who are without a voice. Know that. Your purpose in this life is much broader than you might think. 💝

  54. Clarissa Acuna

    I never would've thought that the rich and foster youth would have so much trauma in common...that's school reminds me of being in foster care

  55. Romano Alexander

    Much love Paris ♥️

  56. crotz1000

    I am sorry, but please stop making stupid people famous

  57. Goines

    that's hot

  58. Claudia Tran

    Dang I feel like Paris just wanted a normal childhood.. she's really inspirational. Thank you, Paris!

  59. C K

    It is funny that you like the number 11, because you are an 11 life path, which is a master number and is the most Intuitive. It is the number of psychics and mystics. There are only 2 true master numbers, 11 and 22. Some people consider 33 a master number, but in classic numerology, only 11 and 22 are masters. Kim Kardashian is a 22 and Kanye is an 11. I’m an 11, too!

  60. Juliane Weigel

    Dear Paris, thank you for being so honest and brave and for sharing what had happened to you. You are beautiful the way you are!

  61. Alicia Hein


  62. Heather Gagne

    Wow...the last 20 mins wrecked me...hope you and the other survivors find peace and fight through.

  63. Taylor Rae

    WOW! I’m blown away the vulnerability & honesty I’m so proud of you Paris!!!! keep going, your great❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾

  64. michael ajayi 63

    Take care my princess wife sleep now 👍💋💋 see tommorow night

  65. SrJulio The 3rd

    Get in, we’re gonna find who tf asked

  66. Cristina Cano

    What ? He wants her to do more promotions for him?

  67. Kat

    How does a mother not know when their child is suffering. And not shed a single tear.

  68. My True Love is My FR-S

    Just clicked to see if she's still effable. Yep.

  69. michael ajayi 63

    Baby Nice meeting you love ❤️💙💙, my princess wife 😍💕💕💕💕💕 I love your story

  70. Sun

    Hope this camps don't exist anymore

  71. it's me mar

    Her grandma really hype her up

  72. Kay Mcwade


  73. BrachioInGen

    I'm at the Tomorrowland segment and I am outright sobbing at the moment. As a musician and performer and having had abusive relationships in the past, I felt soooo triggered by everything that happened in that moment I had to stop this and walk away for a moment. wow...

  74. michael ajayi 63

    My princess love baby 💋❤️ am love you deeply of my heart 💓💖💖💖 I ready to sincerely and faithful lover and I love ❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I will make you proud of 💯💓 love

  75. Mummy Pvm TV SHOW

    Amazing documentary 👏 ❤ 👌,,,,,,, am a new friend here.

  76. lamera Tora

    I literally cried. Watched it with my 11 year old daughter. So brave, smart and beautiful inside and out.

  77. TheMozart79

    Galangal “ I have no idea what it is, but it sounds healthy” 😁🤗

  78. joania

    The fact that after all this she is still talking to her mother, I don't think I could

  79. Rebeca SSilva

    You’re so brave! My prayers are with you. 🙏🏼

  80. niceplayground

    So sketchy Nicky married a Rothschild!