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  1. Shaina

    thanks i hate it!

  2. AlphaReturns

    It's crazy to think we are less than 3 weeks away from this movie. I can't wait.

  3. Joe

    This film was depressing. I am a bisexual who basically has no further interest in anything besides just boring Catholic marriage to a woman at this point. That's where this doc put me.

  4. Kyle ColdRain

    The trailer did not do justice to the actual series. The plot is so much more and crazy shits kept happening. You got sci-fi, politics, religion, drama, dad jokes, action, philosophy, and a wild touch of Ridley Scott and H.P.L elements. A must see.

  5. Vero Meza

    EJEMPLAR ¡¡¡

  6. Energy Power

    Dear hbo max So exited for this movie Please make sequel keep it gory as mortal kombat should be as the games are. But yes please make a sequel movie or even series with new characters as well

  7. Fabio2009RS

    Only this trailer is better than the entire Josh version.

  8. Casey McFadden

    Can't believe CSsel let this episode get uploaded. I've seen videos with less violence and nudity than this get taken down. I guess that's the privilege of being a media company on CSsel.

  9. I O

    I hope Henry cavill is still superman

  10. pedro mamani


  11. CeeSaw

    definitely looks like low-budget CGI, but its hard to compete with the likes of Pixar considering this is their first 3d animation- maybe in time they will development a really unique 3d style, but I definitely like their 2d work much better.

  12. hariharan durai

    Joan Neptune Vitruvian man Hermes St. Sebastian Jesus

  13. Brawl Stars Clips With GHAUL

    Justice League: The Pizza Cut

  14. Instinct clap 123

    The first one was bad but this one ☝️ mite be good

  15. Dan & the Dogs Adventures

    i just binge watched it,,wow, very powerful and emotive, good direction too

  16. Ivan Betancourt

    After the movie's release, we'll need to start a Bring Back Ray Fisher hashtag, cuz we sure as hell know that his character will get tons of Justice in ZSJL pun intended

  17. Dima Smirnov

    Llegamos a los 19.7M hoy.No es una pregunta. #UsUnited #SnyderCut

  18. Hazel Finley

    HBO Max #bringbackFirebreather please!!!

  19. Hazel Finley

    HBO Max #bringbackFirebreather please!!!

  20. Hazel Finley

    HBO Max #bringbackFirebreather please!!!

  21. Hazel Finley

    HBO Max #bringbackFirebreather please!

  22. Haider Hazem

    The name of the music

  23. Adnan Sharif

    The way Bruce's demeanour changes when Clark mentions Batman 👨‍🍳💋. The cheer level of flirting 🔥🔥🔥🥵

  24. vitamin bleach

    Well Christ on a stick I guess there is a god

  25. Jim Brewskie - Mediocre Gamer

    This show was soooo dumb.

  26. Emily An

    Zack Snyder. No more waiting

  27. h t

    "I bought him on PayPal credit"

  28. David Chamorro


  29. Technical Info

    It's been some day left only for this much awaited movie🍿🎥 👍

  30. David Chamorro


  31. cynthia rouse

  32. Bruce Wayne


  33. Dendry Official

    Nice flim movies

    1. Emily An

      I'll be watching this in tears after waiting for so long . we made it finally

  34. T The Reader

    Dude is such a Pilgrim

  35. Spencer Kennedy

    This series is top notch entertainment. It would be a crime not to keep the production going.

  36. Donovan Mars

    La ✌

  37. Polly B. Fly

    Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill were very good. Casting Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was the biggest downfall of this movie.

  38. Елизавета Зеленькова

    Its very good

  39. mario wolf tamez


  40. Glenn Page Music

    I was a decent swimmer when I went to Action Park, and that Wave Pool was STILL overwhelming. I was in the middle of it, and all of a sudden I thought, "I gotta get the hell OUT of this thing!!!" I was utterly exhausted by the time I got back to the side of the pool.

  41. Israel Schmitt

    onde baixo a serie,não acho

  42. Emma hale

    Selena 🤝 harry styles Get out of my kitchen

  43. Brandon

    Thanks for this I need more people to watch this show so I can get another season

  44. samal90

    I hope they release this in 4K bluray. That would be the bomb

  45. Pedro Ortega

    Other than Genndy Tartakovsky's _Primal_ and _Hilda_ on Netflix, _Close Enough_ is the only Western show in general I'm looking forward too. I can't wait to see season 2... *puts on pirate hat*

  46. Hustler 69

    imagine ryan rolands as 'green lantern' in post credit scene.. that would be awesome

  47. WarHoax


  48. David Stegen


  49. Solaiman Sohan

    WB RECASTS SUPERMAN😡.Snyder Cut will be last Henry's Superman.They confirmed it 😠

    1. Yellow Devil

      @Diego Haung thats NOT an answer. you cant just say "well... he is out of the role but MAYBE someday he gets a gig again."

    2. Diego Haung

      @Yellow Devil all this depend how successful it’s the Snyder cut

    3. Yellow Devil

      @Diego Haung let me ask you a question.... wb will disrespect henry by giving his movies away to another actor... and he will just take it to get some small hbo max gig? THAT sounds PLAUSIBLE to you? (and its a BIG ? since snyder said himself that there are currently no plans for continuation meaning henry is only on netflix right now and not wb anymore).

    4. Diego Haung

      @Yellow Devil it’s not a reboot just another movie in the multiverse, there’s no official if Henry Cavill will leave. Henry will continue depending of the success of the Snyder cut

    5. Yellow Devil

      @Diego Haung superman REBOOT. they dont reboot a hero with the same guy.

  50. Trent Mercer


  51. Sahil Gupta

    This gonna be good...!! May LEX LUTHOR👨‍🦲 don't ruin this peace with his weak earthling body among demons,gods🦸‍♂️,celestial,extraterrestrials,cosmic entities etc... but his brain will go insane I assure. Peace guys!✌

  52. Diego Garza

    I wish that DC could actually make a good film series again the only one is Batman with Heath Ledger as the joker and the only good adaptation of Superman was 2013s man of steel with Hans Zimmer as the composer and the only good Wonder Woman movie was the first one every other project they have worked on is just a big waste of money

    1. Diego Garza

      @Yellow Devil yep watchman was a piece of shit and the only good joker was Heath Ledger

    2. Yellow Devil

      @Diego Garza to quote you: "every other projec they worked on is a waste of money". dont defeat your own answers please by using half of the context. its as uncool as your insults to joker & watchmen.

    3. Diego Garza

      @Anderson Godoi That CGI bullshit

    4. Diego Garza

      @Yellow Devil Damn u must not know how to read so let me tell you again the only film SERIES that DC did well was dark knight with Heath Ledger as the joker this Justice League bull is a waste of money

    5. Anderson Godoi


  53. Trent Mercer


  54. Greg Webster

    Love the guy with the specs....he really made the show on Netflix

  55. Sahil Gupta

    This gonna be good...!! May LEX LUTHOR👨‍🦲 don't ruin this peace with his weak earthling body among demons,gods🦸‍♂️,celestial,extraterrestrials,cosmic entities etc... but his brain will go insane I assure. Peace guys!✌

  56. Devon Proia

    I know I shouldn't rly be saying this about the original... But the 2007 version just seemed more real and the acting... *chefs kiss* compare to the 1988

  57. javier ortuño

    Snyder is god

  58. Vignesh B

    Let's hope they Don't revolve the story around superman. 🙂

  59. Sahil Gupta

    This gonna be good...!! May LEX LUTHOR👨‍🦲 don't ruin this peace with his weak earthling body among demons,gods🦸‍♂️,celestial,extraterrestrials,cosmic entities etc... but his brain will go insane I assure. Peace guys!✌

  60. John Macloyd

    As much I want to see this, I have to agree that Zack did make a mistake during BvS. For starters his Justice League is a very long movie with introduction of characters and backstory. If they did Flash, Cyborg or even New gods movie before, then his cut wouldn't be so long and we could have seen all of this in theaters. It's like a 4 hour long movie, did he really expected that to be in the theaters? Obviously they were going to cut it.

  61. baldheaded bastard

    Love this so much. Season 3... C'mon man! Its a no brainer!

  62. TCL Turbo

    We all know it isn't your first time here and it probably won't be your last.

  63. David Rios

    PG-13 to rated R not bad

  64. Pradeep Kumar


  65. Ghaith Ben hnia

    I'll be watching this in tears after waiting for so long . we made it finally

  66. Tony Poon

    Please HBO, give us a season 3!

  67. Darell Andrews

    Now this is the real behind the scenes

  68. brandon McCarver

    I'm not even mad at the band wagon fans who trashed BvS and are now calling it a great movie. You guys helped us get the Snyder Cut. Just a shame all the support came late....could've avoided the Whedon Cut and probably got JL 2 and 3....just saying! But at least we get to see the real Justice League movie thats a brightside!

  69. Aaron Webb

    You’ll never be accepted in the real world god bless

  70. y yg

    The comments are a tale as old as time, people are mad about change. This is good and artists have the right to experiment. If they all had to stay the same forever and follow what people want there would be 0 innovation in the world and all artists would get bored and hate their craft. It's their art, not yours.

  71. Sisterlilly Bug


  72. Christian Stach

    wait till leonard finds out about this

  73. Viktorija A

    Has anyone figured out what the characters are saying??

  74. Carlos Hernandez

    March is practically here. Share Snydercut to your friends and family. Print JL stickers and paste them all around town.

  75. Aenox

    This looks like aliexpress version of The Avengers

    1. soy yo

      @Aenox you better, that way we won't have to read another dumb comment

    2. Aenox

      @Anmatrix K... soo whats the most Highest-grossing film ?

    3. Aenox

      @soy yo uuuuuu soo sick burn I will have to delete my account.

    4. Anmatrix

      @Aenox and they are getting ahead of marvel in movies too. First 8 dceu movies earned more than first 10 mcu movies. And marvel isn't left with anything ahead now while whole future is for dc with limitless stories. Dc already outdone marvel with movies like mos, bvs, watchmen, sincity, v for vendetta. Marvel just don't have any good plot against dc so...

    5. soy yo

      Your profile pic described you perfectly

  76. Waseem Akram

    That Moment when I heard Britney's Toxic .. I said I am in.

  77. irfan mohim

    I need name this movie.. Plz


    Why does that face make me feel like it's glued together?

  79. Enea Viti

    No cié te prego