1. Orlando Baltazar

    Loved it😍 and satisfying

  2. Vambixy Is a goat

    To the 37k dislikes y’all are just mad she’s better then you

  3. Man looking disgusted at a corndog.

    wtf is this trash 😂

  4. Hot Cheeto Girl

    imagine listening to this in the next 10 years when ur all grown up going through a break up and it brings u back to when u were just a kid and u remember how much fun u had then and u can’t even figure out ur life anymore.🙃

  5. Lily Friday

    Selena Gomez probably breaking down a little over this song. Js.

  6. Maldonado Chunab Anel Sarai

    the song is sad:(

  7. Antonela Gonzalez

    Esta chica se pasa 😍😍😍

  8. TRESS

    😂😂😂 not me lowkey hating on it then crying by the end

  9. kpop tea

    her changing brunette girl to blonde girl was such a big move and im so proud of her

  10. Montana Krukowski

    Such a shame we can't be all singing along to this in bars and clubs right now.

  11. Grace Turner

    Your probably with that blonde girl

  12. shreya

    she went from 14.9K followers to 1.04M in around 13 days!! incredible!

  13. Sienna Van Maanen

    damn i miss my imaginary bf

  14. Mark Joseph Rosero

    "I guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me" - I can't 😭🥺

  15. I'mnotveryfondofit

    Why did the porn video on the government page have a cheeseburger lady on it? Somebody's got some splaining to do.

  16. Regino Ramos

    It’s an okay song but I don’t get the hype... go listen to Lana Del Rey over the country club now that is masterful 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  17. This_girly

    3:12 had to throw in that word

  18. Maggie Parker

    I'm ll and went thought similar with my family at 9 years old but so worse

  19. MyLightB4Sunrise

    I admire how her heartbreak doesn't consist of any hate or disrespect towards the other person

  20. Música de Healing Green

    Se alguém ler este comentário, mas eu vou escrevê-lo de qualquer maneira. Você pode ser feliz onde quer que você esteja, você não precisa da aprovação de ninguém, você é suficiente, você é forte, outras pessoas podem fazer parte de sua jornada, mas eles não podem e nunca serão o seu destino. Nunca coloque sua felicidade nas mãos de outra pessoa, não funciona assim, é mais como um estado de nimo, mas você pode fazê-lo, ninguém além de você. Você pode ser feliz em uma pequena cabana, você pode ser feliz em uma cidade grande, desde que você seja um amigo para si mesmo. Você é amado e digno, não permita que outros o façam acreditar no contrário. Só você se conhece bem, eles vêem apenas uma imagem sua que se prendeu. Você é capaz de tudo o que está dentro. Se está lá, você sabe que é possível. Você é o centro do seu universo, você pode fazer o que quiser. E sim, você é o suficiente para fazê-lo. Incluído se você está com medo ou inseguro, confie em mim e confie em si mesmo. Você é capaz. Você estabeleceu seus próprios objetivos. Lembre-se: o ponto é ser feliz. Nunca sonhe que você pode muito grande o pequeno demais. Você pretende ser feliz, então vá, faça o que for preciso para alcançá-lo! Eu acredito em você e eu te amo. Você sabe que é verdade. Se você ler isso, não importa onde você esteja agora neste planeta, desejo-lhe um dia e noite maravilhosos, uma vida feliz e pacífica onde todos os seus sonhos se realizam. Esperamos por você em nosso ❤

  21. Miriam cohen

    Fire song🔥

  22. This_girly

    Him watching them looking at the views 😳😳

  23. Vanessa ldk

    apenas una canción ya está de #1 en todas las listas de música

  24. Gurleen -

    I can’t even explain how many times I have watched this song music video:( kinda hurts to watch too especially if your thinking of somebody that already left and don’t care anymore yk, but the words “ik we weren’t perfect but I’ve never felt this way for no one” hittt harddd.

  25. Creative Kid

    This song slowed is 👌

  26. fatima

    this is such a white girl song

  27. Jeysel Magno

    im crying huhuhu

  28. Kiera Plays

    This give me 1980 vibes idk

  29. Abi Yusrrafinada

    I can feel the spirit in this song, so blue

  30. Bea Trice

    2:26 must be your fave part 'cause i do too..

  31. I’m not Telling you my name

    The boy she’s singing about watching this like: 👁👄👁 “I was in the shower I did not hear you knocking!” The Blond girl: YaAaAAAAA GeT iNtO iT!

  32. nothani maposa

    Cardi b:)

  33. faith fabian

    congratulations Olivia for having a million subscribers <3

  34. Kailey Vladimir

    I CANT STOP COMING BACK!! Anyone else??

  35. Anthony Preziosi

    To BabyGurl...if the song makes you feel better in the LONG RUN, then go for it...I don't have all the answers..stay away from heartbreaking people users...that's all!

  36. King Alex

    "Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street" This hits hards

  37. Not just A kid

    Omg her voice I can’t even keep a tune

  38. o jr

    I’m getting a stalker vibe 👀

  39. Claire Aquino

    So today I decided to be your fan!

  40. Aliecia Michele

    the fact that im so breakdown listening to this song while imagine my love life that doesn't even exist not even a driver licence wants me.. im so single :(

  41. Marcelo Almeida

    #1 Billboard

  42. zoey

    I don't think about anyone 😁😁

  43. Ciara Ortiz

    not me screaming this even tho i have a boyfriend

  44. Veronica Jones

    You go girl! stuff like this ensures us girls don't need-a man!

  45. Bia silva

  46. Ayana M.

    i love this songgggg lmao :)

  47. Sunkissed

    I cried over people who dont even exist

  48. Jazmartam Stumon

    I have an idea Olivia rodrigo, Tate McRae and Dylan conrique should collaborate on a song together💗🎤

  49. Merv

    Shout out to the DMV for letting Olivia drive alone passed this guys street.

  50. Varunvi Sahu

    i literally did not like the song at once cause i was in different mood that time and thought it was kinda poem then saw people over internet talking about it i wonder why then heard it without judging it and trough inner feelings.....i loved it now its going to be in my head for next 1 month loved it Olivia

  51. BDS Girl


  52. Jireh F Rodri

    Ame esta canción identifica al 100 🥺♥️

  53. theanimew_3b

    this song makes me cry because of my fake boyfriend from the scenarios in my head :’D

  54. Lil Shawty

    im back again

  55. Fuck You

    2:29 😭😭 perfection


    I am so confused why people love this song so much It's a decent song I'll give you that but...is it really No. 1 Billboard quality? I dunno, it might just be my trash music taste but I feel like there are a bunch of other songs of the same genre just as good as this one

  57. Fuck You

    MDS esse refrão é tão bom

  58. Fuck You

    I love you jany white

  59. Isai Estudillo

    I came from Tik Tok... with my driver license

  60. Leap Heng


  61. Carina Sakai de Sousa

    cadê os br?

  62. Addiison Gacha gaming

    Does anyone know this girl from bizaardvark

  63. Random Person

    She's on Billboard Top 100 NO. 1 👑

  64. the pink one so terrify

    i’ve been a fan since bizardvark and i’m so happy rn

  65. 13_Diva Shafa Salsabila_XII IPA 4

    she deserves soooooo much better:(

  66. Jon Bonner

    This is dogshit.

  67. Blah Blahh

    I don't get what the big deal is.

  68. Fuck You

    Omg I'm crying

  69. Jennifer Everett

    if only I could sing like that!

  70. The G Troopers

    People who watch bizardvark still be like👁_👁 but I still watch the show and am obsessed with this song


    Hi I'm From in Indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩

  72. Nichole Tenorio


  73. fqvoritez

    This song is a great start to 2021

  74. Chownzi

    Is every single one of her songs gonna blow up and be tiktok famous

  75. Ice Queen

    Every time I sing this out loud I feel like a crazy stalker 😂 but it’s relatable. I thought the same way when I got my heart broken I would always say once I got my car I’d go driving passed his house and throw eggs or something but once I got my car I was already moved on✌🏼 which I’m happy about because I would of looked crazy😂

  76. wabi sabi

    Lupet. 🔥🔥👌👌

  77. iiKhxlid

    “When you online date”


    Did she break up with her co partner in that Disney series?!!!!

  79. Mary Yue Zhilan C. Go

    cssel.info/video/video/vqR9dZLR0IKgp4Q.html is this the part?

  80. Shanda Standford

    This song almost made me cry 😢🥺