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  1. Justin Patton

    I wish Neil woulda called out the winner of Edwards/Diaz or Nick Diaz .. I feel like it’s logical

  2. Buster 210

    Diego needs to get away from this guy

  3. Franco Kgb

    All this was for money..... all set up any Word n there

  4. KB 999

    The world is really wondering about that beard. It looks fake. Superglued on.

  5. Matt

    This guys a hard worker and stand up guy. His fight against Lombard was crazy

  6. George Tantiba

    2:44 🤣🔥

  7. Portagee

    Stay away from the dinner and breakfast table. The 3 of you

  8. Ash B

    No one else spoke the entire time

  9. Ash B

    He’s hasn’t been on one podcast where he gave anyone else time to speak and when it’s said and done noone even knew what he was talking about the entire time

  10. Ash B

    It’s hard tu even listen to him at all I’m want to grab him through The screen

  11. Ash B

    Josh says interesting way to much every single video he’s in he says it more then 5 times

  12. Lovi Kayla

    Coba kl berani tmt main ufc pasti coner yg menang.

  13. James C

    Tough to listen to that abrasive idiot Fabia. Get him the hell out of there for good. Diego you’re a hall of gamer and a legend, everybody loves you man. This guy is out to sabotage you. I hear the way he talks. He’s like a vampire or a leach. He has no clout of his own and he’s using you.

  14. bnegs521

    A lot of talk from a guy who lost 5 to 0 against chiesa. He beat stinky Geoff neal and now his head is swollen.

  15. Michael Straub

    When I first saw these 2 from MMA junkie I couldn't stand to watch. But I stuck to it & now I love watching them! Super weird shit.

  16. Esteban Garcia

    Who’s hating? I dont see why you would dude came back from almost getting knocked out and got the win. I’m sure he expects a lot from himself but he didn’t disappoint we got your back rumble

  17. eXi1le

    Crackheads do this all day just not in a way you get a workout

  18. Justin O'Donnell

    Kayla would ragdoll nunes all 5 rounds. UFC knows this, that's why she's with PFL

  19. Xmas

    6:45 who’s the women in the back

  20. FreeUFCBetPicks

    Breathin’ on that mic

  21. Xmas

    26:14 look at floyd😂

  22. Avangarda

    People calling Rakic's last few fights boring are kids, who dont understand that young fighters mind is focused to not get too much damage so early, he has 5-6 years in UFC at least, against Santos he said that he didnt kick his legs because he might break them, and he also tore ACL few years ago, he didnt wanted to maybe ruin Santos's carrier because believe it or not, these guys are fighting to feed their families(Santos just recovered and he doesnt have ACL no more in both of his knees)and Rakic kicks nasty, against Smith he kicked him 2-3 times, Smith was down, why would he risk some punches or anything plus Smith was talking shit like Rakic's ground game sucks, he dominated him for 3 rounds on the GROUND...Against Volkan, it was a tough fight, he probably won but nvm, Manuwa slept, Devin Clark TKO, and two more decisions...Idk what people want :D

  23. CreamyBone

    She could give Mackenzie Dern english lessons? 😉

  24. The benster

    Lorenz just pressed yall

  25. The benster

    I could starch Francis ngannou I’m just different

  26. FreeUFCBetPicks

    How do we have this good of a translator on a fight night, and Google Translate on a PPV?

  27. FreeUFCBetPicks

    “My guy” 😂😂😂

  28. Kalyx Highgrade

    guy spends his moment talking about his fav cowboy moments lol believe in yourself bro your there

  29. Kalyx Highgrade

    kids a great interview, seems like solid dude for sure

  30. UniversalKhan

    Wowwww. Suddenly, Diego Sanchez don't look so crazy smh

  31. big boss hoss

    he could probably beat ngannou

  32. FreeUFCBetPicks

    Neil’s laugh could warm up an igloo

  33. FreeUFCBetPicks

    Implication wasn’t really correctly used by that Full Reptile reporter but Morono killed it

  34. FreeUFCBetPicks


  35. Raganya Smith

    Why everyone hate on floyd

  36. Shayan Ali Baig

    he really predicted askren future and asken didnt fought again as colby said😮

  37. Findaway Towin

    Coker is so much better to listen to than dana. I’m not a big dana hater just because he’s done a lot for mma but I can’t stand when the dude shits on fighters when it’s time to devalue their stock as negotiating tactics.

  38. Irolzwyrol

    What a langer

  39. Theodore Chonski

    Whos this guy? He's the next champion

  40. dolamike584

    Alexander "The Shate" Hernandez

  41. Bjjizzle

    Anthony “identity theft” Johnson 😞

  42. Bluetooth

    Class act big time bravo 👏

  43. Butter Chuggins

    It's always good to see my future ex-wife again

  44. Mmmhhhmmm


  45. Nebojsa Mrsic

    "When I get cought in a choke, I know I can hold my breath 30sec for sure" dude being in ufc doesn't know how a choke works. Amazing.


    He was going to say I’ve always loved Diego lol fabia was getting that death punch ready 😂

  47. eren eren

    Can't choose between them, i think both would be a great match up.

  48. Casey Dangar

    Its funny that he said to ask his family what they think of him when diego just did an interview where he said he had to disown his family because they were coming out against Josh fabia and told diego that Josh was crazy. Lol. That little tidbit didn't age to well. Lol

  49. Cool MD

    Fuck these guys that do commentary. They don't even do MMA.

  50. r wno

    That handshake at the end tho.

  51. mary chang

    Luque will pick Magny apart with crisp punching. If you close the distance DONT let him hug you.

  52. mary chang

    Geoff caught him good in the second round. He blasted Magny as he tried to get up not sure why Geoff stopped punching

  53. Manuel robles

    What song is in 4:10

  54. Sam Felicious

    I wana c this Conor bck. Fan from India🇮🇳

  55. Syed Danyal

    Well I ain’t Conor fan but I think Conor owned floyd’s ass on that comedy stand..!

  56. Subhan Saddique

    Gotcha hat Can’t believe this guy FLOYD FLOYD IS TAKING ON LOGAN THE GUY WHO LOST BTW🤦‍♀️

  57. Quinton Eriya

    Seems like a good guy

  58. Johnny Bacon

    Oooo Vincente Luque would be good. Id like to see Chimaev fight someone else a little more exciting.

  59. This The Breaks

    Magney please don't fight Khazmat . I want khazmat to fight someone who will beat him half to death. Magneys too damn soft

  60. Dalton Probst

    Khamzat will knock him out in first round

  61. Matt M

    Dont drive and interview

    1. Johnny Bacon

      I know eh, evvveryone does.

  62. deutscher türke

    Dc ist der beste Kerl der ufc

  63. Justine Karl Tiamson

    Straight outta from "Bakit series"

  64. G3lonis

    I like that he is prudent, calm and serious.

  65. Lee Boyd

    Respect to the 155 winner, but I won't consider the winner to be the 'true champion' because I see Poirer as the current #1 and Gaethje as #2 in the division. Not a fan of the articles about the Paul brothers at all. I get we can just ignore it, and that makes logical sense. I'm sure most harcore fans feel like going to MMA Junkie and seeing those articles just grates against us. Maybe it shouldn't be that way, but it does feel that way.

  66. John Delper

    This fights important for both of them albeit for different reasons, Ferguson needs to prove he's Still a top contender and Beneil needs to show he's ready to move to the Upper Tier.

  67. Saw Platinum

    I wanna see him in one championship to see how he deals with the killers and different rules

  68. Daniel Jordan

    Josh Fabia is the best defense coach in the game. Just ask him a simple and practical question and see how defensive he gets...

  69. Francisco Salles

    Se ela e a Joanna lutarem entre si, será luta sensacional, pois ambas lutam muito bem o Muay Thai. A Joanna, claro, é muito mais experiente, mas percebe-se que a Marina é bem determinada e não foge da raia. Será muita pancadaria e chutes.

  70. Man O' War

    Diego doing his best Joaquin Pheonix on coke impression

  71. Kimbeley Lewis

    So proud of my hometown boy .keep Going Son .

  72. Corneliu Z Codreanu

    Soon as the mic got to Tito, i knew is was going to get awkward

  73. Ana Sabuza


    1. RadicalStanza

      No, he clearly didn't. He's been finished half a dozen times in the past half decade. There's zero reason to think he took a dive in that fight.

  74. Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan

    This guy Gregor is so perfect he will EASILY beat Conor McGregor !!

  75. Joseph Boza

    Sergio said at his post scrum, he didnt have even time to be a star or a champ in the UFC. He went 14 fights in the UFC with a 9-5 record come on. He went to Bellator cause its an easier place to be a champion. That was just his 3rd fight in Bellator and he is already Bellator Bantamweight Champion. The UFC Bantamweight Division is better than Bellator. he couldnt beat a Aljamin Sterling or a Petr Yan. Its whatever. Marina vs Michelle went the way I thought it would go. Both ladies should be proud of their performances. Marina did that literally getting here on Wednesday or Thursday of fight week. I agree she should face Joanna next. Yan vs Carla is more than likely a title eliminator for the first shot at Rose Namanjuas. It will be interesting to see how they match up Marina and Michelle next considering that this was at Womens Flyweight and they are both top 10 Womens Strawweight Fighters. No matter who Cowboy faces next if its his last UFC fight, it should be on pay per view and on the main card. He deserves to go out in front of a crowd. UFC 262 suffered from the fact that they needed a main event. Its crazy that the UFC has had 2 or 3 title fights on every pay per view this year. Its only May and we are at a case where Kamaru Usman the Welterweight Champion has defended twice already. I wonder how fans will take the #3 Contender vs the #4 Contender. If I am the UFC, I would think they would want Charles Oliveria's 8 fight win streak to end cause the red carpet was pratically rolled out for Micheal Chandler. On paper, UFC 262 isnt that good. Who knows it could blow us out of the water?

  76. Meer Mehta

    this did not age well for conner