Diablo is a fast-paced action RPG with heroes facing the onslaught of a demonic invasion.
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Violence, and Partial Nudity.

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  1. Dany89

    Deckard because he is always at his DECK, right?! Hahaha...haha...

  2. Excalibur Prime

    Looks like a reskinned Diablo 3 - same cartoony artstyle. More looking forward to Diablo 2: Resurrected.

  3. Kevorka

    Is it sad that this is my biggest motivator in life for staying alive?

  4. Inside Looking in

    why does the amazon look so bad? what have you done to her face? are you laughing?

  5. Hypogonadism

    Excited about D2 Ressurected, and eventually D4.. But i just hope they tone down the "mobile look" of D4.. Dont need fancy numbers flying around on the screen, or over sized healthbars of monsters.. Tone it down, make it blend in way way more.. It needs to be dark. If you are unsure if you got it dark enough, tone it way way more on the darker side...

  6. James Bond

    Will it be released in 2021?

  7. soiung toiue

    Still can’t get over the sound of that hook piercing the ear cartridge. Wearing headphones makes me feel like I felt it myself.

  8. Alek Krstevski

    $40 for fancier graphics? no ty greedy goblin kotick.

  9. peter dang

    Hi, does anyone know where i can get Rod's Tshirt ?

  10. Freedom Forever

    They seriously need to get rid of the dodge and damage text. It's stupid af and ruins the esthetic of the game.

  11. Dennis Jakobus

    Oh my Goodness!

  12. Cáo Melody

    Có anh em Việt Nam nào đặt Dép chưa

  13. Sergio Airaldi

    OK thanks Blizzard, at least now u are trying to take the right choices, that means something already. Hope u keep making good decisions < 3

  14. Timmy Boy

    Well, maybe this time they fix Amazon's Fend bug :D

  15. Raziel

    looks like the pillars of eternity engine

  16. J Willis

    I almost feel bad for the team working on bringing a PC game originally designed to be played on consoles, to consoles to mobile. dialbo 3 was so broken in somany ways, trying to port it anywhere , one has to ask why you would even attempt to? Diablo 3 is like Blizzards version of Microsofts Windows ME.

  17. Farfig Noogan

    Diablo Reforged

  18. Rezatera Eilolsiân

    Gothic world? You mean Rainblo 3?

  19. Linda Maloy

    Very earie!!!

  20. Erdi Kant

    Please make the game more dark and scary atmosphere, remove the shiny lasers from the game. Make the game slower like D2.

  21. elias197859

    im probably going to get this game no matter what, but still something about the original diablo 2's graphics had so much charm to them, and i think they still hold up today because of that. the new graphics dont really improve it much

  22. Donnell Jones

    Oh yeah!!! Time to call my old military crew and return to this world like a tidal wave of blood and nightmares. You and all these demons, are doomed.

  23. larmie hehehe

    he collects earrings

    1. soiung toiue

      soundtrack <3

  24. Chaotic Matrix

    Goosebumps and nostalgia tears. Thank you.

  25. Morgan M.

    The wise Cain was and will be always my favorite character <3

  26. Data Soong

    i don't have a big hope honesty for this game in hand ot this noobs... NO ONE OFF THIS GUYS is a hard core gamer how do super nuubs can do a thing for super hardkore pro nerds? they may be the best graphic designers and programmers on the planet and beyond!!! NO MATER!!! they only play single player because if they go LINE they lose because and leve 100% NOOBS i can smel it !!! and they gona make Diablo 4 video games super easy to play with 4 keys if you are lucky few skills and spells because it is too complicated for this multilayer noobs...it's exactly like letting a WOW raid handle to a NOOBS a night off WIPE FLOR CLENIG SERVICE!!! ON A FIRST BOOS!!! these a TeamPlay in videogame don't even know what it is...they kill them right away because they are low-level players!!!

    1. Data Soong

      I have very little hope for this game... with the money that year spent on Diablo 4 I was making 4 and 5 and both would already be officially released...

  27. tim j

    Please can you make the crusader a mix between the d2 pally and d3 crusader. I'd love to have auras again that boost the whole team.

  28. Dean Reaver

    Oh yes, 15$ just to play a class that should have been in the game to began with.

  29. ape Napa

    So many mad little girls disliked this, get a grip not all simps play on console/pc platforms.😂😂😂

  30. Z O

    Hooe they make a D1 DLC expansion for this at one point! must say it is very impressive and nostalgic. Also hope they open it up for modders. Must say they won my respect with this.

  31. NajcargS

    If they remake all D2 videos then they need to do remake of D2 commercial.

  32. Lilo

    Does anyone know who plays the voice actor for the rogue in this trailer.. it sounds so familiar and I cant put my finger on it.

  33. zijuiy wttuy

    Omg. It’s back. Can’t wait to see the cow with axe again 💀

  34. John Kon

    1:43:00 i know its not suppose to look like it but.... to me it seems she is naked under her skirt... ;P

  35. Wulfiebaby

    I can't tell if Blizzard's writing gets worse every year, or if they just maintained the same embarrassing level for a quarter century. Guess it doesn't matter. The class looks fun to play.

  36. Benjamin Davis

    Probably not going to buy. Not because DII wasn't amazing, it is. But I played a cumulative couple years of it and I just don't see new content here. Cheers to Blizzard and best of luck. I'm sure they'll make a killing

  37. iriticu mare

    si cand apare acest joc ?

  38. Pazuzu

    Looking good honestly.

  39. Avelino Silva Guerrero


  40. DCLXVI_89 gaming

    Yes please

  41. ape Napa

    Looks awsome

  42. jake schemmel



    La amazona parece un travesti, el paladin un cuidacoches y el barbaro es mi tío con problemas de peso

    1. zijuiy wttuy

      If any game deserved a true remaster, it was this one.

  44. Vinticore

    Remember Reforged

  45. sanjin romek

    Baal !!! :D

  46. dvls

    Ahh yes, how to satisfy media with the Feminist class and the Feminist trailer, yay! Cant wait not to buy this game.

  47. C O

    La end holy verd end Disney Is ending it is just Meder of taim

  48. Le Furret

    Im prety sure we will find him back in heaven. And bring him back

  49. Le Furret

    Fly, you foul!! Oops wrong old man

  50. Austin Osman

    I hope it doesn't end up being "Diablo3 II". The franchise is dead as long they don't come up with something in par with D2 in terms of writing, ambience, music, immersion, artistic value. Cool slick graphics and mechanics alone don't make a game.

    1. Data Soong

      all this is NOOB TALK!! 27.51 m off noob tolck!!! do you think a NOOB can create pro stuff?

  51. FusionGamerElite

    Do you guys not have phones to stay awhile and listen! (Yeah FU Blizzard)


    Finally, nearly perfect.

  53. petarbg123

    I want Vicarious Visions to work on a wow classic remaster with updated graphics but oldschool game mechanics!

  54. John Salo

    So... is the release date April 1st?

  55. Studios Nightmare

    btw, will it come with the LoD stuff at launch? runes n uniques r a must :(

  56. Azmodee

    This was a fantastic Q & A! So much humor too. XD

  57. Rek73

    👎 3 HK

  58. Rek73

    👎 3 HK

  59. SirGoldi90

    'You guys do not have phones?' Always in our minds...

  60. john Aalegaard Larsen

    will we be able to make mods for the game? :)

  61. eddzetarabbit

    Looks like I need to buy a new graphics card (and a cpu) for this.

  62. Jason, the Goblin

    This deep dive was the reason I pre-ordered for the first time. What's another £35 for another 18 years of Diablo II?

  63. Baaltorkc Marlop

    ¿what will happen to the bots? please don't let them ruin this game... permanent ban for those players,old D2 is broken by them...

  64. Dylan R

    Love the ear callback

  65. Think Eyed

    Legend said they still akwardly staring each other in this position...

  66. BaptainBalcon

    Pro tip for speed running this Q&A: Scroll through the transcripts instead of the video.

  67. Colin Jacobs

    I think we can safely say this won't be World of Warcraft

  68. Thadeos Nataso

    Please, make it good. I love you Diablo <3

  69. Zach M

    11:55 Give me the environmental terror slider. Make me numb

  70. Aaron Dickson

    Canon... D3 didn't exist because of Deckard's Alzheimer's

  71. Warrax

    Please get inspiration and formulas from Diablo 2 and PoE for making Diablo 4, I don't want another Diablo 3...that game was subpar.

    1. solofalcon

      i like to pretend diablo 3 never existed, it was really subpar compared to d2.

  72. Tiago Carmo

    Whatever... I'm gonna play Diablo 2 anyway

  73. Timothy Hutchins

    I have a growing concern about what is going on in the Diablo 4 team when it comes to class and skill design. I couldn't find a good spot to leave it on the forums, and I don't have a twitter so I'll leave it here. It seems, from my perspective, that someone on the team decided that the sorceress was the only class allowed to use fire skills. First my Druid (yes I am one of those rare Diablo 2 druid mains) lost all his fire skills so that his magic wouldn't be confused with the sorceress. I believe that was the stated reason when the first three classes were revealed anyway. Now the rogue has lost one of her two iconic weapon enchants from Diablo 2 as well. In that game they could do frost and they could do fire that was it, and now in D4 they can do frost, poison, and shadow, but fire is suspiciously absent. Fire claws, molten boulder, firestorm these are all iconic druid abilities to me. Fire arrow and explosive arrow are iconic abilities to rogues and amazons respectively why have they been lost? Why is it that the sorceress is the only class with fire skills? It's weird and a little concerning to me. On the whole I think Diablo 4 is looking really good, and I remain cautiously optimistic. I just had to get this out there while the game was still in development and the potential for change was still there.

  74. megaman161

    His name is Deckard Cain and he comes from Tristram, If you're looking for Diablo, you just missed him.

  75. Logan Zahn

    New league champ?

  76. DeesDesigns

    looks like diablo 3.

  77. Radek Krčmárik

    If u dont ruin it , please ...do also Diablo 1 resurrected. It is a masterpiece.

  78. Sava Hristov

    Absolutly great!!! But the Amazon looks old and ugly... Why?? And the barbarian looks like Dave Batista :)