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  1. Abhishek Soren 2K19 CO 025

    You added Korean shows as well.. Weekly Idol

  2. F_ckUp Inc.

    Depp in a Hospital. Looking for more Drugs

  3. Bapon kundo

    My Lucky hero Jonny depp

  4. HonqueWasTaken

    MotoGP is probably the most chaoticly funny motorsport

  5. Reaper 3000

    That bumblebee costume was empty..

  6. alaila Washington

    OMG rip Kobe 😞


    Nick Young left Dana hanging like drying your clothes outdoor

  8. {موتشي كيوت}

    اهم شي فيه فديو عربي جوا الحمد لله

  9. Arda Maya

    I just smile when people see them I WANT TO SEE DAWYANE AND I WANT TO MeET HIM

  10. Caza 5,5

    Goku gana

  11. Sanskar Tamrakar

    5:30 😂😂😂😂

  12. Anime_god

    That one girl who kissed em all

  13. M CM

    The wrestler copied Rey Mysterio’s move.

  14. Bo Nam TV

    So amazing game show, i like it

  15. Rica Gososo

    I wish I met bts😌💗

  16. Christelle FRITZ

    Rip kobe 19??-2020

  17. ꧁༺Murderzinha༻꧂ :3

    2:21 e perigoso msm

  18. Tushar Verma

    Niceee😂😂🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭.. Keep it.uppp Be happy alwys and all... God blessss you and alllll❤❤❤❤❤❤🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  19. Hesterpro Futbol

    I voted for trump

  20. abu sufyan



    At the title 10 times and then video starts it is 20 times 🤔🤔

  22. pekko68b

    1:45 Did anyone see sexual harrasment here? I didn´t, but I heard the dude was sued because of that.

  23. Furabio 88

    Let's be honest, we all came for the cow

  24. Mike Motta

    Impossible are the chances that i will ever watch something from this guy again. this was terrible.

  25. Prove It

    some balls are harder to control

  26. Altair TF

    i love the pitstop = bike replace

  27. Евгения Бабаевская

    Кто исполнитель этой музыки , пожалуйста!!!

  28. kang puji channel

    I'm from indonesia Don't forget to subscribe to my channel👍

  29. LeeAnn Ebidag

    Michael Jackson is the top 5 idol in my life and my 4th is billi elish my 3rd is Taylor Swift my 2nd is kento nakajima and my first is ayami nakajo all of that best celebritys

  30. A S

    Let's see, they are on camera so they aren't "impossible". Truthfully, even calling these things improbable is a stretch.

  31. KTバナナ


  32. mikashakira

    2:27 so sad for the people walked on bridge.



  34. Schink

    Alabama is real

  35. mikashakira

    2:12 amazing skill

  36. Khadija Shirazi

    I wish one day BTS and blackpink will surprise me like this

  37. Rita Fresco

    5:30 not ariana...

  38. Kai

    Dislike for the fake Thumbnail

  39. Kai

    Men of culture assemble

  40. Tai Hoa

    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

  41. Hope55th

    People: kissing random strangers Covid19: ...... hold my beer

  42. Ken Dawa


  43. Romit Chatterjee

    Who's the blonde at the end???

  44. Haziq Ziqzaq

    7:07 the real saitama has been revealed

  45. Kai

    Dislike for the fake Thumbnail

  46. DiamondsRBLX

    Michaellllllllllll😭💔💔I love youuuu

  47. Ness1

    RIP KOBE ❤️

  48. asisgis

    6:23 is there nobody notice that girl? The one who still dancing 🤣🤣


    Queria que o Messi aparece assim do nada pra mim

  50. Unusual Butterfly

    3:55 thats what you call social distancing

  51. Negrito-Dangerus

    6:14 I prefer Muhammad Ali, he had more style and beauty

  52. SPEIGHTS78

    For the Michael they should have put it correctly Michael B Jordan. Because obviously when a person says Michael Jordan is basketball 🏀

  53. oricar10

    4:23 wait come bacc plz

  54. Fabio Lucas

    BTS sucks

  55. Mohmed Adnan

    3:01 can anyone tell me which is this match

  56. Ivan jake Martinez

    Michael V😮

  57. Jose Rujo

    Kokoshniki fuu

  58. Peter Taylor

    6:27 Wow! 10 simultaneous front wheel blowouts, you don't see that every day.

  59. Виталий Морозов

    когда поставил училку на место 2:57 😂😂😂

  60. 亜思胡奇


  61. Rahul Ramasamy




  63. Kai

    Dislike for the fake Thumbnail

  64. Kai

    This is why we all are here 1:30

  65. Night Bot

    4:28 :(

  66. Henrique TM

    2:44 woott 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  67. ゼロツー

    2:20 hi

  68. Kai

    Dislike for the fake Thumbnail

  69. rObLoX ILiKeYoU

    I wanna meet all people from stranger things I LOVE THEM SOOOOO

  70. Kai

    Dislike for the fake thumbnail

  71. Phim Hay

    6:50 rip

  72. Kai

    Dislike for the fake Thumbnail

  73. _ Machiavelli _

    8:43 her name Rebecca Larue

  74. Alexandru Capatana

    1:06 Pilot:where did the flag go??

  75. Viviana Ensuna

    2:04 i things that is my reaction ...🙂😝

  76. Иван Гайнулин

    Реакция девочки на Неймара ТОП!

  77. InfoBlock

    6:31 dat reaction

  78. heallo

    3:14 that guy literally jumped off and parachute while inside the tornado

  79. Rob DB


  80. Dakwat Comfort Dalen


    1. Dakwat Comfort Dalen

      Anyone say Michael Jackson. Cz that's my fav