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  1. Greg

    Supposedly Oliver was tested and shown to just be a 'hairless chimp."

  2. michael c

    I love Krystal. She is so smart and well spoken.

  3. fu hoo

    twitter is garbage.

  4. Richard Land

    Its a bunch of white kids looting? lol what?

  5. Mister Paradise

    At the root of all of our troubles is the lack of a sound money system. Without a sound monetary policy we will continue to drift toward this cultural Marxist bullshit until we implode. TL;DR we will implode

  6. Greg Braden

    Great job joe 😭 this will help my personal family life cause it bridges gaps👐👐👐🙌🙌👏👏✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  7. justin case

    Epstein had a cellie ? wow

  8. SimManiac

    Its good to see two very different views talk and understand so civilly, part of what makes Joe so great

  9. mike d

    Those "bricks" are to keep retards in cars from crashing into the benches. So much dumb and parroting of mainstream media bullshit out of Joe in this one. I really like Reggie though, even if I may not agree with him on everything. Very intelligent fella!

  10. Your Dad

    She is naive lol

  11. Abdelali TAHA

    What's this guy expert of ? He's litrally getting facts from joe and not knowing a single one

  12. Fernando Poo


  13. fu hoo

    regarding the someone who likes you is bad therefore you are bad: my theory is that a bunch of young kids who think like puritanical christians are calling themselves "liberals". that is, young liberals are hilariously conservative in the ways they think about the world.

  14. Big Papa

    For what it's worth - I think Pelosi made her money in Bay Area real estate.

  15. meanmachine08

    When talking about the people rioting and looting affecting people don’t forget the 77 year old man who was shot and killed while protecting his friends business. David Dorn who had 10 grandchildren was shot by looters. He was a black man. Retired cop. Helped young kids throughout his career not to get in trouble and was shot to death helping a friend. Does his life not matter because nobody is talking about it

  16. clay09

    I dunno about hardly any black kids looting, that seems outright false to me. I was watching many live streams from all different cities. A LOT of black kids looting, there are a lot of white kids and others as well. Personally I saw much more black kids actually looting and breaking into establishments. However I will say there seemed to be more white agitator type among the the crowds of protesters. I'm not saying this to point out black or white is better or worse or blame any group, just facts of watching multiple live streams all weekend. Personally I believe it's more indicative of poverty levels not race, as we all know there are many more black communities affected by this than white.

  17. Eli Peake

    My one question is why Jamie didn’t bring up all these videos of the protests...

  18. Derby City Stig

    They didn’t tear gas protestors in DC according to the park police. It was smoke gas. And they were peaceful, they were assaulting police. Totally “100% peaceful” according to Krystal

  19. Frank Mann

    JFK was in a secret war with israel for stealing nuclear weapons and materials from America. RFK was in a secret war with the zjewish lobby because the US wanted the zjews and israelis to register as a foreign lobby and stop purchasing our politicians. A zjewish man filmed the assassination without flinching like he knew he wasn't going to be shot. A zjewish man killed the patsy JFK assassin to make sure the true story didn't get out. Anyone who dares say any of this on media gets called an anti-semite, a fake term used to shield crooks and terrorists.

  20. Wraith Black

    Bigger populations are at risk more than others

  21. Ktothe Swiss

    So Krystal Ball is an Antifa asset. Got it.

  22. IAM THAT

    After listening to Krystal dance around the issue, and low key justifications of criminal looting...I have become conservative.

  23. Nathaniel Thomas

    The internet would eat him alive if he took a knee from both sides.

  24. Kyle J. Rhines

    SO HAPPY these two are finally on this show. ❤️

  25. Matt Richmond

    Love hearing Krystal and Saagar cuss! haha

  26. Fleadog Green

    Wouldn’t mind quarantine with her! Yummy

  27. Joanna d'Arc

    OMG These People are Totally Conspiracy Theorists like a Rehabilitated Alex Jones & Wife Violet Jones. What a bunch of crank B.S. to blame Everybody except U.S.A. Corporations. They are working hard and deviantly to save corporate society, which Caused These Police Murder.

  28. Chris Berger

    1:47:45 to 1:50:05 is something that should not be glossed over. If you're wanting a solution to solve diabolical masculinity (whatever that means), here's your solution.

  29. temsu jamir

    When a fire is going on, you put out the fire first. You dont stand there, kneel and cry. Krystal wtf

  30. Shooting Utah

    I don't get why it has become normal to constantly point out people's race in an argument? Especially Crystal and Joe, continuously bring up things like "it's all white kids" or "wealthy white women" ??? Since when is that not racist? So a black women can't be wealthy? This is the problem with how people talk about race today. Crystal says she wants people to quit using racist rhetoric and then uses racist rhetoric! And then she defends antifa!?!? If even the so called non-biased straight forward news people are engaging in quite disgusting racial rhetoric is how I know we are fucked in this country and it's scary!!!!

  31. Become Fitness

    Duncan Trussel is the kind of guy who asks his wife's boyfriend if he can play gameboy for 1 more hour

  32. Einz2

    Dude it was a hit on George Floyd

  33. Moto Chef

    Krystal just won't let them finish their points. Such an annoying woman. Please go out and walk up to looters and demand they stop. See what happens. Ridiculous.

  34. Enzo R

    Imagine having Alex Jones, Elon Musk, and Eddie Bravo.

  35. Austyn Noonan

    I love hearing rich people speculate about poor people lives. Rogan - Give your seat to a high IQ individual in poverty (College grad)?

  36. P Kruise

    For whatever it's worth, I live in downtown Seattle, and the Black Lives Matter organizers/leaders have consistently denounced rioting, violence and looting. Since then, we've had no looting since the first night, but we're still being met with gas. Just to say that there has been more organization in terms of accounting for looters. I can't speak for other cities, but seems like looting has gone down and the peaceful protests are maintaining.

  37. Wil lancaster

    The winklevoss twins and zucks college roommate, sued and won. They got paid..

  38. Giles Austin

    Reggie is such a kind intelligent soul

  39. adam forkner

    when they talk about brody i cry

  40. Tony E

    But actually they kept making money, they chose their safety at our expenses while they got fat and rich..... The LEO has been adding employees over the last 2 months.... None of the people at the top lost money or even locked down......

  41. Alex Vaz

    Joe, you’ve got to have these two around election time. Would make a great episode

  42. ReLaX Gaming

    The coronavirus stopped businesses from operating but their goods are still there. Looting leaves you with nothing.

  43. he1ar1

    2 weeks ago there werent any looters. just saying. There are looters because the police and the state have lost legitimacy. No one gives a shit. If you want precedence. Look at what happened in london in 2011 after the police shot and killed a man. The police did not stop the looters. It was politicians and the public taking action. Now compace that it what happened in Northern Ireland. When the military failed to restore peace for 30 years. The solution to find peace only happened because of political action and a willingness to come together from the communities. With the military comes a tyranny. I thought the whole purpose of the 2nd amendment was that you didnt need the state to protect your property. Or do you need the state?

  44. vegan_fever

    Why I only see police in front of peaceful protesters - gassing them, pushing and shoving, beating, kicking - and not in front of the stores and businesses trying to protect them from being looted?

  45. The Guy

    Wow she made up alot of shit. Still a good show though

  46. badboykilla life

    Hay Bob! Some drug dealers are coming down our street handing out broken bones I know let's take a knee in solidarity... Ten minutes later Jim to bobs wife, I told him not to do it do you want me to pick up your kids while you go to the hospital

  47. HotRodX

    Thank You so much for helping us try and push ourselves to the next level.

  48. forrest wright

    I love how Krystal couldn't allow herself to say anything negative about the looters/rioters and their actions. Joe had her talking in a circle then she turned to the old stand by Orange man bad routine.

  49. Shortcut


  50. John Shook

    He got elected because people were pissed that our government was working against the american people in favor of the UN.

  51. Michael Paul

    Is their show just the chick cutting the guy off every time he's in the middle of a thought? She doesn't fucking stop. Jesus it's annoying

  52. kaan muglalı


  53. Hugh Janus

    So, like a "boss", Krystal thinks POTUS should dance around the MSM's pure diarrhea. *smh* Communications major, I'm guessing?

  54. timmself

    Favorite episode, those two go at each other hard body karate

  55. Happy Sloth

    2 hours in I agree with her list of solutions. They should also considr the fact psychopaths and sociopaths are not filtered out of the police system. At the end of the day this is a murder. The cop was probably a psychopath I don't know his history but normal human beings do not chose to murder each other and enjoy it. The police needs to route out these types, American policing dare I say encourages these types to rise to power?

  56. CoastCity

    Look how quickly the government mobilized to quash protests, literally overnight to protect businesses...but when it comes to developing tests for COVID, or providing financial support or health care to millions of people whose lives are in danger? It's fucking crickets.

  57. Vivek Kumar

    Beta free me. Koi paisa Nahi lage. Kya.. aise.. ha.. ha rau bus.. noah

  58. John MacTavish

    crystal gets it. Joe's right wing nut is kinda leaking through here...

  59. Wood Chisel

    jesus i fell in love

  60. Brett Clark

    I listened to every sexy word that Krystal said. As for what’s his face I have no idea. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. Michael Paul

      Yeah because she never lets him finish a fucking thought

  61. Tony E

    Voodoo economics, trickle down..... Yeah sure hey give me all the money and then I'll spread it around I promise.... What a joke.... SCAM

  62. ihwrecap

    Can we do this again please, please, pleaasseee!

  63. avr

    Awesome! Thank you, Joe. I requested them to be on a few months ago. I guess you do really read emails! :D

  64. D.C. Minor

    If I say something funny (throw in a penis while tickling a balloon) I’ll get 10.5k likes......If I say something important I’ll get 15 likes.........that’s how simple minded most of the people who watch CSsel are. Her (born with money) laugh drives me nuts

  65. meowth900

    The political talk is interesting but I wish more of the groups would just get along. It’s why nothing gets done until we’re at the point we are at now and even then nothing is still being done 😢 😭

  66. David Moore

    She is not honest. how many times she inserts the talking point " miltary using rubber bullets and tear gas on peaceful protestors "

  67. C Pearson

    Wow, this was super informative and provocative! I didn’t know who Krystal and Saagar was before now. Going to them for information from now on.

  68. The Offender

    Let’s be real, as a white person you’re not allowed to do anything but Neal and apologize for being just that, a white person. It’s a joke, stop apologizing people! Acting like submissive little children and apologizing for shit that you had nothing to do with, is not being, “an ally “

  69. David Schwab

    Just direct all the looters to stores of the major corporations. Who's gonna care about that? Loot every WalMart, Apple store, etc, who cares

  70. mbb373

    GREAT interview!

  71. retpal

    The majority of media appears to be "state ran." almost every news/social media outlet repeat the same propaganda.

  72. AlexplaysPad

    When he killed the moose, I knew that he won.

  73. D-.-RAiL Gaming

    Her view on handling this is more fairy tale than the military solution.

  74. Fukurfeelings

    joe be lieing his asss off about gun control in california. required to take a fire arms safety test and know how to use the gun properly before they let u have it

  75. Tony E

    Exactly!! The shutdown lit them on fire just as bad if not worse.... Also, they claimed "any draconian law is ok if it saves 1 person" but if you dissent or oppose them they will burn and kill you in a heartbeat!! It's obvious it's all just empty words aka lies!!

  76. Kathleen McCormick

    My morning companions interviewed by my evening companion. It doesn’t get better than this. Btw, Pelosi was doing insider trading until a law was passed prohibiting congress members from indulging in this practice.

  77. Hugh Janus

    Krystal's solution: POTUS takes a knee for 8 min? Oh god, dear, good thing you're pretty. EVERYONE knows when you apologize to radicals they only take it as a victory and go right along as they have been. She also is ignoring any knowledge of Antifa and how they operate (she needs to check out Andy Ngo, Tim Pool, etc.). My eleven yr old daughter would have a better solution than that BULLSHIT. Essentially she's saying "POTUS should virtue signal." Meanwhile law-abiding citizens are losing their lives and livelihoods. Brilliant. Well, as I said, you're pretty. Not leader material...but pretty. She'll get by on that for a good while. Why my 84 yr old mom is basically a doofus. She was a pretty lady.

  78. kevin McHale

    This is the definition of a hippie

  79. Ozwald Zissou

    I love Rising. It's great to see Joe have them on and get them more exposure. I hope more people start watching it over mainstream news which sucks. They are so much more balanced and on point. I watch the show every day in the morning. Useful Idiots is a great weekly podcast also.

  80. Smoker Stinson

    Space Rogan has my Dream Car. 🤯 I have it but not M3 😧

  81. Grievous Reborn

    Never heard him talk only sing sounds so different

  82. Dawn DelBianco

    Joe's shirt is EVERYTHING

  83. HaX Von Cydow

    The shit full stack.

  84. Jimmy BaGG


  85. Danny Lima

    I don’t know about Saagar. No disrespect but he lowkey sounds like a pseudo-trump apologist. I don’t know if he can get it through his head, Trump is a lost cause. He actually seems like he has NPD and all he cares about is how people perceive him. He’s a terrible leader.

  86. The Offender

    Guess what buddy, you go ahead and leave that 800 square-foot apartment of yours. Guess what they’re going to say, white flight now that’s racist because you chose to leave the shit neighborhood that was being bombed and burned down.

  87. Kristofer Hanson

    Why can't Krystal keep eye contact while taking?

  88. Shanon Muraahi

    These two are Lit as f*&^@#

  89. Nathaniel Thomas

    Man her arguement at 59:38 just faaaaaalllss apart...

  90. H M

    Was Krystal right about the protests at the White House? Tim Pool had a different take. Also, she is pushing the "Fine people hoax" which Scott Adams has debunked numerous times. Is she fair and balanced?

  91. Jake O

    The alligator moat had me dying XD

  92. Jeremy Bouchard

    Great interview! James seems so approachable and down to earth, it's great to see

  93. Moesive oone

    Wow, the comments are overwhelming positive about a political episode, very surprised to see that.

  94. Local Asbestos Removal

    Why isn't this Man not running the world he makes so much sense, plus he seems so grounded

  95. Al Joubert

    In 2017 an Australian woman, Justin Damond, was shot by a Minneapolis cop in her payamas for no reason at all and nobody gave a shit. Strange world we live in.

  96. PrimeMujica

    " I’d like to talk about some things that bring us together, things that point out our similarities instead of our differences cause that’s all you ever hear about in this country is our differences. That’s all the media and the politicians are ever talking about: the things that separate us, things that make us different from one another. That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society: they try to divide the rest of the people; they keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the fucking money. Fairly simple thing… happens to work. You know, anything different, that’s what they’re gonna talk about: race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality, anything they can do to keep us fighting with each other so that they can keep going to the bank. You know how I describe the economic and social classes in this country? The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class… keep on showing up at those jobs." George Carlin, "Jamming in New York" from 1992. Almost 30 fucking years ago, let that sink in.

  97. Melissa Koury

    The one part I feel Saagar doesn’t sympathize with is that he wants to get back to “law and order”, but the laws were corrupt and so were the orders.

  98. Thunderstruck

    "Peaceful protesters" If one guy starts breaking shit they stop being peaceful and everyone should be forced to disperse. That's how police would handle protests before they were took over by the left and indoctrinated by SPCL and ADL.

  99. GYOG Chow Maine

    Elon for Vice President

  100. jesuzombieapocalypse

    Just listening for roughly the 1st half-hour casually, I couldn’t obviously tell which one of them was right-leaning and which was left-leaning and holy shit was that refreshing.