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  1. Palwinder Kaur

    I am 1 fAn

  2. Art and Craft By Shamika

    Everyone happily reaching their goals me still not reaching my goal is 1k till my birthday

  3. Gökmen ÇİÇEK

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  4. Gökmen ÇİÇEK

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  5. Gökmen ÇİÇEK

    H DH jdne b cv bgg ve hxk CG CH jdka

  6. pencil wild wolves

    0:29 was horrible

  7. Dániella Hidi

    Can you make a house out of clay too?! 🤣

  8. Vodical

    Me: hmm how to acc like an girl hmm I KNOW I will just put on lip stick :D

  9. ميادة العبيدي


  10. ميادة العبيدي


  11. shadow ivo gamer

    Wtf of the tape become a relaxer maybe you will be stuck on the tape

  12. Vi Nguyen


  13. Jessica Karsten

    Things to dinwhen ur home alone, the click bait is a girl 👧 in a garbage 🗑 bag 💼 and next to it is a the same girl 👧 but ut has been vacuumed up, is that what u do??

  14. Murad Quliyev




  16. Jessica Karsten

    I hate 5 minute crafts, some stuff, u dont need to go to the effort for. R they stupid? I think so!! Like some stuff is so useless most ppl wouldnt even care. But hats partially y i think they are funny 😂, and it’s gadgets and “tools”, yet the first one is not a gadget or a”tool”!!!!!

  17. Nicole Ottersen

    Did no one notice the temp inside was 80c .....that would be 176 f. Lmao.

  18. Lydia Selvam

    Bored of the same video again and again 😠😠

  19. Suhail A.s

    ഫുൾ തള്ള് ആണ് 😬😬😬😬😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  20. Riwa Hammoud

    Wow cool life hacks

  21. Jeon Tanzin

    Nice 👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿♥️

  22. İlkay Uçar


  23. İlkay Uçar


  24. Anisur Rahman


  25. Samma Firdosh

    In 8:05 when she said that look in light that make you cry the legend know this formula

  26. Meljonnsbdjcuexobd Barrientos


  27. يقين عبدالله فقن

    والمليارات غلصلغليل vdigc ليبيا griebfxتلسلي

  28. Bianca Nastase

    0:56 - 01:03 😂😂😂

  29. Deepika chouksey


  30. Kongalo


  31. Shikha Chouhan

    Wow really

  32. samantha pinzon


  33. Umamah Khan

    It's today

  34. Girlinluv

    6:03 WTH the guy doing with his eyes

  35. Harpalsinh Jadeja


  36. Black Shout FF GaMinG

    2.02 I think she will brush every day with the same brush🤣🤣🤣

  37. prashanth kuthadi

    8:06 do you really know the meaning of hacks/crafts

  38. Khyati Ranawat

    Some roast 5 min crafts in comments

  39. Kevser Sabuncu

    5.15 where is the baby

  40. Tynee Bailey


  41. sevgi özer


  42. Pınar Yimaz


  43. Chowdaiah Devi.n


  44. Dulmina Iluppitiya

    1st one.who s gonna pump it tp the outside 😂😂😂 Don t do it.!!!!

  45. Marketta Inman

    HELLO, good video!🌟💗

  46. Shamsul Alam


  47. Zamil Memmedov


  48. Priya Chandrasekhar

    We should help everyone is good in our life

  49. シ•Sleepy_Lemon•

    You all know no ones gonna do this right? So what's the point of making this #5minutecraftsshouldbestopped


    please support our channel and subscribe friends please 🙏🙏🙏😔😔😔

  51. Julia Pittman-Hall

    4:54 was actually helpful in a way but other then that I’m just watching these to go to sleep

  52. Javeria

    8:00 they turned it to a other side

  53. Javeria

    6:19 bruh the spoon is upside down

  54. Shazzad Hossain

    They are so funny 🤣. Also telant 😂

  55. Aadya Jain

    7:01 it was clear that the girl did not eat that ice

  56. Zeenat Imran

    who is here after watching there story 😂

  57. Arvinder Pal Singh

    What is this called on 3:06