13 Ways to Sneak Pets into the Supermarket!


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    Are you going to the Supermarket, but can't imagine your day without your pet? Take it with you. How to carry it in a shop, today in our video.
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    2. Candice Fava

      Stop uploading videos get some help

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      Funny~ 😂😂😂

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      It’s so funny 😂😂

    9. Big Floppa

      Wow the thumbnail tear your mask and shove your cat in your mouth so smart

    10. Alexis M

      I would kill the gard

    11. Joyce Watson


    12. Tran Huynh

      Why is pet in the shop

    13. Lindsay Anne Photography

      I love cats now wun will kill it because I love cats because I have5 of them

    14. Autumn Willoughby

      I’d hide my dog in my house and go shopping and teleport it here in my bag

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    18. Why Am I Here?

      Epic bots in comments.

    19. Why Am I Here?

      But, why? Why would you do that?

    20. Super A Gaming_064

      I would prefer having the opposite gard

    21. Amanda Ramirez

      Ants ants ants😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

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      What the fuck is this?

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    25. Aaliyah :D

      8:32 Ur channel sucks :3

    26. YT•乃尺乇乇乙•

      This vid is dumb

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    28. Mark and Lindsay of the O

      It's a cute cat

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    30. Ghisham Alkuraya

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    31. Ghisham Alkuraya

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    33. Ghisham Alkuraya


    34. Penny Smith

      Why does Benny look like my cat 🐈‍⬛

      1. Penny Smith

        Yes good Benny!!!!!

    35. Ashley and Max Roxberg

      What the

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      O wow sokju pets omg

    38. Ming Willis

      HE Actually holding daisy

    39. Sabahet Permeti


    40. Jelly Bean

      So cut) so I just saw a cat just climb on him :P

      1. read my about

        Who r u and why are u on the top of the comments section

    41. Eric Lovelace

      So by sneaking my dad and I would really like to put my cat like in my pocket and then like put two sides on it and say oh this is like a pocket but you can’t put anything in it it’s like just a normal outfit like kind of a different outfit from those parts find my cat my pocket and with a little zip up and then I’m gonna sneak Lee’s it does a pop and then up in Dega do not check my pockets because it’s gonna be another layer so woo hoo

    42. TheGamerBear

      1:21 Why Would I even Take my Ants to a Supermarket?!!!

    43. Bo By

      P Popoiu Y Pp

    44. Bayasgalan Dagvasambuu

      why do they have pet food they say no pets

    45. Shanaa S

      But dogs better

    46. Shanaa S

      I love cats

    47. Labs Kun Tu

      Why the fuck would you need to sneak pets in a store😐

    48. Demetris Simmons


    49. exotic rat

      this is kinda animal abuse you threw the hecking cat 😬

    50. Beatriz Garcia


    51. youtubeLA

      this dosent even tell me how to sneak my pets into the super markat

    52. Johmel Predicala

      Cats not aloud

    53. joanne bridge



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      1. amal hartu


      2. amal hartu


      3. Aaliyah :D

        Thank you

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    55. Ali Gamer The youtuber

      1:08 animated robot

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      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah funny hahahahahahah

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      1. Why Am I Here?


    60. Matt Lefebvre

      It's so funny 😂

    61. Matt Lefebvre


    62. Sayote Queen 101


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    64. Green Spiderweb

      This is ANIMLES abuse

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      Daisy’s so cute

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        @Zsofi Szocsi yhjujkkkkkooo

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      What about Daisy

    71. Amy Peters

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      Maybe he is scared

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      Hehe Sneaky Person!!!!!

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      8:17 lol

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      DOGGO i love dogs man

    80. Genesis Laza

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    82. Neriman Als

      When I become an adult I am going to get a pet dog and I want a jumbo dog! ;3

      1. Neriman Als

        I know!

      2. crona cooper

        That'll be so cute :3

      3. Neriman Als

        Super exiting!

    83. Carlos Xavier Plaza Fariño



      The hamster reminds me of my hamster

      1. joey lopez

        Right now picture now I am done andUwurru

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    86. Mary Kathryn Sabater

      The security guard is so ANOYYING

    87. Nebiyu G

      But lol so funny the cat part was so funny 🐈 😆

    88. Nebiyu G

      Who takes a pet to a supermarket thats so dumb What will you do with them they will be lost.

    89. Eduard Guloiu


    90. YINGQI QIN

      So I put a mask on my turtle and leave it in the sewer and the thingy turns the turtle into a ninja turtle?

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      Hide it in my jacket

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      Is that called coco

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