31 Minecraft Facts You (Maybe) Missed

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    31 Minecraft Facts You (Maybe) Missed! Minecraft is full of different blocks, items, and mobs, so it's easy to lose track of information or even just miss a fact entirely. So, if you've ever wanted to learn 31 random (and possibly pointless) facts about Minecraft, you've come to the right video. Did you know fireworks can be moved by water? Or that spiders have different vision when in spectator mode? All those facts and many more are covered in this Skip the Tutorial Minecraft 1.16 fact video featuring 31 minecraft things you possibly didn't know!
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    Footage by Frankie Mundo
    The map used in this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here: cssel.info/video/video/x3ivn5qYzYGci5o.html
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
    Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at cssel.info
    Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms (www.nintendo.co.jp/networkservice_guideline/en/index.html?n). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2021, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
    Other Credits:
    ✔️ MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod: The Modern Update! (Showcase)

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        i already am lost

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        @Yoshikage Kira oķ

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        7:18 ctrl+q can drop stacks

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    4. Rpm Gaming

      (Fun fact) WadZee was the first to make a full legit netherite beacon

    5. Pinky_ cookie

      You: black cats are bad luck Me:Eh!?!? I've met a black cat before

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      Im Blinking Too Much Becase I Wanna Miss Too Much

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      im npt a karen ok just wondering

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      i think u are in gemini tays world the whole vid

    9. Dana Ramos

      in number 4 why are u in geminitays world

    10. darkscope

      Wow, I literally only knew 4 Facts and I play Minecraft since 2014.

    11. Adelya Moreira

      I Challenge you to change u Name to: Slip The Facts

    12. itai bar

      You can drop a stack in one click you just need to click control & Q in the same time

    13. GalacticD0gg

      You'd enchant a flint and steel if you hate diorite 😏

    14. stu

      i used to always wear glass on my head like a space suit or an end rod like a unicorn on servers, memories :')

    15. ann

      I found out the mob thingy when I was messing around.. I thought I could control them lol

    16. Amir Sukamso

      He is using Gemini Tay's 1.16 survival world

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      Can we quickly aprecciate that he hit 4.7 Million Views in two days?! Like, HOWWWW

    18. AkiraPlays Agaming

      The last one instantly reminded me of Ralph 👁💧👄💧👁

    19. 102Help

      In peaceful mode, any neutral mob that attacks the player only when provoked will still attack, including wolfs, iron golems, and apparently dolphins.

    20. Lucky white Goldy

      Do you use gem's survival world ???!!!

    21. Your Mom

      7:20 if you hold CTRL and press Q it throws the whole stack :)

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      2:04 that world is the survival seed of geminitays survival lp

      1. Fritzz

        @Cassie u mean ctrl q

      2. Cassie

        Shift q Will drop the entire stack

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      Skip the Tutorial is the channel that you expect to be content farming but is actually decent.

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      also, if you hold ctrl q you can drop the whole stack

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      If your any speed runner having mending is quite practical if you want *F O O D*

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      I don’t have the version where you can use the fireworks for a boots😢😭

    27. Suck my ding dong

      Rest in peace for those ps4 gamers who got nothing 😔

    28. Elexsis Gregory

      I didn't know that was the backstory to the Toast easter egg

    29. matthew taouk

      Me seeing the title: Ok TiMe To MaKe SeA tUrTlE eGg ArMoUr

    30. the ender gaming squad

      In bedrock no mob can hurt u java moment

    31. Christ the way, truth, life

      Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6 (NKJV) Jesus is the only way to heaven. Salvation: Confess and repent of all your sins in prayer Forgive those who have harmed you (this will free you from anger) as Jesus forgave you Believe Jesus died to blot out your sins and that He is your Saviour Believe He rose again 3 days later in the flesh by God's hand Be baptised fully immersed in water and be baptised in the Holy Spirit (if possible) Repent daily By grace you are saved through Faith (belief) Live pure and stop sinning Follow the spiritual laws: Love you neighbour as yourself and love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Believe Jesus is Lord. Do fruitful charitable deeds.

    32. Baby Bear Angel

      hey man one thinng i have to let you know if you want to drop a stack of something hold ctrl and q

    33. Sibling Tag

      You can put infinity on bread

    34. Yeah, I'm a gamer.

      Killing a baby zombie would be way easier than finding a strider, bringing it near a place you can get it, getting a saddle, getting fungus on a stick, bringing it to the overworld, and then being able to actually use it which isn't even that fast. Or you could just walk away from it.

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    36. Autumn Fabian

      is it just me or does this man sound like ranboo-

    37. Autumn Fabian

      everyone who plays bedrock the command doesnt work to make yourself a unicorn

    38. Johnathan Mrquiver

      Shift q Will drop the entire stack

    39. Visual-_effects _forlife

      2:00 so where just not gonna talk about the shape of those fireworks

    40. XxsimplyArloxX

      Geminitay's world in this video:👁👄👁

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      8:04 is it me or is the name if not paying attention look like "balls"

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      I didmt know abt anything he said until now

    44. Kat D

      "some don't know but you can hold down q to drop a continuous stream of items" Uh- how did you not know that? It's a basic game mechanic-

    45. CptnTeege

      Fun fact, We all know the Dinnerbone name tag turns animals upside down, but.... if you name something Grumm it will turn upside down also

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    47. Iverlee Vlogs


    48. Lloyd Ivenn

      I found that out about this strays by myself! XD

    49. Lloyd Ivenn

      I knew you could enchant a flint and steel

    50. Zm A Pro Gaming YT

      Gems world XD

    51. Renato De leon

      I think that is Gemini Tay SMP

    52. Alexandra Călușaru

      i live this video

    53. Ilija Nikolov

      7:00 you can do ctrl+q to dop them all

    54. Jami Abdelhamid

      Black Cat Happy-Evil Plush = Nightmare... A fact. Oh and Thank You for the Facts.

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      Love how he say might’ve instead of YoU MiSsEd

    57. Yoana Ivanova

      hey you [lay in gemenitay is world

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    59. Shovel lip

      skip the tutorial: i did not know you could hold down the Q button and it would do a nice thing of bocks me: that was the frist thing i learn when it came to droping

    60. Juvy Sagaldia

      Uhh that was gemini's house 🙃

    61. Praru talks

      2:22 the world looks just like Gemini tay's old let's play survival world 🤔🤔

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      Me on bedrock still watching this for some reason...

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      3:07 That’s actually 4 FPS.

    64. Shadowcat107

      I never played Minecraft but I know it's a awesome video game. I can't believe you can't die in the video game. Wow amazing. I like Minecraft but I won't probably play Minecraft. :)

    65. Austin Crouch

      i have never even came across a woodland mansion :/

    66. the Jfcad

      7:08 u can press ctrl+q to drop the whole stack u are pointing in ur inv

    67. Geeky Bros

      New theory: Diamond is egg

    68. Alexander Toyota

      Love how u used the Pokémon bgm

    69. Vex

      I thogut everyone knew a Diamond, a Sea Turtle egg, and an Egg, are all the same shape-?

    70. rxtos

      9:06 Skip The Tutorial's packs

    71. Ramil Jude Bongalo

      i already know the sea pickle lights up the sea

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      I just realized lol

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      hey i see geminitay's 1.14 survival lets play!

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      'make your java friends jealous' those who have java and bedrock: *HAHAHHA, YOU THINK THAT WILL MAKE ME JEALOUS? try again.*

    77. GOD_SLAYER760

      Number 14, I already know that since about hmm... late 2014s or so cuz i was playing bedwars or just hold Ctrl and press Q throw it all!

    78. Technology, fun, and more

      You can click ctrl + q to get rid of all blocks/anything in that slot.

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    80. Joel Garcia Luna

      Pufferfish also hurt u

    81. MrPotato

      OR You can just do Ctrl+Q

    82. Afton_funtime279

      I wish that cold work for ,y lost horse..

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      Now we know that diamonds are technically just recolored turtle eggs

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      I was born in 2011

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      0:28 i think jyour just bad at the game

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      1:23 Lanterns: 😔

    88. Master Yee

      On mob seamed the slip through the cracks: llamas Me: hEaRd oF piLaGeRs?

    89. Familie Du Pont Van der Staey

      Me: 1raw chicken + 1 golden nugget = chicken nugget

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      SKT: wanna know 31 random and useless facts? 4.5 million people: y e s

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      this is so cool and smart like how did he even know about all of this

    93. Dorota And Patrick Serafin

      5:08 Fact: In Bedrock Edition, this fact actually isn't true, the llama in bedrock edition can't harm the player on peaceful mode.

    94. The Duck God999

      A lamma is the only hostile mob in peacefull mode *dogs you forgot about me

    95. Der Dynox

      9:06 Ahhh xray texture pack !!!

    96. IcyMines

      Here's an interesting fact: so, you may or may not know that in the texture of soul sand you can see faces in the sand to imply that there are souls in it. but in soul soil, (this might get dark) you can see the souls are washing away probably suffering in the soil.

    97. Dead Pumkin

      Did you mean shulkers and lamas are harmful

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      lol, I always play with the programmer art, cause new textures r awful

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