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    00:01 Paint trick
    00:15 Amazing drawing challenges and games
    02:10 Smart hacks that will level up your art skills
    08:28 Cool drawing hacks that will definitely come in handy
    11:30 Create a masterpiece with your own hands!
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    1. Eter Gogichidze

      Dhis is so stupid i hait d drawing

    2. Sri lankan Village girl

      Hello everyone I hope you guys gonna watch this cssel.info/video/video/s6anlIPW3IGcl2s.html 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    3. Mikail Baqirov

      Lan bir musluman yokmuu

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      5 minutes craft 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

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    6. Heidi Starkey

      It’s me so cool so cool🎅🏻🎅🏻

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      1. bocoy noiu

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    8. ng yadav

      9:23 it is just water paint

    9. luka xmelidze

      vis ras atyuebt

    10. Vijay Badge

      This drawings are so amazing

    11. Gacha Star

      2:09 is really fake they just printed the photo wow

      1. lemonz popp


    12. 陳舞龍

      哲 绍0隔BB了{中口。逸.

      1. yasio bolo

        They're fabulous.

    13. 陳舞龍


      1. yasio bolo

        They are such a mood

    14. Paula Andrea Diaz socha


      1. ceerw buty

        Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

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    16. Karthika Lakshmi M

      Valve and co ti to be able too many people have to the same time for me know when I was just a few ììì ìiìjgffyugzet to be able too many people have to the same thing as well I guess you have

    17. Joy Robinson

      Rly 😑 they literally didn't even use the crayon bc in one of the scene it's the same hot glue their using so it's not even wax crayon 😑😒🙄

    18. Monsur Khan


    19. dharmesh mk

      Ithokke enikku screen shot edukkan pattunnillallo😌

    20. KillerCHara UNDERTALE

      when I was kid I drawed better

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    22. Antonieta Aguirre

      I am scared

    23. Antonieta Aguirre

      No puedo creerlo que ermosa

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    26. Meenakshi Upadhayay

      12:47 you can use sketches instead of wasting

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Bez seneu

    27. Саша Зеленская

      4:48 ADMEEEEE!!!

    28. Wolfy girl

      Nu nu

    29. Nikola gorzkiewicz

      1:19 yep like everyone wants a painting of their hands and legs on their wall

      1. Md Dhidbdj


    30. Rudraa Waurkar

      I like your paintings are nice 👍

    31. soinhu foitu


    32. Güler Aykol


    33. جعفر فتلاوي

      السلام عليكم

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    35. Luzirene Silva

      AMEI ❣️😍😘✍️💌 AMO MUITO VOCÊS 💞😍🖐️

      1. soinhu foitu


    36. Morjan Mini

      اي حبيبي ❤ ❤ ❤ ثقه قد غفل فف 👋 🤣 فل عليك 🧞‍♀️ فنان نابعه من لذفهلعلغنغ

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    48. alicia rahman

      I like it but I don’t like the music though but the video is great I love the video but the music is bad I have to say sorry if I complained to much and can I say I didn’t like all off them except the paint ones sorry if I wrote too much.

    49. sevalvi Harutyun


    50. Manjima Pradeep

      12:47 really do u need to waste this much paint

      1. carolina torres

        @Ilda Francisca yuh

      2. Bishal Tamang


      3. Bishal Tamang

      4. Ilda Francisca


    51. Manjima Pradeep

      Actually the dry paint is water color ,it will only work when we add water .

      1. Aditi Sumesh

        Exactly! They r so dumb🤦‍♂️

    52. Jassika Madaan 28

      These all are fake

    53. Kalpana Devendra

      rohit 41

    54. Ranjana Sunuwar


    55. chennupati indira


    56. mizzunique


    57. kawaii here!

      Fan fact: *I can't even draw a single human character* I can draw animals only

      1. kawaii here!

        @alicia rahman uhhh you don't know my age and other stuff so am not like your friend.

      2. alicia rahman

        Your just like my friend she loves to draw like me

    58. fouoii gyhh

      Некоторые лайфхаки опасны для здоровья человека

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      The painting Me:ok but why just why

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      1. fouoii gyhh

        1:19 this is a family show... Or is it....

    62. dark _moon

      does this make sense to you guys?

    63. Elaine Gough

      One of their hacks : Rag a shower curtain and put canvas’s inside of it .. Now when people walk into the bathroom they can watch u shower O.o

    64. Elaine Gough


    65. Sara Toca

      Некоторые лайфхаки опасны для здоровья человека

      1. Sara Toca

        @Саша Зеленская маладец

      2. Саша Зеленская

        Я написала на английском чтобы не выделятся в компании иностранцев

      3. Milka

        Русский человек наконец-то 😄

    66. Rafa Alu


    67. حسين الحنين

      بابا نر

    68. حسين الحنين

      باب نرافى ىضثقسضصشسظ وة ز وبابا نر

    69. 景曦

      “Dry paint? Simply add water!” Me: Really? -_-

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    71. Muhammad Ismail

      I like your an idea

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      Did you see 21

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      13:44 it is just amazing 😍😍

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      1:19 this is a family show... Or is it....

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        The 2 J0

    76. Costică ciocan

      ☺️☺️☺️ love iour videos

      1. Ptao Tom

        I love 5 min craft god bless you

    77. simtra

      5 minute craft is trash

    78. simtra

      these are all from tiktok, now us here think that they got these hacks from thier heads. but the truth is these are all tiktok's

    79. Iliq Georgiev

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    80. Jagdish Ratmele

      Rani bittu bittu Himanshi kavyu bittu Himanshi Rani bittu bittu Himanshi kavyu

    81. Nirali bhardwa

      1:20 what meaning of this painting?!!🤔

    82. Ayesha Shamsudduha

      9:25 Agh!! Don't you now you need water for Water Colors!!! 🤦

      1. Jane O'Neile

        Hey that’s what I said too like

    83. Pravanjali Sahoo

      I love you too much 😘

    84. Rajashree Upadhyaya

      Wasting so much colour is not good

    85. Jane O'Neile

      9:25 duh you need water for ‘water’ colours

    86. Ida lønborg hansen

      I just feel like everybody in 5 minutes craft can draw or paint really good!!!

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      2. Ida lønborg hansen

        Why “ d “?

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      Why Would you make a panting that has you butt on it

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