6IX9INE- GOOBA (Official Music Video)

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    Director- CanonF8, David Wept & 6ix9ine
    EP/Producer- Omar Reynoso & David Wept
    DP- Franklin Ricart
    Editor- 6ix9ine, CanonF8, Omar Jones
    Art Director- Omar Reynoso , 6ix9ine
    G&E - Rec Squad TV
    AC-Karleigh Del Moral
    Colorist- Bryan Smaller
    Creative Director(VFX)- Zane Comer
    CG Generalist- Brennan Brinkley
    Animator- Nicole Low
    Production Co- AT.LAS , FatKing Films
    GOOBA - 6ix9ine (Official Music Video)
    Produced by: Jah
    Mix and Mastered by: Wizard Lee
    Cover by: Alex Solis
    #6ix9ine #GOOBA #musicvideo
    Distributed by Create Music Group

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    1. sadDEO

      governemert released 6ix9ıne to rest easy. 6IX9INE:

    2. Maxamed yusuf Farax

      Miss u tekashi

    3. Tim

      Ist wer deutsch hier fülle mich alleine🤔

    4. hotel

      Sucks that some of these club bangers came out during 2020. Worst year for all social businesses.

    5. VENOM


    6. FX GAMER

      2021 People

    7. Aschnitzel

      Nice song

    8. Kaspp Standoff 2


    9. lober warel

      Песня крутая но почему вы так много ставите дизлайков этому шедевру P. S . Привет гы

    10. zTs hiszpan

      Kto z Polski like

    11. James Baker

      Is it bad I low-key vibe with the song 😂

    12. 기형률


    13. Sgt Wingman

      The amount of dislikes is insane considering this song is basically a parody of this genre, lmao.

    14. Сикснай! легенда


    15. nikolas papaioannou


    16. wadah Tarabzouni

      السلام عليكم

    17. Kalem Frank

      Where your shit diaper lol boy

    18. Anellise Kiss


    19. vStayZ


    20. Hugo I


    21. Hugo I

      U suck

    22. Paolo Ciannarella

      THIS Song is a SHIT you aren't a rapper or hip hop singer you are a idiot

      1. ᴋꜱ ᴀʀᴊᴜɴ

        @Paolo Ciannarella nigga i ever told i like this song??

      2. Paolo Ciannarella

        @ᴋꜱ ᴀʀᴊᴜɴ if you like this song you are a shit

      3. ᴋꜱ ᴀʀᴊᴜɴ

        Nigga then why u here🙄

    23. Ribanstar Kyrsian

      Fuck you man

    24. ProPlay Radu

      someone 2021?

    25. Lebaneser Scrooge

      What can I say? Kids love bright colors and shiny things.

    26. tiutaliLIVE

      I needa bleach

    27. juan zhii

      he says n word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. About the world Video

      cssel.info/video/video/mZCTnWKbzKyanng.html nusret's genitalia appeared😱😱😱

    29. Aaron Kanengoni

      wow he cant rap

    30. Кудрят Василов

      0:21 уважение казахов к тикаши 📉📈

    31. GAYSUEV brawlff


    32. Donna McKinnon

      I swear like that

    33. Arab Falcon

      Who also thinks rats are the richest people in this generation?

      1. Captain Fuchi

        Lol so true

    34. Brayan Jimenez

      Belleza extrema👑$.

    35. Brayan Jimenez

      Total respect👑🔎.

    36. Brayan Jimenez


    37. Urtado


    38. Daniel Razcon

      PrestAme una 69

    39. Marcel Künzler


    40. fernanxramirex4

      Good music

    41. Ricardito Trejo


    42. Lamborgini

      Fire 🔥

    43. Lamborgini


    44. Papi Chulo Melly

      i am telling mrs bars

    45. Nutshell

      Dude this is sexual content and why youtube doesn't age restricted this

    46. ateneo

      someone read the description? hahaha

    47. Haru CanRead

      First of all I have to say music not for me. Secondly, as a gay man... I think I have the right to say... this is the most over use of rainbow I’ve ever seen and I have been to Pride quite a few times.

    48. Harju Wong

      Actually not that bad... although brainless lyrics n meaningless video

    49. Cynthia Horsey

      I like your songs but I don't like you

    50. Aries is S T O O P I D


    51. Ivan Veloz


    52. Ivan Veloz

      WOW casi dos millones de dislakes

    53. FEAR

      А почему описание на Русском доя России клип?

    54. Анна Зарядка

      Кто смотрит эту хрень только из-за девушек

    55. Addison Denman

      1:51 A rat!

    56. Pngage Barnard

      man i love this fucking song keep up the fucking work

    57. drugs world xx

      Rae srmurfa

    58. drugs world xx

      Ft kid keo

    59. drugs world xx


    60. Ezra Pahang


    61. Vikran Hoeloe

      I like good nice l like you gooba 😎😎😎😎

    62. xxxtentacion fan

      damn no wonder my brother wanted me to listen not bad

    63. Luis Ramon Zavala Hernandez


    64. Valente is nice

      Almost every comment has 500 replies! 💀

    65. Бур Подводный

      1:28 норм казах получился

    66. Bernardo Cortes

      Nega!!!a Haa haaa Ahaaa ahaaa xDDD

    67. ayoub amsegguine

      yaaaa tooooop

    68. Alexis Collado

      Good song

    69. Mohammed Nasouf

      حسبي الله ونعمم الوكيل

    70. Zakary Rodgers

      Makes sense now "Government" 2 c 1010q0q0 yes 2101010 skip/next now yes. Keys here .....EARTH!!!

    71. possessed gamer

      Welcome back

    72. YellowCard_ No.1


    73. 석환

      Are you still alive?

    74. Grace Quigley

      He is the best 😇😎😇😎😇😎😇

    75. Jaster

      This is probably the biggest middle finger anyone has ever given to the Hip Hop industry and culture.

    76. Legend

      Remember when this song became a meme for a while?

    77. Piscis fishing

      He sounds like a rabbit in a lawn mower

    78. Hanz Flackshnack

      Suge Knight School of Philosophy: What if they try to stop us? Suge: Good

    79. ZTAYELI FF

      19M ❤=❤ 20m


      Que tema 6ix9ine eres el mejor

    81. Luis M

      The best

    82. Patrick Althoff

      His music sucks

      1. lyric fresh


    83. Ava Ocasio

      That cute girl

    84. PrudentAsh4788

      After snitching, you won’t be back for long.

      1. lyric fresh


    85. Sharice Green


    86. Dan Suarez


    87. Dan Suarez

      305 💩💩💩pull up

    88. Dan Suarez


    89. Dan Suarez


    90. Hotchocolate

      Wow!I have never experienced some one cusses so much

    91. Klayz 1444

      He not black

    92. kiley lauzon

      I had this all the way up I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH

    93. • emxlxa •

      Still cant believe they had to take Lil Peep and XxxTentacion but Left us with THIS RAINBOW DUDE

    94. Melayshia Patrick

      I wish I could live with you cause my mom gave me rainbow hair and I’m your biggest fan

    95. indominus raptor

      Belle Delphine is beter

    96. rockabillly88

      I'll take the green Skittle

    97. kk theplug

      Yes Khloe

    98. kk theplug


    99. David 9

      song is fire let mfs hate.