Alexa Bliss hits Randy Orton with a fireball: Raw, Jan. 11, 2021


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    During a heated confrontation with Triple H, Randy Orton finds himself on the receiving end of a fiery, vengeful act courtesy of Alexa Bliss. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    1. Shovon Majumder

      They want to recreate the moment of Kane too hard.......But Kane is the best demon in wwe history......

    2. Gan Jin Le

      WTH i hate Alexa know this cost people heath btw replying to @HELLASOLID i thin hey have skill to REC and they was at bottom of stage and then record to up and zoom

    3. THE CHAMP

      Well, it got pretty obvious wrestling fake

    4. THE CHAMP


    5. THE CHAMP

      John Cena is better than the two

    6. Jk94 Kh

      So fake show

    7. Hamoudi Gaming


    8. FE7FE8 Yellow Phoenix

      First Keith Lee, now Randy Orton. We all know Kane hit Chyna with a fireball. But I’m referring to women hitting men with a fireball.


      Bro is that a fire ball wow that is cool but randy is cursed because he burned the person that was alexas best friend thats why alexa has a fire ball like bri

    10. Názia Jalilo

      Legenda em português plisss

    11. Nicholas Upton


    12. Oceaniccart 908

      Is wwe fake?

    13. Draco Malfoy

      2:11 why was the kid behind triple h doing a fortnite dance

    14. DELİ ÜÇGEN 19

      4:13 nasıl başardiki alexa bliss 😨😱

      1. DELİ ÜÇGEN 19

        @Alexa Bliss yes

      2. DELİ ÜÇGEN 19

        @Alexa Bliss yes😄😄😄

      3. DELİ ÜÇGEN 19

        @Alexa Bliss yes

      4. DELİ ÜÇGEN 19

        @Alexa Bliss olur ses ☺😄

      5. DELİ ÜÇGEN 19

        @Alexa Bliss konuşmak isterim WHATSAPP

    15. MEME OF DUTY

      Randy orton: you are weak Alexa: KATON GOUKAKKYOU NO JUTSU

      1. Diana’s Cirus


    16. Dior Clermont


    17. Brent Neal

      Like I said flash banp

    18. Brent Neal

      She looks over

    19. Brent Neal

      Her swinging

    20. Big Brand

      WWE turned to Naruto now🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    21. Joey Nopia

      I ship alexa and randy lol

    22. Carlotta Gabriel

      Wow its willi not got vor the Mann Willi not got

    23. Willian Perez

      Put it in 25x speed I think I just exposed wwe it went the right to randy orton

    24. Sebi Kanis


    25. r97 NeaL

      Isnt this something to do with flash paper or something like that? They did with Hogan and Kane tryed to do it on HHH.

    26. Pierceaexp Edits

      Nah Alexa needs to turn back cause this ain't gonna work mannn

    27. Mahmoud Karim


    28. صبي خولان


    29. صبي خولان

      ....... 🙇‍♂️💔💔

    30. Anais Rabia


    31. Kaaris La grosse Moula

      4:12 😭😭😢😢 poor randy Orton OH MY GOD OH MY GOD

    32. Carrdiss Whiteside

      Randy orten about to RKO 🤣💯

    33. Hazer

      Wait.. How are we hearing people cheering?

    34. Quinetta Baylock

      I do

    35. BIG N 77

      Nobody likes randy orton Kofi kingston Destroyed his car Daniel Bryan Sprayed his car Alexa bliss Burnt his face 😀

    36. Jen Garica

      That was so fake lol

    37. mohamad abed

      I was convinced that it was a mockery and a lie, and now I realized that everything we see is a lie

      1. Alexa Bliss

        Hello fan

    38. FunnyMarioBros

      I hope HHH does have at least ONE match this year on a paper view

    39. Jesse Shane Prunty

      Monday Night RKO Of A Fireball Of A Chupacabra Not When’s There’s Something The Eyes Are Not Like That Fully Black.

    40. Томирис Чубанова

      Я казашка но это смотрю🤣

    41. Ignacio Flores

      Ahi por suponer bray wiatt si legana a ese buey de randy orton

    42. Hasan Abu ali

      Alxe get out of your mind

    43. Ari Matoshi

      So fake

    44. G2 Gamer

      Ou may god

    45. G2 Gamer


    46. Becca TV

      Wwe almost fell off and nobody wanna apply or can’t apply so they changing old characters to be new that’s what I learned

    47. Becca TV

      why these ppl keep changing lmao mean girl to creepy doll girl

    48. Cameo Chris

      This Bray & Alexa & Randy story is the best thing WWE has done in 5 years all they need now is Hollywood Cena back once covid is over

    49. 1F TOON BRO FOOL

      Wwe is not good now the fiend is bliss

    50. Ivo V.


    51. ted reeper jr

      Is he dead

    52. Mariano Hernández

      4:10 x0,25 speed

    53. Chidiebube Kido-Mukolu

      Everything changed when hold on Rko's alexa bliss

    54. down town Justin

      A month after

    55. Jesus Jesus

      Ppl still watch this fake I haven’t watch this since 2005 lol

    56. Meriam Davies

      WHAT THE

    57. Collet Bershon


    58. Kendall Russell


    59. Marios Kakouris

      That was mean she was gonna kill this dude

    60. Virdy Inzaghi

      That's Alexa Bliss's revenge for Randy Orton

    61. Est.Sar. 92

      Alexa Kusanagi.

    62. Lautaro Martinez inter

      4:11 4:12 Sexy Bliss

    63. Joe

      All this looks staged

    64. Wilbert Parel

      2020 Kieth Lee 2021 Randy Orton

    65. Wilbert Parel

      2020 Kieth Lee 2021 Randy Orton

    66. Wilbert Parel

      2020 Kieth Lee 2021 Randy Orton

    67. Wilbert Parel

      2020 Kieth Lee 2021 Randy Orton

    68. Wilbert Parel

      2020 Kieth Lee 2021 Randy Orton

    69. Jhonny Serrudo

      Alexa stupid

    70. Kerem Çelebi


    71. نداء ربيع


    72. Ralph Marbler

      So Alexa Bliss stole a Fire Flower from Mario? Why isn't her outfit white or red?

    73. Ayden Tan

      I wish connor could see this

    74. noel caingin


    75. CruddySpark115

      The fights have gotten more real

    76. Diamond


    77. Alpha Gang

      I obviously need to get back into Bliss get powers?

    78. Adalyn Ashby

      i hate her now

    79. K-Choi

      Why does Alexa Bliss have Undertaker's powers?

    80. Daniel Amorim

      Isto é tão falso

    81. Sehrish Raza

      4:10 No need to thank me.



    83. Kratoscallofduty

      Alexa went full Dhalsim from Street Fighter. "Yoga flame!"

    84. Look Nofurther

      When is the part when they wrestle?? Do they still wrestle?

      1. Real Madrid

        Wrestle is boring lol

    85. eden anshar

      Fire wee 😆

    86. Samuel Jimenez


    87. Samuel Jimenez


    88. NEO Neo

      Is Randy blind?

    89. Erik Gonzales

      WWE stars got Mortal Kombat special moves now??

    90. jf om

      Ooooo no me había dado cuenta que los aficionados estaban en pantallas

    91. C Butcher

      She’s like charzard with the ball of fire

    92. L and B Gaming

      Why didn't Randy RKO Triple HHH?

    93. Hanaa Zouri

      Alexa is clearly a fan of Sasuke.

    94. Justin Fernandezz

      Fire balls attack Me:omg this is are crazy🤩🤩

    95. Dovic

      The zoom crowd looks so weird, like it would be better to just have it in an empty stadium lmfao

    96. JUВเLЭU 15K


    97. Roy Gato

      "That's not his own fluid". Oh WWE

    98. Harmony Isabella Mollica

      He’s blinded by the light

    99. Raheem the kid

      Great acting skills lol

    100. Vakil Takhan