Analyzing the "Karen" Meme


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    Internet Analysis: KARENs. Let's dive deep into this term / meme.
    Amandabb -
    Angie Speaks -
    The Reason BlackTwitter Exists (video by Say It Loud) -
    The Karen memes and jokes... Let a Karen explain (article) -
    #internetanalysis #Karen #memes
    0:00 - intro
    0:57 - what is Karen? who is she?
    1:41 - rude to service workers
    2:14 - sense of entitlement
    2:59 - Karen encounters at work
    4:51 - appeal to authority
    5:12 - privilege
    6:04 - Karen calls the cops
    7:56 - is "Karen" a bad word?
    9:44 - the origins of the term / meme
    11:32 - what about Becky?
    13:34 - I've been Karen'd
    14:20 - Karen = any woman you dislike?
    16:15 - Karen = hall monitor, snitch?
    18:51 - Golf Cart Lady?
    21:00 - Corona Karens
    25:58 - oops I'm sweating bye
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    1. tiffanyferg

      Hope you guys enjoy this meme analysis! Don't forget to check out amandabb & Angie Speaks!! TIME STAMPS BELOW: 0:00 - intro 0:57 - what is Karen? who is she? 1:41 - rude to service workers 2:14 - sense of entitlement 2:59 - Karen encounters at work 4:51 - appeal to authority 5:12 - privilege 6:04 - Karen calls the cops 7:56 - is "Karen" a bad word? 9:44 - the origins of the term / meme 11:32 - what about Becky? 13:34 - I've been Karen'd 14:20 - Karen = any woman you dislike? 16:15 - Karen = hall monitor, snitch? 18:51 - Golf Cart Lady? 21:00 - Corona Karens 25:58 - oops I'm sweating bye

      1. gamergirl 5317

        amandabb is clearly racist against white people and doesnt know what she is talking about blacks are more commonly shot by people who are black and police are more commonly black then white,and a white man is more likely to be shot then a black man by the police THOSE ARE THE FBI statisics so you and your friend are clearly racist if you listen to her and value her opinion

      2. chichanleon123

        Thanks awesome explanation

      3. Becky Starr

        I’m a wonderful Becky!! Me & “Sir Mix A Lot” follow each other via Twitter! 🤣 I truly had no idea about the Becky loathing. Only the “Karens!” I saw that bbq Becky & that was horrific! Also that woman that literally hit a young black boy at a pool. She is a POS! I saw the clip a couple weeks back. He was about 14 at the time. Anyways, he went to go swimming and this Becky Biatch began hitting him and saying he’d better leave....chasing him off & out of the pool area. He had calmly taken his phone out (didn’t retaliate at all) & got the crazy B**** on film! Thank God! Not one person helped him at the pool! Man I was in tears when I watched that clip. Ugh 😑 I hope she was arrested eventually. His folks were so calm on the news. Beautiful family. I know if I was at that pool I would have been on that woman as soon as I saw her hitting a young man. 💙✌🏻

      4. Rock Brentwood

        Karen? Becky? No... you're a Tiffany. ( *grin* ).

      5. Thwiftly Thwept

        This video is inherently funny. Any extra jokes you throw into this worthy attempt at analysis are just icing on the cake.

    2. dem_speed

      (includes swearing) this entire video in a nutshell total f***in d**** what did you expect?

    3. rhythmandacoustics

      Any girls who are named Karen will now change their names due to these memes.

    4. Jared Nielsen

      This was a really informative video! I saw this comment on another Karen video and thought to share it.. K - know your rights A - accuse everyone R - request a manager E - escalate to authorities N - neglect reason

    5. P FM

      All white women are potentially a Karen!

    6. Jackie Gabela

      It's not uncommon to use someone's name as a character or meme. There's also Chad for your typical frat boy or college ''bro''. And then there's Edgar for the stereotypical Hispanic boy with a certain haircut.

    7. monique bedford

      Karen's are liars, Karen will call the police GOR NO REASON, Karen will get up from a meal with her family walk across the restaurant to go fuqn harass a black family that's not say ANYTHING to her, Karen's will call the police because because a black family is ENJOYING LIFE and bbqn, A Karen will tell you where you can and can't park, A Karen will go to Costco and not where a mask and sit down on the dirty floor, A Karen will go TO YOUR DOOR and tell you that you don't live there, A Karen will block into YOUR OWN gated community because you're black and she doesn't believe "You fit" even though its WHERE YOU LIVE, crazy bipolar, sociopath,RACIST, controlling , no life having ass gotta mind EVERYBODY else's business besides my own bitch... LITERALLY these types of individuals have gotten black men killed because she's playing games but historically this bitch ALREADY KNOWS the outcome this behavior isn't new at all and it's very demonic.... Calling a white woman KAREN is a hell of a lot DIFFERENT than calling the cops to KILL SOMEONE there us forethought and purpose in this satanic behavior

    8. noel996

      Reminds me of my boss. A real class-A Karen.

    9. Valerie Bickford

      Just like right wing white people to co-opt Black vernacular and get it cringy wrong. Strong and wrong.

    10. Valerie Bickford

      You're not a Karen. You're a Becky. Nice vid.

    11. Tessa Minick

      I want to get my hair cut short in a Twiggy-esque pixie cut, but I'm too scared of being labeled as a Karen, especially since I'm the kind of person who get anxious when anyone is the slightest bit upset with me.

    12. That_Nerd

      Personally, I think that the whole Karen meme is not racist, or sexist. Because men can be Karen’s, and people other than whites can be Karen’s.

    13. BiggiN483

      I thought the first conservative example wasn't actually that far off. Karen is a hypocrite. Only of course, when you overread the judgment and assumption of the post that aaaaall activists and middle to left (German here 😜) people act like that. 🙄

    14. Queen J

      I haven't walked the full video but Karen's can be white and black not trying to be racist

    15. Flávia F

      I'm allergic to some types of foods and always felt so bad for returning food that was made wrong, I don't understand how can someone behaves like that unnecessary and they actually like it and even escalate things

    16. Megan

      great vid!

    17. Rob Dixson

      Being entitled and self centered and rude is a natural tendency of white women? Maybe it is, but have you ever go ahead and tell me you have never meet a black woman with these qualities. I will believe you. No really.....Ok I won't.

    18. Neil

      I think we have a new meme called Tiffany, she is a younger karen who has not turned into Karen yet, but she will soon when she wakes up to the truth. Tiffany=woke karen=unwoke version of tiffany

    19. Will England, Composer

      Good stuff! I enjoyed it.

    20. Estrella Guerrero

      Karen's deserve to be be a meme and made fun of

    21. Alasdair Hunter

      dont even get me started on Tiffanys! ;)

    22. things i like.

      I want to make a joke about how many sections this video has but im not smart enough :(

    23. Lilly

      I've said it before, and I'll say it a million more times, If you have a health condition that is so bad that you can't wear a thin piece of cloth over your face or you're going to die, then you probably shouldn't be leaving your house during a respiratory based pandemic. Even in my backwater little hick town, we have Uber eats, and Instacart which literally allows you to buy anything you need and only interact with one single person. And you don't even have to interact with them most of the time, you can just tell them to drop it at the front door and leave. There is NO excuse for being out in public and not wearing a mask. And if you really think otherwise, then congratulations, you're an idiot.

    24. Vy Đỗ

      there's a tik tok/snapchat video of a girl who was unfortunate enough to encounter a karen at the Starbuck she works at. Karen threw the cup of (thankfully) iced coffee at her face because she allegedly made the drink wrong, despite the poor girl offering to remake the drink. Demanding is still rather 'nice' when compared to throwing. Imagine if that was a hot latte.

    25. Unleash Me On Mankind

      Yo!!!! I just came across your video, and you are definitely not a “Karen”. I’m enjoying the deep analyzation. Well done ma’am.

    26. uninvincibleete

      For 20:30 just wanted to add a little insight as someone who worked in a school: while this woman is definitely being belligerent (maybe she feels she has to be since there's a group of young men there and she's alone?) skateboarders coming to schools on the weekend is a HUGE liability issue. Not only do they cause tons of damage to school property by scraping up the rails and even occasionally taking chunks out of walls or flooring, if they're injured on school property they can be sued for millions of dollars (and obviously if you're repeatedly doing tricks off a 20-step stairway, there's a decent chance of injury), so keeping skateboarders out is a big priority for lots of schools. She definitely didn't have to yell at them, but since they were riding in and pushing her cart I can only assume she was agitated. TL;DR: rude, but not quite a Karen since she did have just cause to make them leave.

    27. Bernardo Kampff

      A perfect example of a black woman named Karen would be DC Comics' Bumblebee!


      Well done

    29. Baiswith

      "I have private things I don't want you to see"'re going to pay for Even self-serve stations usually have at least one staff member in the vicinity for age-restricted products and to problem solve

    30. Caro Paez

      The way you literally couldn't talk about r*cism and sl*rs (idk if comments affect you at all but i don't wanna risk your coin) without being demonitized is beyond disgusting. I can't even comprehend why this is a thing.

    31. Asma


    32. hopee changee

      So let me get this straight... A "Karen" is basically a "Sheniqua"...but with less violence, less melanin, and better grammar?

    33. Jacksonimations

      I think you should have more subscribers your content is great!

    34. Jacksonimations

      No offense and in fact i think it’s cool but your makeup looks like naruto sage mode

    35. BabyKitty000

      I know a few Karen’s who are very nice people (they’re real name is Karen)

    36. brillosaurusrex

      Thanks for the insightful video.

    37. Bridget Cooney

      I recently called out someone's racism, and an older white man rebutted me me by calling me fat ugly Karen. I was just like, dude, get it right, I'm a fat "raging" feminist bitch. But to be more serious, I do see middle aged right wing people co-opting "Karen" an weaponizing it against women who are calling out sexism and racism. I don't think it's particularly damaging, since the internet literate know a Karen when they see them, but it tactic that is happening.

    38. J Heyward

      I do like that shirt on you.

    39. Doreen Nantamu

      I find it funny when people in the USA say that Japan and most European countries are opening up school but then they forget that the coronavirus curves in most of those countries are going down and that of the states just keeps rising. I live in Europe and even if things are are opening up there are guidelines put in place. You still have to social distance or pay a fine of 400 euros as an individual or 4000 euros as a store or an establishment schools included. You have to wear masks in any public transportation. We still have rules to follow. It’s not like we are just running around like it’s July 2019 🤦🏾‍♀️

    40. skaterdudeabides

      Lost me at "white privilege". Why lean into a racist idea?

    41. Jasmine Diaz

      I related so bad to the starbucks one. 😭

    42. Agustina F

      I have nothing against the existence of the meme Karen, or rather the sociological construct (quite the opposite, I think it has a very real and important place as a descriptor for a phenomenon worth highlighting and exploring. My only issue is when (and I KNOW this happens very little) it's used to dismiss valid criticism or complaints, or make people feel like anyone who complains is a Karen. It's a minor issue, though, for sure. Most people understand the difference between someone voicing a valid complaint or valid criticism (sometimes even in a less-than-stellar way) and someone being a Karen.

    43. Heather Meriwether

      Only white women act like this?

    44. Haze

      don't act like you aren't a karen.

    45. Василий Жильцов

      You trying to think about the things and understand that crazy world around us. You definitely NOT Karen.

    46. Liz Pyshnik

      I think I just feel bad for women who are named Karen who are in all honesty... like really nice people. I've never met someone with that name that I didn't like surprisingly. I just hope people don't meet someone named Karen and automatically shut them down or be mean to them.

    47. Maxens

      Once I had to return a shirt that didn't fit with only its tag and a vague (day, approximate hour) idea of when I had bought it with my credit card and they somehow managed to find the transaction back on their computers and reimburse me. Still impressed. Only vaguely related. But still impressed.

    48. Rellos Apostolos

      Undestandable have a nice day

    49. leoferce

      So boooooring

    50. TheNakedasshole


    51. Craig

      720 Karen's down voted.

    52. Nostradumbass

      I just feel sorry for my friend whose actual name is karen and isn't like that.

    53. Apex Shinøbi

      "For sitting in a- *L A R G E C O F F E E C H A I N*

    54. Uhbvhubvfryeugyerufrgfeug_MEMER!

      Karen comes:I WANN- The worker:ah shit here we go agian

    55. Alexis Perez Gutierrez

      I love that you collabed with amandabb!!! 💙💙she’s great

    56. favorednation34


    57. SnijtraM

      A woman weaponizing her privilege out of SPITE

    58. Elle M

      My friends and I used to get chased by Karen’s for riding bikes and skateboarding in parks and outside the public library.

    59. dylan bonner

      Way to go for a black person that has nothing to do with the subject at hand to make it about race.

    60. Menstrel

      Apologist gone bezerk - Are people of European ancestry now required to give annilingus to the nearest minority? I am aware this is the law in Sweden.

    61. Jameson Sewell

      we stan a karen-ita

    62. milo

      Corona Karens... Karenavirus?

    63. CactusPerson

      Can I speak to ur manager My facebook friends will come after you Be warned!

    64. kid coli

      Becky was not popularized by beyonce is just white girl that's down with black guys.

    65. Miyami Yuki

      Karen behavior is not restricted by race, class, or gender.

    66. Karyn Strickler

      “The misnomer Karen might be a convenient shortcut to explaining the profound problem of racism and white entitlement, but it raises another problem. Do not confront racism with sexism. It is misogynist stereotyping. Every nasty woman becomes a Karen. The term is often paired with other sexist put downs, like shrill, harpy, or loud mouthed.”

    67. Grant Knowles

      I’ve definitely been at the mercy of Karens and I’m not black... These Karens have been black, white, Asian, young, old, etc. they come from all walks of life, all social-economic groups, even both sexes... a Karen is born through upbringing and through a sense of spoilt entitlement. A Karen will call the police or manager on anyone, not just a black person.. a Karen will attempt to get anyone fired who gets in their way, it is not a racist thing, it is an entitlement, power thing... Karens lead an existence which is miserable, lonely and unfulfilling.. we should really feel sorry for them if they weren’t so intolerable.

    68. rhymeswithteeth

      If you have this much time to discuss what is a Karen,

    69. Kat Moscone

      SO HERE for that amandabb shoutout

    70. Halver Eduardo

      Karen is womensplaining.

    71. jack Foxx

      "the customer is always right" isn't a reference to customer service; it's a reference to supply and demand.

    72. Anthony Cordell

      That last thing, not actually a loophole, but an outright lie. (ADA does not provide protections if it can cause a threat to the safety of others)

    73. yeah h

      Even pretending to be a Karen, she still sounds too nice😂❤️

    74. whitesketchbook

      The real question is, can white men with these characteristics be called karens? Or if not, is there a male version of this meme that is used to call out men exhibiting the same behavior?

      1. Ritisha Singh

        I've seen 'Kevin' used to describe male Karens but it's not, universal

    75. Resident Reveler

      I encountered a Karen when I was in New Zealand. I am not black but I am a person of colour (Indian). It was a big line at the supermarket and the counter closed all of a sudden (cashier shift ended?). As instructed by the manager, we all moved to the next counter. I was reading the label of one of my items as I was walking so I walked ahead of this Karen who was in front of me in the previous line. She was like "You know. I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU" and I was shocked/embarrassed. I apologized to her and told her I didn't see her. I didn't feel so confident being an immigrant. Had this been in India, I would have asked her to fuck off. Didn't wanna argue with a white woman.

    76. Hawk Rogers

      When I think of Karens, I imagine the SNL sketch The Impossible Hulk.

    77. jean-raynauld Le Duc

      You so beautiful 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰 from 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    78. S. John Trombley

      Just because you're punching up doesn't mean you aren't being prejudiced.

    79. Kasparov The God of War


    80. Kasparov The God of War

      White girls deal with Karens on a daily basis.