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    Extended Highlights presented by Heineken
    Mbappe and PSG power past Messi and Barcelona 4-1 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. Mbappe had one of his best performances of his career notching a hat trick. He opened his day with a goal in the 32’ to tie at one and added two more in the 65’ and 85’. Moise Kean found the back of the net in the 70’ to help solidify the win. Messi opened the scoring in the 27’ by way of the penalty spot but that would be all the Spanish side could muster.
    Next up will be the second leg back in Paris, France and Barcelona has an uphill battle in front of them.
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    1. exxtacy [adult swims]

      Mbappe is a fucking beast.

    2. Shinomiya

      Madre de dios ya pasó un tiempo pero es que no puedo olvidar cómo Mbappe arrasó con el barça, ese chico no es normal( evidentemente) es un monstruo.

    3. Bro Heme

      Why does every "highlight" video include footage of every single substitution? Ridiculous.

    4. Adam Cisse

      de jong has no heart smh

    5. Amelia Nunez

      Mbappe se divierte haciendo goles , un magnífico jugador nos vamos a deleitar muchos años más con su fútbol

    6. Ricardo Castillo

      I’m glad Barcelona lost after #21 flopped smh. That’s dirty

    7. HAMBA Didier

      Sincerely, that was no penalty

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    13. Karyn Walrond

      De Jong tripped thats not a penalty

    14. Kevinrich9784

      I'll be watching this in 10 yrs

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    17. Jay Dawg

      Dembele SUCKS

    18. Jonny Calabasas

      2:10 “invade the attackers space” wtf so defenders have no right to defend a ball? Total disgrace these penalties are called imo

    19. cfc frank

      what a ball by parades f

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      1. Luke Sparks

        @Iden Yelda I am confused by this comment

      2. Iden Yelda

        Bruh what are you talking about this is uefa champions league

    31. josue diaz

      13:58 referee realize it wasn’t Barca scoring

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    36. douguette1

      Man and all of that without Neymar and Di Maria!!

    37. zurielthegamer 445

      Ever since Suarez left the team has been so ass nigga

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    40. bocoy noiu

      Who else came to rewatch while they wait for today’s highlights?

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    47. Mikey J.

      Mbappe looks a bit self centered. Neymar must be rubbing off on him.

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    50. Geo Mejia

      2009 (or so) Messi scores hattrick vs Real Madrid at the age of like 19 2021 Mbappe scores hattrick vs Barcelona age 21 or so.... The future does not look bright for Barca when Mbappe joins Madrid

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    52. oiuet souiu

      Great performance from Mbappe. He is so confident.

    53. John Rushing

      VAR must be overhauled. Wasn't it supposed to be for Thierry Henry handballs and Frank Lampard over the line goals?

    54. John Rushing

      Dive at 2:00

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    62. this is a name so deal with it

      Barca's defense was worse than my neighbors wifi password

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    72. C_LO_Express

      Barca Needs To Let Go Of Koeman He aint gonna give them trophies

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    77. NAVI

      Messi aka penessi

    78. TavAwesome Tao

      That first goal shows how trashy Barcelona defenders are 😂

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    82. VILJL

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    84. The More You Know

      Barce, please move on from Dembele. Idc you spent over $100M on him, it clearly hasn’t worked out and he’s shown next to no signs of improving. Please cut your losses and move on

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    89. Titus Tiger The world according to my view.

      Barca nowadays is a joke!

    90. Titus Tiger The world according to my view.

      That was never a penalty!

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    97. Ama Wane

      It’s sad seeing world class players playing for a team that has no idea what it’s doing. Griezman, dembele and messi could be at the top of the world but they are at the bottom and it’s not even close

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