2,5M zhlédnutí1 137 is on hand at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia where cruiserweight Jake Paul faces off with former UFC star Ben Askren. You don't want to miss what sent down immediately after the fights. Check it out!

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    1. CorreaFamily

      Imagine if it was a fair fight though like Askren shredded and with consistency in training. This Paul kid knows how to make a dollar but has a lot to learn about calling out somebody’s when he’s a nobody

    2. yeah buddy


    3. Josh

      Fair play to ben he left his pride at home

    4. Marco Hajetschek

      The only jake paul fight i wanna see is vs ngannou then the shit is over forever.

    5. Abel Cook

      Snoop dog won 2 million

    6. Matthew Woodward

      Both of them are annoying for different reasons the blond one was an idiot before he started fighting from CSsel videos I've seen and Ben I can't explain it he just bugs me a bit

    7. brandon hall

      This shit wouldnt slide fighting for real money in Rome...dont @ me

    8. Gs1905

      Like and claim you 1minute knockdown for 1million dollars cheque

    9. JSG1138

      Big payday but damn, should have been an mma match.

    10. Alaiddin Emre Özyurt

      He seems like a very humble and down to earth guy:)

    11. R GEN

      Not even a mark

    12. bodoti qwiu

      He finessed social media for a check 💯💯💯😂💪🏽

    13. FullsendRC

      Oh lol so he got paid to loose lol nice

    14. prettyboiJustin

      He looks pretty sad taking that dive, lets be real it sold 1.3 billion....let me say that again BILLION ...NOT MILLION.... and for you to be a LEGEND and walk away with only 1 million which in actuality is probably more like 900,000 bruh not really a W...jake made 75 million come on haha

    15. niduoe stre

      I think Snoop Dogg did more damage to the blunts than what Jake did to Ben 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Anthony Weems

      For you he got million dollars he won smh he was going to get that million if he won idc what you say if you ever competed in combat sports you don’t want to lose and especially be stopped he embarrassed trust and believe that that’s reason he brought up the money

    17. Prayer Black

      Likely Fixed

    18. Emily An

      hate the guy no matter what

      1. niduoe stre

        hate the guy no matter what

    19. I. Sorin Jiga

      What a failure. Jeez, I wouldn't train with him even if he'd pay me. Paper tiger. Shameful...

    20. Cndace Candler

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    21. mojave stalker

      Marketing stunt

      1. Emily An


    22. Biden Hunter


    23. Jon Stark

      *Jake: “How much money for you to-“* *Ben: “Yes.”*

    24. G3N3515

      *He showed everyone how to earn retirement paycheck.*

    25. Carl L. Lewis

      Good and amazing video

    26. ogrelord manager

      both ben and jake won, viewers whomst paid lost

      1. mikin lirou

        Public: Jake, fight Godzilla! You won’t stand a chance! Jake: knocks out Godzilla in 1 round Public: Yeah, but Godzilla never had a pro boxing match.

    27. Conrad Madden

      Bum a joke of a boxer

      1. mikin lirou

        He don’t care he’s standing there thinking when are these questions finishing so I can go spend this 1M for 1 minutes work

    28. mikin lirou

      Probably was watching the undercards on a tv in the waiting room by himself and then made 1 million in 1 minute. Walking away laughing and smiling with his wife. RESPEC

      1. NateTheKid Gaming

        Jake paul vs ben askren was the last fight there was no more undercards

    29. Martin Lehfeldt

      Why do so many people care what a loser thinks? Times have changed.

    30. Ask to seduce Miss

      hate the guy no matter what

    31. Bernard McMahon

      Big pay day, that money will eventually run out, but the clip of you ben taking a fall like that from a little bi*** punch 🥊 will be online for ever. #mortifiedforyou

    32. chrisanctus world

      All fake😡

    33. Charming nowhere to hide

      hate the guy no matter what

    34. Maggie Trupido

      😁😂♻🔰🌈🔥💧☂🌂⚾⚽💎 *Jumala osoitti rakkautensa meille lähettämällä Poikansa Jeesuksen Kristuksen, joka kuoli ja nousi kuolleista antamaan meille iankaikkisen elämän.* *Hän lupasi myös parantaa kehosi.* *(katso ylös taivaalle ja kysy häneltä)*

    35. dolimi jotoo

      hate the guy no matter what

    36. JollyGreenIan


    37. Chef Salim Recipes


    38. nijuo joing

      He don’t care he’s standing there thinking when are these questions finishing so I can go spend this 1M for 1 minutes work

    39. L K

      he looks so bored he just wants to go out and spend some of that money

    40. Family vacation

      ,, n,mmm

    41. annag cocl

      He don’t care he’s standing there thinking when are these questions finishing so I can go spend this 1M for 1 minutes work

      1. paul phoenix

        He is ashamed

    42. ZeroFunTV

      Public: Jake, fight Godzilla! You won’t stand a chance! Jake: knocks out Godzilla in 1 round Public: Yeah, but Godzilla never had a pro boxing match.

    43. Nilam Mishra


    44. shani yan


    45. Big Shlong

      One thing I can say about Ben askren is the mans got fantastic teeth

    46. iueudu dueudu

      this guy seems like such a nice person 🥺

    47. Joshua Quaid

      1 million in fight him

    48. lucan369

      Pro boxing.So legit

    49. Skylor Bornman

      Ben can’t win with all that on his mind

    50. shani yan

      His face doesn't even look injured that's hilarious lol

    51. Jake Valanski

      He looks guilty because he knows that there's such things like Honor ,Pride ,Dignity, Self respect & Sportsmanship that money or not there's certain things that he had before that he'll never be able to buy back. BUT HAY BEN YOU & UR FAMILY ARE RICH NOW I GUESS TO SOME PEOPLE THAT'S MORE IMPORTANT .🙈🙉🙊right😔

    52. CoffeeUnit

      apparently hes not a real fighter for losing for a nobody that just started.. that got to hurt lol

    53. Fit4Life Nick Zagorov

      That Jake Paul kid picked the biggest Wimp in Ufc and ko him. What an accomplishment!!!! You get zero credit from me dude sry.

    54. iPuRe TaLeNTz

      What a pussyhole especially getting knocked out by another ! And all his payday money is because of us !

    55. Smokey Tokes

      Totally fixed

    56. Phinix

      Lost a huge chunk of respect for Ben

    57. King uchiha

      All y’all talking bout embarrassing but when you get older a goofy ass reputation ain’t gonna carry weight when you die that reputation don’t follow you over to the next life man take the millions and eat

    58. Matthew

      Man that must be an ego hit and a half

    59. Show Off

      Real winner in life. Make 250k in 5 seconds. Then make 1 million in 2 mins. Ufc fighters should learn from him how to make money.

    60. cross 13

      Love it wat dick Ben give up you are shit it MMA

    61. vliduu zeeb

      He’s so chill knowing it was rigged but got paid well lol

    62. Carter Kelly

      He lowkey pissed

    63. mansonlamps

      It was a awful stoppage u gotta admit

    64. Jay Campos

      I mean its not a Official Record as a Loss, Money is W

    65. LiL Essa


    66. LiL Essa


    67. Colin Grossbauer

      would love to watch a MMA match between Jake and Ben. Ben would win.

    68. Slerpy Serpy

      Literally the worst fighter ever in my opinion. The fight was stupid also

    69. dexe gaming

      This guy not go to gym, not training and he doesn't even care about this sport, he good at wrestling not boxing Jake seem do really amazing on boxing he practices more and improve, he show to everyone that he can fight a atheIic, i think ben the guys who want money even know his ass got kick, you guys so stupid say owh is it worth to get humiliation around the world to get money? You tell me would you think that he already retirement want to go back and fought like owh I'm champion boxes this gonna be easy no, he would think nah I'm not even good at strikes boxing how the fuck I'm going to win this, well let do this for money, people mad about when we told Ben not serious about this match and it true, I appreciate the Jake Paul going to show he good at boxing but why would he picked someone that already retirement from wrestling do boxing? Why not fight someone do real boxing than champion in boxing or someone tha prove that you has the skill at the same lv as pro boxing? Well I like sports but this match is not a stage It just joke, Jake want to prove he beat wrestling champion in boxing and he succes other hand Ben want money even know it not much, he still got plenty, 1M is lots of money I think it fair.

    70. Class and Determination

      So many fucking excuses in the comments. People simply refuse to believe Jake won legitmately. Put your biases aside people.

    71. Viron

      I think Jake paid him to lose. Ben always held back and sorta knew he'd rather take the money since he's getting old

    72. NekoBoy_uwu

      I am pain the prophecy. I will destroy this world to end suffering and bring peace. As this is how our world coming too, i shall end it and mature our existence. *know me as P A I N* im now this world salvation and i will end this suffering

    73. Cloga T

      Ben is really out here collecting the most embarrassing KO’s in fighting history

      1. MAA

        More like collecting the biggest check


      A joke fought a joke for money. Whoopie shit.

    75. Matt Middleton

      He sounds drunk bro

    76. jesus alvarado

      We never heard of you. Get a couple dozen wins n then we ll see. How can this stats get so much youtube publicity.

    77. Sean Lowry

      I really wish he would have trained for this fight. I think it's pretty obvious that he didn't take this fight seriously. But on the other side of it. Jake Paul's undefeated record can't be taken seriously. This is the first actual fighter he has fought and it was set up for him to have the advantage being a boxing match. If he wants to fight MMA fighters and be taken seriously, he needs to fight them in an MMA fight or start fighting actual boxers. Until he does that his undefeated record doesn't hold an ounce of legitimacy.

    78. bob awesome

      500k for no scratches or bruises???? Shiiii, I would take that anytime

    79. TheUltimateGemini


    80. cqvio doli

      Remember back in the days when fighters had honor and pride?

    81. Alvin Pangan

      Thanks Ben Askew

    82. trea 10x

      he should go hide under a rock ... but at least he's paid.

    83. Nick Baker

      🤦‍♂️ what a stupid sport

    84. Paul Wilson

      Has he got no cartilage in his ears.

    85. Excess Gaming

      Bruh the people in this comment section need to chill, he got knocked the fuck out and lost to a guy in an up and coming career, just bc he's a youtuber doesn't mean he's a bad boxer. He trains and fights hard and he is clearly a good fighter

    86. Kris Sanders

      I’m still really annoyed they’ll continue say he got knocked out, when he got right back up in under 10 seconds. Lil Nate got knocked it. Ben knocked down

    87. big lez

      Where the fuck did the cardano comment come from😂😂

    88. To be honest I think it was a real fight. I don't think Ben would mess up his record just for some money

    89. Jordan Taylor

      Anyone who’s talking shit about Ben like he can’t fight would prob get knocked out just by him slamming you on your fucking heads

    90. ZzzheartzzZ zzzLesszzz

      Dogecoin vs Ben askren next

    91. Death

      Hes not smiling now is he it probably just hit him

    92. Jesus Velazquez

      Snoop dogg won 2 mil in over a minute 😂

    93. Ruben Vargas

      Jake paul is a wannabe Connor mcgregor

    94. Daniel R

      Id take free hits just to act like i got knocked out for that type of cash why not

    95. Jerry

      He built like a bag of milk 😂🥛

    96. Jerry

      Bens career is over 😭

    97. Mountain Man

      That man just got paid a million dollars ...he dont give two fucks what anyone says haha good for him

    98. Clementine

      Ben couldn't care less, hes effectively stolen a mil, theres a real winner in my eyes, idk about it being rigged like ppl r saying but ben defo played us all lmao

    99. Paul Brenning

      Boxing is boring and dead.

    100. TallicaMan1986

      I dont think Jake ever fought another "boxer" that can slip punches properly. Thats half of the sport right there. NBA, Wrestler, CSselr ain't going to be weaving and using real strats. They all just sort if went in with zero regards for the rest if the sport. Fight someone real Jake.