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    HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today I'm revealing the first Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection of 2020!! Introducing the brand new BLOOD LUST eyeshadow palette and full collection! Everything is LAUNCHING on FEB. 21ST at 10AM PST / 1PM EST! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL tea!
    ⭐ WATCH the BLOOD LUST MAKEUP TUTORIAL ▷ feat. Mmmmitchell
    🔮 Blood Lust Palette - 18 shades ($54.00)

    💜 THE GLOSS - $18.00
    Iridescent Throne
    Lord Star
    Wizards Glass

    ❄️ Extreme Frost - $50.00
    Choking on Ice
    ⭐ Mini Purple Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle - $52.00

    ❤️ Fashion & Accessories -
    Crown Hand Mirror - $30
    Lavender and Purple Glitter Star Hand Mirror - $25
    Violet and Mauve 63mm Grinder's - $20
    Purple Metal Straw 4-pack - $19.99
    Purple Cross Body Bag - $45
    Blood Lust Bomber Jacket - $60
    Blood Lust Windbreaker - $45
    Purple and Lavender Crown Dad Hat's - $25
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    1. Noo Noo Sizzle Pancake

      When I was younger I thought she was actually born a women lol

    2. Hailey Payne

      Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please! 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

    3. Emy

      Okay i know that he is in a lottt of drama but we cant say that his palettes are so cool

      1. YSL Green Tea

        except for orgy.. which was a flop.

    4. Yussra Waseem

      That's cool❤️🙂👍......

    5. animals lover animal lover

      She's right

    6. wildsara83

      I gotta get one of my daughters one for Xmas

    7. wildsara83

      Omg it's georgeous

    8. wildsara83

      Hi hun I'm new and from Australia and my daughters love ur pallets and I need to know where I can buy all this stuff

    9. p e a c h y c h a n

      2020 is gonna be crazy'' Bitch- how - cOrOnA vIrUs

    10. Jennefer Welch

      I just got this palette today and can't wait to try all the colors. It is so pretty. I'm so excited!

    11. Desirée Hayles

    12. Daisy Xa

      Anybody know what his heels brand is? 😭😭😭

    13. madelin smith

      my 27th time watching this

    14. гений хотьбы

      Why does he look so disgusting? ... 🤔

    15. Virginia Bushnell

      This palette wasn't for me, but I gave the palette to a girl I work with, and the final look was amazing on her!!! So it got use. 💜 She was seriously so happy too.

    16. Shane Tallon

      I want this outfit ! Wig & pallet !! Of course Gawd I need !!! Please help me🙏🏻🤞🏻

    17. Shane Tallon


    18. nissien loves makeup

      Jeffree release a GREEN pallete

    19. lex fontenot

      ‼️‼️ please help SWLA‼️‼️ Louisiana has been destroyed by a hurricane. i know how much you love to give back! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE PUBLIC TO SEE‼️‼️‼️

    20. Tomura shigaraki kawaii anime Kitty

      OMG I love jeffree star hair❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21. my Scene

      Vile serpent, betrayal? Mmmmm

    22. sana naeem

      Jeffree: 2020 is gonna be insane Corona has entered the chat

    23. Glam and Fab Queen TV

      So elegant and classy packaging😍 I'm impressed. Other brands need to level up.

    24. Glam and Fab Queen TV

      Insane indeed😁

    25. Sarah Maysky


    26. Jacky Boy

      26:12 Jeffree: *pIeCe Of Er... KiT kAt* Me: *eats a kit kat while i watch

    27. Jacky Boy

      18:43 *hI hAnD*

    28. Jacky Boy

      7:34 LMAO

    29. Sally storm

      The Packaging is soooo royal!!😍😍😍

    30. Kelie Alzerkani

      Ok i love the make up but the Best part of the whole video... "Part of a kit kat"....same jeffree same...

    31. Riley Grissom

      Anyone else just watch all his collection reveal videos because why not ?

    32. Manju Sharma

      Nice and good

    33. entropy22

      Am I the only one who forgot this palette existed? And its only been 6 months..

    34. Soumya Shree

      This is odly satisfying

    35. Balm Trees

      Anyone else see the blob next to the chair

    36. Bernadette Ray සමූහයේ අවසරය ඇතිව වෝර්ප් අවදි වීමේ ඉඟිය නොදැනුවත්ව සොලිටන් අනුනාදය

    37. Jennifer da Fonseca

      this is just ugh wow😍😍😍

    38. Tamara Mihajlovska

      The best makeup artist

    39. Jimmy Coxx

      Hiii everyone i just uploaded a brand new video and it would really mean a lot, thank you angels mwah !

    40. Alexia Jobe

      He jiinxed us....😭