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    Part 5 of J. Cole's series; created by Dreamville. The fifth installment documents Miguel reflecting on music and people.
    The site will feature unique, personally curated content each week leading up to the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album Born Sinner.
    Be sure to check back at for more Born Sinner stories.
    Born Sinner Available Now:


    1. Damian Martinez


    2. Aj C

      You two got a vibe. J cole and miguel your my favourite artists. I've been through some shit but you guys make me believe I can overcome some deep things. Nothing but love and positivity x

    3. Deuce Legend


    4. I Love Chicago

      It sounds like Lit from Dreamville artist Bas!

    5. Ron Helms

      run and long jump champion

    6. Fancy Pleb

      he would look like a diff person if he buzzed the top of his hair

    7. van chi

      karate kid lol! Daniel Son!

    8. Nate Grace

      Already leaked!

    9. ATL8U

      REAL TALK! ! !

    10. ElFamoso Art

      Born Legg Dropper!

    11. jafette1

      The fool who said "sponsored by WWE" you are hilarious lol

    12. Ossama Harchi

      idk what 2 say, it's too much for me to describe this artist as a person as a philosopher as everything

    13. Roger Aguilar

      Damn heard the album leaked already but im gonna try my hardest to wait till June 18th so when I purchase it it makes it that much better.

    14. songwritersgalore

      Sponsored by WWE

    15. D D

      FUCK, which song is this.

    16. AMac/ Rain

      Born Sinner Will Rise Over All Cole World!!!

    17. chorizoman805

      I agree this is real. Great series and just got my iTunes card to preorder

    18. Derivia94

      Miguel still sounds like a kid.

    19. Kojo Dadzie

      What are the pianos playing this time...

    20. Sushila

      These episodes are such an inspiration. I learn more from these video's than from school

    21. Michael Cobbs

      Nicely spoken Miguel

    22. Michael Cobbs

      Nicely spoken Miguel

    23. Jesse Darwin

      Corn Dinner

    24. LightninStar13

      Born Kicker

    25. Josh O

      get outta here

    26. K3nzie

      as much as i love Miguel the leg drop jokes get me everytime

    27. Jesse Darwin

      Don't forget to buy Yeezus June 18.

    28. Rocky Balboa

      June 18....