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    Part 7 of J. Cole's series; created by Dreamville. This weeks episode features Dreamville patriarch Jermaine Cole as speaks on creating music and the current climate of Hip-Hop .
    The site has featured unique, personally curated content each week leading up to the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album Born Sinner.
    Be sure to check back at for more Born Sinner stories.
    Born Sinner Available Now:
    To be continued...


    1. evelyn her

      This album touches my soul on another level! I love you Cole, hands down my favorite rapper ever!

    2. cloudscholar22

      Thank you Cole! For always keep it 💯💯💯💯 win, lose or draw!

    3. Texas Forever

      I play this every morning

    4. Andrew Poor-Bear

      Very smart human being

    5. ᴀ x ᴏ ʟ ᴏ ᴛ ʟ

      15th of the month and im just now paying mohammed said the rents due on the first

    6. One Goal Different Dreams

      Here in 2019! This era was my favorite from Cole.

    7. I Love Chicago

      This came out 6 years ago and I’ll never forget watching this online when it first dropped. It’s still inspirational 🙌🏾

    8. Leake SHILI

      Beginning of this year I thought I had it all figured out. End of January I left my job coz it was killing my soul. As I write this I'm in my parents home, I'm regrouping. Thank you J. Cole and the Dreamville team for motivating us who are upcoming. You make us believe in ourselves. We're all born sinners, but we'll die better than that.

    9. Forest Robinson

      Listen tu this everyday, life tu real right now yo, my name Robs Inferno rememBer the name, I'm shake somn up I promise. #410

    10. Mo R


    11. Meechie Detroit

      2018 still listening to this

    12. Daisy Vega


    13. Daisy Vega


    14. Daisy Vega

      Help meeee😭😭😭😭😭

    15. Daisy Vega

      Help me 💔

    16. Daisy Vega

      Where's Kanye 😭

    17. Daisy Vega


    18. Daisy Vega


    19. Daisy Vega


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    22. Daisy Vega

      Hurry bitch

    23. Daisy Vega


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    28. Daisy Vega

      Now.. lol

    29. Daisy Vega


    30. Daisy Vega

      Not lolz

    31. Daisy Vega

      Get it

    32. Daisy Vega

      I'm choking on a peanut as we speak

    33. Daisy Vega

      Where's the cake

    34. Daisy Vega


    35. Daisy Vega

      9519074006 and who's picking me up?

    36. Carlos Muller

      So that's who he was talking about on Everybody Dies

      1. AC

        Back in Mohammed crib, nigga top floor

    37. Gibran

      thank you Mohammed!!! u gave us Cole

      1. Ito Mario

        Gibran yeah

    38. Andrea Lopez

      This man is so inspirational.

    39. Fabian Ahmad

      payin 1700 for the rent money well spent no heater but nigga made heat may i vent...

      1. First Name Last Name

        had a thing for ya. Even wrote the song " Dreams " for you

    40. George J

      Does anybody know the name of the piano song at the end or the sample? That shit cool

      1. First Name Last Name

        Born Sinner. J. Cole

    41. Jovani Martinez

      Mohammed is real cool dude i met him at my job we work together, real humble guy has a good heart, I'm definitely going to show him this video

      1. Vivek Thakur


      2. 87caine

        @Jovani Martinez too what country is Mohammed originally from??

    42. KJ

      The Born Sinner instrumental in the background gives me the chills..just too real

    43. KJ

      Need him to do this every month for the fans...always listen to this before I go to sleep

    44. B Park

      I'll never stop listening to this!

    45. MostlyDeadPoet

      i listen to this everyday.

      1. Eochs 584

        All of these speeches and excerpts are inspirational FrFr

    46. danielle jcoleLUV

      Beautiful person

    47. xxxLUVFREESPIRITxxx

      ....back when i was sleepin at mohammed crib payin 17 hundred for the rent money well spent no heat... thats why i love jermaine he tells me true stories with his music

    48. Niyaz Ahmad

      I always come back to this. Cole never fails to inspire. Greatest rapper alive & Born Sinner is a CLASSIC!

      1. Angel D

        I'm here looking at ur comment from 6 years ago and now its 2020 DAMB

      2. Joanna

        Awesome, I like your pic 2! J Cole inspiring

    49. tank1280

      Dollar and a dream tour bus , can't believe I got to be in their ..

    50. simon hyun

      that instrumental.....

    51. Jonathan McGraw

      The 1 person who hit thumbs down is a dick.

    52. HatersCatchMyFade

      Bruh. That shit bout MJ and LeBron is soooo true. I feel that same way everytime somebody brings up that convo. Lmao

    53. Evelyn Lopez

      cried while watching this... love you Jermaine!

    54. Juan Lozano

      Amen for cole

    55. Alexander Sapolu

      Hes the best out there Keep it real

    56. Dailet Betancourt

      I love him so much

    57. LyssaTootrill

      I loveeeee you Cole i'm crying !

    58. Dolly D

      im crying!

    59. Jeremy Allday

      Young nigga wit his jeans low...nice guy just got a mean flow

    60. Kimar Cain

      you gotta put big krit in one of these

    61. bluefuzzypeach

      Inspiring story. Would love to meet Mohammed.

    62. Lona.

      This is for the skeptical music lovers who don't really believe there are good undiscovered rappers on're wrong. I write songs, perform live, and put my money behind my music. I just turned 16 and I'm in high school trying hard to make it. I'm good and I'm confident in my music as well as my abilities. Sooner or later I'll stop spamming..once I get enough subscribers and a good size fan base but until then I'm going hard in every way possible. Check me out. You wont regret it.

    63. Mavyn

      That is whassup man...heart felt. Seriously. We gotta get a Mavyn/JCole collab crackin. Check me out!

    64. Kevin Jones

      Dollar and a Dream. That's all a nigga got so if its bout that cream then I'm all up in the spot

    65. Turki Al-Eisa

      i bet he has stacks of that rent money now

    66. Stephanie zen

      Amazing , this is such a touching story.

    67. FTL RADIO

      All this started with nothing but a dollar and a dream. #ColeWorld

    68. itseman2


    69. simon hyun

      DAMN that piano/synth instrumental of born sinner is so good. i need it

    70. Hunde söhne

      Gotta thank Mohammed for j.cole !! Hope he can See that video. Shout Out to him'

    71. Tnice2nice

      Thank you Mohammed

    72. Felicia Menal

      A real inspiration.

    73. Izell1995

      mannn fuck XXL this a CLASSIC!

    74. thecandyylover


    75. N. Collins

      what are you running from Son?

    76. Driven Potential

      Shout out to Mohammed!

    77. marilize it

      and you're a shallow piece of shit.

    78. HU₵₵I

      real as fuh

    79. Pauline Hope

      wat the fuck was that!!!am nt gony bitch no more,Bt a don't like it at all!!!lol.

    80. TonyDirects

      Truly Inspirational!