Brad Marchand on Zdeno Chara Leaving, Patrice Bergeron and Bruins Chances in 2021

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    Brad Marchand met with the media after Day 1 of Bruins training camp.
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    1. D WS

      You are a thriller to watch every shift on ice Brad. Hockey is your game .

    2. Ignignokt

      I’m just here to see the haters whining. Unofficial roles are something that makes hockey great. Love him or hate him, he’s a very effective player. You people that came here just to talk shit probably have knee high grass and a wife that needs some attention.

    3. Beam Doctor

      The voice of the guy asking Brad how do you feel that Chara was moved on? His voice sounds like Don Sweeney. Brad gave the professional answer. So he not on Dons trade list .

    4. chelten jones

      A Jacob Blake supporter

    5. Boston Marchand

      I am your cousin my last name is Marchand

    6. Tony Belveredere

      It will be weird not seeing chara on the team . I can't wait to be able to watch a game again . I miss hockey of all the sports .I can't understand all the haters that come on bruins videos . All these haters would love to have brad marchand on their team .

      1. Rachel Mayer

        Missing our true leader.. It was nice to come up with a W the other night though

    7. Ron M

      Who cares what this fool has to say. Snake player. 👎🏻

    8. Marek Rafaj

      Chára Better Captain in Nhl

    9. Shore Sy

      Heard from guys that played Juniors with Brad that he’s actually just as big a douche in real life as he appears on the Bruins. He’s a great player but not a person

      1. Gary Coggins

        @Mattblaze1477 Well said Matt. You can see how much March's teammates love him. He got a bad rep during the first part of his on ice career, but he's a totally different person and player now.

      2. David Yates

        He's a douche bag. Dirty player.

      3. Ignignokt

        Why are you social justice minded bitches all whining about off the ice behavior, or if you like or don’t like someone’s attitude? Stop looking at it through the eyes of you’re less than satisfied spouse. I can almost understand someone whining about low hits and “being a dirty player” even though he fills a historic role in hockey. But why do you care if he pisses on the toilet seat?

      4. zizzinpuss

        @Shore Sy Not mine, I still have my man crush

      5. Shore Sy

        @Mattblaze1477 did I burst your man crush there pumpkin

    10. Shore Sy

      Hey Brad you’re going to get the shit kicked out of you without Chara around. It will be extra special if it’s Chara that does it

      1. Gary Coggins

        Tell us how Marchy hurt ur feelings😎

      2. Rick Leblanc

        I'd love to see that !

      3. Ignignokt


      4. Kylez McGee

        Ikr, lol

    11. red rum

      Tired of Brad the Rat, hes overrated just like the whole Boston team lol

      1. red rum

        @D WS Lol winning regular season games dont mean shit when you cant win the big one Bruins have lost the last two championships they have been in and got whipped every game lol

      2. D WS

        Trash talk from the safety of your moms bedroom closet is real cheap redrum

      3. Ignignokt

        @red rum You must be fun at parties.

      4. red rum

        @Mattblaze1477 Let me put this out there , so you can stfu. Depending on a old Brad the Rat and expecting him to put the Bruins on his back all year asking for injuries! Also the Bruins have lost the last two ships they have been in and got brutally dismantled by the Lightning last year lol . You can cry all you want that Poop-a wasnt the starting goalie but if he was it would of been way worse lol

      5. Mattblaze1477

        Bruins played their first game last night, Guess who put the entire team on his back, Thats right Mr.Marchand. Bruins win 3-2 in a shootout, Marchand with a goal and assist in regulation and the only goal in the shootout to win the game for Boston. Let me put this out there also just to shut everyone up, Since the 2015 nhl season there are 3 players with more points than Brad, Mcdavid, Kucherov, and Draisaitl. He is one of the best hockey players on the planet and calling him overrated just makes you look foolish.

    12. Ann Carnrike

      Love you Brad. I miss hockey. Glad your good. Here's hoping Patrice gets healthy too.👍

    13. Zap Zeus

      So.....Brad REALLY likes Bergy.

    14. Dave Peach

      God Love Marchy.

    15. Clay Nickerson

      Imagine if Brad had decided to be a hockey player his entire career.