Brighton 1-3 Chelsea | Reece James & Kurt Zouma Goals Sink Brighton | Highlights

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    The Blues are back for the 2020/21 season with their first Premier League match of the season. Watch the highlights from Chelsea's Premier League trip to Brighton.
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    Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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    1. Roni Kurniawan

      KEPA LoL

    2. rsn2


    3. Afsomali Tv

      Chelsea bravo I love Chelsea

    4. Oboro Folusho

      To be honest as much as we won this match the victory was not comforting there was a lot of uncertainty which was over exposed in Liverpool's game. I still cant understand how Leeds from relegation gave Liverpool a tough time and we struggled the whole game. It's surprising. I must repeat that that back pass game/possession football was annoying. They kept on going for it even when it wasn't working and kepa couldn't control the tempo of the game, just always rushing and not calculating, then his mistake. I think we need players that can think creatively and read games to switch up play when pre-planned methods aren't working, we seriously lacked this in our Liverpool game. Frank please fix this, I feel like losing is part of the competition but not losing without being competitive to cause enough problems for the opponents.

    5. Joanna

      Kepa shouldn't be the goalkeeper of Chelsea. He doesn't bring security in his zone. He always hesitating.

    6. Javan Omondi

      it was a great match

    7. alies elie

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    8. hen ko

      Cheek is not enough to start - Our defence is still a problem - In case we play long ball, Giroud is a better choice. Werner is for through low ball - Man of the match: James

      1. Joanna

        Kepa 'the type of guy that calls 911 and ask for their emergency

    9. Epin Pino

      Mantab Luuuuur SEMARANG HADIR

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    11. Nico X

      What is this loud horrible music in the background. Just lemme see the highlights man!

      1. hen ko

        Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?

    12. Susan Andoh

      What a goal by james

    13. ethan maina

      Chelsea. Sucks 3-1 NOOOOB

    14. shahid shibli

      Frank Rijkaard or Jupp Heynckes is the right man for Chelsea coaching.

    15. Cassie

      Kepa shouldn't be the goalkeeper of Chelsea. He doesn't bring security in his zone. He always hesitating.

    16. paul stewart

      Brighton .aston villa .fulham. for relagation 20/21season

    17. Koko Islam

      Trending vidio in indonesia

    18. The Walkthrough

      is this recent?

      1. Cassie

        injured. Let's get behind him and build his confidence again. Up the blues. 🔵


      Good job👏👏👏👏

    20. tapiwanashe chakwizira

      Background music is lit💥💥

    21. vliduu zeeb

      injured. Let's get behind him and build his confidence again. Up the blues. 🔵

    22. Rewa Maina

      The mighty Chelsea.Who agrees?

    23. Sicky Beats

      Kepa 'the type of guy that calls 911 and ask for their emergency

    24. M Unique Tech

      Like this game

    25. zuygj bnsv

      injured. Let's get behind him and build his confidence again. Up the blues. 🔵

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Backsound, why?

    26. Wahyu Ferdianto

      Itu thumbnailnya siapa se

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      1. zuygj bnsv


    29. woiour loin

      Who thinks the defence was extremely solid if kepa didn’t concede so easily from long shots it would be a clean sheet

      1. serdy ximi

        0:50 I love you. And you?

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      1. serdy ximi

        ఆ ఆi love u girl

    31. Fast and the furious

      I knew it we will win And also we will win the league Who agrees please like Who dont agree please comment

    32. CKY COOK


      1. woiour loin

        Werner played good he was so fast and has outstanding goals and pace

    33. annag cocl

      injured. Let's get behind him and build his confidence again. Up the blues. 🔵

    34. Yudi Rahman

      Bad kipper

    35. Riezqullah.

      Gua fans M.U gapeduli gimanapun dia musim ini , pokoknya CHELSEA WAJIB JUARA PREMIER LEAGE MUSIM INI!!!!

    36. mnika voli

      Fantastic game..Let's not judge Kai..Hopefully he will adapt ASAP

      1. annag cocl

        IGNORE THIS ... AMIN ,,,,,

    37. Jefvizal Sanjaya


    38. Geraldmay1515 Gerald

      Timo werner is a nice player

    39. Our Fact

      Backsound, why?

    40. Sizwe Ngutshane

      Poor Kepa. Feel bad for him.🙄

      1. mnika voli


    41. Kidal 13

      All my classmates love liverpool but i like chelsea

    42. cmk design

      Let's celebrate happily against Chelsea!😁 @MN30

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    44. Lucille Gamble

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    45. Hie Mon

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    47. serdy ximi

      Werner played good he was so fast and has outstanding goals and pace

    48. Jan Wizzarak

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    49. Truth Defend

      Kovacic i think can be better than RLC

    50. John Abraham

      So come on Wilfred bony

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    52. Yeni Zharazwati

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    53. misuyy fong

      After being sponsored by three all they do is score 3 😂

    54. Adam Yuniawan


    55. Ashwin Gopinath

      Please don't use the song in the background, choose another one if u have to. No song at all will be perfect xD

      1. heleena wow

        Finally someone it always makes me fear the music especially when we we lose or draw

    56. haroon ahmed

      CHELSEA need 2 defensive fullbacks; if Alonso [played mostly midfield] and Reece James [played midfield/ striker] do that against LIVERPOOL ,CHELSEA can forget about title hopes;Andreas Christensen was the best defender against BRIGHTON nobody even mention him .Maybe Andreas Christensen should score a goal then he is the best defender in the world.

      1. misuyy fong

        chelsea beast team : warner hudson odoi - havert - ziyech kante - jerginho alonso - zouma - cristensen - azpilicueta

    57. Nowitzness

      its like playing Havertz as a Goalkeeper. He is not a RW ffs Lampard ..

    58. Αρσενικός

      Kepa with same mistakes over and over again

    59. Zayn Mallik

      Kepa Is the type of goalkeeper who makes normal strikes looks like world class

    60. Neza Fauzan Hakim [OFFICIAL]

      It's true about the player's move that a little bit is true and a lot of it isn't true .. The proof is that Jorginho is not going anywhere, still in Chelsea and believed to be the captain in this match .. Go the blues we win 🤩🤩🤩

    61. Arief Fajar Pratama

      Yang Dari Indonesia like

    62. chandra simanjorang

      Kepa kepa kepa

    63. senni bgon

      Kai Harvertz should play attacking number 8.

    64. Johnstone Kennedy

      remove the music

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    68. Đark Çhïłđ

      Liverpool is waiting 😌

    69. Kalpesh Kale

      Brighton's goal was good strike, there was no fault from Kepa. Hope he will continue as No 1 for us. Alonso should be replaced

    70. Rams

      15 on trending in indonesia

    71. dr. SMILE

      chelsea beast team : warner hudson odoi - havert - ziyech kante - jerginho alonso - zouma - cristensen - azpilicueta

    72. Mohammed Hassan


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    74. I know I am wrong but

      What's the name of the background score????

    75. sony 63361

      GK please

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    80. Tukang Komen

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    86. Papitas fritas

      That goal James, just amazing...

    87. Jfbx Idbxbd

      Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m

    88. Bracuk Buduh

      Lampard like player hansome

    89. Amilia Catur Saptya Wulandari

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    90. Liza Umamah

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    91. Liza Umamah

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