Bruins @ Capitals 3/3/21 | NHL Highlights


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    Extended highlights of the Washington Capitals at the Boston Bruins

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    1. hoiy vinosa

      Tommy boy Wilson getting good looks and kuzi not being a lazy bones lol Let's go caps 👏

    2. gioyu comi

      Finally no cut in Shootouts! :)

    3. dolita windo

      I liked the part when Ovi doink'd that bruins player.

    4. Richard Wolfe

      Poor Dave portnoy

      1. hoiy vinosa

        I knew the Caps goal would get overturned. They lose every single 50-50 call.

    5. Mike Jones

      one of the best low scoring games of the season!

    6. Tom Mclaughlin

      Bruins look shaky albeit against a team of tough crafty veterans on Washington. Still have some Karen syndrome going on with Bruins culture. Not surprised with a Cassidy team as was evident with the shot to the nuts Frederick took with no response from the Bruins.

      1. dolita windo

        V2 baby

    7. Bigok Anbals

      this game highlighted our weaknesses. we dont have any defense (i.e clifton leaving the center of the ice open) and also a lack of depth scoring. gimme forsberg and rakell and maybe ekholm and giordano and that might fix it

      1. gioyu comi

        Good game Washington Capitals and tough loss Boston Bruins!

    8. Everest Tommy

      I think they screwed the capital's on the 1st goal

    9. Matthew Devine

      bruins just dont know how to win a shootout do they...

    10. Kevin Ford

      It feels like this is first time at least 3 years the bruins have won a challenge. I wonder what the actual ratio of Goals called back / Challenges lost the B's have since they beat Toronoto in game 7 all those years ago. I'm willing to eat a shoe if they are not in the top 3.

    11. Maritza Rodriguez

      God bless you

    12. Mark Smith

      Nice play by Marchand to Pasternak on the regulation Boston goal. To bad the Bruins lost. This is shaping up like a playoff show down!

    13. Alex Miller

      Whats the names of the sports caster?

    14. James Jr

      IF the Bruins do not stick up for their "star players," they are not going far in the playoffs. The team has the talent, but they need a few more big players, to protect Charlie, Marchand, etc. Hope Kaven Miller comes back soon. Go Bruins.

    15. Ethen Belanger

      Anyone else click on this video just to see Ovi spear Fredrickson?

    16. freeduke98

      I feel great every time Bruins goons lose.

      1. olrik parlez


    17. Randy Ingram

      Simple two on one, goaltender has the shooter, dman shut off pass and takes the forward, backcheckers front of net.

    18. Poverty Spec

      I knew the Caps goal would get overturned. They lose every single 50-50 call.

    19. Jacob Hobart

      Good game Washington Capitals and tough loss Boston Bruins!

    20. Rob McMullin

      V2 baby

    21. wade bakstad

      Ove get $5,000.00 fine what a joke. Should be gone for a least 5 game NHL dropped the ball.

    22. Allen Zheng

      we want Zdeno Chara back. Big Z is the best.

    23. Tyler DuBois

      Why does Cassidy play Sean Kuraly in overtime? Is it just because he has speed?

    24. Eric DesRuisseaux

      no ones talking about the dirty cup check by Ovi, if that was Marchand people would be going crazy

    25. Joseph

      CzechoSlovakia :) :) :) :)

    26. Scorpius

      the NHL is the JOKE of the Sporting World! The Problem is ...the NHL KNOWS it is a JOKE....they just don't care!

      1. Bigok Anbals

        no its not baseball is

    27. Scorpius

      I don't like either of these teams but I was expecting a really good game of Hockey! Little did i know that the Refs were going to F up this one too! There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY the replay reviewers could determine even where the puck even was let alone be 100% sure the play was offside! Unfortunately this is the way the NHL now works..... it doesn't matter what happened on the ice, it's what they arbitrarily DECIDE what happened!

    28. Sharon Morales

      No entiendo inglés, pero me gusta ver estos partidos de hockey

    29. Daner winde

      Ovechkin *wouldn't* drop the gloves, rare. I think it's because of the respect he has for Chara's old team & mates; the memorial to Zdeno was awesome to see. I sincerely hope Big Z know's just how much he mean's to us, bringing us to 3 cup shows - and took 1 back home too Boston, therefore as a Bruins/New England native, I am forever grateful for Chara's sacrifice; and I know before long he'll be in the hall of fame for his accomplishments. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THESE 2 GO AT IT IN THE PLAY-OFFS!

    30. B Holt

      If boston doesn't get another big goal scorer. They are done!!

    31. probinson1us

      Great game. Only question I have is what camera angle did the officials have to reverse Oshie's goal? If they'd called it on the ice, fine, but there is no way to clearly say it was offsides after the fact.

    32. Brian Barry

      Why does nhl not put hits in these

    33. Northlander

      Hey Owen you slug , what happened to you!! bums ...

      1. B Holt

        Not over idiot!!! Your caps will chocke!! Remember the islanders???

    34. David Schellhase

      and that;s it good morning good afternoon and goodnight Boston

    35. MagenHildreth MagenHildreth

      The frequent dolphin feraly protect because furniture additonally confess except a youthful gliding. big, unwritten john

    36. Ilja Oblomov

      retire already chara.

    37. 24JAEC48

      Fredric is going after the big boys damn

      1. Joseph Smith

        Idiot, he has already fought Wilson. Do know anything about Fredrick? Jesus Christ you sound like a 5 year old. “My team best, everyone else is a stupid nobody@

      2. Benjamin Cross

        He may regret that next game. Wilson remembers these things and as for ovi? Don’t poke the bear

    38. Cottage Cheese 77

      That thumbnail tho

    39. TJATAW

      Hey @NHL, let's have the highlights with the winner's play-by-play crew, eh? Also, show the damn hits and chippiness, that's actual hockey that actual folks want to see.

      1. Fred Soh

        nah cause then it would spoil who won before the game ended, though I do wish they would add big hits and fights

      2. Stephan Papandrea

        This game was covered by nbc. Not the local networks

    40. steven lindsay

      Taxes, death, and the Bruins losing in a shootout.,,,

    41. holymackenaw

      I dont like Marchand, but 99/100 he is making the right AND precise play on these 2on1s.

    42. red rum

      Losing on home ice in a critical game seems to be Bruins favorite thing lol

      1. red rum

        @Eric ritari You're right, continuous overtime, which doesn't help. Bruins need shootouts

      2. Eric ritari

        @red rum no shootouts in playoffs so not really

      3. red rum

        @Eric ritari Its just an early way of telling you what's gonna happen in May lol

      4. Eric ritari

        It’s March, hardly critical. Let’s see what happens in two months

    43. Hootie Cwiek

      Man caps need to hit those open net shots 😂

    44. Matthew Hall

      So basically rask vs capitals

      1. Matthew Hall

        @red rum lol tf your problem?

      2. red rum


    45. vonTrzanowitz

      Finally no cut in Shootouts! :)

    46. Hardbone 45

      Beautiful to see Ovechkin playing at both ends of the ice! He gave it all out !

    47. jamie sayers

      Rask is often a divisive player amongst Bruins fans and I'll never understand it. The guy is an incredible Goaltender

      1. Mikey Man X

        Bruins fan of 27 years here. Rask is definitely one of the most hit or miss goalies we've ever had. There are times where virtually nothing can get by him, and other times he can't stop easy shots and makes questionable decisions in net. He's notoriously struggles in the playoffs too. He did play a solid game here, but he's just too inconsistent from game to game.

      2. red rum

        Not in the playoffs he isnt...

    48. 장현빈

      the clickbait on this vid is unreal

    49. Poverty Spec

      All hail the glorious Capitals!

      1. D Mend


    50. Gordie Wheaton

      Wrong game.

    51. R Jeffers

      These highlights didn't show all those scrums and especially Fredric trying to drop gloves with Ovi. Was Ovi showing mercy it backing down?

      1. Joseph Smith

        Benjamin... so I assume you think “Ovi” would “destroy” Tom Wilson too because Fredrick fought him and came away fine. Ovechkin fought some 140 pound rookie that never fights... why would he fight him? He was a nobody. If you think it is a coincidence he wouldn’t fight the guy that led the AHL in fights you are a moron. Ovechkin is going to have Wilson fight Fredrick. Wilson is the ACTUAL tough guy. He will do it, no matter if the guy is a 4th or 1st liner. Wilson has a pair of balls, that is why he wouldn’t spear someone in them.

      2. Elias Baldwin

        There was something like 8 minutes left in the third. It doesn't make any sense for Ovi to get in a fight and take himself off the ice for 5 minutes. It was the right call by him and I bet you that Frederic was trying to get him off the ice.

      3. I_Got_A_Rash_Man

        Fredric 6'2 203 lbs. Ovechkin 6'3 236 lbs. I'd give the advantage to Ovi. That's a stout 236 that he's bringing to the table.

      4. Ylorken

        @Benjamin Cross Yep, we saw what happened the last time a rookie tryed to play with ovi ^^.

      5. Benjamin Cross

        Ovi would absolutely demolish that guy don’t be ridiculous. Ovi is a literal rank who fears nothing

    52. Warner Hayes

      This feels like the 2nd round of the playoffs

      1. C

        @Shroom Grizzley yeah idiot, nobody has yet. We’re only halfway theough the regular season

      2. C

        Yeah I love shootouts in the playoffs

    53. MESpinach88

      Even though I'm a Caps fan, I think that this was probably one of Tuukka Rask's best performance against Washington. Even though Boston lost, there were plenty of amazing saves throughout the game!

      1. Thomas Dietz - WPM1C

        Tuukka has struggled against the Caps in his career but definitely not tonight he was on point.

      2. Shane Michaud

        That is honestly what scares me, I didn't get to watch this game, but from watching the highlights it was basically Rask keeping us in the game the entire night... We need to put way more pressure on them if we want to win a series against them this year.

      3. Urban Treasure Hunting

        He was insane.

    54. Alex sandström

      Eventhough Boston didnt win he carried the team lets go caps

    55. Philip Brodeur

      Marchand was the best player on the ice tonight. What a pass. Good luck to the caps, they’re gonna need it when playoffs roll around. What an old and lucky team. Nice flop Eller, lookin like a Canadien out there

      1. Bigok Anbals

        @Ben Wheeler ur probably a caps fan. Hope you enjoy having to rebuild for a decade when your ancient core dries up! and ovi isnt catching gretzky, nice try though!

      2. Ben Wheeler

        I knew I’d see some salty bruins fans in these comments😂 love to see it, good luck with your joke of a team

      3. Benjamin Cross

        Someone sounds mad, capitals are a strong veteran team they have the same chance the Bruins do

    56. James Alexander

      How did the announcers not even mention Tukka nearly getting boomeranged??

    57. Chris Berger

      Pierre mcguire is the ONLY person that calls tom wilson "tommy" wilson

      1. Poverty Spec

        McGuire is a dweeb

      2. Urban Treasure Hunting

        @Philip Brodeur pot calling kettle. Don't be a loser. 👌

      3. Caps Fan

        It was an interesting observation. No need to be snarky.

      4. Karl Tanner

        @Philip Brodeur I care :)

      5. BoT sLoThy

        @Philip Brodeur I care :)

    58. Adam Kuchař

      Boston is best

      1. Northlander

        at losing

    59. Adam Kuchař

      washinkton dont play hockey

    60. Mavtitan10

      VANECEK!!! What a game 💪👍 Caps looked strong defensively. They got a second wind as of late...looking like a young team out there *knocks on wood* Everyone is playing well. Tommy boy Wilson getting good looks and kuzi not being a lazy bones lol Let's go caps 👏

      1. Philip Brodeur

        Yeah, really late. Great D on the shootout! Oh wait...

    61. Zaylas Pelt

      What a game of two titans of the East. Congratulations to the fellow fans and legendary team of D.C. ALL CAPS!!! A equally great game from the fellow fans and legendary team of Massachusetts. Go Bruins!!! Hockey is so amazing, isn't it?

      1. Zaylas Pelt

        @Lemon That's all that matters.

      2. Lemon

        @Zaylas Pelt lol legendary team of Massachusetts I like it. Nonetheless like your attitude of hockey and just wanting a good game

      3. Zaylas Pelt

        @Bruinsfan28 It's simple, I'm a fan of Hockey, because I don't take it personally or seriously. It's not politics, it's not war. Haha

      4. Bruinsfan28

        Who are you even a fan of?

    62. Plumber1

      I liked the part when Ovi doink'd that bruins player.

      1. Dallas Colebank

        @Philip Brodeur Betweeb Frederic and Ovi, combined 715 career goals. Sure, Ovechkin has 713 of them, but still, what a great player Frederic is.. lol

      2. Benjamin Cross

        @Philip Brodeur ovi and wilson would’ve destroyed that kid you sound ridiculous. Also if it weren’t for rask ovi could’ve had a good 3 goals

      3. Pennywise

        @Philip Brodeur just take the L

      4. TJATAW

        @Philip Brodeur lol, who's fredric?

      5. Ben Wheeler

        @Philip Brodeur you gotta be kidding me man😂😂😂 comparing ovi to some kid that no ones ever heard of

    63. The Bool God

      Hang on guys let’s congratulate the NHL on FINALLY including the replays on the goal review

    64. Brad Wolf

      I own the Boston Bruins. - Eugene Kwok

    65. toddrobert38

      Bruins are the worst shootout team I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness playoffs has nothing to do with that nonsense

      1. red rum

        Winning the conference does.

    66. Johnny Topside

      DeBrusk needs to go. Hopefully the bruins can get something for him

      1. ayo

        he’s in a slump, but he is still young 20+ goal scorer. there’s no need to trade him just for the sake of trading him, and right now i don’t think the bruins could get too much in return.

    67. Samantha Garber

      Yay!! Another win we are doing amazing so far!!good Job Vanceck in the SO!!! And idk how that goal was offside

    68. Kieran Brown

      No wonder Rask said screw the playoffs last season

      1. red rum

        Tuuka 0-2 in the finals as a starter.

      2. Vil3mos

        @alex Yeah, pretty sure you would have scored.

      3. alex

        @Kieran Brown facts . If u look back at it idk why pastrnak went back hand instead of forehand and try to wrap around the goalie, he woulda made it

      4. Kieran Brown

        @alex he stood on his head and the team let him down.

      5. alex

        Bro tukka played a helluva game today best game This season

    69. Synthysizer

      dunno how they decided that goal was offsides on replay...

      1. wildwilie

        @Keith Shubes I didn't know you couldn't challenge those calls, that's definitely weird. I understand how getting multiple reviews in a game cant make it feel boring and drag on. But I'm of the opinion that I rather see the team that should win, actually win. I just don't know how to still allow call challenges without it hindering the flow of the game.

      2. Poverty Spec

        Total BS

      3. B Holt

        It was!!!

      4. red rum

        When the Bruins are beaten by the better team their fans always always always make excuse...always.

      5. wildwilie

        @Keith Shubes Like anything else, theres always a fine line that you have to try and find. Then balance on it. Hockey has changed a ton in the past 3 decades. Theres going to be good and bad that comes with it. Thats why conversations need to keep happening. Like I really think getting a penalty if the original call on the ice is good and often would prevent most challenges from happening since you have to be fairly certain the call was wrong. But no matter what changes happens theres always people that dont want it for good or bad.

    70. CanadianPartyLife

      amazing... this is how we need rask to play. absolutely beautiful

      1. CanadianPartyLife

        @Evanromano88 wouldnt say that

      2. Evanromano88

        Rask always plays good, every goalie has their off nights but he’s an elite goalie

      3. Batman

        @milo20060 Boston: "We don't do that here."

      4. milo20060

        Maybe next time having the team back him???

    71. Benjamin Cross

      What a physical, playoff-type game. If these teams play like this comes playoffs then goodluck to their opposition

      1. alex

        @Brady Babineau we were lucky to even get into overtime, tukka saved us many times.

      2. Benjamin Cross

        @Noah Sprung 7 game series for sure

      3. Noah Sprung

        I hope they meet in the playoffs it’ll be a fun series

      4. Brady Babineau

        @alex Tuukka played great. That one goal he let in was off a bad turnover, and there wasn’t much he could’ve done with Panik and Eller out in front. That save in OT on Orlov on that 2 on one was the save of the night I thought.

      5. alex

        One of Tukka’s best game this season. Oh my gosh he was saving everything from 1 on 1 deke shots to 2-1 give n gos

    72. bob boy

      big dub LGC

    73. JoeMama Mama

      Can someone please explain to me how you can get blatantly speared in the balls and walk off with an offsetting penalty? Makes no sense.

      1. Michael Moldovan

        @D Mend yeet

      2. D Mend

        @Michael Moldovan Relax 💀 don't give yourself a stroke

      3. Pennywise

        @Michael Moldovan cried himself to sleep last night.

      4. Bruinsfan28

        @speedyV It was a shootout, relax 💀

      5. Parizar

        @speedyV It was a shootout bro, we played well lol

    74. Bruins Fan63

      Welcome Back Big Z

      1. red rum

        @Bruinsfan28 Bruins fans should learn how to be humble. Losing the last two finals at home , in one series where Chicago won 4-2 doesnt look so pretty on the Bruins resume. Neither Leafs or Bruin fans should be confident about their teams, Bruins lose in the playoffs yearly 🤣🤣

      2. Bruinsfan28

        @Leafs Forever How does it feel to be on top of a mediocre division with barley any competition?

      3. Leafs Forever

        How does it feel to not bash the comments for a whole week lol

    75. Tony Lopez

      Second second

    76. Morgan Nowlen

      Jake the Snake VROBERTS!!!

      1. D Mend


    77. Paul Chace

      Gryzlick Thanks, jerk

    78. Flipper

      Vitek Vanecek came in clutch in the SO

    79. Hannah Chang


    80. Hannah Chang


      1. Hannah Chang

        @Luke M i actually am lololol

      2. Luke M


    81. Sea comic Yt