Bushcraft HACKS! Crazy Tent made from Plastic Wrap!

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    00:20 DIY amazing bushcraft tent from plastic wrap
    01:25 Splinter?
    01:45 How to cut your hair during a camping trip
    02:25 Handmade fish trap
    03:17 DIY outdoor sauna
    04:45 Helpful camping hacks and tricks
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    1. Sofia Mae Salaum


    2. Ulyana Croes

      0:29 как я нафиг найду четыре дерева вместе м?

      1. Ulyana Croes

        2:58 это нормально в морозе так купатся

      2. Ulyana Croes

        И как я вопще найду столько пленки если я возьму из дома меня убьют нафиг

    3. shadow ivo gamer

      Wtf of the tape become a relaxer maybe you will be stuck on the tape

    4. Nicole Ottersen

      Did no one notice the temp inside was 80c .....that would be 176 f. Lmao.

    5. シ•Sleepy_Lemon•

      You all know no ones gonna do this right? So what's the point of making this #5minutecraftsshouldbestopped

    6. Farhath Unnisa

      Second hack only waste of money 💰

    7. Kristine Ergina

      It's not safe drinking in plastic cellophane it contains chemical

    8. Ovi Kanawade

      Can u imagine how bad will that girls head hurt if she fells down because of that plastic tearing ???

    9. Rubiks cube

      Just so you know youre supposed to wear boots in the winter not sneakers

    10. Melissa Cooke

      2:59 who the hell swims in a bikini in the snow 😂💀

    11. Vanessa Patao

      too cool

    12. Mega Hindustan gamer

      Triggered insan should rost it

    13. Maya Sotelo

      2:58 who goes swimming when it’s snowing in the freezing cold

    14. Camila Rodríguez Castillo

      Mucho plástico muy malo

    15. winterstory life

      At 1:58 I was like is that a toilet when it was done i pause and I knew it as like OOOOOOOHHHHHH

    16. Leonie Mierau

      8:33 so Unnecessary 😒😅

    17. Talita Oliveira


    18. Faze XMicX _

      Yep I Definitely want to drink out of a empty toilet paper roll and a bag also why would you drink out of it whenever he clearly poured With a water bottle that you could’ve drank it out of

    19. 당근토끼Olivia

      아니 비닐인가 테이프?? 랩? 그거 겁나게 돌려 처 붙이네 여기기 환경 파괴 주범이었구만

    20. Andrea Mo

      0:35 that's a wast of plastic there gonna throw it away anyways🙄

    21. Jadiele Sousa


    22. Sula Helena

      Sua idiota

    23. Evelin Maloney

      1:14 there is something called a tent and plus that plastic wrap goes in the landfill

    24. Pancake The Rat


    25. Priyarthi Bagchi

      Lol for the plastic bed

    26. christine alessandrini

      well cool, you can do all those stuff with things that you absolutely never ever bring with you for a trek. Cool.

    27. Suna Kılıc

      Like wow

      1. bilinas mini

        What a waste of plastic 0:21

    28. That_jewel

      I'm sorry but who wipes there arse with 1 piece of toilet roll?

    29. Sander Mooibroek

      Not normal

    30. Sander Mooibroek


    31. Ömer Baskın

      Hiç türk yokmu beaa 🤦‍♀️

    32. Milky_muffin

      6:14 bruh it is going to pop ㅇ ㅅ ㅇ

    33. Hency Yadala

      For that 12 hours she wasted 😩that

    34. Shinesaran Kh

      Save animal you stupid

    35. Santi Cahyati

      That so cool👍👍👍👍

    36. Gggy Gfg

      Lâu rồi mới coi lại anh chị

    37. rudy alvarez


    38. Encha Codm

      0:31, that is such a waste, how are these hacks,

    39. 70s music-street

      0:28 ja huge Plastik waste

    40. WaFa AliSaHrIn

      I used to feel so useless but after watching 5min crafts i feel better about myself...cuz i know that I’m not the only useless thing in this world😂😂😂

    41. DaRkEnEd SkIeS

      What a waste of plastic 0:21

    42. YukioRzkI

      7:19 how dafuq

    43. Elif AL

      01:25 ula sitrec filme yazık la

    44. をとき

      日本人達、Cab h〇yの既視感で見に来たんだろ?おれはそうだ

    45. Awesome Tifa

      Uh i hate this yt channel

    46. Zanariah Rais

      4:30 Ever heard about istinjak?

      1. Zanariah Rais

        @Ayesha Haniya panglima melayu.... ... ... Yes i am

      2. Ayesha Haniya

        oh ur a muslim?

    47. ani_ r.1

      Plastic waste

    48. Mía Zoé MedinA


    49. Khalil Irving Bacungan

      there’s no intro

    50. Lana Alvarado

      Is it just me or am I the only one who watches theses videos when I’m bored Like REASLLYYYYYYYY bored

    51. Melinda Robles

      2:45 yup keep the smoke in

    52. Melinda Robles

      Ummm am l the only one to ask how does the first work?

    53. michalokable

      Yes... Let's bring 600 yards of clingfilm to the camping site

    54. Tatiana Echegaray

      0:18 clásico, vas al bosque y llevas metros y metros de plástico 😎🤙 1:48 lo normal, ir al bosque, llevar ladrillos en tu mochila con una parte de una llanta y prender fuego con un lanzallamas para cuando tengas frío, y obvio llevar un kilómetro de plástico, sin olvidar de que te podrías resfriar por el humo...TaNiOaMiKa 🥵🥵😳😼🙄🙈🧚

    55. Hannia Moncibaiz

      I Love your videos

    56. Hannia Moncibaiz

      Hello i am from México

      1. Hannia Moncibaiz

        Soy de México

      2. Hannia Moncibaiz


    57. Oskifilm

      Nice green screen.

      1. gioyu comi

        Su kış sa souk olması lazım degilmiyfi

    58. Andělka 123

      Hnus Hnus Hnus

    59. Our village


    60. Colton K.

      They waste enough money on plastic wrap to buy an actual tent.

    61. Makenna Urena

      Did she just go swimming in a lake when it was snowing and icy and freezing outside??????? I’m so confused

      1. IornFox YT

        Me too.

      2. Emek Mek

        cssel.info/video/video/14SAZJ7PtKBlmJo.html ,..

    62. Rodrigo Barrera Godinez

      Lo que más me sorprende es que está en vertical esta cosa xD

    63. Ella Brobäck


    64. MysticTheGod

      *every human on earth can manifest supplies whenever they need them apparently*

    65. Kod Adı: Roblox

      Wow 👏👏👏

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    66. turkan ibrahimova

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    67. Corsa Gorey

      Cool idea!😮😀

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    68. Noah Galaxy

      how tf girl can swim in that climate ;-;

    69. Noah Galaxy

      who human go in forest with syringe wtf

    70. a-m-i-t teper

      It's really polluting

    71. nurevşan dogan

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    72. Ateş Cudi Yardımcılar

      İlki mantıksıx doğada sş

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      Video have very very ugly cuality

      1. Our village


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    81. rusiana syfani 19

      Sayang sekali jika Anda ingin memiliki kulit yang masukin kamu padahal di dunia ini aku rusi temen ane yg lain yg lebih baik dari segi tiga misalnya kamu wa Caca kamu nggak tahu Caca

    82. Terēza Dukure

      6:13 1. Fun until those bags pop 2. Involves PLASTIC bags 🗿 3. Visco People will report this 100000% 4. Im visco SSKSKSKKSKSKSKSKS BADDD 🗿🗿🗿🗿😩😩⚠️⚠️⚠️🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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      I looooooooooooooove 4th graaade!

    84. Gasoline Ditches

      3:01surprise that she swim in the cold environment

    85. Lydia Tubillara

      Why did the girl awim at winter🤔🤨🥶

    86. • Xan •

      This was cool but we don't got this in the wild

    87. Charlyn Edem


    88. 강명서

      랩 낭비 아닌가...? 텐트가 있눈데...

    89. Jadson Bispo


    90. Wobochacha

      You wrapping that thing around the tree probably took awhile and then you just ditch it like it’s a piece of crap And you can’t drink out of a water bottle what is this sorcery

    91. Zuna_roblox Luna&Zara

      You have no pillow but yo have a pillow case.........?

      1. Zuna_roblox Luna&Zara

        @doire aintu what?

      2. doire aintu


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      In actual Bushcraft you don't have that stuff

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      U have a water bottle right there that is ment to allow u to drink from it

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      so THIS is why the stock for plactic wrap went down

    96. نوير سامي الدسوري


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