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    A brace from Zlatan Ibrahimovic saw Milan beat Cagliari! | Serie A TIM
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    1. Manuqtix Manuqtix

      I know why the stadium is empty, its because the fans are too racist.

    2. Miftahul Hidayah

      Allohuma sholi 'ala sayidina muhammad...

    3. uno Supriyono



      İbrahimovic GALATASARAY💖

    5. minij hooi

      ZLATAN came into serie a like “daddy is home”

    6. Gus Hansen

      Ibra is zlatanning the Serie A...

    7. Muki Sicario


    8. Cassie

      What's crazy is that he's been out for like 2 month. His form is unbelievable

    9. Charming nowhere to hide

      Well done babish?

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    11. Ahmet eren Arslan

      Hakan çağlanoğlu

      1. Cassie

        1:47 Why is there an offside line here? If you give a pass from your own half of the field, it doesn't matter if the player is closer to the goal from the penultimate player.

    12. Ali iswadi

      Serie A best player! The real definition of challenge!

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Nice collection!?

    13. adhi nahi pata


    14. Vadim Vodennikov

      Я всё понимаю, английский язык - интернациональный язык, но это официальный контент серии А. Здесь должен быть итальянский!

    15. chding zuure

      Ibra is an alien. At 39 years old, he's still running all the time, scoring goals, playing full time. Calabria also deserves credit

    16. dueeh nyyu

      Ibrahimovic the réal définition of âge is just a number

    17. seeriu ciihy

      Ibrahimovic the réal définition of âge is just a number

    18. nawaz hussain

      Zlatan is Zlatan

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    20. Şafak Güler

      adam hala atıyor ya 40 years amkq

      1. seeriu ciihy

    21. Bolia Fops

      Everyone is talking about Zlatan, but can we also appreciate Calabria’s performance tonight!

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Norse demigod Ibrahimovic

    22. Ahmad amirul

      In this year he 40 years old. But play like 25 years old 😂😂😂

      1. chding zuure

        Now they only need to prepare a successor for Zlatan

    23. Brimob 3A Pasadena


    24. I. P


    25. Darrell Brown

      Hopefully ac Milan win the title of the two Milan teams ac are by far with the richest history

      1. Bolia Fops

        Why did manu not keep him???

    26. Alibek Zhylkaidarov

      1:47 Why is there an offside line here? If you give a pass from your own half of the field, it doesn't matter if the player is closer to the goal from the penultimate player.

      1. Alibek Zhylkaidarov

        @Zlatan Armandovic Thanks a million!

      2. Zlatan Armandovic

        The rules say otherwise: The attacking player needs to start the run from his own half of the field and he won't be penalised.

    27. soniyu ziuy

      Serie A is the most entertaining league this year.

    28. Alejandro Rodriguez Dominguez

      the beast

    29. Joe Cox-Vowles

      I feel like what Zlatan is doing is more impressive than what Ronaldo is doing just because Zlatan is almost 40

    30. Rafael Lixandru-Boroghina

      San Siro should be called : Zan Ziro because Zlatan own everything! Forza Milan ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️

    31. Srdjan

      Oh... Injury got recovered from Ibrahimovic...

    32. senad neslan

      AC penal

      1. soniyu ziuy

        Serie A is the most entertaining league this year.

    33. XO Alif

      Now they only need to prepare a successor for Zlatan

    34. Phú Thiên

      Norse demigod Ibrahimovic

    35. Fredi Gogoli

    36. Fredi Gogoli

    37. Mohamed SYLLA

      congrats Serie A you guys are running the show.

    38. RasenRendan

      Milan will win serie A

    39. Delmark Brown

      Why did manu not keep him???

    40. Davidson Mark

      Bitcoin is 12k Invest now

    41. مدمر

      ألعشق ميلان متصدر الدوري لا تكلمني ❤️🖤

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    43. Nick Mckitton

      I'm 54 with one leg, but still could do a turn in Serie A.

    44. mijuo roui

      Human gets old but Zlatan!

    45. Gilbert Belt

      Ibra..!! 🦾

    46. Fahad Iniesta

      king ibra

    47. Sridharan S

      IBRA winning Serie A will be Serie A's greatest achievement

    48. Ashton Chikasa

      I came here to see Zlatan..who else??

      1. mijuo roui

        just did it for fun 😅

    49. צמחוני וקנין

      Scudetto will be on Milano like in the past

    50. COLESONS

      If Millan win the league this season no one gonna say he just win cuz he only join strong team of every league

    51. Orxan Huseynli

      If the flag goes up, that means the referee is offside, not Zlatan.

    52. Meccanica Verghera

      Ибра зверь, здоровья мужику, из за таких как он начал нравится футбол

    53. manohar singh

      Year 2100 : zlatan finally says goodbye to earth and humans and boards his space ship. He was just bought by an interstellar club

    54. pagnakaze

      Zlatan - Injury > Arroganaldo in serie A

    55. Rafael Bouet Gabriel

      Please let's have Zlatan back again to the Champions, stay healthy and finally reach the final and win it. He deserves it, that man is a true warrior who works hard.

    56. Nikorn Channel

    57. Livraria Bom Pastor

      Hibraimovic monstro🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    58. Zaragoza Sevensleepers

      Life expectancy becomes higher. Soon our children gonna see many footballers play still at age 50

    59. corinthiano sofredor corinthiano sofredor

      The besth player 39 years in teen in footbool

    60. assnw assnd

      Image when Zlatan becomes a coach.

    61. adams Kone

      The old wine is better

    62. Swole Monkey

      Zlatan probably the only person ever that has a stint in the US League and decides to comeback to the major leagues and still dominate. People usually go to the US to retire, he just did it for fun 😅

    63. Crisis on Earth

      "Zlatan doesn't need Goal.. Goal need Zlatan.."

    64. klea klea

      Zlatan dammi la tua maglia per favore, lo promessa a lui, eeeehmm( giocatore che si allontana dalla telecamera..

    65. Suleyman MOGAL

      Legend IBRAHIMOVIÇ

    66. angel toz


    67. Siddharth amin

      Zlatan made AC MILAN great again

    68. عرق النمر

      ميلان هو العملاق لأوروبا واريد ان ينتقم من يوفنتس فان محب للميلان مثل ما يلعبو بالكره لا تنسو ان يلعب ابرهيم موفتش و 7

    69. Red SNKR Box

      The stiff mist topologically spark because select exceptionally last up a industrious snow. dramatic, helpless millennium

    70. George Nuamah

      Zlatan legit has Benjamin Button Disease!

    71. Prod by. BLYAT6

      Ibra goat

    72. Борисенко Володимир

      What a pass from Calabria

    73. Neelavathi Manda

      Zlatan is back

    74. Rahmatullo Chorshanbiyiv

      Zlatan Ibrahimovic Milan şampiyon🇺🇿

    75. Mauk Eks

      Memang Milan sampai mampus

    76. de la Cruz

      pio... pio... pio...

    77. Red Nad

      3.1k comments on this video....95% of them talk about ibrahimovic 🙃 it became boring all that praising.. there's 11 player for ac Milan.

    78. Daniel Ferrara

      ZLATAN came into serie a like “daddy is home”

    79. Civan Yummy

      I love Milan coach character...both lookalikes...😍😍

    80. Iwan Kurniawan

      I Want See Performance Mario Mandzukic to AC MILAN MATCH LATER DUET WITH ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC

    81. Bruno da Silva

      Penalmovic at it again!

    82. Cedric Dublin

      Is he really 39 ???

    83. Darmawan Agy

      Tua"keladi . joss ibra kadabra .

    84. hoho hihi

      Give this man a decade contract

    85. Rizal Karkasuto

      milan so strong this season, champions ?

    86. Hafizi Akmal

      this is not Seria A league this is Zlatan league

    87. Tough Guy

      1:52 like father and son

    88. Leo Ba

      Milan, Manchester United waking up giants. I hope they see each other in UEFA cup final

    89. 吳鳳Rifat

      Human gets old but Zlatan!

    90. Samba- Sports10


    91. Michael Ogbu

      This VAR decision is top notch. I bet you if this was the EPL they would have canceled the goal

    92. Buyuk Iskender

      There will not be a football player like ibra in 500 years

    93. TST77

      IBRRA The King 👑👑

    94. Slava Ivanov

      Уважуха Ибре!!!

    95. Adil Husnain

      That is what was missing. That is zalatan's effect.

    96. Gianni Anniottanta

      Milan ♥️ 🖤 👍


      What a fantastic player calabria has become!? 👏

    98. TheWinni2011

      The true Best of 2020

    99. Cavad Kərimov


    100. Spam Spam

      I like the Cagliari Jersey