Carole Baskin’s Paso - Dancing with the Stars

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    Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov dance the Paso to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor on Dancing with the Stars 2020 premiere!

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    2. Art Tali

      Her facial expressions looks as if she's going to kill someone.....🤨🤔

    3. p m

      Wtf kind of bizaro society are we living in when we dress up and parade around a woman who should be under investigation for the murder of her husband. This is some hunger games ish.

    4. truthfullyours1

      Oh I get it! She was just playin'. Stawp it Carole!!! 😂😂😂

    5. niduoe stre

      Dude WHHATT is Joe Exotic thinkin when he hears “by the way Carole is doing dancing with the stars while you’re in prison” damn that’s gotta sting! 😬

    6. rainey bickers

      we all know that she is gonna get to the end just because she is carole baskin

    7. selbarton

      When did the Paso turn into smiling like a Cheshire cat on crack with a flower crown flower child with the maturity of an actual child? Last I knew it was aggressive and powerful not "Daddy can you dance with me on your feet?" Those big goofy smiles were reminiscent of a 4 year old.

    8. nickyms

      She's nuts and fed her husband to the tigers

    9. elizaaajane

      Why would you humour this trash by putting her on your show?? Boycotting this show now...

      1. niduoe stre

        Wish it was joe with a salsa dance

    10. Weebaku Wesnaw

      Not Y'all supporting a ✨probable murderer✨ 🙄✋

    11. David Janeiro

      So dancing with the stars has no morals

    12. Ve Zapata

      I have officially seen it all. This is the definition of CRINGE.

    13. S Mc

      Yeah she killed it.. I mean her husband

    14. Syafiqah


    15. printknight528

      Didn't she kill her husband?

    16. Yevgeniy Fingerman

      This is the trully best 2020 celebrity moment

    17. Ava Miller

      Chris Watts is jealous

    18. Keariss Gann

      She is horrible omg 🤦‍♀️

    19. Katelyn Hadada

      This was a bad idea

    20. Kenn Kenn


    21. Coco COco

      This is so stupid! Everyone knows she killed him she was just good at covering her tracks. If he was alive and seen she’s on tv I’m sure he would love to tell his side of the story, but it’s never going to happen because he’s dead. I’m so disappointed in dancing with the stars. I will not watch anymore.

    22. cece

      y'all these comments.... THESE COMMNETS... AHAHAHHHHAH😂😂

    23. glitter fireworks

      Wish it was joe with a salsa dance

    24. Laughter Dawg

      He’s next.....

    25. Hailey Grimmius

      This was not good. Not good at all.

    26. wakawaka1976


    27. Kim Shelton

      She had no rhythm just walking across

    28. buddha bops

      You put joe exotic in jail you monster you have your tigers in a cage

    29. JD Fox

      Why didn’t they play “Carole Baskin killed her husband whacked him feed him to tigers they snacking what’s happening Carole Baskin”

    30. Meshach

      I bet Joe watching from prison, screaming“that should be me not that b***tch” 😂

    31. Freda Kogan

      MY EYES....THEY BURN!!!!!!!!

    32. hot rat hot rat

      wtf 😭💀

    33. Aidan Heaney

      This is truly the hardest I’ve laughed in a looong time

    34. Orange Juice

      I just wasted 1:27s ok my life

    35. Kyll Vids

      This is the first youtube video I've seen with at least twice as many dislikes than likes. I would say the only one I've seen with more dislikes than likes, but I might just not remember

    36. Rich Young

      BAD is a bad word to use to describe this dance. Please list below better words that mean worse than bad.

    37. XxAqua_QuinnXx

      I wish she did carol baskin song XD there’s a crazy lady on the stage!

    38. Sean Hart

      She should have danced with OJ

    39. Black Loves Matter MLM ALM

      Free Joe Exotic!!.. You a murder Carol Baskine

    40. Maritza Pabon

      This was so painful to watch. Even after the dancing was over. When Tyra asked her a question and she just stood there-smiling-wondering what tiger was hungry... LOL