Christmas Love by Jimin


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    2. Jimin J7

      24.828.191 :)

    3. ƒlσωєя3

      Snow flower👀¿

      1. Chakshita Pareek


    4. Chakshita Pareek


      1. ƒlσωєя3


    5. ƒlσωєя3


      1. Chakshita Pareek


    6. Raen

      I love you jimin♡♡

    7. Raen

      How do you expect me not to melt when he says sobok sobok

    8. Raen

      Jimin is my comfort person. He's the person whom I'll always admire for his hardworks, passion, aura.

    9. Nisa Gul

      Wow I mean I listen this song everyday army let's make this song to hit 100m views we can do it

    10. Avril Vivien

      Christmas already ended, but I'm still here listening on this masterpiece

    11. Justin Jaden

      sobok~ sobok~~

    12. Chakshita Pareek

      MY LIFE💜

      1. ƒlσωєя3


    13. Leni Cahayaa09


    14. Lachimolala

      Saranghae Jimin ah

    15. sjsj j

      WeloveyouJIMIN ♡

    16. Marina Igamova

      24 823 083

    17. I'm obsessed with yoongi

      Jimin soft boy

    18. ƒlσωєя2


      1. Chakshita Pareek



      YOU ARE THE ONE! 💜

      1. Chakshita Pareek

        @ƒlσωєя2 💜

      2. ƒlσωєя2


    20. Lovely HH


    21. so-so life

      매일 들으러온다ㅠ 지민아사랑해ㅐ💜💜💜

    22. yui yui


    23. Anshara Rehman

      It's last feb and summer is about to come and I'm still stuck on this christmas song It's lovely♡(*>ω

    24. Es A

      Sweet voice jiminssi 🥰

    25. Jeremy Belmonte

      Happy Christmas jimin I love jimin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    26. Lovely HH

      24,818,814♡ Enjoy in JIMIN's singing and waiting the view Go up

    27. Isabel

      After listening to Fix You cover which I love, I listen to this because this fixes me.

    28. Fathima Beevi

      Let's get this song 25M today

      1. Genoveva Maciel


    29. 이성분

      크리스마스는 아니지만 이 노랜 크리스마스 아니어두 넘 죠앙~♡☆역쉬 쥐민쒸!~

    30. Susan O’Donovan

      Still listening...will listen all year! Makes me happy.

    31. Love

      Love yourself Relay2869

    32. Marina Igamova

      24 817 338

    33. Chr T

      I love you jimine


      The way this song starts is just mind blowing! ♡♡♡

    35. Samriddhi De

      Can't get over his voice

    36. Soni Lee-mbo


    37. 세상아!나도 알아

      지민아~ 나도 알아! 나도 사랑해~♡♡

    38. Cami Rose

      I always come back to this song whenever I'm feeling down. It brings me so much happiness, it's my comfort song

    39. Sharon Lo

      Our ears are blessed with this beautiful voice

    40. 문지영

      24814419 206

    41. Maria jose

      10 16 pm 24 812

    42. gok ao

      24 812

    43. Chakshita Pareek


    44. daniela estefania


    45. 김영애

      Jimin is lovely❤❤💛 Go to 25M ~ ❤💛

    46. Christmas Love


    47. Christmas Love


    48. Es A

      Jimin is love😍

    49. Ariane Oliveira


    50. Maricielo Mejía

      Amo amo amo, tan espectacular esta hermosa canción

    51. babyi'msorry

      this song is a blessing ( ◜‿◝ )♡

    52. BoyUnder

      Jimin has me in love only he can make me listen to a Christmas song in the middle of February. Park Jimin is our mochi with the voice of an angel.

    53. Sun soo

      25M soon Fighting☆

    54. Sun soo

      Love u JM♡

    55. Sun soo

      Jimin best voice ever♡♡

    56. Lisbeth Iza

      Jimin como quisieras que veas como muchos profesionales en la música elogiaron tu voz en la presentación de MTV en Blue & Grey y el cover de Fix You expresando que tu voz es única y maravillosa que cautiva los sentimientos de las personas

    57. Ji-min Park

      24.8M. +100k in 20hrs.

    58. magic_ shop

      𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐉𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐞𝐞 ♡︎:)

    59. Huyền Trang


    60. Raghad Army


    61. Christmas Love

      It's Friday morning yay~~ lemme start the day with Jiminie first 😁

    62. Dunitas Brotton

      24,804,248 BTS + ARMY we never walk alone. Together we are bulletproof

    63. Semih Lee

      Yetenek budur.

    64. พิกุล บุญขาว

      love jimin

    65. i believe in bangpink supremacy


    66. i believe in bangpink supremacy

      come back home

    67. i believe in bangpink supremacy

      vuelve que sin ti la vida se me va

    68. i believe in bangpink supremacy

      volvé 😭😭😭

    69. i believe in bangpink supremacy

      te extraño mimi😭

    70. DoYouKnow BTS?

      *sobok soboking* :))))

    71. Genoveva Maciel

      Jimin won on funplus 💜

    72. Raen

      I fall harder for Jimin every single second of my life

    73. Raen

      Thank you Jimin for being my singer- jimin's proud fan

    74. deedee シ


      1. Chakshita Pareek

    75. Елена Сиверцова


    76. Etedal Hassan

      Jimin stan 👇

    77. Jimin J7

      24.802.316 :)

    78. Marina Igamova

      24 800 917 где просмотры

    79. Jimin J7

      24.802.161 :)

    80. Chi Phạm

      I love you baeee

    81. 태평양

      오늘도 들으러왔다 지민 좋은노래 정말정말 고마워 💗 덕분에 매일매일 크리스마스 🎄

    82. As mm Afma

      Wooooooooooooooooooow jimin

    83. Marjory Vitória_599

      This song is perfect 😍👏

    84. CRAFT with SUHANI

      soon 25M!

    85. Park Lina


    86. Adot Degneh

      And your voice is 😁😁😁😁😁😁

    87. Adot Degneh

      Jimin I really love you your song make me wake up for dieinh😇🥺

    88. Lovely HH


    89. Genoveva Maciel

      Stream on all Jimin songs on spotify

    90. Cinthia Franco

      Bebé estoy esperando tu Mixtape con tanta emoción, enserio será un éxito 😍😍😍😍

    91. Don'tFight Don'tFight

      angel voice

    92. Seven Wings

      ilyt loml 🥺

    93. geluv

      I love you💘

    94. Mimi Javier

      I love you Jimin!

    95. Jona Azul

      Listening to this with LGO

    96. Jin Jin


    97. Maria jose

      8 18 AM 24 797

    98. Marina Igamova

      24 797 544 go

    99. Mi Gomes

      A voz do Jimin dá uma paz né? Bom dia!

    100. Rein and Ryuu Channel

      I love you baby