Daft Punk - Epilogue

Daft Punk

Daft Punk

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    1. Marian Ciocan

      2020 : let's hope 2021 will be a better year 2021:

    2. Mateusz Palczuk

      Fuck, so sad.

    3. Luca-The-Raptor


    4. Mohammad Shawakfa

      من الأردن كل الحب❤ love you, from Jordan ❤

    5. xXxRadicalDreamerxXx

      Home is where the

    6. Sven

      But why?

    7. Luthfee Senpai

      For all the teens,kids here,i hope in the future,you would tell the legacy of Daft Punk to your children,and hopefully your grandchildren

    8. Francisco Barros

      Thank you!!

    9. sanket kangane

      Thank you Daft Punk ❤🙏🏼

    10. celeste truloff

      what I wouldn't give for a final album

    11. relicanth1985

      gracias por tanto se lo extrañara su musica siempre me va a acompañar "digital love"

    12. mr ram

      Who want to be alive forever?

    13. BaKamilo

      Thanks for all

    14. Никита Овсянников

      Thank you for everything! You will always be in my heart!

    15. Nova Nyx

      I still can't get over this break up💔 I want them back or at least know if they are still good friends. Their friendship was so beautiful

    16. Nahuel Bulla

      La humanidad los amo no como a ese terminator

    17. niceguy

      How do people have the guts to dislike this video

    18. Lara C

      Words can not express how much I love and appreciate Daft Punk. I mean it when I say that, this is one of the strongest feelings I've ever gotten. You were there for everything. You take me places I can't be at right now. THEIR MUSIC IS AN ESCAPE. Thank you for everything Thomas and Guy-Man. You're the best thing that's ever happened.

    19. Almighty Genesis

      It truly was an honor to listen to your music

    20. deniz üstün

      "Hold on, if love is the answer you're home."

    21. Hood Cheese

      This whole time i thought it said draft punk

    22. FRSE 2VUBU

      Waitt is daft punk not release song anymore??😭😭

    23. Eric DeLyon

      A legend is born

    24. DavidRGD

      I can't believe they split up... Well that was fun until it lasted but now it is time to say goodbye to Daft Punk and move on...

    25. deniz üstün

      The music starts at 5:03.

    26. crcoghill

      i.... i didn't know this happened days ago..... why? .... what made them stop?

    27. Karlie T


    28. jean jacques Kerloch

      _Bravo les gars ! Vous avez estimés que vous avez tout donné de vos talents, il est préfrable de prendre un repos peut être momentané ! Un retour dans...5, 10, 15 ans why not ? (pourquoi pas envisageable ?)

    29. Stephane Kzirian

      Belle com :)

    30. Julian Hafiz

      5555 but i'm so sad

    31. Sergiochentas

      Grandes!! Elegantes hasta el final. Merci pour tout. Dans notre mémoire pour toujours.

    32. s a d แซด

      Buybuy Daft Punk

    33. Cxrtez

      I'm not crying, you're crying... OK WE'RE ALL CRYING 😭

    34. Kris Nabs

      So long fellas, thanks for the good times.

    35. Lucky Razor

      Спасибо, что расширили мои музыкальные вкусы.

    36. stoney fur

      They split in 2021 because the world had enough sadness in 2020

    37. Noctiluka

      I'm disappointed no one said around za warudo.

    38. Rodrigt 01

      Genuine pain

    39. ホシノイセキ


    40. NF89!

      I'll be honest, I never really listened to much daft punk music, but creating music for 28 years that millions of people enjoyed, and ending it all with not band drama and negativity, but instead a bang that sends a message of, "hey its over, but it was glorious while it lasted" that will be heard all around the globe is a glorious achivement. I wish you both a great retirement, and i thank you for your many installments into the art as a whole.

    41. 劉政瑋


    42. 11C06 Emmanuel Joseph


    43. Régis Marie

      4:35 >> J'espère qu'ils ont tout ramassé, Chaque morceau est un bijou. Electro is not noise pollution

    44. Kelvin Milabo

      Thank you for giving us Digital Love😭

    45. Dmitriy Haliy

      Electronic music starters' generation has came to an end. . . . . . * with tears * The King is dead. Long live the King! I hate and I love that I witnessed this greatness.

    46. JooonaK

      I sampled "Touch" (the song in the end) for an rap instrumental i made. It came out hella good. Yall can check it out if yall want to...

    47. Roy Phoenix

      Interesting symbolism Imagine if something like Disney went out this way

    48. Floritutatus 1

      Good job boys

    49. Weeb

      Someone tell me what’s happening, did they die or are they just retiring?

      1. Anthony Vargas

        They're officially retiring. Both are totally fine but still. Damn

    50. ReconODST3967

      They may be gone but their music will go on for years to come, goodbye daft punk

    51. Xavier Felku

      Thanks for all memories and music. Love from Iran❤

    52. Reist Susano'o

      Thank you for bringing this memories into my life.

    53. Bro Momento

      One more time.

    54. Anh Dũng Nguyễn

      thanks you your music

    55. ilichuu

      I''l miss you more than anything in my life.

    56. Shakapunk Szy

      They : stop craying Me : I LOVE YOU NO STOPONG PLEASE 😭

    57. That Guy

      You give us too much to feel...

    58. Potato Man

      Never forget the good times

    59. Dylan Scott


    60. Fritz Andrew Benitez


    61. Lil Moolah

      You will be missed.

    62. Omar Stativ

      But where does he walk?

    63. try_neat

      Veridis Quo 💔

    64. nukii

      i'm not crying, you are

    65. Vi Jay

      We'll hear about Guy-Manuel in the future. He kept his Daft Punk jacket and his helmet on. He was the only one who was ready to continue the adventure but Thomas wasn't. Guy-Manuel keeps on walking alone towards the light, it is not over for him. We'll hear his work in the future.

    66. アンドレアA3CDS

      Thanks for all

    67. Merciless Soul

      We will miss u 😭😭😭😭😭 both


      why are they breaking?

    69. IamNotBeat _

      If they had grandchildern there ganna ask what was the daft punk

    70. lucas de kerel

      you will be missed

    71. Fj R


    72. Poop Sack

      I recognize exactly where they filmed this

    73. milky way

      Pls don't do it 😭

    74. Jeff Schlegel

      lol this might be the laziest made popular song ive heard in a while... did they even try hahah

    75. Gabriele Salvadori

      F from the world

    76. Jeff Schlegel

      You can just skip to the 5 minute mark

    77. G Spa

      Please don't! The revolution isn't complete!

    78. Kej Jeff

      Arena Festival 1997, Ben Harper, Sonic Youth, Money Mark, Garbage, Beastie Boyz et.... Daft Punk bien sûr ! À l'époque c'était encore les prémices du son électronique, on a juste pris une claque tellement c'était puissant. Et depuis je réalise que j'ai eu la chance d'assister à un set mixé par des légendes ! Even if sometimes it's not the case, so proud to be french 💪🇨🇵 Thanks guys, gonna miss U 👋👋🎚🎛🎧🙋‍♂️👨‍🚀🤖🛸

    79. Azog Oakenshield

      Well, it was nice journey,but everything has an end. Don't be sad, you can't kill music even if you destroy it's creators.

    80. Simon Lütt

      They made some of the best music I got to listen to ever! I'm going to miss them a lot...

    81. Paco The Sniper

      bruh what?

    82. Haley 333

      Around the world around the world.

    83. Demir Şahin

      its legendaryy mans



    85. -_,LKS-_ NOOBINHO


    86. TioMinos


    87. DJ Pat P

      Music Gods! Thank you Daft Punk. Enjoy your retirement.

    88. Сергей Токарев

      Мне нравится

    89. Medenik_

      I gonna love ye all my life... goodbye Daft Punk

    90. Tom 2020

      К большому сожалению я полностью познакомился с их творчеством после новости о их распаде. И теперь вдвойне обидно что не услышу хитов от них. Прощайте легенды! / Unfortunately, I became fully acquainted with their work after the news of their breakup. And now it's doubly disappointing that I won't hear any hits from them. Farewell to the legends! ✊💖😭

    91. Gilis Gil

      Thanks for all legends 👏👊❤

    92. Bullet Production

      Pure gold & silver.

    93. whites heaven

      i disliked the video.. cause i ll miss them. They are legendz and i ve listened to them over 1000 times... and this was the last 1 more time of them. i am sad. Stay healthy guys, YOU ARE AWESOME

    94. Laurent ___

      They'll be missed 😢 Daft Punk deserves to be celebrate for a year or two in France and 🤖Around the World🤖💯

    95. SIC Oficial


    96. Alexia Thorel

      Pourquoi? Vous vous etes séparer

    97. Paranoid Pumpkin

      fulminantes Ende. wie viele chillige Momente durch eure Musik nur noch besser gemacht wurden und noch werden. merci pour la belle musique, et maintenant je leur souhaite une agréable pension :D one more time one more time...

    98. Greek Productions

      Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.

    99. W111 CACC

      Hurry up