Day 8 - PogChamps 3 Presented By GRIP6 - Hosts Nemo and Botez

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    The FINAL Day of the Group Stages of #PogChamps3, Presented by Grip6, featuring CodeMiko, Mr. beast, Ludwig, Tubbo, Michelle Khare, and MoistCrit1KaL. is matching up to $100,000 in donations received during PogChamps3 to benefit the player's charities of choice alongside of the prizing for the event. If you'd like to donate towards our goal, please visit
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    1. 구독 안하면 프사 님 미래 아들

      Who's dat babe on bottom left

    2. Jeffrey Webb

      3:28:40 Ludwig with the top notch prime shilling.

    3. Princeton Manguinao

      I was screaming so loud for tubbo to capture the pawn on h7 because then michelle wil capture with her pawn and tubbo would check the ing with his rook and michelle after moving the king tubbo will play Qh5 that threatens checkmate in 1

    4. Freecell82

      "We got the queens off early"

    5. Asdayasman アズデイ

      2:06:40 "gremlin cum-wave" haha gross

    6. Garaktar TV

      I always mute when miko speaks my ears can't handle this frequency IT's unbearable sorry😰

    7. Keara

      lmaoooo Tubbo singing "Jump up Super Star" during a chess tournament

    8. Albin Engström

      I think we need to appreciate that for a moment starting at 3:36 the Pogchamps stream was on a break, so it showed Hikaru's stream. He was watching Ludwig's stream, but was also on a break, so we saw Hikaru's empty chair and Ludwig's stream. Then Ludwig went on a break, so we saw his empty chair as well. 3 levels of streams on break watching another stream, 2 empty chairs and 1 oddly amused viewer.

    9. Muhammad Ilyas

      It should be live on CSsel too

    10. XFlyingDutchmanX

      Why did noone mentioned Rh6 rook lift in Ludwigs Game?!

    11. Mjcgw Mjcgw

      Hikaru cutting off ludwig shouting out the producers who don’t get much recognition is comedy gold

    12. Afrazm

      3:20:45 alexandra is so hyped

    13. Why This tho


    14. KPMC 2003

      I feel like Nemo doesn’t like Alexandra

    15. R13

      We gonna acknowledge that this music is absolute fire?

    16. GRLN

      2:36:08 Timestamp for myself

    17. Moo

      CodeMiko is an auto win for anyone who plays her lol

    18. Druskee

      Nemo needs to work on premove calculation for the words that come out of her mouth

    19. Watermelon Juice

      1:32:55 lol Alex

    20. Mal Jay

      The vague goose accordingly entertain because memory emotionally rain by a military fear. torpid, round story

    21. Nanni

      46:33 ...

    22. tugto

      49:51 *market square noises*

    23. Pulse Makes Music

      Do anybody know the name of the song that plays at 2:44:44 ? I really need it

    24. BunniBuu

      Tubbo got ridiculously angry for his move at 1:09:40 but he played the best move ???? He didn't have a forced mate with Qg5 because her bishop could take his bishop. Interesting haha

    25. Khairul Amir

      Does anyone else think that Botez looks and sounds like a more attractive Robin Scherbatsky?

    26. I dont wanna use my name

      You know what's fun? Gouging your own eyes out

    27. Hamad

      Now you go check check check take the juicier and win the game - sun tzu. The art of war

    28. Salad_Man

      charlie so tilted he blundered if he just kept getting motivated and keeping heads up

    29. Leo Paws


    30. NUKE

      If Pogchamps has tought me anything is that chess is great but twitch streamers are rubish. No, not rubish at chess (nobody cares about that). Just rubish in general...

      1. Al M

        And if this comment has taught me anything, it's that your spelling is rubbish

    31. حماده قدبو

      Mr beast please you can do it you or your friends together please

    32. Sam C 95

      Tubbo with the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack, good choice, great game!

    33. Tijmen van den Bogaert

      Bro, do you even rooklift?

    34. Michael Spear

      I'm not even done with the charlie lud game but I hope charlie is ready to get his ass pulverized with "remove the defender" puzzles next lesson JESUS. Danya is about to lock Charlie in a closet until he is 1800 in puzzles

      1. Michael Spear

        Nevermind, Danya got him in a post game decomp and told him no matter what he was proud of how he played and I nearly cried. What a sweet supportive coach

    35. Robmonster

      Can anyone tell me the name of the track Ludwig is listening to at 3 hrs 46ish?

    36. dave minion

      pretty cool they got Dwight to play in Pog Champs.

    37. boiled egg

      Khare: moving pawn at the start Botez: wow great move Michelle, wow I love you!!! Tubbo: nicely find checkmate Botez: omg Hes panicking omg Hes luckily randomly found IT. And Hes panicking

    38. Ronnie Aspbäck

      You don't even rooklift bro?

    39. StuffNStuff AndOtherStuff

      It was way less exiting to watch when the commentators kept tuning into the players channels constantly. Usually they show different tactics and possible lines and then there is the will they find it excitement. Also it is better to hear what they are saying by just unmuting them instead of going to their actual stream. Other than that, good commentators.

    40. Epic Geek

      Men, codemiko and mrbeast game is insane

    41. Suyash K.

      3:38:00 The chain of peepee

    42. Ondřej Havel

      Nemo is like: every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa

    43. Chatterbox Aleman

      All women commentating on a teen playing chess a bit silly even if he is good!

    44. HeroK

      I find it kinda cringe how the chat was cow shitting on Tubbo. Idk imo Tubbo seem to be a nice streamer and the way chat was hating on him seem to be very unnecessary. Plus that time when they were even shitting on the hosts because they were amazed that Tubbo found the best move, everybody was like "its not that hard to find", "the hosts are exaggerating", "bad hosts". Bitch shut the fuck up, if you watch pogchamps and expect the players find every best move possible then you're the one who's been doing things wrong not the hosts.

      1. Keara

        which chat? Tubbo's or the pogchamps one? bc the Tubbo one was mostly emotes and support

    45. R VAL

      3:24:?? Baka mitai. Alex. - what he is lisening?

    46. John Quill Taylor

      As I stated after Day 1, showing the players' boards adds NOTHING to PogChamps, and only removes the larger board and Evaluation Bar from our view! All you are doing when you switch to the players' boards is showing us an inferior (often side-swapped pieces) board, with the SAME video feed and same size video box feed of the individual player, and adding their AUDIO. Why not just add the individual players' AUDIO feed on the regular board display, as you determine and as appropriate, and quit switching to their much-inferior board displays?! Otherwise, great job. Good to see Alex and Nemo together! - j q t -

    47. remo duzo

      Is the sound lagging behind at ludwigs match?

      1. Arturo Gourentchik

        Audio is desynched for me

    48. Sarman

      You're not a shitter you're the entire sewage system

    49. Jake Menze


    50. J. Lahtinen

      Hikaru doing chess puzzles - he solves them before I can even take in the position. 🤣

    51. Graham Pawar

      Damn what happened during 4 hour mark???

    52. Big Boss

      3:32:00 Jebaited

    53. Pihu

      Lud and Charlie's friendship🥺✨

    54. David Cole

      I was hoping the Code Miko and Mr Beast match was going to be a dumpster fire. I was not disappointed.

    55. CrueLoaf

      I like Mr Beast’s attitude. Always smiling win or lose. Be happy people!

    56. BXXL G

      i love whose line is it anyways?

    57. pedrochalaco1

      3:34:36 for ludwig seeing bishop takes knight. Game over.

    58. ThunderBasketball22

      For Armageddon, in regards to what Ludwig said about black being fucked from the start. If you play a setup based opening like the Pirc defense you can make very fast moves in the opening, good way to get some of the time differential shortened

    59. IEradicate

      Armageddon in this rating range just kills what could actually be an entertaining tiebreaker. None of these players will ever play well in that scenario and white is like +70 to win every time.. please rethink that

    60. ELVIS1975T

      "My c*ck is limping right now" - MoistCr1tikal February 2021

    61. Maryam

      Great game by Ludwig!

    62. jacen cade

      I hope there is an xqc v Charlie Championship final.

    63. Pihu

      *Ludwig's Speech*... I can't with this man 🤣🤣🤣 3:32:28

    64. Allan A

      Why do they get to stream and let their subscribers tell them what to do, like in Tubbos matches.

      1. Ethan Nogosek

        @Stormagedon yeah usually when the match starts, chess asks the streamer to put their chat into “Emote only” which only allows the chatters to use emotes. Now there are VIP’s in chat who can still talk but it doesn’t really matter in the end.

      2. Stormagedon

        the chats are in emote only?

      3. Ethan Nogosek

        It’s usually not like that. Most should be in Emote only and even then, the streamers aren’t good enough to really use the information well anyways

    65. EMoritzxD

      tsm 0 wins in groupstage who woulda thought

    66. Dr. T

      I can't stop laughing every time Hikaru says "juicer" XD

    67. Jacques DeLyons

      The first game between Moist and Ludwig was the game of the tournament so far. Sardoche vs Benji game 1 was very closed and conservative even though the quality was obvious. Moistkritical and Ludwig both played with aggression and creativity looking for mating patterns.

    68. fill it

      They should have made xqc and ludwig battle it out. It would ve been great.

    69. MintLeaf

      I’m just jamming to Tubbo singing & dancing during his 2nd game The dude can sing 🎶

    70. Maurice B.

      Never believed I’d ever be hyped for a group stage chess match between two streamers lol

    71. Pihu

      Since most comments are about Charlie... Here's an appreciation msg for Ludwig😊 So proud of how well he's playing🔥

    72. Tappy

      Is there such a thing as a simultaneous tournament? As in everyone is playing everyone else simultaneously, not just one person doing a simul. Maybe group stages with 5 per group so everyone plays 8 simul games, maybe 10+15. I'd watch a pogchamps of relatively strong players like the cream of pogchamps and NL

      1. Tappy

        @Cat Cannon Nice. I hope twitch rivals will be available on youtube.

      2. Cat Cannon

        NL is going to be in twitch rivals chess

    73. azorthegreat

      it is frustrating to se so bad play sometimes...(and im not even good)

      1. Matt Van Der Schyff

        it's frustrating to see such bad English sometimes..

    74. Noah Coates

      worse commentary

    75. Maurice B.

      “He played a good game, apart from the one Botez Gambit - which was declined.” lmao, loving the commentary :D

    76. Ernest Fok

      1:50:48 20. Re5 , it is in this position where both commentators squealed.

    77. Think Smart

      Charlie just keeps distracting himself with chat. Even during the lessons with GM Naroditsky he keeps glancing at chat.

      1. Yz Fool

        It's a generational problem.

    78. Cesar Leon

      1:14:38 lol

    79. Nildo Carvalho

      24:55 Tubbo v MichelleKhare Game 1 57:22 Tubbo v MichelleKhare Game 2 1:32:15 CodeMiko v MrBeast Game 1 1:59:02 CodeMiko v MrBeast Game 2 2:45:38 MoistCritikal v Ludwig Game 1 3:18:20 MoistCritikal v Ludwig Game 2

    80. Sebastian Schuth Hurtado

      4:07:59 The Hunger Games blueberry idea is absolute genius!

    81. Scrub Five

      1:50:00 was so painful holy shit. I love miko but she is absolute pepega at chess lmao

    82. Corpse Husband Brother


    83. Corpse Husband Brother

      Wasn’t nemo completely thirsting over lud or is it just me who thought that?

      1. Corpse Husband Brother

        @Bad Cornflakes of course we all do I’m saying the other way around Wasn’t she thirsting over ludwig

      2. Pihu

        @Bad Cornflakes he's saying the opposite 😂 She was thirsting over Lud, not Lud over her😂

      3. Bad Cornflakes

        Who doesn't like cute asian girls?

    84. D B

      Christ Nemo doesnt even try to hide her crush on ludwig

      1. nuwandalton

        Yeah, this environment is kinda weird. It's like they live in a bubble or play in a sit-com.

    85. AdityaKrishna Malhotra


    86. TheWanderer

      really like the chemistry between Alex and Nemo. more of this, pls.

    87. Gvnady

      1:22:34 Wut???

    88. Haruto Bossmam

      The amount of respect Critikal and Ludwig had on each other's skills was incredible. This was the first time I've seen Critikal so nervous on a chess match. What a main event!

      1. Pihu

        Ikr... I love and respect them and their friendship so much😌

      2. Ttorumas

        Best possible end for the group stages for sure, like a mini final

    89. Milos Petrovic

      Alex doing the Lud7 salute there at the end, nice

    90. Kristoffer Selvig

      3:55:35 best part

    91. Ducanh Dinh

      Ahh, my daily dose of Pogchamps 3, presented by Grip6

    92. Isaac Weber

      Hikaru at 3:56:00 is my spirit animal

    93. Dero46

      Great commentary by the girls

    94. Nick Mao

      3:21:59 11 seconds to miss Bxc3 Feel so bad for Mo1st :(

    95. heretosee

      BOTEZ >>>>> NEMO

    96. God Mozart

      Why are random subhuman popular streamers being featured so much for chess? They're all trash lmao. They only stream for money never for entertainment

      1. Justin-B Blanchet

        You are one of the Chess Snobs they keep mentionning that ruins the experience for most

      2. Regent

        ludwig explained it in another video. The purpose of pogchamps is to bring exposure and popularity to chess. Obviously no one is expecting them to be masters of chess. Also some of them aren't known for streaming. Logic is a famous rapper and Rainn Wilson is a famous actor who played Dwight from "the Office"

    97. Abdi Naaleeye

      Guys this tournment is just for entertainment...

      1. Isaiah De La Cruz

        @User I’m sorry the free content that you don’t have to watch isn’t up to your standard

      2. User

        Great, then let it be entertaining at least. The amount of obvious misplays and mediocre commentary just makes this near unwatchable.

      3. Alessandro Zigliani

        Right. So why do we have to listen to Nemo then? Next time what, Nemo + the little Botez? Wow. Next year I am looking forward, maybe they'll get Gilbert Gottfried.

    98. sebflo

      Lud choked game 1 so hard

    99. Fabian Villarreal

      hikaru realizing he was the commercial break so deciding to do puzzles was the best part

      1. Arne Haak

        Best part was him taking many juicers!

    100. Delta927 Canadien-français

      Hikaru: Why do I see myself? Also Hikaru: *let me flex with some puzzles* 😏