Do You Love Me?

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    Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

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    1. aman gadpale

      Japanese : Disney movie 🍿

    2. jfdd43

      I knew the singularity was coming, I had no idea it would be this sexy...

    3. Khalid

      Black mirror anyone........

    4. Mahmoud Zeineldin

      This just came into evreyons recommended

    5. luniz 420

      so wholesome. so terrifying.

    6. Miku Chan

      Halguien español :)

    7. Elvis DAWSON

      I'm really shame to view guys not even mentioning me and my daddy came here in 1957 U guys suck

    8. doctorbsd

      2:39 "Swan Lake" in Russia is a bad omen...

    9. Elvis DAWSON

      We saw you one CFP R news but my name was not mentioned my daddy was the biggest thing in rock and roll history and you mentioned motown

    10. SlaaMyen

      I literally thought this was animated in 3D

    11. Baan Joe

      5years ago, we could see the dancing robot in cartoon. Now this...

    12. RhapsodyRain

      This is going to be the song that plays when robots take over and have culled the human race, they shall dance like that.

    13. SKM

      Almost 1 million likes

    14. prasanna Kumar


    15. Ethan Och

      Boston Dynamics never ceases to amaze me.

    16. RA

      suddenly its being recommended to everyone

    17. Real Shmooie

      Teach them to shoot

    18. Pathfinder

      these robots got the DRIP

    19. TXdoxieluv

      Something is very surreal about this...

    20. Henry Duong

      I can't wait for the robot take over

    21. Laura Galbraith


    22. 6pan

      Cave Johnson we're done here

      1. Cave Johnson

        @Real Shmooie "Alright this next test may involve trace amounts of time travel. So, word of advice: If you meet yourself on the testing track, don't make eye contact. Lab boys tell me that'll wipe out time. Entirely. Forward and backward. So do both of yourselves a favor and just let that handsome devil go about his business."

      2. Cave Johnson

        @Real Shmooie I'm all for that

      3. Real Shmooie

        I can already see the headlines “Boston dynamics gets hands on moon rocks to make portals” “Boston dynamics changes name to aperture science”

    23. Raw Bacon

      Guess they can replace TikTok Nurses.

    24. Kevin Bartelme

      This is NOT green screen dancers combined with CGI. It's the real thing, just like Jurassic Park!

    25. Влад 77 регион

      Вот именно так они и будут танцевать на ваших черепах! 🤖💀

      1. 6pan

        Sorry I don't speak operation barbarossa

    26. Ken Regan


      1. 6pan


    27. Kiomoh

      this got me Shrek movie ending vives

      1. SKM


    28. Vlad16

      Why does this remind me of sky net before it went online...

      1. Real Shmooie

        Because it is

    29. Никс


    30. Carolyn Thackray

      I’m just take back by watching this video. What an amazing concept of what is achievable Through the AI.

    31. 3fxz

      you wont be dancing around when we strap bombs to them

    32. w sedlacek

      They dance better than me

    33. Odie Guan Hock

      this is robot abuse. reported

    34. Daniel Fortunato

      Montagem fake

    35. Graham Cornwell

      Is this real?!

      1. Real Shmooie

        @KWON TEK JlUNG I’ll give you full credit when my microwave doesn’t spare me

      2. Real Shmooie

        @KWON TEK JlUNG robot abuse? They robots bruh.

      3. KWON TEK JlUNG

        @i doc l am sorry. This is robot abuse. Reported please.

      4. Ronto Goldlust

        Yes, it is real. These robots are intended to work in industrial environments, but Boston Dynamics can have some fun with them too. :D

      5. i doc

        Kwon Tek Jiung: It is not fake. The robots are really doing this. Do some research on Boston Dynamics and the work they are doing before dismissing something as fake. I know it looks like computer-generated stuff you might see in the movies, but they have actually programmed these robots to do this. You can even BUY one of the yellow "dog" robots for $75,000.

    36. Bálint Bukta

      This is probably the greatest thing I've seen this year so far... Amazing! :)

    37. mayte

      Humans: train hours and hours to have the coordination to dance Robots: haha do you love me

    38. Ian Phipps

      this is the dance the robots will do when the exterminate the human race

    39. Ralph Umana

      I love this!

    40. St.Castle

      Robot rights

    41. Nmason7665

      Soooooo.... has anyone heard of the game Generation Zero? The future is nigh.

      1. Susan Virginia Lee

        Awesome in a very weird, wonderful way!

    42. humphrey707

      How many hours of code did this take?

      1. Laura Galbraith

        I read online that it took 18 months for them to program all those steps!!

    43. yamato memorit

      they hava hearts

    44. Mas Dio

      Abused robot

    45. Mael Grandcolas

      C'est terrifiant !!!!

    46. Flaming Arrow118

      conspiracy theorists : THE ROBOTS ARE GONNA TAKEOVER!!! the robots :

    47. AlsoKenzzy ;D

      What can't you do in 2021?

    48. ShadowCommanderOne

      Most expensive music video ever.

    49. Lisa Rochwarg

      Oh that weird.

    50. Zahid Khan

      We have to win the future war

    51. Jon Goodan

      this is cool and all, but can they do the robot?

    52. knight24474

      Nobody even notice that what make them able to do that fun dance perfectly is their advanced super complex algorithm. Yes, they already smarter than most of you.

    53. Zylop6

      awesome in a very weird way

    54. Vohong Hang

      Beautiful love u.

    55. Shadefix

      @Boston Dynamics, can you explain why some parts of the movements seem in 15fps in the video? does it have to do with the type of motor used in some joint ? (the effect seems most prevelent in Atlas' legs) or is this some weird artifact from shooting fast moving things with high resolution digital cameras ? it just looks very strange sometimes.

      1. Yeah Buddy

        Probably cos this was filmed over 20 years ago only to be shown to the public recently... A lot more adanced stuff behind the scenes the public won't get to see yet

    56. Angel Morales

      OK now Kpop please.

    57. Caleb Hardman

      When the last of humanity dies.

    58. Steven 089

    59. Mila Rocko😀😀😀😀

    60. Tac

      Why do I feel embarrassed while watching this?

      1. Michele Johnson

        Because those robots dance better than us lol!

    61. Mila Rocko

    62. Retrospektiven Corner

      1. Macaco Macacão

        stop man , no one cares about those stupid grow up^!

    63. Retrospektiven Corner

    64. Inflor Game

    65. RideTuner

    66. RideTuner

    67. Milano Rockig

    68. Milano Rockig

    69. Milano Rockig

    70. Leko Funny

    71. Leko Funny

    72. Stalwart Spaghetti

      I wonder if it will do that dance when it is scanning you for contraband at gunpoint.

    73. Robert Kraus


    74. Greg2Gucci The third

      Imagine losing ur girl to a robot

    75. Hawsrule Begin

      Mind blowing! How far it’s come in relatively short space of time! Plus they can kill humans. Excellent

      1. Hawsrule Begin

        @Tacah in that case it’s shit. Because we all know things don’t advance, which is why we still use horse n carts.

      2. Tac

        It's not very impressive when you consider it took them one and a half years to program these robots to do this routine.

    76. gabriel guimaraes

      now they can dance? that's it, we are screw

    77. Ethos Ananda

      Y'all are straight out of a black mirror episode, we don't love you. LOL

    78. aBavarian Normie Pleb

      Maybe add a detail on their specifications: Operating time while dancing: x minutes

    79. The S.K.eletonHunter

      So... these are real robots and not animated figures...?

      1. Laura Galbraith

        I read online that it took 18 months for them to program all those steps!!

      2. TheDarkestDragonKing animations

        Yep, a real technical achievement years in the making, just 5 years ago they were having trouble walking on two legs without a stand, but look at them now, military robots dancing isn't it wonderful?

    80. SCharlesDennicon

      Gooood. Good boy. Now, give him a machine gun.

    81. Nikko Endres

      Everyone being negative because they think this is "just one step closer to robot overlords," where were you when amazon convinced you to pay to have A.I listening to your conversations 24/7? Just be happy its a non profit team of scientists and not a greedy corporation that has these cool robots that are capable of free body motion.

    82. Zampther

      It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    83. えんたくのシアン


    84. Six

      Nothing for nothing...... but this is fukin scary as shit !! 👍

    85. Robin Car

      How can anyone like this! Robots and AI exclude humanity, yet these people want to ban plastics, for this?

      1. Robin Car

        @TheDarkestDragonKing animations AI is everywhere right now, hospitals etc? How is that a Hollywood fantasy? COVID is a vax program not a virus COVID= Certificate Of Vax ID 19=AI it’s everywhere, welcome to the start of the NWO 4th industrial revolution, courtesy Klause schwab. They have already wirelessly connected brains to the internet cloud, just need some DNA. I’m only on CSsel for a couple of people I follow, other than that it’s a communist organization.

      2. TheDarkestDragonKing animations

        Umm, this doesn't use an, complex code, and you are falling into a hollywood fantasy, not a real thing,a real ai can only recreate images, sounds and models out of things it has previously seen or heard, and so far you are using CSsel... Which just happens too have an algorithm that uses so technology to recommend videos. So why aren't you trying to cancel CSsel? Our future ovelord? Get away from CSsel

    86. Delete

      ecco dove finiscono i soldi dei contribuenti

    87. Emir Sarıkaban

      Ahahhaha realy good Hahahaha i loveeee

    88. Ilya Khudoley


    89. Semen Sh.

      после просмотра этого видео робот Федор засверлился с двух рук.

    90. Hyllyus

      Why ?

      1. Vitalik Ksk

        becouse they can

      2. Jim Gore

        Why not?

    91. George Washington

      They've mastered the Mash Potato and the Twist...... We'll all be dead soon by the Jazz Hands and Twinkle Toes of Skynet.

    92. --

      Can't wait for it to Fortnite default dance over my dead body 🤩

    93. Men In Gaming

      Skynet: This was my I must go to work and deliver those nukes.. :(

    94. Robert Higgins

      When robots are furloughed due to COVID work slowdown.

    95. N P

      Sir, skynet has taken over, the machines... they're all dancing

    96. Ezequiel SC

      Is this cgi?

      1. Ezequiel SC

        @TheDarkestDragonKing animations but how

      2. TheDarkestDragonKing animations


      3. lastdon6585


    97. Tim Sharp

      Very good CGI! I can see this working on dumb ass investors to give this company money. We are still many years away from this kind of movement from a self contained machine.

      1. TheDarkestDragonKing animations

        Yeah look at this a person who can't except technical advancement! Wow... Make sure to take a photo of that comment, a person who truly does no research!

      2. Victor

        Plz do some more research before commenting something as ignorant as this, just watch this link

      3. FrozenPissShank

        You can literally buy it or see it in person if you visit Boston dynamics lol

      4. Creepy

        it's not cgi, you can even buy that yellow robot

      5. Casper_5

        How do you know? Did you study on robotics or something?

    98. a00001919


      1. TheDarkestDragonKing animations

        Nope, you can buy the yellow one and if you visit their facility you can see the other one in action! Maybe do some research before making bold claims.

    99. iambj144

      A deer, an ostrich and 2 storm troopers.

    100. Dj_yt Gts

      I feel like who ever made these was just bored It’s great tho

      1. Laura Galbraith

        Actually, the company is designing robots for warehousing functions..... look it up.