Dollar & A Dream Tour | Houston

J. Cole

J. Cole

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    Born Sinner Available Now:
    J. Cole and the Dollar & A Dream Tour in Houston. Each of these shows are only a $1 to enter and first come, first serve. Cole performs classic songs from the Warm Up to Born Sinner. Shouts to the New Legend, Kendrick Lamar for coming through.. Up next, the final stops... Detroit and Toronto.


    1. Jailan Rayvon

      What a GOAT!!!!

    2. Jovan James

      Watching this in 2020...and boy did this age well. Legends!

    3. Bomodi dimie


    4. DPooleThe1

      Man classic

    5. Be.Smooth Tv

      #SOOOOUL #ENERGY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    6. olisedeme james nduka


    7. Catrecia Rose

      I would sell my SOUL to see Kendrick Lamar and J Cole together in concert!

    8. fatoulishyper

      they act like two legends cannot coexist

    9. Léa 23

      Is it ok if I cryed and sobbed the whole time 🥺

    10. JEZZE4322

      Its 2019 and I'm so fucking maaaad

    11. Peyton Klein

      why does this feel like it should be a cutscene in 2k

    12. marquese hall

      Cole look like a giant compared 2 Kendrick

    13. 1Onlyforward

      2019, still watching, still getting chills seeing these two bounce and perform on stage together. Epic. If they don't make a collab I'm going to be very upset with both of them. They GOTTA find time to make it happen.

    14. The Greatest Ever

      #ColeWorld #TDE

    15. DSARM

      gave me chills bruh

    16. poetmm

      Five years later both are legends and on top they both grew there hair around the same time.

    17. Gambia music

      the goats our days

    18. mauricio castillo

      Hip hop history

    19. XxInfamousSoulxX

      A tear just went down my cheek 😢

    20. toni lorenzo

      If this happens at the San Antonio show on August 17 it will be an incredible moment

    21. James Patrick Celestino

      ya gotta remember this sht! same sht happened 4 years after classic sht!! kendrick brought J.Cole up at his concert!!

    22. Rolexbeatz Official

      NEW GOATS 2018

    23. XcelLent_MUSIC

      Best dollar I've ever spent! Truly unforgettable!

    24. The Truth Seaker


    25. Phoenix Sudaria

      Kendrick looked like chance the rapper wen he came walking out

    26. Katlego Mashishi

      I get goosebumps everytime I C this shit

    27. toni m

      im back watching this video after watching kendrick bring out come for the DAMN. concert in Detroit, and I’m literally crying rn bc i remember watching this video like 5 years ago when kendrick brought out cole for the gkmc tour and to see them on the same stage together again in an arena gives me chills oml..

    28. Lucciano Moodley

      Who Else Is Here In 2017?

    29. Poke Crack

      Rip baby faced Kendrick

    30. Shuri Witwicky

      THe shit that J.cole said in the end, says so much "Do ya'll believe in new Legends?" "Is that a new Legend?" Look at them now!

    31. Vonte 215

      nas and pac look good these days

    32. Jay Activist

      This moment has to come again 🔥🔥

    33. Hideotic

      Bro imagine if Cole brought Kendrick out on stage now and premiered a new song. IT WOULD BE LEGENDARY.

      1. Shebu

        I just read it in Barney Stinson's voice.

      2. Jay Activist

        Hideotic facts

    34. JA DIVA

      Highly Anticipated!!! 2017 need a collab!!

    35. yolei18scooby

      I don't even care about the album no more. Can we get a mixtape or a whole song PLEASE???!?!?!!?!

    36. Deveon McMahon

      tbh if it wasn't for Cole I be depress his music got me into better things in life and happiness

      1. Kylah Tyndall

        Deveon Mcmahon Right

    37. Cameron Thompkins

      Bro Ab-Soul already let the cat outta the bag when he went on the breakfest club and said J. Cole and Kendrick already made their joint album. Like everyday I urge that the album these dudes made hurry and be released already. The patience is murder

    38. Aztec

      still no collab album smh

      1. Cooleio17

        ARI4S its coming on feb 16 i think 2017

    39. jo wej

      If they did this now the crowd would all cum on the spot

      1. Poke Crack

        jo wej true


      DAMN. Still gives me goosebumps dawg

    41. Hum K

      I can't wait for their album together, it's going to be fireeeeeeeee

    42. Jason Clyburn

      they need to do a joint tour together

    43. Zacharias 220

      do yall believe in new legends yes we do cole yes we do

    44. KingRocco

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> Kendrick and Cole looking at eachother like " Look nigga, we made it" Shit gives me shivers. Proud of their success.

      1. TAYNALI

        Jaykesta yea man🔥

      2. Jay Activist

        Jerrey straight out a movie

      3. TAYNALI

        That was like a movie scene!! 🔥🔥🔥 Like top of the game shit...

    45. hafizul Faizal

      This is History

    46. Rayden Huerta

      Back then they had shorter hair

      1. Calvin Gardner

        Rayden Huerta but now nappy is life lol

    47. Rico Francis

      AHHHHH I remember this. One of the best days of my life.

    48. Joe King

      Fusion..... HAA!

    49. Kent Nielsaan

      Kendrick and Cole are going to take it to the top man. Top of all time.

      1. Chino Dawg

        And they fucking did

      2. Izzat Hanapi

        they made it bois

      3. Alisa

        They'll be even more successful because they're not petty with one another. They are both legends :^)

    50. charlie

      I just wanna see kendrick rap a bunch of popular rap songs

      1. Itschaboi

        hes starting to get features on popular peoples songs now because thats what people want

    51. Argenis

      When they working together tho please 😥

    52. Too High To Riot

      Both Cole and Kendrick need to come to the Uk i missed the Cole concert in march 2015 and I've regret it ever since😔 i honestly hate myself for it.

    53. Jairo Suarez

      Every word Kdot said at the were factssss

    54. Nathan Torres

      The realest

    55. the artist

      K(ing)ENDRICK LAMAR J(esus) COLE !!!

      1. Hoesay


    56. Hey Bam

      The look he gave kdot They ain't ready for what's gonna happen for our album 2016😎 Love the respect they have for one another.

    57. Jj Jordan

      he called Kendrick lightskin😂😂😂😂

    58. Octobervryown

      came back for this #blackfriday

    59. Christopher Hall

      j cole made the beat to lol

      1. The Man With No Name

        +Vincent Tzermias I think he's talking about hiiipower not forbidden fruit. But props for knowing your music

      2. Vincent Tzermias

        +Christopher Hall its a sample from electric relaxation - a tribe called quest

    60. jimmy nunez

      These chemistry between these 2 is incredible.

      1. kitkat

        There is a 7 minute audio of them backstage when they were on tour with Eminem just chillin & talkin.

      2. MCFriedChicken1

        I'd love to see an actual conversation between the two

      3. Michael Rosia

        You said it man.. you heard those tracks they dropped on black Friday?

    61. Sean BARnes

      Kendrick's snap is DOPE

      1. Michael Rosia

        word, kinda wish it said good kid instead of good luck tho

    62. Abrelle L

      This is magical

    63. YAH First fruits

      So these so called fans only know the chorus but not the lyrics to the rapping part? Don't go to a concert if you don't even know the songs lyrics

      1. YAH First fruits

        Nope. :)

      2. Armando Trejo

        +MyMedsDontWork hey shut the fuck up :)))))


      This video is priceless. Wait till you come back here 20 year later. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> is a moment. cole and kendrick 4ever

    65. thetechdude1

      What song is this?

      1. Nathan Torres

        Or HiiPower

      2. Jackson Gutierrez

        J Cole- Forbidden Fruit ft. Kendrick Lamat

    66. edgar coronado

      anyone who went to these dollar entrances know how long you had to wait to get in? He's coming to dallas and i just want some info on like how long the line actually gets lol

      1. NSVN

        I'm going to that one too! On 6/21. The lines get long as hell! As soon as he announces the venue, you gotta go

    67. David Rivera

      Gave me chills

    68. Melly Soulchild

      I could have died that day

    69. Eddie Night TV

      this was doooope

    70. themasierpartx

      Legendary yyyy

    71. poetmm

      Two Legends.

    72. ThugEvolution

      I thought I saw Pac & Biggie 😖

      1. Akul Kudari

        The rap game is in their hands now

      2. Shuri Witwicky

        I thought I saw Nas & Pac

      3. Mito ali


      4. John Rivera

        Formless Shot you got that from a video called j.cole nas without illmatic

      5. The Machine

        If Cole and Kendrick compare to any legends, Cole would definitely relate more to Nas's mentality and Pac's emotion. Kendrick is more like Andre 3k with his unique sound and voice. No Biggie there lol

    73. Fabian Ahmad

      AHHHHHHHHHHH I knew they were gonna do Hiiipower!!! Wish I was there

    74. Ryan Alves

      HiiiPower is probably my favorite J. Cole beat ever. This video never gets old.

    75. Jesse Munoz

      J.Cole is the BAE no joke!! ^_^

    76. FTFO RO

      Together they murk shit

    77. SusiDk

      dope video

    78. Justice Williams


    79. Jade Crisp

      wtf I love them omgg .♥

    80. Jay 97

      i love jermaine so much i could ughhhhh my gad