Dollar & A Dream Tour | NYC

J. Cole

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    Born Sinner Available Now:
    J. Cole's Dollar & A Dream tour continued in NYC the day following his Born Sinner album release. To show his appreciation, Cole did two full shows back to back and brought out Drake as a surprise guest.


    1. Be.Smooth Tv

      Cole staying giving chills #straightsoul 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    2. loreto ayala hernandez

      De corazon me sieto más que un sirño

    3. Obianuju Orjioke

      I was here lol! The best summer of my life 😂

    4. La Flamin Booming #FuckLilPump

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> dude from empire?

    5. Baiza

      that was tuff what j cole said on 3;15

    6. sftlandings

      white boy in the beginning is so fine... whatttt?

    7. Joseph Ramos

      lol that nigga in the middle in the beginning aint know the words

      1. Lavhelesani Ephraim

        @Joseph Ramos lolest you killed me nikka

    8. Hsidjsnbe

      Im a 14 year old rapper check my new song No Mercy

    9. akaprince343

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a>

    10. Ooz

      should've said a dollar for a show

      1. chris*

        "Now I'm on the road, like a dollar for a show." lol

    11. okieWQuincy

      whats the first drake song ???????????

      1. chris*

        No New Friends

    12. Saito The Artist

      i got chills watching this

    13. bedshaped85

      What is the name of the song at the being played?

      1. themasierpartx

        Its premeditated murder bro j cole

      2. Memsfull

        J. Cole - Premeditated Murder

    14. Mirco

      dat hair at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> :o

    15. Safron Sahara

      I've never seen so many 18 and 19 y.o. in my life. When I was that age, I loved college dropout Ye the same these kids idolize Drake and Cole.

    16. singleserveberry Cole

      The white guy and black guy in the hat right at front are FREAKING SEXY

    17. YoungSimba

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a> j.cole feelin it so much he look like he busted a nut lmaoo

    18. Precious Fondren

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a>..the dude in the front look like hit boy

    19. bella luvv

      You don't say

    20. Ronald Gant


    21. Cindy Lu

      I've seen the white guy in the beginning in many other j. Cole related videos

    22. rebel code

      that dance at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> is legendary

    23. DRMchannelTV

      Premeditated Murder

    24. hansgk

      The guy in the suit at the beginning doesn't even know the freakin lyrics

    25. marshallh831

      What's the song called at first?

    26. Melo Ape

      Damn can't believe I missed this

    27. Alvin Gospodinov

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a> J. Cole be like nigga stealing my crowd hahaha

    28. Dionnys Rodriguez

      Damn... got to see the lyrical kings for only a dollar..... lucky shits.

    29. Daniel Alzuarte

      New legends!

    30. britney colas

      Don't hate on drake cause he's famous

    31. isismala

      Drake goofy af

    32. Gaby Mota

      I like cole better than drake but I love drake !

    33. tyerell070992

      ...haha, Drake be hype AF

    34. Rod Markie

      Well that's ignorant for the fucks who do that, not everybody comes from a struggle so everybody cant rap about that. Biggie is one of those who saw both sides, the struggle and success. Rapping about materials aint the problem, it's when you do it excessively when it becomes a problem. Music is to make people feel good and it feels even better when they relate to it.

    35. Q

      yea of course but I hate those people that don't mess with dope rappers bcus of what they talk about. Like material things, biggie talked about'em and rakim's paid n full didn't talk about the struggle

    36. Rod Markie

      Word and Earl sweatshirt is fuckin dope too, I would mos def throw him in that category. I just named two to give a quick example.

    37. Q

      nah I agree I just said great to get a reaction, but yea its all in your preference. some don't even like Kendrick they say he's simple and earl sweatshirt is better. its whatever you think is good

    38. Rod Markie

      Lol I don't know about great, back then maybe but now he's just decent as far as lyrics go, but then again like you said it's preference. Nas and Kendrick Lamar is what I call great lyrical ability.

    39. ICEteeebagVIDEOZ

      That look on j. Coles face when drake started xD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a>

    40. Cloud Tribe

      J.cole premeditated murder, was on his friday night's mixtape

    41. Jada Nycole

      Drake & J.Cole are both Genuis no doubt about it

    42. Q

      wait hold on Drake also has great lyrical ability, it just might not be you guy's preference.

    43. Rod Markie

      Oh no doubt bro we on the same page, for the fame and good song making puts him at the top. The other two are up their for lyrical abilities and strong artist qualities.

    44. Joe M

      in terms of popularity, yes Drake is definitely up there. but in terms of skill and just overall greatness, drake isn't on the same level as those other guys you mentioned

    45. Rod Markie

      Like I said whether you like it or not, its just a truthful statement you cant deny it

    46. SHHitsOVER254

      What the first song that started playing name?

    47. Joe M

      Drake? you're crazy

    48. Tamar Lox

      NAH Drake put him on most the the Club Paradise with K.Dot and Asap...Drake a cool dude for that...he just wanted the crowd to wake up a little that's all..

    49. Cloud Tribe

      yah just his mixtapes in general were ill his new shit is like eh, not feelin it much either.

    50. WhoLB

      This shit is Turned The Fuck Up! !

    51. EpicSmackProductions

      Alright, I'll respect other people's opinions, but you can't deny Kanye was on top of the rap game for the majority of the mid-late 2000's

    52. David Casanova

      jay walking in the room like DAD hahaha but thats awesome to see, you can even see cole if you read his lips say thank you, and for those who don't know part of this mans journey, this man waited out in the rain to give jay z his cd. Dreams come true, it goes to show.

    53. Brandon Henry

      Honestly I'm not really a fan of Kanye, I wasn't even a fan of old Kanye, but that's just my opinion

    54. EpicSmackProductions

      Comeback Season was dope too... not a fan of his new shit though

    55. EpicSmackProductions

      You can't deny Kanye dropped classics in College Dropout and Late Registration bruh...

    56. River Cartier


    57. Rod Markie

      Trust me Im not much of a fan either but you can't deny facts and that's all im stating here

    58. Brandon Henry

      I agree with everything you said except mentioning Kanye

    59. Luis Gomez

      The song in video is premeditated murder from Friday night lights

    60. no body

      Back to the topic

    61. Bella Marie

      Oh shit! there go Diana!

    62. Rolf Antalan

      hip hop is in good hands with cole, drake and k dot! New Legends

    63. hazy106NY

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> J.cole- Fuck it he done stole my show....

    64. Cloud Tribe

      Drake honestly before his first album was as good as j.cole was before his first album but Drake got like lazy on some shit and j.cole became even better than he was lyrically and with his change of flow on his second album.

    65. Cloud Tribe

      who the fuck is oddisee? J.cole produces 95% of his own songs the only other rapper to do that is kanye I garuntee this odisee whoever he is probolly hasn't produced a beat for a single song and off the bat has done half the work that j.cole has which means at best he can only be half the man j.cole is. If oddissee was more talented then he'd be recognized for it, talent can't get ignored for long. Go suck a fat dick you whiny bitch.

    66. Cloud Tribe

      Drake gets a lot of hate for being with ymcmb and a singer. But drakes so far gone mixtape was better than most rappers albums at the time. Drake's good he just makes bad songs like 40% of the time :S

    67. TheHippyWay

      I watch just because it's funny seeing Diana

    68. Rod Markie

      whether you like it or not you cant deny that drake is the premier artist of our generation, personally im more a fan of lyrics flows and concepts so I fuckz with and cole more but MAINSTREAM wise I dont think there's a more well rounded artist then drake

    69. Nida Bokhari


    70. magi115

      this shit is so fuckin gay. his fans are such loser try hards. J-Cole is the most generic new school rapper out. Oddissee is 20 times more original and iller. Cole is so fuckin average. I don't know what you kids see in this schlub.

    71. hazy106NY

      Whats the name of the song? Someone help im in need for the song name. I got to know!

    72. hazy106NY

      they get to go to a concert for a fucking dollar i think but if thats the case then thats love.

    73. jr smith

      lol drake fucking destroyed the show man i gotta give more respect to cole..i dont dislike him as much..nigga can be boring but hes improving i fuck with him

    74. nAppy Kenny

      Makes drake seem like a light-skinned Kevin Hart!

    75. swankkkriccc

      Drake got big

    76. Rico Dolla

      Rico Dolla-Dollar And A Dream (Official Music Video) #HoopersMotivation: VIDEO ON MY PAGE!!

    77. Knickmet2

      Its good to see Cole doing his thing , never going to forget when I stumbled on "The Warm Up" was hooked once that intro started to play up

    78. impossible

      Ross is a fraud, defending him makes your opinion void.

    79. Johnny Sensei

      YMCMB cant be classified off of the radio bro. And MMG is far from ass. Meek's album is balanced and tells alot of stories. Ross is judged from his mainstream music and not his albums. Wale and Stalley are just them niggas

    80. Johnny Sensei

      of course you had to bring up Drake knowing damn well these "real hip hop" fans would get on you