Don Toliver - Cardigan [Official Music Video]

Don Toliver

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    Don Toliver - Cardigan starring Draya Michele
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    1. Christopher Iannotti

      don toliver = travis scott. they’re on the same playing field for me right now. don gets a lot of help from the chopped and screwed album in terms of having a smaller discography than la flame. Cardigan, Company, Can’t Feel My Legs 🔥🔥🔥 top 3 tracks.

    2. Cbg Gbgg


    3. Mariah Jackson

      Yess drayaaaa..💅

    4. Leila Injian

      This song hit different 😏🔥🔥

    5. Baby Chim

      Aaaaah amoooo💕💕✨

    6. Noah Thomas-Dias

      I love this song

    7. Kwayvon M

      When the choppednotslopped version came in, oooowwwweeeee that was tuff. And tbh, I know this model got her clout up off this video. Don really put her on

    8. MD babul MD babul

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    9. Cqaadir Sheq Cilmi

      Films Hindi AF Somali

    10. Abid Shaikh


    11. Saman Kumara


    12. Sasa Sasa


    13. Lawrence Slsko

      I love his voice.

    14. Gondes Sableng

      Elo dah tuh antek2xlo...?

    15. Миша Хэйз

      донт стик эраунд

    16. JayBmOfficial

      Why she did that to the milk smh

    17. Paulina Ceckute

      don toliver u wanna meet? xddd

    18. Jefferson Gonzalez

      Giri love yoo

    19. Jefferson Gonzalez

      I love yoo

    20. Nikhil Prasad

      2:06 had to minimize window

    21. Nikhil Prasad

      Similar tune like "After Part - Don Toliver". Self plagiarism

      1. Dbz Faith

        thats not- nvm

      2. Toufik Siroukane

        Nikhil Prasad sava

    22. Zanjaajf Nkkckci


    23. Zanjaajf Nkkckci


    24. Zanjaajf Nkkckci


    25. Nanzinho Sousa

      He sounds like YNW Melly

    26. GoldenEagle679

      Lets hope tik tok leaves this alone

    27. Shagufta khanum

      Xcelent 💓💓💓

    28. Run ToHim Say their names

    29. N15 Channel

      Just, who is she?

    30. xxTylinxx ._.

      Sounds like a melly song

    31. حنطاوي يجرح ويداوي

      ماكو وحده عراقيه

    32. Notorious61

      That switch up at 2:08 is pure gold🔥

    33. Zahi zaha


    34. ابو الجراح

      في خمر شفتيك أرغب إني عطشان يا مثيرالشفتين أريد ان أشرب..أريد أن أسكر من خمرهما الأحمر خمر شفتيك من أين يجلب من أي نجم من اي كوكب من أي بحر... يأتي لشفتيك دون مركب في خمر شفتيك أرغب من فمك لفمي يسكب ولحظة نشوة أتمنى الا تذهب أشرب... واشرب وخمر شفتيك لا ينضب خمر في زجاجة وخمر في شفتيك خمر شفتيك أعذب وأحلى و أطيب إن الشعر دون شفتيك لا يكتب فدعيني أشرب..دعيني أسكر فحرارة شوقي لكي. لا تقاس ولا توصف 00967771967072

    35. علي الجيلاوي 07810757673


    36. Q

      Texas 🔥🔥

    37. Pepito_Omega _

      Les français on est laaa like si vous êtes français et si vous êtes français et ici grâce à Sofyan commenté ❤️🙏🏻🪐

    38. StreakyCat111 2006

      0:35-0:40 do yall hear after party kinda

    39. Bili Amah

      Don on this again

    40. Kylan fleming

      Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like ynw Melly?

      1. Nanzinho Sousa

        No. Me too. 🤔

    41. Koini Laouali

      Vraiment je sollicite surtout vos chaine.

    42. sneakerdog

      软妹子召唤大表哥,1v1 QQ视频连线,进入 加扣扣

    43. themanbro

      Damn bruh she thick

    44. Aminata Anyaso

      When this blows up like

    45. Rogelio Villalba

      Petition to ban the mf account that puts this on tik tok

    46. Eisley Parks

      He needa make that last part a song with Bryson tiller on it I swear

    47. Gavin Barton

      She got a key for a sliding door with no lock..🤣

    48. Khumo Khomari

      Yo, that's Draya Michele right?

    49. Seth Rollins

      Mumble trash.....

      1. Flame 030

        Gang DooDoo he listens to rock😂

      2. Gang DooDoo

        who u listen 2

    50. solja chy

      Don wasn't in the video because he's Had Enough of being in them

    51. Cerebral

      Damn. Draya is so fucking bad for real 😩

    52. ESSEL The VESSEL

      Glide (Skepta & Lancey Foux Type Beat) Google Translate (Juice Wrld & Don Toliver Type Beat) Gulou (Co Prod. TRSTN) (Post Malone & Swae Lee Type Beat)

    53. Monica Trochez

      LA MEJOR MÚSICA 🖤🖤💚💚

    54. enya is here


    55. Anouck Rodrigues

      trop bien

    56. Cash Wavy

      I’ll ride on mfs for talking about don 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    57. Life Like Adiva

      Is that draya?

    58. familyWSO •

      Like 👌🔥🔥

    59. Katheer and Dameer

      Boreing 😴😒

    60. Justness

      Don wasn't in the video because he had NO IDEA he left his CARDIGAN at the AFTER PARTY.

    61. Md2 47life

      But it’s tasteful

    62. Md2 47life

      How she on some stalker shit!!!

    63. Thaís Araújo

      Algum brasileiro ouvindo ?🥰👏👏👏

    64. Dayton Dane

      He remind me of R&B Travis Scott they need to collab quit

      1. thi

        umm cant say lmao

      2. Flavia Achille

        They have and he's in his label, cactus jack

      3. Super Saucy

        They have 😂

    65. vanessa


    66. mimiforever64

      idk why but this music video reminds me of JT'S cry me a river music video lol

    67. Viviana playz


    68. Im Blacky


    69. audio and sky

      that's it, im making a slowed down edit

    70. The originator

      Did anyone else realise how spotty the model's face was under the makeup? Anyway, it doesn't take away from her beauty. not at all.

    71. Moonlight Moonlight

      No I’m not from tiktok . I swear

    72. lole man

      dam this dude is a genius!


      tik tok ???

    74. eclispe69

      Who noticed she grabbed da key to a door with no lock YOU GOTTA THINK ITS A DEEPER MESSAGE BROTHAA

    75. Savage Jordann

      Moment, slowed perfección 💓💓

    76. VJ Forever


    77. Cactus Jack

      Why she looked like she jumped out a ja rule video in 0’6

    78. kammeinn

      imagine sleeping on don toliver

      1. Sajid Hussein Chandiyo


    79. Marcos Romero

      How has nobody mentioned the promethazine she mixed in that jug of milk