E:60 The Great 8 Ten Years After

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    ESPN's in-depth piece on Alex Ovechkin's career, hosted by Rachel Nichols

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    1. cbkhello

      his win reminds me of dirks win for the mavericks. So much passion and dedication to one team that ultimately turns into a championship to remember.

    2. antons smans

      да нечего в России не показывает,все проигрывает в сборной ,не звезда.........

    3. Jan Beránek

      "I haven't changed at all, what about you?" "Less than you, sweetie." Rachel should see those pictures before they cut it, she wouldn't ask so obviously stupid. Ovi has changed less in appearence, except for hair colour, which she changed too. :)

    4. Eric Perrault

      730 goals at this stage of his career , he's a beast.

    5. Suspect

      Look, a mega sports contract that actually played out

    6. John Iijima

      Not only is he the goat but he had the goat cup celebration in NHL history

    7. Gho5t Videos

      Id rather have grey hair than to gain 50 pounds. Just sayin!

    8. Travis LoneBear

      Iam not a caps fan but I do respect Alex

    9. Matthew Conroy


    10. Christopher Kuefler

      This dude is a badass!

    11. Peter's hockey games

      I never knew rachol nichols interviewed hockey players. 🤯

    12. Williaem00

      7:10 What a fucking one -timer. Unreal.

    13. SirMonster

      He gets 1 gray hair for every goal he scores

    14. 55Porter

      Ovi and Lemieux are the two most talented goal scorers in the history of the sport.

    15. Martin Hayrapetyan

      Boomers: Don't celebrate when you score. Ovi after winning the Cup: drinking champagne frat guy style, swimming in a fountain...

    16. Dd_adamss

      Damn well I’m a bit to short to be a hockey player but I do love watching him play. :)

    17. Potato REE 22

      i have a chance to do this

    18. Aaron Shattuck

      Soon as they beat Pittsburgh, we knew it was coming. I cried when he finally won. Almost cried again now. I'm a Sabres fan but no one deserved it more than he did that year.

    19. Rick Wong

      GOAT of celebration, no one can argue that

    20. Бай Хой

      When the Caps eliminated my Pens in the 2nd round I was like "You better win that cup now" good for him, totally deserved it, never left his team. Soldier

    21. Profligate Passages

      Mad respect to ovi, as a penguins fan he's been fueling my hate for the Caps for a while now 🤣

    22. Zhen Jiang

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    23. Mira .45

      Im a Canucks fan... "Whos your favourite player Mira?" Me: Ovechkin.

    24. Troy Records Jr.

      Thought this man was pushing 50 tbh. Didn't realize he was so young.

    25. Richard Barry

      Ovechkin will go down as top 5 greatest of all time, his character and spirit show that, his skills and goals well that’s just a bonus. Go get wayne, cause even covid can’t stop a shot from the office

    26. M. K.

      За ВДВ! 10:03

    27. Bill Clifton

      Great video....

    28. Justin Hopper

      1:44 The original ok boomer

    29. und3adman


    30. Kurskayaduga


    31. Patrick Jacqueson

      I used to hate Ovi, but he’s earned my respect

    32. trashammerbz

      2:02 💀

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    34. Joe Vail

      Fun time...champions.

    35. Roman Dobczansky

      Hometown hero, so happy to have seen him get the cup what a moment in history.

    36. RobustPickle

      As a Pens fan, I knew immediately after the Caps beat the Pens in 2018 that they were winning the Cup.

      1. Pena

        When they were 2-3 down to tampa it looked like they would not make it to the finals. Tampa won 3 straight game agains't them but them caps managed to beat them.



    38. Colt Waldenburg

      Did this lady seriously just try to roast Ovi for gray hair? I'm pissed that she just says she hasn't changed at all either.

    39. Y Gagarin

      He looks like willem holleeder.

    40. 0123456789abc decghijklmn

      Why all russians look like prison guys

    41. Tobias Wilcken

      how is his hair so grey

    42. Simo

      This is puljujärvi era now he only shoot and score

    43. cccpredarmy

      Interviewer: "We sat here 10 years ago. I haven't changed much. What about you?" Ove: "Really? You obviously hit the wall ..."

    44. Ja kru

      I swear to god.... if ESPN puts out another fat pregnant woman to interview an athlete......

    45. Phil Robertson

      Love Ovi and how he patiently took the stupid questions and insinuations

    46. Jenny Grapert

      The orange hope phenotypically fetch because lip nutritionally learn across a spooky car. childlike, aboard fly

    47. frenchycanada

      Fantastic player ....great for the league. Deserves every accolade.

    48. AtR

      Ovechkin is cringe. What a tool.

    49. Se Un

      Ovi have grey? Ovi finally won a Cup with the Capitals. His one timer is lethal, especially, on the power plays.

    50. Se Un

      Ovi have grey hair? Ovi finally won a Stanley Cup with Washington Capitals.

    51. Eric

      Don Cherry is such an ass. Hates Russian & American hockey players all the same.

    52. Dave NC

      Awesome player and a great ambassador for the sport of hockey.

    53. HALON747

      Rasputin on skates

    54. Nick Couto

      Ovi will break Gretzkys record and become the best scorer of all time. Probably within the next 3-4 yes as ovi consistently scores over 40. Rarely gets injured. Mans also probably going to b top 15 points wise. The great 8 is really great.

      1. Nick Couto

        Crosby on the other hand is a great player. Injuries have plagued him. Yet still produces over a point per game. Both great players but I’m taking ovi for the all time team. Nobody can stop that clapper. NOBODY.

    55. Никита Гузеев

      Ovi is My Friend, we're drink beer together in Moscow!

    56. Jeesus Aamen

      want som candy,,,Ovi

    57. Jeesus Aamen

      My name is ALEX

    58. Peter The Large

      What a player.

    59. Harrisko 123

      Every gray hair probably means one goal

    60. Mark Hildner

      Ovis whole night was erased because of just excitement, nothing else

    61. Insidixus 39

      Happy ovi silenced his haters. From a LA fan to all caps fans and ovi I tip my hat to ya.

    62. kingZ

      only respect for my man 🐐

    63. Twinkie Hazard

      As a Columbus blue jackets fan with Washington being a massive rival I love Washington how can you not and they deserved every win of the playoffs

    64. Twinkie Hazard

      Think about this imagine if Washington picked Malkin and Ovechkin went to Pittsburg

    65. Steve Reilly

      I hated him forever was glad when he won... he did it the hard way he earned it

    66. wiplash25

      To see him celebrate with the fans like that most players wouldn’t do that these days . Just shows how much he really does care about the fans and the team

    67. Brady Johnson

      Sad to see arguably the best, and if not the best a damn solid second with no one near, getting a fraction of what football players are making.

    68. Sergey Chistyakov

      My Heroe !!! 888888

    69. Joseph Vail

      The best athlete in the entire history of D.C. sports.

    70. Trevor Philips

      2:03 - the original Russian Machine 1.0

    71. Jarrett Assiniwe

      She would not let up about the grey hair lol

    72. 898792

      Ovi 8 forver.

    73. popeye sailor

      The interviewer looks much nicer ten years later. What a beautiful head of hair.

    74. Kobe Dearhouse

      Why did i see this already like years ago but it got uploaded less than a year ago this a reupload?

    75. Mike Burton

      I'm a Toronto fan from England. Love ovie. Brings a tear to my eye

    76. Ёханный Бабай

      Саня Русский . не забывай родину.

    77. Михаил Петров

      Саша, ждём тебя)!✌🔥👍

    78. Josh M

      Ovie earned every ounce of joy from winning the cup!

    79. Ryan Lauzon

      Even being a penguins fan you can’t help but smile when he raised the cup, Well deserved

    80. Ipa 11

      Dont hit ipa anymore

    81. Brian Schlaf

      People need to relax nothing wrong with players going crazy and celebrating when scoring goals and winning show some damn emotion

    82. Sonny Karlsson

      No team player he rather loose a game and he scores 6 times than win and he’s scoreless, and how he disrespected his coach it’s a big no no, jumping hits on apponents it’s not ok. His motto as most Russians is “me myself and I”

    83. Lil Beano

      “We’re not gonna be fucking suck this year” and just like that, they weren’t fucking suck

    84. Ken Schmitz

      ey he got his cup

    85. Manu Bains

      He is top 10 for sure

    86. TROLL

      ovechkin, it's your car man.

    87. The Impaler

      I'm so happy that he started to really play for his team in their Cup year. Said it a 100 times before that season:"If Ovechkin starts to play both ways of the ice, they'll win for sure" And sure enough, they did. A well deserved cup.

    88. Stephen Doty

      That long questionnaire gave him the gray hair, honey.

    89. Supreme Simp

      him and datsyuk are my fav players of all time.

    90. P H I L L Y 7 5

      I'm not a Caps fan but it was great to see him get his cup, he and that team earned it like no other. Hope to see him get another one, only if Philly isn't making a run lol...GO PHILLY!!

    91. Mike Bevins

      Fuck is he one ugly dude.

      1. Niver0

        and you are pretty one princess

    92. Playboi Jimmy

      She said bobby hull

    93. John Pollock

      best skilled player i seen the minute i seen him . i rember he nailed a big goon defence man .lol as a rookie . too . lots of balls n skilll . koolest player too

    94. pooper409

      I think every true hockey fan was rooting for Ovi to win.

    95. Troy Ottosen

      I hope you all remember grinder,great face off,forechecking guy from that Stanley cup team, Jay Beagle, now with Vancouver, used to watch him play college at Alaska Anchorage.

    96. Ryan McNally

      “I don’t drink alcohol”-Ovechkin

    97. HK30B Gaming

      an Absolute Legend

    98. Brian Torsell

      More like the "Gray 8"...

    99. uguess94

      Rachel Nichols is a complete pro, she should be an inspiration to a bunch of young girls

    100. pat mccrotch

      I'm a diehard Flyers fan, but I have insane amounts of respect for this guy... More so than Crosby, not taking away from Crosby, he's a hell of a player, but no where near as likable as Ovechkin.