Eminem - When I'm Gone (Official Music Video)


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    Music video by Eminem performing When I'm Gone. (C) 2005 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records
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    1. Rishi Rathod

      He looks like Jesse Pinkman...

    2. Peter okafor

      Greatest of all time I love you Marshall

    3. Peter okafor

      Who is here 2020 for our king 👑

    4. Popular Song Lover

      @Darryl Brumfield Black lives matter which includes you and your moms. I feel very bad for your mother, Darryl. May God bless you and your family.🙏🏾

    5. Popular Song Lover

      Love people before they're gone, everyone and stay safe.

    6. Bongeka Mtolo

      2020 whos with me?

    7. Marco Corneillie

      marco corneillie is gone when i come and get you !!!!!

    8. Mayra Hernandez

      Eminem I like your Music the Demon I AM fighting now has me getting Angry too much. My mom is trying my little Girl has to Babys I'm Grandma. I pray that Jesús Christ get s

    9. ShaH M

      October 2020. comment section still alive. love you all man !

    10. Henre Horn

      If you see this in 2020... Know that ur a real one

    11. Ojeaga Daniel


    12. Kashi 54

      I literally listened to this song when it released, when I was a child. Listening to this song now feels like a straight shot in my heart damn

    13. Cody Dale

      Still listening in 2020

    14. Gido Things

      It’s so sad that if we die our comments will still be displayed here

    15. MR BAYLISS


    16. Mike Brown

      Ya'll notice he got all CSsel views??

    17. Paulo Ricardo

      Algum BR aí?

    18. Emilian Ionut

      Can't believe even Eminem's got dislikes on CSsel

    19. Kyle Griffith

      My dad dedicated this song to me before he died. Every morning when I wake up I listen to it. Im 35 now and every time I hear this song I get emotional knowing that this is the last thing I have of my dad.

    20. memento nyambe

      These some deep heartfelt lyrics right here. Still King👑

    21. memento nyambe

      And I would destroy anybody who will try to harm ém

    22. Dallas Cousins

      Anyone else listening to this in 2020

    23. Cody Chavez

      This song is rough to listen to... my dad used to listen to this when I was younger... he committed suicide in our parking lot 5 years ago leaving behind me my sister and my mom, I get chills everytime I listen to this

    24. maso5610 maso5610

      This isnt Eminem this isnt Slim shady THIS IS EMINEM

    25. Dj EmRed

      Daddy is busy until he died 😔 😭😭😭😭

    26. Nour Nour

      Pure and real music.

    27. Мистер Акназаров

      November 2020?


      What happens when you become the main source

    29. Minmin Dymz

      watching now

    30. Beatriz Vitoria

      Eu tenho vontade de chorar quando escuto essa música


      fan number 1 of eminem


      Slim Shady make us laugh , Eminem makes us Think , Marshall make us cry with your history sad

    33. jaspreet Singh

      Eminem is GOD of singing 💯💯💯

    34. mwai wachira

      who else is listening to this song in 2020?? kenya 254 representing

    35. Махмуд Махмудов

      Ты лучший

    36. Kadeřavec


    37. oMixed -Frost


    38. Hubg YT

      Was sad asf so icame here.

    39. glowatskyd

      Best rap God alive

    40. DeWayne Ramos

      damn you can feel the pain in this song. this ish touches me ever ytime

    41. Josue Rivas

      This gonna be the 5th Eminem song to top 1B views!

    42. Igor Lima

      BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷 LOVE YOU EMINEM❤️❤️❤️

    43. Todoroki Is A Beast!

      *This MASTERPIECE only needs 8 Million more views until it hits 800 Million Views!*

    44. CallMeScoob -

      Its been 12 years since I listened to this man this really brings back when i was in Springfield/MO where i was born. me and my dad would always listen to this and we still do today cause back then when rap was good it actually had meaning to it

    45. Andy Domasky

      This song should’ve been on Encore

    46. DiegoB

      792,894,640 views later, 2020 anyone?

    47. Orchid Sigapoa

      11 years later and I still know all the lyrics.

    48. Gusta Alves


    49. Colleen Terza


    50. freeze site

      Imagine getting a heart from Eminem 😭

    51. Fox Kidd

      Who is here on and after 27 October 2020? Don't like this, subscribe to my channel.

    52. Debraj Chakraborty

      Hey, Marshall, i wanna meet you for once,thanks for saving my life, its my dream please! Please i beg of you.

    53. paulo henrique

      Diretamente do Brasil

    54. Siba Ahmed

      فلسطين عربيه نار ودخان

    55. The Doom Marine

      have you ever loved someone so much you'd give an arm for not the expression no *literally* give an arm for!

    56. Elke Neillie

      I am so sorry, child

    57. Matthew Singer

      Doc: You've got 60 seconds left. what do you want to do? Me: Play When I'm Gone! Doc: That's 6 minutes long though Me: Damn. God: Durn da shit on Doc! Give the man his last wish. My Momma: 😭❤️🤍💙🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Me: Till I Collapse.

    58. Duygu Polat


    59. Nick Tembo

      The legend lives on

    60. Habaly Hady

      Literlay i' m stan

    61. Daniely Sousa

      Sou o brasileiro que vc procura

    62. ዮኒ ማኛ yoni mang

      Africa USA UK India Australia Who's 2021

    63. ikhwan _whutt

      This is why I love Eminem

    64. MyintMoe Aung

      This song never old Still Gold🤘🤘

    65. AnarchyRiderYT HD

      I haven't cried in a while, this song gets me...

    66. Laura Kolesnik

      i cry every time

    67. Linda Howard

      Love this song made me cry

    68. SeMo Alworfaly

      Im still lesson eminem 2000's songs

    69. Guy Balmas

      Imagine Hailey listening to this

    70. InQ Gaming

      Just Father really knows that feeling from this song..2020 still awesome with that beat

    71. Setyawan Jr.


    72. kkk

      ننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننواف اركب

    73. kkk

      نواف بقفع وجهك

    74. kkk

      نواف لاتغلط

    75. omAr A1

      If u r watching in 2020 👍👈

    76. Lxnny7

      I was 10 when I heard this song. I’m 21 now, thanks to God that I’m not gone & I’m still alive. Respect to all gone souls.

    77. Eminem Fan

      This isn't Eminem this is Marshall Mathers

    78. Kaz Games


    79. Fatih Tosun

      who else is just randomly visiting the good old songs

    80. Xo_amber 133

      0% Nudity 0% Sex 0% Bad words 0% Autotune 0% Bling Bling 0% Guns 0% Flexing money and flashing jewelry 100% Real Music Today’s music is garbage it’s mumble rap

      1. Seattle Seahawks Nation

        Justin Himburg 2 of the 3 greatest rappers of all time

      2. Noah King


      3. David C

        totally agree

      4. Justin Himburg

        True Eminem 2Pac FUCKING LEGENDS I want to go back in time: I hate getting damn old

    81. hYPeRㄙxㄙzAId GAMING

      He is so outstanding ❤️🔥

    82. 3xgio

      November 2020??

    83. Ghunter Shultz

      Dar valor sorrisos

    84. Ghunter Shultz

      Sofrer faz paste

    85. Ghunter Shultz

      A vida nen sempre e perfeita pra todos aprenda isso ceu sen escuridão nao se ve as estrelas

    86. Mr.keyyy key


    87. Rahul Narang

      Is this song related to his life?? Because I love it 🥀🌸


      Listen dance with the devil by immortal it's a heavy stuff, after that em story will sound like childish

      1. Sex

        Everyone has different story

    89. Chrisebony Infinity

      My dad dedicated this song to hes now he's gone this. Song makes me feel better about it I just wat u to know

    90. jesse barker

      Still here 2020 not gone yet..

    91. I LOVE SALAD

      He's so good at rapping everything he says sounds like a rap

    92. Fedor1704 Tutko

      2020 год он до сих пор лучший

    93. LAQU

      Every line was so perfectly delivered same as the rap

    94. Sarah Lynn

      I so love this song. ❤️💋

    95. Ivy Salmons

      "Shady made me but tonight, Shady's rockabye baby"

    96. Nacer Chaoui

      Covid-19 moments 😥❤

    97. Нажежда Холкина

      Ты мне нравишься. Ты очень хороший человек

    98. patience hope

      It has been more than ten years since this song came out. Tell me why it still makes me tear up?!?😭

    99. Princeosas Princeosas

      Will forever love your songs. ❤️💯

    100. PRAJWAL Negi

      I can't relate to the lyrics at all but I can totally feel the melancholy behind his lyrics and voice