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    Michail Antonio and Jesse Lingard goals gave the Hammers a massive 2-1 win over London rivals Spurs.
    Who was your Man of the Match?
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    1. sak gamingKH


    2. Nicholas Nzioka

      I like that 6:28 band

    3. CZHR Entertaintment

      Damn dude, who's not happy watching that celebration, at United he play solo, at West Ham he have a band.

    4. XINNN

      Lord Lingard

    5. N1GHTM4RE

      8:49 I think everyone knows what he said :D

    6. zein

      I'm a new fans of west ham cause linggard

    7. Məhəmməd Talıbov

      Lets go West Ham ⚒️

    8. Fania Family

      Josss Lingardhino

    9. syncmaster915n

      When he was at Man Utd, Lingard always put in a shift even if he didn't score or contribute in the offence. He was the first player from his academy class to be picked up by Alex Ferguson for the senior level. An unfortunate injury put an early end to his first Premier League season that year. And a reminder that Man Utd's team coach was attacked by West Ham fans once upon a time. Here's Jesse' reaction to it: cssel.info/video/video/lKSvln3Oxm14mms.html

    10. S

      Lingardinho showing his skills

    11. Janelle Boyd

      As long as Jesse is smiling, I’m happy

    12. Bit Frost

      Moyce benching Benrahma is a huge crime against a baller like him.

    13. Bit Frost


    14. Fahim

      lingard will make changes to West Ham !

    15. Woodwood Productions


    16. Allen Jones Styles

      Westham limited needs lingardinho🔥🔥

    17. Luci Star

      Cant wait for utd v hammers


      5:30 Lets Aim for the camera

    19. Nana Telulas

      JESSE LINGARD the best 💪

    20. Abdifitah Bashiir

      I can't wait to see Jesse scoring against man city and winning for the hammers So that man united can have a chance for the tittle 😍

    21. Heung Sang

      Lingard is Back on🔥🔥

    22. Viet Kong

      This is the Lingardinho under mourinho first season at man utd

    23. Ahmad 10

      Tottenham makin ancur di latih mou 🤣

    24. Aidan Lille

      What a clearance from Rice!

    25. Nurul Ihsan

      6:28 legendary band

    26. Nigel Muscat Edwards

      JLingz baby let's go ❤️

    27. Dennis Kyeremeh

      Bale saying MF at 8:49...who is that one directed to....I hope it isnt JM

    28. DundralCZ

      1:25 Coufal Pěkně Najetej

    29. adhi nauval

      Glad to see david moyes prove the haters wrong, he has been disrespected after coaching manchester united. Glad to see his back in form with the hammers

    30. Baby Jerry

      Love Lingard ❤️

    31. Tech channel


    32. Alexandre barbosa da cruz

      Let's go Hammers!! I'm from Brazil

    33. Andi Fuji

      Lord Lingrard is Back

    34. a4d7b4b57fs6


    35. Ario Wibisono

      my man lingardinho

    36. Precelek YT

      fabianski najlepszy

    37. Mr. Samuel Aidoo

      I've watched this highlights more than once just because of lingard

    38. Dmitry 777

      feel like every man uniteds second favourite team is west ham atm

    39. LM47

      Jokes aside I'm glad Lingard is performing well

    40. FAMOSA SEA

      All hail lord lingaard

    41. hao huynh

      8:49 he said :'' mother fucker''

    42. tang yuan

      As a Man Utd fan I am so happy for Jesse Lindgard with all that has happened with his Mom and him having to take care of his siblings. So glad to see him happy with his football. West Ham have a good team and it will be nice to see them in Europe. Credit where credit is due, Moyes has done brilliantly.

    43. life long

      Now, If lil Jesse could grow up...fat chance

    44. Aldi Yahya

      Its been along timw don’t see lingard celebrations

    45. John Mcintosh

      Good job they realised Moyes was actually a decent coach and asked him back wonder If they'll throw him out again in 18 months 🤔

    46. SlighceTUNES

      West Ham channel got a lot more views since Lingard signed

    47. Chris Applegate

      Ligate is my favourite player

      1. Chris Applegate


    48. thuy thu

      fabian so good in this game

    49. Chong Wil Ther

      Moyes coming good again!! way to go

    50. Rusydi Razaq

      Emang biawak lh lord kita ini😂

    51. V-a Ralte

      Nice extended highlights 🤩

    52. big man ron

      all those sarcastic comments on lingard aint gonna be sarcastic by the end of the season 3 goals in 4 games what a start

      1. Akunna Udoye

        Exactly what I have been saying.

    53. KvotheTheBloodless

      How do the highlights not show the amazing Soucek moment? In times when Salah gets a pen for someone stomping on the ground 2 meters away, we should be showing players with actual grit.

    54. Mohamadie Bardacad


    55. perdi kriput

      Sign him pls, jesse lingard the phiton Seperti idolaku budi sudarsono si ular piton 😁

    56. Lucas Roberts

      I miss j lingz at man utd but good luck in prem west ham

    57. Bartłomiej

      minimum top 6 hammers this season!... COYI!!

    58. AB7 Fifa

      We all love jesse lingard

    59. Abhishek Datar

      Lingard is happy again. Things United fans love to see! He fit in like a glove! Keeping Dancing mate!

    60. Mike Burton

      West Ham fans love Backstreet Moyes....In Moyesiah we trust!!!!

    61. Ridhul Nassar k

      Good to see Jesse lingard in this kind of form❤❤

    62. Ramzy rizky darmawan


    63. BlackBurningHeart17 Black History

      lingardhinho effect

    64. From The Anvil: West Ham United


    65. Kirubel Letta

      300th comment

    66. Eko Purnomo

      Bale❌ Lingard✔

    67. Man Utd fan. We are the best in the World

      Best team in the league after City. CL football for us, baby.

    68. The Red Pancake

      Check my channel out if you want (come on you irons)

    69. Billy Bastian

      Paten kali ni lord kami pindah club

    70. Lerby Harland

      Kok aku bahagia ya lihat king lingard dancing on the moon

    71. Arya Putra Pratama

      Bapak linggard

    72. SSB GSP Force Official


    73. Alayas Mahmood

      Lingard will be like Wiltshire Carroll once he’s signed a Massive contract will go back to social media and his pathetic dancing Man United don’t want him back he’s scored 4/5 goals and 4 of them the goalie fucked up

    74. Tyezly

      Lets go Jesse

    75. Vatti

      Imagine if they sign abdoulaye dia

    76. Vatti

      Best west Han in their last 30 years hahah

    77. Dan Kovacevic

      On fifa 22 west ham players must be upgraded a lot

    78. Louis Mwayaya Thoryalba

      If I were Mourinho.., I would have been a long retired manager 😂😂

    79. alambert147

      Soucek and Coufal...amazing job before the first goal...

    80. Børis Jöhnsòn

      We need him back Olé

    81. sejtano

      fabianski was amazing

    82. Lego Batman

      Here for j lingz

    83. Felita Notoharmono


    84. Nick

      Ronaldo and Messi ❎ Lord Lingard ✔️

    85. stiffller russell

      Keep going lads awesome

    86. you knowwho

      How dare the ref catch Lord lingardinho offside :D Only lord can celebrate twice with just one goal, lmao

    87. Naz :D


    88. shellsbignumber2

      Best team in London

    89. Sha Uru

      Loris is done

    90. oggy jack

      Europa dream is on!! Keep the gas on and Hammers would be playing in Europe next season.

    91. Mirzha Bn

      Lionel Lingardinho Jr : 1 Goals 2 Celebrations

    92. Mirzha Bn


    93. yudi arap

      Dia lebih bahagia disini. Gud job lingie🔥

    94. Abdalla SA

      Lingard driving that transfer fee up. Nice profit in the summer.

    95. Domin_poland

      Congratulations on winning West Ham. WILL YOU PLAY IN THE CHAMPION LEAGUE.

    96. JakoRLY

      Souček saved the goal 1:1..!!!

    97. Wade Batchelor

      I’ve always looked up to Jesse lingard -Messi

    98. EdIn

      Im proud of Jesse. People thought he was wasting away in man u, and now braking it in west ham. Wholesome

    99. BRANDON JUKIMIN PP2012006T

      Declin rice and jesse looks like bff

    100. Neil Turner

      Onwards & Upwards COYI ⚒⚒