Frozen 2: Gale Test | Deleted Scene | Exclusive Clip Featurette HD


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    Young Iduna, King Agnarr and the wind spirit (Gale) were playing hide & seek in the forest. This is a test to give personality about Gale. The animators use leaves to help Gale have its own personality. The wind spirit is not just an effect, it's a real character (as what the directors said).
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    1. hina shah

      This is so cute

    2. iiGrxceii Plays

      I wish this scene was in the movie :c

    3. Sofia Frost

      Can you imagine they are actually dead? 😢

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    5. Ruchi .Khare

      So cute why

    6. katherine espiniza

      Mmmmm me gusta más la verdadera

    7. Ruth Box

      I say yes for a five hours Frozen 3 😂😂

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    9. Senilde Rodriguez

      Ok can someone explain how is it that these scenes (spectacular scenes btw) were deleted and why they decided to keep Sven's song!!!???

    10. Johanna Kartika

      Aaaaaaa hi

    11. Jeon Sohyun

      This is the most sweetest moment ever i can't-

    12. tamires moraes

      0hora ta

    13. Maria Arevalo

      me la e querido ver

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    15. Furiouz Knight

      y’all this is so cute i-

    16. Lyeba

      I was wondering why they weren't anywhere near as playful as adults, because people don't just suddenly stop when they're older. They only change like that when something crushes their spirits. Then I realised it was the war, and the stress of Elsa's condition.

    17. Charles Miles

      So how do you know what happened

    18. Samara Alencar

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 eu adorei esse

    19. Oscar Lopez

      Hola. soi. Salomé

    20. Nosheen Janjua

      Funny and hhhhhhhh

    21. Klaus Fiedler

      Fhggggtlncgf und ich liebe

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    23. Mayys Habeel

      This is what Iduna said to the wind spirit: Can you show me where Agnar is? Like if you heard the same.

    24. Disney music Now

      Why did they delete this Iduna And Agnar are having so much fun

    25. Las sonrric's

      Si estavonito

    26. Eduarda Silva Lins Nunes

      Que fofu

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    29. jonardjude olinan

      I like so much thanks for uploading it man! Good job 👏👍

    30. Angelina Corbara

      Too beautiful for deleted:"

    31. lol

      Lmao they looked so familiar and I just occured to me they look like Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

    32. Pink Medusa

      So cute 😍 But she looks exactly like Moana

    33. hatice çiçek

      Tamam canım geçmiş olsun

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    35. Esther Maria Vaneli Rossetto


    36. Esther Maria Vaneli Rossetto


    37. Izza Q.

      this is the PUREST FUCKIN THING I CANT

    38. Bill Jenkins

      Why did they have to delete this! It’s so good

    39. Evelly Medeiros

      q cena linda!😍

    40. ESTRELLITA Gutierrez

      How did you get the deleted scene?

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    42. Kenan Hamidov

      She is gute

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    45. Sofia Sara


    46. Aryahi Ghosh Class V sec C roll 20

      I love Elsa

    47. wilson valerio


      1. wilson valerio

        Oi EmillY 2UFAFo

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    49. Shari guess

      Young Iduna is my favorite Disney character. I want to learn more about her🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🥰🥰

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    51. Elfie things

      Hm iduna is kid agnarr is kid teen agnarr coming arendell and iduna who wald es nebel and arendell no who voming

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    53. Agustina Gimenez

      Te amó elsa

    54. Zuzana Ľachka

      They are girl and boy.😊😊😊

    55. Anaïsqt BaBarroso

      M MCSA

    56. Annzie Boniface

      Great day right?

    57. alexis hayashi

      It's kinda funny that the whole premise of the movie was to find the truth behind Elsa's powers and her parents, but I feel like SO many questions were still left unanswered. It was really unsatisfying, cuz honestly iduna's and agnarr's characters still werent fleshed out enough. Their story felt unfinished. I really hate that they took this seen out, and all the other outakes. Frozen 2 would've been a very different movie, but it would've been better.

    58. the king dinosaur

      why was this removed why could this not have been like an opening scene to the film

      1. the king dinosaur

        @Elsa of the Northuldra yeah or a memory in show yourself

      2. Elsa of the Northuldra

        Spoilers unfortunately, though most people already saw them for a second in the trailer. But it would have been good as an extra.

    59. Reza Manraj

      The unwritten story of hermione granger and draco malfoy!!

    60. Silvio Antonio

      Eu adoro frozen 2 é frozen 1

    61. Ami Habi

      Give us more about there love story

    62. Özcan Şen

      Is the voice from into the unknown this girl?

    63. Maria Lea Arruda

      Que floresta linda

    64. Elia Vazquez

      Muy hermosa esa ecena que lastima que fue eliminada

    65. natura i ja

      Nie było tego w bajce

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    67. Tasmia Bilkis Tani


    68. Malthe Lindberg

      She looks like moana

    69. Jamie Raatz


    70. Fudanshi 21

      Moana.. Make way make way

    71. happy steven

      Why they work very hard to do this scene and delet it?

      1. Ethen Allen

        I understand it was made to test and demonstrate the software used to animate the wind.

    72. Quesly Sinai Martinez De La Cruz

      Extraño que sean niños sus papás jaj

    73. Gacha girl


    74. Renu Roy

      She looks like Moana

    75. Dr Fazal Mehmood

      Iduna is so cute but looks shy

    76. joaquin jara

      Cadavez que veo este video me es imposible creer que esos dos niños vallan a ser los papas de anna y elsa

    77. Arlet Botello Espinoza

      No me gusta esto

    78. Юлия Леонова

      Ха ха ха

    79. Милана Таймыс

      This girl looks like Moana. Don't you think?.🤔