HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5



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    Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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    1. Vivziepop

      HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► cssel.info/video/video/s6Oam37Vz5qXiWc.html Episode One ► cssel.info/video/video/yaOYg3PLqp16hGs.html Episode Two ► cssel.info/video/video/z6enqoLKlW1ofIQ.html Episode Three ► cssel.info/video/video/tp6hppfOvYKVmpo.html Episode Four ► cssel.info/video/video/lZF_ppW8s6Sbd54.html


        The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

      2. vermelon

        Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

      3. Carmen Angulo

        0 l Prv^¿*^^

      4. Slyuniform


      5. Alisha Fox



      I'm dead

    3. boltoms

      *Striker’s my favorite.* Hands down.

    4. BBOctoHat


    5. Medic Mayhem

      Holly fucking shit its stolises wife?!? XD (sorry I probably spelled that wrong)

    6. Nicholas Kupper

      Wow I’m 13 but this is the BEST SHIT EVER Please keep this coming I wish it was a Netflix premiere! Love the work

    7. Hertta Kalajoki

      Vivzie I got a question for ya, Whos speaking in the mic on Lastor's stick???

    8. Mrtoot games

      Please continue helluva boss you don’t understand how good this show is please

    9. ixmchvhxb

      Striker: I failed to kill the target at the festival Stella: *wow, thanks for the Intel, striker, it's not like I was directly looking at him* Striker: see, mam, I am a professional assassin

    10. Gaming With Dark

      Employees? More like Imployees

    11. --

      pls someone cover that song

    12. Criticał

      fly me to the moon and let me eat chicken nugget

    13. Hella Mai

      Wow... Blitzo is HOT!!

    14. Cheezy Hash Browns

      Moxie I’m finnnnnneeeee

    15. Perfect Cell

      Nothing like a little war to make a man strong

    16. Sonic Z

      His wife is Totally getting revenge

    17. Burial Brigade Videos

      My man Norman Reedus is in this!

    18. Perfect Cell

      Goddamnit relate to blitzo so much

    19. noa gill

      If that’s an adult hell pig does that mean fat nuggets is gonna be like that

    20. Blinky! Dreams :D

      I just realized Octavia , Stolas, and idk her name sorry are eating together...Without fighting...Okay maybe the mom is glaring and stuff and wants to kill him but at least...they aren’t screaming...? And Octavia seems a bit more okay haha T__T

    21. Mpafiaris 07

      I'm sorry I wanna ask smth , they're in hell , right ? Then if they die where do they go ?

      1. Yahn Mahn

        I think they just get revived. Unless they get killed by special weapons. In which case they just get erased from the universe i guess

    22. Sum ire

      1:53 lmao you can see him done withbthis bullshit

    23. Calypso Mournings

      I hope they release their songs on iTunes because they sound like worth buying songs so long as there over three minutes in my opinion ¥

    24. Larger than life

      Petition to make "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" the theme song for this show:

    25. furry_blueberryfur

      5 reasons why i love helluva boss 1. horses in this episode look amazing 2. every demon has their personality and character 3. story telling always has action 4. music fits with the scenes its in 5. every single character you add and make

    26. Differentbutrational 2696

      Y’all notice that Striker looks similar to Mako from Long Gone Gulch?

    27. Totally not Invited

      POV:u came from TikTok to see this

    28. Just Karl

      Damn,Vanoss’s family is sure is crazy.

    29. The Demo

      It's all good I just don't really like Luna much. She seems to be more for fan service. And she tends to screw things up more than actual help at times. But otherwise the show is really good

    30. Charlotte Anne Rosales

      I love this episode

    31. Aeronage

      Sally May is great and more of her is needed

    32. AZ08_37


    33. dark wizard


    34. Mug the Magpie

      Okay the start of the episode almost got me killed, as I chocked on tea TOTALLY not expecting such an opening.

    35. 토우링고

      영상 찢었다!! 미쳤다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    36. Anime Nerd

      2:56 keep it paused

    37. Semiromende2's Random Content

      m a s i v e s ex

    38. Luna bllu

      It would be do cute to have an episode of about blitzo and loona, and it shows when blitzo adopted loona🥺

    39. Isak Andreasson


    40. コーラ

      i fucking love millie and the fact she has a southern accent makes her so cute imo edit: OK THE ANIMATION IN THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL HOW THE HELL

    41. Abigail Clarke


    42. AnimaniacsToonsN1

      Pause at 4:09 - Blitz's eyes / WTF

    43. AnimaniacsToonsN1

      I'm satisfied about Millie's devellopment. I thought she was just an airhead in the pilot but i was wrong, since episode 3 when she blackmailed Verosika at the end. She just have an enthousiastic personality. She's the definition of being deadly sweet.

    44. Rosemay Crichton

      i love how the hotel was literally called "Hideaway Motel" and says "that guy that tried 2 kill u def isnt here"

    45. Everestgamer xx

      Striker. Me simping and drooling over him. Moxxie Me: yup he is my favorite and you cannot tell me otherwise.

      1. soinhu foitu


    46. Mighty on top ッ

      Holy hell that monster is teaming up with solus and his wife to kill blitz I am excited for next vid

    47. TheLivinDeadman

      Can we just take a moment that freaking Norman Reedus lent his voice to this. Hats of to great voice over

    48. Kraft Zero 2

      I like how good blitz is at hand to hand combat.

    49. DarkRaven

      I love this show

    50. DELILAH 25

      Of course it's the wife, lol.

    51. Lioness

      Yeah. I love Stolas so much lol

    52. ella!!

      stella's a girlboss LMFAOO

    53. Daniel McMillen

      Absolutely love this series

    54. X PsychoTimes X

      I like the style of animation quality in this episode. I hope we get more of this style. Small touch but I like it ^^

    55. Dustin Ramirez

      Norman Reedus!

    56. Kokichi Oma

      Honestly I like the king 😳

    57. Oneofevery

      If you ever feel useless Remember Helluva boss has 18+ warning

    58. • Wïñgß øf fïrē •

      So *C h e e s y*

    59. note4note

      You know, after 5 episodes, I think we get it. Moxie is a wimp. Can we move on? It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't half of most episodes jokes, plot and general content, but it's a bit played out by this point.

      1. özgür ruh

        Ok the show needs a punching bag

    60. Yeetasaurmanz 4

      Bruh how does Moxy sound like Kaos from skylanders if anyone remembers that

    61. Insanebruh


    62. Valentin Vazquez


    63. Byron Ray

      I never noticed but in Striker’s he actually puts in the lyrics “Moxie go F**K yourself.”

    64. Bedless Norseman

      Ok I had to puase to type this cus I’m dying

      1. Bedless Norseman

        “Transactional fucking” HHAAAHAHAHHAH GGAAAASSSSSPP

    65. eyrist

      yknow sometimes i forget how strong blitz actually is without his guns so that fight w striker really just damn

    66. Daisy Rivera

      Are you guys going to make an other episode of hazbin hotel

    67. Akio Kuro

      Millie going fucking berserk while protecting Moxie is oddly wholesome in my eyes

    68. Micky Bubble

      Striker: i didnt get the target miss,the mission failed Stella with stolas sitting right infront of her: ...yeah i can fuckin tell

    69. kaylee logan

      Not at me screaming when I heard daryl aka norman reedus

    70. GEN 2 MEDIA INC.

      you can also cheer one your BOSE QuietComfort Headphones

    71. apple juice TN

      Moxxie: “I’m not good with my hands?” Me:quitely chuckles in dirty minded

    72. JadenD

      “The guy that tried 2 kill you def isn’t here” the motel sign is perfect

    73. GEN 2 MEDIA INC.


    74. Itz Slyakz

      Does Moxxie still have the gun? The sniper rifle?

    75. Адель Меретукова

      your series are getting more and more interesting! Very interesting what will happen next^^

    76. Dum Dum Child

      14:44 don’t mind me time stamping my favorite part

    77. Edgar


    78. Necrodead

      all I can hear is invader Zim

    79. KxngJxke

      "The prince is our bosses BOYFRIENNDD" is stuck in my head.

    80. Freak Show

      Millie's sister is a mood

    81. MrBootyHunter 6

      Just know if Millie and Moxie ever break up the show is finished

    82. josue alfaro

      This should be it’s own series like on Netflix yeah

    83. Dedsec

      Incase we ever get a Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss crossover, “Helluva Hotel”

    84. The Gray man

      How did they pull Norman redus

    85. TheOfficialUraraka UwU


    86. Phin


    87. Quick Album Reviews

      The people who disliked this video hurt their clavicle.

    88. GentlemansDream

      Norman cucking Reedus? It’s like the stars aligned for him to play that role. Well done Helluva cast!

    89. Jay’s Kawaii Mushrooms

      8:54 can we just talk about this 😃✋🏽

    90. Perceville Burns

      So In the beginning of the episode, blitzo says he hasn't been to wrath, but when he was talking to Verosika Mayday, she said he stole her credit card and ran 3 rings to wrath to buy horse riding lessons.

    91. D_Liver

      Bad show

      1. kaliedoscope.mp4

        @D_LiverWell humor is subjective so the show not being funny yo YOU doesn't make it bad. Objectively it's a pretty decent show for anyone who's a fan wester adult animation

      2. D_Liver

        @kaliedoscope.mp4 Not funny, too many bad words!

      3. kaliedoscope.mp4

        how so?

    92. Trinity Hale

      are there going to hazbin hotel episodes coming out any time soon? i love helluva boss but i really, really want to see hazbin hotel go past the pilot episode

    93. Kyle Franklin

      That shark really likes to beat the funky out of moxie

    94. M͟a͟r͟z͟o͟ the rat in yo floorboards

      Strider is the reason I'm bleaching my eyes rn

      1. Undead Smp


    95. Nix.Meowstic

      17:00 17:09 17:24

    96. Denis S.

      Spoiler: the next episode will be on earth (every second episode will be on earth)

    97. FirefulXD

      how did striker get stabbed five times and not be effected at all

    98. bravojr

      Luna was so useless this episode she needs an Upgrade.