Highlights: Liverpool 4-3 Leeds Utd | Salah hits a hat-trick on the opening day

Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights from Liverpool's opening day victory over Leeds United, as a Virgil van Dijk header, and three goals from Mo Salah gave Jürgen Klopp's side all three points as they kicked off the defence of their Premier League crown.
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    1. Cassie

      Virgil's header was so massive it even pushed the goalkeeper into the net.

    2. k2v metha


    3. Budi Santoso

      go glory.....💫


      I like mo salah

    5. no name

      I'm Arabic and l translate your speech you are polite people❤❤ You: What is the benefit 😂

    6. Joanna

      This season is gonna be tough...even for city... If Salah perform like this, then no problem at all... Only Allison, vvd and firmino need little improvement...

    7. JHX Ballerz

      Vvd new st

    8. Ma x

      Daamn Salah looks fresh with that cut while scoring these bangers

    9. Dominic Clarke

      Mohammed salah is a very special player Arsenal fan

    10. Anggi Hartini

      mo salah good job

      1. Joanna

        Funny because you guys should be worried about Leeds

    11. aola wili


    12. Active Speed


    13. Harry Sanjaya


    14. Adrian Pietrzak

      Why is nobody talking about Harrison's goal? He made look TAA like a drunk toddler.

    15. The golden gamer 1000

      Yo best team

      1. aola wili

        Mo Salah is the one who makes me coming back to football, LFC fans since i was 15 yo

    16. Kennedy Ada

      A bit sloppy at the back

    17. ghtth rtyty

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    18. bilishu aliss

      mantap :)

    19. lesselp

      Salah had an extra sugar in his tea pre match..

    20. bampyeonji


    21. unwrapping by mimi koteng


    22. King Cobra

      Patrick Bamford scored against you in this game. You’ve got Timo Werner and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang in the next two.

      1. bilishu aliss

        except Salah, some players seem didn't return yet from vacancies

    23. King Cobra

      Arguably the most worrying start to a Premier League season for a current title holder on record. 1. Conceded 3 goals, all from open play, against a newly promoted side. 2. A newly promoted side who have not played at this tier of football in 16 years. 3. Leeds had more possession over the full 90 minutes, despite being the away side. 4. Patrick Bamford, a player who had demonstrated time and time again he isn’t of this level, gets a goal. 5. Leeds cut though your defence as often as you cut through theirs. 6. They could easily have scored 6, had they had better players up top. 7. Leeds scored 3 goals - that’s every single shot on target. If it was within the posts, Alisson failed to stop it. 8. Only Salah played well. If not for him, you’d have lost the game. 9. This performance comes just 6 days after a young Arsenal team beat you to the Community Shield the Sunday prior. 10. Your next two games are against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge & Arsenal at Anfield.

    24. Black man Mama Africa

      Funny because you guys should be worried about Leeds

    25. Topaeto

      nobody acknowledging the fact that leeds nearly tied against liverpool

    26. Tony Stark

      Harrison is City's player and he know what exactly to do in this game 😎

    27. peter babooram

      It's nice to see Leeds back in top flight football

    28. سانتياغو برنابيو Santiago Bernabéu

      الله عليك يافخر العرب

    29. Shauka Hodan

      Mo Salah is the one who makes me coming back to football, LFC fans since i was 15 yo

    30. thalapathy Thas

      What is this salah

    31. zacharia takwada

      Klopp underestimated the work Matip was putting in on defence

    32. medoo 2020

      الملك المصري ❤️ Egypin king 👑

    33. Hilman Zul

      What a bad defense from Joe Gomez

      1. Shauka Hodan

        What a fatal mistake from van djik!!!

    34. Aili Gaming


    35. Lawrence Seow

      Leeds United was the club I supported back in the day under Don Revie, in their all white jerseys. I am very glad they're back in the top flight and impressive to boot. Liverpool were lucky, very lucky, with that first penalty.

    36. Foudil Laameche

      except Salah, some players seem didn't return yet from vacancies

    37. Qasem Soleimani

      Salalalalalah!! ❤️❤️ 🇪🇬 🇪🇬

    38. كريم مكى

      صلاح الملك المصري 👌

    39. petani polybeg

      Mantap..salam pencinta tanaman yg hobi dgn bola

    40. Raheem Rashid

      What a big dive fabhino