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Man City

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    Manchester City lost for only the fourth time this season as Stuart Dallas’ stoppage time winner ensured 10-man Leeds United stunned the Premier League leaders at the Etihad Stadium.
    Dallas gave Marcelo Bielsa’s side the lead against the run of play when he fired a low 18-yard drive in off the post shortly before half-time, but the game appeared to swing back in City’s favour when Liam Cooper was dismissed for a reckless tackle on Gabriel Jesus in first half added time.
    Pep Guardiola’s men were in total control after the break as Leeds tried to protect their lead, but Ferran Torres looked to have rescued a point when he steered Bernardo Silva’s pass into the bottom corner in the 76th minute.
    City continued to pour forward in search of a winner, but were undone by a slick counter-attack when Dallas latched onto Ezgjan Alioski’s through ball and nutmegged Ederson to seal a smash and grab victory in the 91st minute.
    The defeat leaves Guardiola’s men needing 11-points from our remaining six league games to be crowned champions.
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      Torres is my fav player. What an underrated baller imo


        Ferran btw

    2. Luke Skywalker

      Although Man City is a top tier football club in the Premier League, I like Leeds Utd too and I believe they have the potential to get into the top tier one day.

    3. زين.العابدين الجبوري


    4. Andrew Buckley

      'Blow up at the end of the season'? 'Promoted because of Covid'? How wrong can you be Carney? This is Leeds playing most of the game with ten men and WINNING against the league leaders in the last few matches of the season. Two sugars please love...

    5. Dreadful Dan

      Leeds are so good

    6. Dreadful Dan

      Guys it's okay we all know Leeds are way better than Man City

    7. Григорий Пупкин

      Manchester City, you bastards, corrupt and worthless football players, you will never win the Champions League because you are pissed bastards!

    8. Minge Squad


    9. Musutd Mustapha

      City is nothing without mahrez and debryne

    10. Peterson Murimi

      Am shocked but man city fan


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    12. Gustavo Couto Dias

      Good bool

    13. irvan alghoffar

      Leeds is the best 😁

    14. Saltcheese

      the other manchester won 6-2 against leeds 😐😐

    15. Caiden Cavallone

      Leeds have played extremely well, and their CF apparently knows what hes doing without stress even in light of the obvious player disadvantage

    16. Alex Smith

      Can’t win them all! Hopefully they turn up for Dortmund.

    17. хзщшгн ээдлорп


    18. Clarence Amadeus

      Finally a weakness. Your backup CB is not good enough. So many defensive mistake and so many 1v1 duel lost.

    19. Samwel Mshana

      It's football

    20. Kyler Hoever

      “is there time for winner?” yes there is .........for Leeds

    21. Johnny Johnson

      *Leeds leads* 🤤

    22. Adhi Baskoro

      So don't like to nag

    23. Bawantha Darshana

      Win,tie or lose..we are with city allways..

    24. Re:ゼロから始める中国生活


    25. Gunlo 1957

      City already help with the red card given to leed, but still lost.. sorry to say..☝️🤣

    26. Pablo Herbman

      1:00 he touched the ball first???? What's going on with soccer

    27. Arnav Jain


    28. RockPopBackingTracks

      por qué lo echó si llegó primero a la pelota?

    29. Anthony Monaghan

      Well done Leeds. We have you at Elland Road next. Hopefully Liverpool will have better luck than Man City. Good result.

    30. Ana Ramirez

      1:32 🤓👌

    31. 유준혁

      맨시티 힘내고 맨유랑 경기 할때 꼭 이겨줘 맨유팬놈들이 인종차별을 했거든 맨유 놈들 이럴거면 왜 인종차별 캠페인을 했을가도 하다 하여튼 힘내!

    32. Beto Tassi

      Simplemente Bielsa, just only the crazy Bielsa

    33. ricky sagita

      Marcello Bielsa is the PROFESSOR of tactics

    34. Robin Vanben

      I like it 's 😂😂😂👍 good. Lids united 😂😂

    35. Mate Freestyler


    36. Dela amanda

      Leeds Shot on goals : 2 Goal : 2

    37. Deaht Stroke

      Thank You Leeds

    38. M C

      João cancelo will have to replace Fernandinho if he has to leave the squad.

    39. André Vuitton


    40. fourware loving

      have you forgotten Aguero's services, why not renew, why discard it is not played,karma.. Iam from Indonesian.

    41. The Diligent Gamer

      Sterling has to go buy someone else Idc who

    42. Ismaail Nuthoo

      Yes I can believe it sir 😊😇

    43. MiroiwnL

      Bielsa such great coach

    44. Fahed Al-ajmi

      This is what happens when you underestimate the opposition.

    45. Kingston21

      Aguero is definitely going to want to go to Leeds now XD

    46. Richichi Mattia

      Leeds > Dortmund.

    47. MAOST ARTS


    48. qopoy dnon

      The match was the best example to show how konami implement scripting in online matches

    49. กิตติภูมิ จ้อยบํารุง


    50. กิตติภูมิ จ้อยบํารุง


    51. SE 7ENOFC

      I, am from Algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿

    52. Postman Carcharodontosaurus

      I really hope Sterling doesn't get racial abuse after this match :(

      1. qopoy dnon

        have scored minimum one goal. Against man utd also he was complacent. Pep is a no brainer at times. Man United are at sniffing distance now, they know its not over.

    53. zero derham

      MC: come come .. watch us lose!

    54. Riswanda Ahmad

      Kalah sama 10 pemain,, lemah

    55. Dariusz Dudka

      Man City rested its best to prepare for final run.

    56. Aldy Febrian

      we gotta keep our heads up COME ON CITY

    57. wolf guy

      can u believe it

    58. R.I.S.K OFICIELE

      Mahrez 🇩🇿✌️✌️✌️🇩🇿

    59. kenan ibrahimov

      Aquero superstar💘💘💘💘💘💝💖💔❣💟💕💞💓💗🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤🖤🤍💯💯💯💯

    60. Majider Karu

      This note Goode 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    61. Pedro Leite

      City defense without Rúben dias 🤡

    62. KWIZERA Pacifique

      TIME to, fall is up

    63. hendrik jr

      Nice try

    64. Dean Krol

      I see a lot of people slagging off Man City after this. Have some humility people, this was a mental result for Leeds and it just cements us the most entertaining team in the Premier league at the moment. Drink it up and enjoy it. But show a bit of respect to Man City, they're by far the best team in the league, and lets be honest, most of us Leeds fans will be having a little celebration when City lift the tile to give another slap in the face to that red shite we all hate :) "we all hate Man u" :)

    65. Md. Asadur Rahman Abir

      ভিডিও আপলোড করো কোন শরমে ?

    66. Fazs Shipkolye

      Peps arrogance led to this defeat. He played Zinchenko in midfield, plays stones as a false 9, this is tinkering unsafely, nonsense. Aguero should have played, he's fit, he would have scored minimum one goal. Against man utd also he was complacent. Pep is a no brainer at times. Man United are at sniffing distance now, they know its not over.

    67. Wiseman samiri

      guys be serious

    68. biawak berbicara

      Focus ucl guys

    69. Akshit Soji

      This shows that money cannot counter tactical brilliance

    70. the sent joshua

      Tough day at the office but we march on to Germany for a WIN💪🏿

    71. Zishafa Nyambose

      Poor marking by Stones on the 2nd goal

    72. najis punya anak laki laki

      guardiola idiot, lose with weak team

    73. Wilson Mwass

      Losing its Learning but we still leading

    74. Obyy A

      I love bielsa 🙌🙌🙌

    75. Kemitha Medawala

      Irish proud...💚💚💚💚

    76. Eric Ngugi

      i hate you guys

    77. Tradeladder

      They spent 10 minutes on the Red Card ffs, Tossas.

    78. berlin white

      We all love Leeds and Leeds and Leeds... MOT

    79. Natanael Laver

      Man city are always the best team even if they lose in the quarter-finals on Wednesday. City

    80. Markie64

      Ok, I’m surprised, but, like MC has won the league, but well played to leeds

      1. FBI-Exoticzz

        be carful what you say, if united beat burnley they will be 8 points off city, the chance is still their

    81. Kunal Patil

      Marcelo bielsa is a legend He is a coach barca needs

    82. David Lourance

      Finally, Manc loses as a manu fan I feel like manu can become first.

    83. 89 Gaming

      JOKE FC

    84. Aimless Ideas

      "It's 1-1 now, is there time for a winner?" Yeah there was.


      When I looked the stats in Google I saw city 29 shots and 7 on target. But one goal only. I felt very angry 😡. Because city have a world class striker and coach don't took him to the first eleven. If he was there the 29 shots would not be wasted. There will be 2 or 3 goals in this match. And if City continues this we will not be able to see the UCL semi-finals. Because we are against a German top class team. I am warning. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

    86. Dhika Kartiko

      Why Guardiola

    87. Achmad Anshori


    88. Biondi Septian

      emang tim cupu, musim ini hoki melulu: dibantu wasit, kiper lawan tolol wkwkwk

    89. k.m.vimala manoj

      Lol I think guardiola wanted leeds to win

    90. D. S.G

      john stones should have slide tackled

      1. Kev McNally

        He could have chopped Dallas down because the ref wouldn't have given anything

    91. The Chimp Is Boiled

      Tough game but City and Leeds remain brothers 👊

    92. Hedmaga Rodrigues

      Aguero's effect

    93. MNRJ

      like just why leeds though

    94. Mukwaya Hamiisi


    95. David Mugo


    96. MrKnowitalmostall Well

      Why are no one of you utter fools in here not talking about the facts in this game!??? Just why dont you simple follow anything or are you just Simple brainwashed sport nuts? City had 5-7 changes to their teams ! Zinchenko was in the middle of the field he is a fkn defender! De bryune on the bech also gundogan and more! So yeaaah this was not even city b team! It was more like the c team! If city playes their real team everyone know how it would have gone probably 2 digit numbers! Leed suck so much! They are very lucky not be relegated! So if sheff united are going down after a good last season leeds will be battling relegation next season! Everyone knows their "unpredictable" " style".... You can only do it for 1 season max

    97. lando kool

      How the game has turned....how is that a red card? Should the defender have waited till the ball dropped before going for it?

    98. Bugs Bunny 54 Skervin

      Manchester City was poor defensively hence they lost the game.

    99. Olumide Ajibade

      This is a very bad outing from the boys. 26 shots - 1 goal VS 2 shots - 2 goals. Disappointing